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Chapter 1:

Mulan was home all along doing her chores. Her parents went out to do some shopping. Mulan had just finished sweeping the floor, she sighed heavilly she was finally done. She put the broom away and headed outside to the Mangolia Blossom tree. She sat down on the bench under the tree, she looked up at the blossoms, they suede back and forth with the wind. It was just last week that Captain Li Shang was here eating dinner. He had to leave to go back to the Emperors because he needed to talk with him about something important.

Mulan laid against the tree and sighed once again, she hoped that Shang would soon come back. She had a crush on him. She wondered if he felt the same way, because the day she came back he followed her to give her back her helmet or did he come for another reason.

She saw that her parents came home she could see them entering the house. She got up and walked across the bridge she quickly glanced at her reflection in the pond. She stopped and leaned over the bridge just enough so she could see her reflection. She just stared at herself, no wonder Shang doesn't like me, she thought. She walked away and went inside.

"you guys took a while."

"Oh honey were sorry it was just so crowded there it was imposable to get any thing done."

"It's ok I was just wondering why you took so long, that's all, Oh I finished my chores."

"Thank you Mulan."

Mulan helped them put away everything that they had bought. She then helped her Mother and Grandmother with the cooking. As they were about to sit down and eat, there was a knock at the door. Her father got up and answered it. Mulan could hear that the voice was Li Shang. Mulan looked up and she saw Shang standing above her.

"Hi, may I talk to you?" he said with kind and gentel words.

"Ah.. sure." She got up with the help of Shang. They walked into the kitchen and she was so exited that he was here maybe he was here to ask her " the question" she just smiled waiting for what he had to say.

" Mulan."


" I went to the Emperors as you know and he asked me deliver you to him, he has to speak to you." Her smile quickly became into a frown.

"Oh, When do I need to leave?"

"Ask soon as possiable."

"I'll go pack a few things, I'll be right back." she walked past him slowly. Shang turned around and watched her leave, he felt guilty for making her leave again.

" So my daughter is leaving again." Fa Zhou said as he went into the kitchen.

" I'm sorry sir I didn't mean for this to happen, I promise you that I'll watch out for her." Fa Zhou put him hand on Shang's shoulder, and smiled, he knew he could trust him.

" Thank you." mulan then came into the kitchen all ready, she had a small little bag full of clothes.

"I'm ready."

"Ok, well I guess we'll be leaving." Shang said.

Mulan said good bye to her parents, and got on Khan and her and Shang rode off. During the whole trip they didn't say a word to each other, mulan just kept her head down, she should of figured that Shang would never ask her to marry him, she was too different from all the other girls. She hated how she was different.

Shang saw that she was unhappy he didn't like it, was it something he said or did? he couldn't take it anymore he had to say something. " I hope your not mad at me, because....."

"I'm not mad at you Shang I just...I don't know."

" Everything is going to be ok, trust me." she smiled back at him. She wondered why the Emperor wanted to see her?

As they entered the palace walls they were stopped by the two guards that stayed by the doors.

" I have come here to take Mulan to the Emperor."

" They nodded their heads as Mulan and Shang entered inside the palace. They then got off their horses and were lead up the stairs to the Emperor. The doors opened and they walked forward to the Emperor, they bowed to him and the Emperor came forward towards Mulan and Shang.

"Welcome." He guestared for everyone else to leave the room, so he could talk to Mulan and Shang.

"You are probably wondering why you are here are you not?"

" Yeah, is this about working here?"

The Emperor laughed, "No, I need you to do me a favor I would like if you would be able to attend the festival that we are having in your honor, all of China would be there. You would be all dressed up and you will dine with me and the Captain and many other Captains. So will you join us?"

"Ah... Wow, I would love to thank you but how would this work though? Will my family be there?"

"Well what will happen is if you wish to be a part of this you will be able to go back home and I will send you with a nice formal dress, that I thought you would like. Any ways a carrage will come for you in two days that will give you time to prepare. Then you will go down the streets and come into my palace and we will be in the ball room so there will be many people dancing and eating and what not."

" That sounds wonderful, I'll be there, is it ok if my family comes?"

" Of course."

"Thank you sir."

" Shang would you be so kind to help Mulan get back home safely?"

" Yes your Highness, ah..... what about the dress sir?"

" It's already on her horse."

He then smiled and nodded he should of known he would of already had that covered by now. He and Mulan went back to the stables and mounted their horses. The dress was all covered up so it wouldn't get dirty.

" See I told you that wasn't going to be so bad." Shang said, he was great full that Mulan was coming, he could probably try to talk to her this time. " Maybe I should just tell her how I feel now?" he thought, he looked at Mulan then said to himself, " I'll wait till the festival."

" What are you so happy about?" Mulan said almost giggling. Shang turned red but at that time it was to dark to tell.

" Nothing, I'm just glad your going to be there that's all." Mulan was confused but began to blush. What did he mean by that? She thought to herself.

" What do you mean by that?"

" I mean that I... Your a nice person to be around that's all and I think everyone will be happy that you are there."

" Oh." She never should of jumped to conclusions, she sighed.

As they reached her house Shang stopped his horse " I'll see you at the festival, Good night, Mulan."

" Good night Shang." He turned back around and galloped his way back. Mulan entered her house, Her parents were asleep it was almost morning now she got ready for bed and got under the covers and fell right to bed.

The next morning she woke up around lunch time, she herd the birds chirping and Khan running around. She yawned and began to get up.

" Good morning Honey!" Her mom came barging in and hugged her daughter.

" Hi!"

" I heard the news about the festival, I think it's great. I already got your dress all laid out, that the Emperor gave to you, Did you see it? It's gorgeous."

" I didn't see it, will I like it?"

" Well you tell me, come on I'll show you it." She followed her mother to her parents bedroom. When she looked onto the bed she saw a beautiful blue and white dress. It looked like something that a princess would wear. She went up to the bed to look at it, even though it did look like a princess dress she liked.

" Well what do you think?"

" I like it, can it try it on?"

" I don't see why not." As she put it on she looked in the mirror and she smiled she thought it looked rather good even though she didn't like to wear any of these kind of dresses. For some strange reason this was her favorite one out of all the dresses she had worn.

" It brings out your eyes I think, you look so beautiful in it." As her mother left the room to go check on lunch Mulan looked at herself in the dress, this dress was a lot easier to move in and she liked the color, and how the jewels made it shine and shimmer. For once she liked what she saw.

" Ow..... looking good Mulan." Mulan looked on top of the mirror and saw Mushu.

"Mushu, what are you doing here?"

" Oh I heard that you were going to a festival and I thought I might drop by and tell you good luck."

" On what?" She put her arms on her hips.

" Shang! I think he will actually have a chance to tell you how he feels." he started giggling, Mulan started blushing deep red.

" Why would he do that he doesn't like me, plus I bet there is bunches of girls that he would rather have as his bride." She turned away and went behind a screen( the thing that she got undressed in, in the begging of the movie) and got undressed and into her normal cloths again.

" Don't say that, I mean...... I bet you can take on any of those girls any time."

" That's what I mean Mushu, I'm different then the other girls and that's why I don't stand a chance to win Shang's heart. Who would want someone who speaks there own mind?" She sank down on the bed and just laid her head against it.

" Mulan you have to trust me on this one when I tell you that Shang is in love with you even though he doesn't show it, deep down inside he does. He likes you for you." He padded Mulan on the shoulder and left. Mulan still sitting there just smiled to herself, maybe he was right maybe Shang is in love with me. As she thought to herself.

" Mulan lunch."

" I'm coming." She then got up and went into the kitchen to eat her lunch.

" So what did you think about the dress." Her Grandmother said, as she dished out some rice and dumpings on her plate.

" I like it, I mean it's comfortable and it's pretty, I like it a lot."

"That's good, I don't think I'll be the only one who likes it though, maybe a certain captain would too."

Mulan nearly chocked on her food, " What?"

" You heard me."

She sank her head down so they wouldn't see her blushing, Why are my parents doing this too me? she thought to herself. She moaned, Her parents all smiled at her. They had a feeling that sparks would fly that night at the festival. With two special people, Mulan and Captain Li Shang.


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