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Rainbowstar sighed. Her life so far had been... boring. After all, she's only one moon old. And it's like, who doesn't become a warrior, deputy and leader in one day, skipping apprenticeship? And, Rainbowstar was pretty darn sure that all she-cats got every tom in the clan as their mate.

"Life is so uneventful!" Rainbowstar exclaimed and slammed her paws down on Tallrock.

"But you became leader yesterday," Squirrelflight sighed and dropped a mouse at the rainbow cat's paws.

"Yeah! Like I said, uneventful! And, I can't eat that mouse." Rainbowstar told Squirrelflight with a shake of her head.

"Why not?" Squirrelflight asked.

"I'm only one moon old! I can't chew anything! So chew it, peasant!" Rainbowstar demanded. Squirrelflight sighed and shoved the mouse in her mouth. She chewed it up and spat it out.

"There, you happy?" the ginger cat snapped.

"Ewww! You slobbered all over it! I can't eat it now! Go get me a new mouse! Actually, make it a salmon!" Rainbowstar comanded.

"We don't have-"
"GO GET ME A SALMON!" Rainbowstar screamed. Squirrelflight sighed and left camp to go jump in the lake.

"Blossomfall!" Rainbowstar called. The gray cat looked up and bowed before the rainbow kit.

"Yes, Your Majesty?" she asked.

"Oooh! I like that! Now, make the blossoms fall!" Rainbowstar shouted. Blossomfall tilted her head.


"The blossoms!" Rainbowstar said and pointed up to a cherry blossom tree. "Your name is Blossomfall. So make the blossoms fall!"

Blossomfall nodded and clambered up the cherry blossom tree.

"Poppyfrost, go frost the poppies. Cinderheart, go find me a cinder heart. Rosepetal , go find me a rose petal. Cherryfall, make the cherries fall. Briarlight, make those briars light up! Millie, go fall off a cliff, you terrible mother. Daisy, get me a daisy, and Leafpool, go find me a leaf swimming in a pool! IDK, just go do it!" Rainbowstar sighed.

"Why don't you make Spiderleg go do all of it?" Daisy hissed.

"He's my mate!" Rainbowstar replied.

"Then what about Bumblestripe?" Dovewing chimed in.

"He's my mate too." Rainbowstar sighed. Squirrelflight returned with a giant fish. Rainbowstar sniffed it.

"I said salmon!" she yowled and smacked Squirrelflight across the face with the fish. "What is this, Rainbow Trout?"

Squirrelflight rubbed her face.

"You've been demoted! You're no longer a peasant! You're now a pooper scooper! Go scoop some poop, pooper scooper!" Rainbowstar yelled. Squirrelflight sighed and padded away to Dirt Place.

"Dovewing! Ivypool! Go get me a salmon! And it'd better be a salmon!" Rainbowstar demanded. They nodded and ran out of camp to go jump in the lake. Cherry blossoms began to rain down around Rainbowstar.

"Great job, Blossomfall! You're moving up in the world! You're now a servant!" Rainbowstar purred. A branch from the tree Blossomfall was shaking broke and fell on Rainbowstar's head.

"Pooper scooper!" Rainbowstar spat. Blossomfall sighed and trudged off towards Dirt Place.

"Here is your leaf, Rainbowstar!" Leafpool said quietly and placed a tiny swimming pool at the rainbow kit's paws.

"I asked for a swimming leaf! That thing is merely floating!" Rainbowstar hissed and pushed the swimming pool off of Tallrock.

"I'm trying the best I can," Leafpool stammered.

"Well try harder!" Rainbowstar hissed.

"Here's your salmon, Rainbowstar!" Dovewing and Ivypool said in unison. Rainbowstar sniffed the fish and took a bite.

"Acceptable. You two are now servants!" Rainbowstar purred. They nodded thanks and ran away giggling.

"Here's your daisy," Daisy sighed.

"Only twenty-six petals?" Rainbowstar roared and crushed the daisy with her paw. Daisy gulped and ran away. Rainbowstar sighed.

"Yes, another boring day..."

Isn't Rainbowstar's life soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring? XD XD XD! I'm currently taking suggestions from my reviewers :) So leave a review about what you want to happen if you want ;3