Chapter 3:

Two days had passed and Mulan and Shang were still getting ready for their wedding day. The news about them getting married spread like wild fire though out all of China. They only had 3 days till their wedding and Mulan and Shang both grew anxious.

Shang was outside in the barn tacking up his white stallion for a trail ride that him and Mulan were going to go on. Mulan went in the barn and found Shang done with his horse and trying to tack up her horse, but Khan wasn't making it easy on him. She shook her head. She better go help him with Khan.

"Khan doesn't do well with other people tacking him up."

" I can see that." He went out the stall and handed the halter to Mulan. She went in his stall and walked slowly to the horse padded Khan on his neck. Khan calmed down and bent his head down for Mulan to put his halter on.

Shang just shook his head, I should have known! He thought. Mulan finished tacking up Khan and mounted on him, Shang seeing that she was done and already on he mounted on his stallion and headed out of the barn and waited for Mulan out there.

Mulan came out of the barn and walked towards Shang where he was waiting patiently "I'll race you." Mulan said as she took the reins into a firm grip.

Shang took his reins into his hands and looked at Mulan with a confident look " you're on!" They both commanded their horses to go and they were off in a flash galloping, laughing the whole time, feeling the wind blow against their faces, feeling free like nothing could stop them. They reached an open field and decided to roam around there.

When out of the field they walked on a trail that led to the market place. When they got into town it was still pretty busy with people going around buying and selling like crazy. While still on their horses they made their way threw everyone to find somewhere to sit down.

Mulan and Shang still in the middle of the market place were getting no where. " So where do you want to go?"

" Anywhere but here" Shang said, Mulan and Shang both began to laugh. They then heard four familiar voices coming their way. They looked in back of them and it was the gang and Wong on their horses also having a hard time getting though the crowd.

Mulan and Shang stopped and waited for them. " Hey guys, we were looking for you, God this is crazy." Wong said as he looked at the crowd in disbelief that there were so many people.

" Tell me about, were just trying to get out of this mess."

" Maybe, if we tell them to move out of the way very kindly then they might move?" Chien Po said always they nice kind one.

" That wont work, this is what you do......(he cleared his throat) MAKE WAY FOR FA MULAN AND THE CAPTAIN ARE COMING THOUGH!" Yao said as he screamed to the top of his lungs. Mulan and Shang both started to blush, " That's your way of getting us out of here?" Shang said but then he looked at the crowd and was shocked they actually got out the way.

Mulan walked her horse in front of Shang and the others and proceeded to walk though the crowd. She looked at all of them and as she passed them all by they began to bow down at her as if she were a queen or something. Shang and the gang looked at her then the people. They respected her. Shang smiled to himself.

Yao came up besides Shang and said " And you didn't believe me that it would work!" As he said rubbing it in his face that he was right and Shang was wrong.

Wong acting all proud and mighty started saying " Ya that's what I thought...." " Wong, come on!" Shang said yelling for him " Coming!" He then made his horse go to catch up to them.

When they were out of the market Mulan looked back and everyone went back to their business. She smiled to herself, she didn't feel so different after all, and she felt wanted. " So where you guys going?" Ling said with a smile of suspicion.

" Where just going for a ride that's all." Said Mulan with a slight blush. " So why are you guys here?"

" Your wedding of course." Yao answering with a "duh" look on his face.

" I know why but why so early?"

" We decided to come early because we wanted to hang out with you guys a bit before you two leave on your honeymoon, ya know."

" Oh, ok!" " Do you all want to canter through this trail?"

" Sure!" They all said at once, Mulan laughed, " Ok, come on Khan!" She pressed her heels against Khan and she was off into a nice paced canter. The others weren't far behind her. Shang caught up with Mulan and stayed by her side. They glanced at each other and smiled and at the same time they had both of their horses go into a full gallop.

" Hey wait up!" Wong said as he pressed his heels into his horse to make him go faster, the gang did the same thing. Mulan and Shang looked in back of them and started laughing. " Come on Wong you can go faster then that!"

When everyone was caught up they all stayed galloping, Laughing and hollering at each other. All of a sudden Mulan saw a bunch of men with uniforms on coming their way. She screamed "Stop!" Shang and everyone looked in front them and saw the men coming full speed. They pulled on their reins to stop their horses. The horses surprised by this command started neighing. The men in front of them did the same. When everyone stopped they all faced each other with everyone's hearts beating faster and faster.

" Is everyone ok?" Shang said checking everyone that he could see.

" Sorry about that." One of the men said. " We are looking for Fa Mulan, do you now where she might be?"

" I'm Mulan!" Mulan said as she approached them. " Oh, well we are here to tell you that the Emperor is insisting that you have your wedding in his palace, he said he would pay for everything." Mulan and Shang looked at each other in shock.

" That would be wonderful! But how will this work, we already told everyone where we it was going to be held?" Shang said walking besides Mulan.

" Don't worry we will take care of that, but if I were you I would start packing and heading to the palace." " Ok, thank you!" Mulan said as she and the others turned around and cantered there way home.

Mulan and Shang got to her house and told her parents all about what was going to happen and that they needed to start packing and heading out to the Palace. As Mulan finished putting her bags on Khan's back she got on him and walked out where Shang, the gang and Wong were. " You ready?" " Yeah my parents are taking the cart, they hooked up the other two horses up to it."

" Ok, let's go." Shang said as he motioned the others to start heading out. Everyone stayed at a nice trot this time. Her parents stayed right behind them the whole time. As night drew close her father light the lanterns in the cart that would give everyone a little bit of light to be able to see where they were going.

When they finally reached the palace many servants who helped them off their horses and took their stuff inside greeted them. " Right this way" one of the servants said as she led them up to their rooms.

" Welcome! I hope you all feel at home." The Emperor said as he came from behind them with his yellowish robes on. They turned around without notice and bowed to him. He walked towards Mulan and Shang seeing that they were filled with joy he smiled at them. " If you need any thing just tell my servants or me and you will be assisted." "Thank you!" They all responded.

" Well you may go to your rooms now and catch some sleep, then you will be served with breakfast in the morning, Well you now that as tradition, men you will be separated in your rooms and the women in there's." The Emperor nodded and turned around and left for the servants to take them to their rooms.

(An hour later)

Fa Li placed the wedding dress on a hanger near the window and commented, "Well everything is put away and ready for the wedding!"

" Thanks mom!" Mulan said as she placed a kiss on her mother's cheek. Mulan went over to one of the beds and pulled the covers over herself. Not long after she fell asleep her mother and grandmother soon were in their beds sleeping away.

While they were sleeping Shang, Fa Zhou, and the other guys shared a room. Fa Zhou and Shang were in their separate beds sitting up talking in a whisper so not to wake the others who were fast asleep. " It seems only yesterday that Mulan was just a little baby now she's all grown up and getting married."

Shang responded with, " I'll take good care of her sir!" " Son, you don't have to call me sir, your part of the family, just Fa Zhou or father would be fine." Shang chuckled a bit " I know you will take care of her, she's happy being with you. I never saw her any happier."

" Thank you Fa Zhou." Fa Zhou nodded, " Good night, Shang." " Good night Fa Zhou." Shang turned around in his bed and pulled the covers over him and closed his eyes to let sleep take him.

The days went fast and everyone got the new news were the wedding was being taken place. The whole Palace was being decorated in beautiful flowers and others beautiful carpets and ornaments. And the next day would be the day that Mulan and Shang would finally become man and wife.

~*~*~*~The Wedding day~*~*~*~*~*

The wedding took place in the ball room where seats were set up for all the people that attended, there were so many people it seemed like thousand had come to see them get married. Mulan was in her dress with fine makeup, and a vial covering her face. She was holding onto a bouquet of her favorite flower. She waited behind the closed doors until it was time to go down. Wong and the gang were already down with Shang who was now waiting for the music to play so that would signal Mulan to go.

The music began to play (think "canon" it's a piano song) and everyone looked in her direction. The beautifully decorated doors opened by the guards. The flower girls came out dropping petals on the floor, right behind them was Mulan looking more gorgeous as ever. Shang was speechless, he smiled and looked at the guys who were also smiling in shook at the beauty. It was like a fairy tale, that he thought would never come true, but it did. Mulan inched closer and closer to him. His heart beating faster every time, she got closer. The whole way walking Mulan just kept looking at Shang and smiling, even though a little scared she was excited to finally get up there to be with Shang, to be pronounced husband and wife.

She then reached Shang and turned to face him. Mulan handed her flowers to one of the flower girls and began to hold hands with Shang. The Emperor came up to them from where he was standing and began the ceremony.

(Near the end of the Ceremony)

" You may kiss the bride." Shang lifted the vial to revel her face, and gasped at the sight of her beauty. She smiled, he leaned closer and closed his eyes and placed his lips on hers. She enjoyed the warmth of his kiss. As they parted everyone cheered.

Mulan and Shang then walked down the axial and into the hallway where they would then go to the carriage and go for a ride until they finished cleaning the ballroom for reception. Even when they reached outside there were people out there who crowded the area.

As they approached the carriage a man waited with the door open. Shang took her hand to help her in the carriage. He then got in and sat next to Mulan. Mulan waved good bye to all her family and friends. The carriage like last time was white except this time had 4 beautiful white horses pulling the carriage.

As they exited the Palace, Shang put his arm around Mulan and took his other hand and lifted her head, he smiled at her, and she returned the smile. " You're so beautiful." He said softly to her. She could feel her cheeks burning up. He leaned over to kiss her on her forehead then brought his lips to hers once more.

~*~*~*~*~* Back at the Reception~*~*~*~*~*~*

The Reception started right when they came back. They were lead back to the Ballroom by some of the guards. The doors opened and Mulan and Shang proceeded in. People were everywhere. They all made way for the couple.

Everyone clapped as they entered. Ling, Yao, Chien Po and Wong waved them down. " Guys, hey over here." They began to walk to the table where they were sitting.

" Here you guys can sit over here." Wong said as he got up and pulled out the two chairs. Mulan sat down and Shang pushed her in, then sat down himself. " So Yao have you seen Rei Liu?" Shang said

" What?..... Oh no." said Yao depressed.

" I bet she'll come." Mulan added.

" Yao!" A young lady said from behind him. Yao's eyes widened and looked in back of him it was Rei Liu! " Rei Liu? But I thought?" Yao got up from his seat and looked at her confused but happy. " I had to come to see you again." Yao's eyes got big again, " You did?" " Yes." " Rei Liu." " Yes." " I love you, and......I." But before he could finish he felt her kissing him on his cheek.

Yao caught off guard smiled. She took his hands " I love you to, Yao." She began to giggle a bit and he did too. Chien Po tapped him on the shoulder and said, " Go dance with her!" Yao turned back to her still holding each other's hands. " Would you like to... dance?" " I would love to!"

He then gestured his arm for her to take it so he could lead her on the dance floor. She placed her arm around his and went with him to the dance floor.

Shang got up and bowed down to Mulan then got back up and said, " May I have this dance?" She giggled and responded, " Yes!" He smiled and took her hands and helped her up and they walked to the dance floor. Once on the dance floor Shang took he one hand into his and put his other hand around her waist. Then began to dance to a lovely tone.

That's The Way It Is

I can read your mind and I know your story

I see what you're going through

It's an uphill climb, and I'm feeling sorry

But I know it will come to you

Don't surrender 'cause you can win

In this thing called love

When you want it the most there's no easy way out

When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt


Mulan and Shang once again took the floor and everyone watched the new couple. He spined her around and brought her into him again and they continued dancing with grace.


Don't give up on your faith

Love comes to those who believe it

And that's the way it is

When you question me for a simple answer

I don't know what to say, no

But it's plain to see, if you stick together

You're gonna find a way, yeah

So don't surrender 'cause you can win

In this thing called love

When you want it the most there's no easy way out

When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt

Don't give up on your faith

Love comes to those who believe it

And that's the way it is

When life is empty with no tomorrow

And loneliness starts to call

Baby, don't worry, forget your sorrow

'Cause love's gonna conquer it all, all

When you want it the most there's no easy way out

When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt

Don't give up on your faith

Love comes to those who believe it

And that's the way it is

When you want it the most there's no easy way out

When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt

Don't give up on your faith

Love comes to those who believe it

And that's the way it is

That's the way it is

That's the way it is, babe

Don't give up on your faith

Love comes to those who believe it

And that's the way it is.

When the song ended they separated and smiled at one and other. He brought her close again for another kiss. Everything was perfect. Oh and yes Yao and Rei Liu finally became a couple. Wong meet up with his date from the Festival later that night. And Ling and Chien Po also meet up with so girls that night.

It was a night of for-filing dreams. Mulan and Shang couldn't be any happier.


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