Part 4


A few days later

Since he had left the airport in L.A. about two hours ago Angel had felt a strong pull. And the nearer he got to Sunnydale the stronger it became. Angel wondered if it was the Hellmouth itself or if he could feel the Slayers like he used to feel Buffy. But then again he never felt Faith that way or any other Slayer he - or rather his demon - had met in all his years. Sure he could recognize a Slayer if he met one but this feeling was nothing compared to the feeling when Buffy was near.

Angel was determined to find the source of this feeling. Another thirty minutes later he was in a cemetery. The place was very familiar to him. Of course he knew all of Sunnydale's cemeteries by heart - or at least those which had been already here fifty years ago. After all he had patrolled them for three years. But this one had a special meaning to him. He had come here shortly before he left for the monastery - to say his final goodbyes to a certain blonde girl.

Was it possible that after all this years he still could feel the remains of her? Angel doubted it but maybe... . After all the feeling in his stomach was now as strong as it had been when he was near Buffy.

He looked around. Although it was already dark there were still some visitors around. Obviously people in Sunnydale were still oblivious to the dangers of the night.

He quickly made his way to the section where he remembered Buffy's grave to be. The cemetery had changed and he hoped that it was still there. He couldn't bare the thought that there might be nothing left of her not even her gravestone as a reminder. Soon he found what he was looking for. This part had changed to. It seemed to be a special section somewhat different than the others. There was a small plate at the entrance. It read "They gave there lives for the world." Angel was surprised - somebody finally noticed?

He continued his way and noticed an old woman sitting on a bench near Buffy's grave. He wondered briefly if he might know her. She seemed to be Buffy's age - well the age she would have been by now. She was watching the gravestones in front of her as well as a girl who currently walked between the graves, leaving flowers on every one of it - except one. She neither looked at Buffy's last resting place nor did she leave some flowers for her. Angel thought it odd.

He went along the gravestones reading the names. Few of them he never heard of but sadly enough there were a lot of names he did know. He wasn't surprised only shocked - after all fifty years were a long time and humans had a short life compared to his - especially when spent this life fighting demons. Tears ran down his cheeks when he read the names of people the had last seen a lifetime ago: Rupert Giles who had did at the ripe age of 92 - not bad for a watcher. Willow Rosenberg - the girl would had restored his soul -had only lived into her 30s. Cordelia Chase had followed her only a few years later. Maybe the visions had finally worn her out. Anyanka Harris. So Xander had married a demon? Angel had not really been surprised to see that Cordy had been buried here in Sunnydale. After all it had been here home town. But the next grave did surprise him. Charles and Winifred Gunn were buried here, too. Fred had died only a few years after he left while Gunn survived his wife for twenty years. It was good to know that they had married but why had they come to Sunnydale? Did they come with Cordy? And what hat happened to Wesley?

Then there was a line of graves that led to Buffy's grave or from it. Reading the stones he realized that they were all teenage girls. Only some of them had reached their 20s. Could it be that they were all Slayers? The grave next to Buffy's seemed to confirm this. The stone read: Faith Dawson. So Sunnydale had become Slayer central?

In the meantime the flower girl had finished her round. She seemed somewhat familiar to Angel. She was a petite blonde. He remembered the time when he first went to L.A.. At that time it was enough for him to see a blonde girl to be reminded of Buffy. She was everywhere. Angel sight. It would be wonderful if this girl were Buffy. But she was dead. And even if she were alive she would be in here seventies by now. But still...

Meanwhile the girl had joined the old woman from the bench and they were now headed for the gate. Angel was thinking about following them but when he moved to do so he heard a voice from behind.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, vampire!"

Angel turned around. Before him stood a young Asian girl.

"Why not?"

"She would stake you!"

"I think I can take care of myself."

"You think you can take on a Slayer?"

"She's a Slayer?"

"Yes, and she's not the only one around!"

"So you two are the Slayers that guard the Hellmouth?"

"How did you know.."

"I can feel that you are a Slayer. You radiate of power!"


"I was sent here to help you."

"Sent here? Wait a minute... are you Angel?"

"You know me?"

"Well, that annoying demon who suddenly appeared here some days ago said he would get you here to help in the final battle. We didn't believe him since nobody knew where you went after you left 50 years ago."

"Sounds like you met Whistler!"

"Yeah, that's him. He's so..."

"I know what you mean. So what's you name?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Bad manners. My name is Natsuko."

"Nice to meet you, Natsuko. I'm Angel - as you already guessed."

"Nice to meet you, too, Angel. It's a great honour to finally meet the vampire with a soul. I heard so much about you! So, are you done here or would you like to ..., well look at the graves. As far as I know you knew some of them."

"Yes, I did. Did you know what happened to them?"

"No, I'm sorry but I only arrived in Sunnydale a month ago. I don't know all the stories."

"No offence, but you seem awfully young. When have you been called?"

"I was called two months ago. I'm fourteen."


Angel looked sadly at the girl in front of him. Such a young girl and such a destiny. How did the PTB's expect a young and untrained Slayer to fight in the final battle? That was probably the reason he was summoned.

"What about the other Slayer? How old is she? When was she called?"

"So many questions, Angel. But I can't answer them."

"What do you mean you can't answer them. I mean you know her, right? So I guess you have talked, right?"

"Yes. And I do know the answers to your questions. But it's not my place to give them to you. You have to talk with her yourself, Angel. That's all I can tell you."


Angel was interrupted by a man calling "Natsuko".

"I'm here!" The young Slayer answered. And soon enough a young man joined them.

"Where have you been, Natsuko? I was waiting for you! Didn't we agree to meet at the gate?"

"Yes, we did. I apologize." She turned to Angel.

"This is my watcher, Connor Summers."

"Connor, this is..."

"Angel." Her watcher interrupted her while he studied fascinated the vampire in front of him.

"It's time that you finally came home, father."

Two pairs of eyes looked at him in shock.



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