Hi! So this my my new story that I've been planning for a while and finally have a chance to write up. Unfortunately, The Last Hokage of Piece is on a undefinite hiatus reason being... some drastic changes happened in my life and I no longer have the mindset nor any will to continue that particular story. The muse has left me so to speak. I sometimes come back to that story and write some sentences but I cannot say as to when the current chapter will be finished.

About this story. The very first chapter is very short, yes, but I needed some kind of prologue to start things off. Future chapters will definitely be longer. Maybe not the same size as 'The last Hokage of Piece' but more frequent. Problem with extremely long chapters is that they are not updated very often. However, I will try not to make future chapters too short and will find a balance.

This story is AU starting in the summer before GoF, very Powerful!Independent!Harry, Grey!borderlineDark!Harry. There is no pairing in this fanfic. It will have a definite plot and some politics are included too. At the beginning you will see a lot of cliches that, in my opinion, are unavoidable if you wish to write a fanfic of this kind. I hope you give me a chance and will enjoy it.

Also, this fanfic's characters are obviously gonna be OOC compared to canon. Like, obviously.

Full description: On Harry's 14th birthday the blood wards on Privet Drive finally succumb to Harry's rage and magic, and following a violent incident they will set Harry on a path to become a true Mage. Secrets are revealed, the shroud dispersed, curses lifted, and epiphany achieved. New following is formed and not even Dumbledore's scheming or Voldemort's insanity will stop Harry from greatness.

Disclaimer: Of course I don't own anything associated with Harry Potter universe. It all belongs to JK Rowling.

Update 10/07/2016: The chapter has been beta'ed.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was livid beyond belief - this was just plain ridiculous. Something snapped inside him and for once in his life he wasn't afraid to express his anger to Vernon who was equally enraged.

"FUCK OFF YOU PIECE OF FILTH!" Harry screamed in Vernon's face. They had already had an argument before, but this one sentence left him panting in rage and left a ringing in his ears. He had never felt so angry before, as if some kind of dam was broken and all the suppressed emotions were flooding him at once.

The reason for his rage? The Dursleys, of course. Since he had returned 'home' at the end of the third year the Dursleys had become even more sadistic, giving him even more chores than before, setting impossible time limits, and even resuming various punishments, like starving, denying water, even physical punishments like slaps and kicks, and occasional beating up. Harry hadn't received that kind of treatment since he got his Hogwarts letter and he was baffled as to what happened to change them so drastically.

But today was his 14th birthday and the Dursleys were extra vindictive and cruel. Since the early morning they had ordered Harry to prepare a full breakfast, clean and vacuum the entire house, weed and trim the garden, paint the garage and then prepare lunch. He was expected to be done by 1pm and of course he hadn't managed to finish everything considering he only had 5 hours. So he was severely punished and then given new chores and orders on top of those he hadn't finished.

Even when Harry threatened them with his 'escaped murderer godfather', he only received a hit and was told to get on with his chores. They believed Sirius Black being his godfather was 'loads of rubbish'.

For the whole day Harry endured but it was already evening and he still had loads of chores to finish and it hadn't stopped the Dursleys from abusing him. But Harry had had enough and he snapped.

"What did you say, freak?" Vernon dangerously asked in a near whisper as his face was turning more and more purple from all the anger. Vernon stood up from where he was sitting in the living room's couch and approached the bespectacled teen. Petunia was right behind him screaming bloody murder and how ungrateful Harry was and that he should be taught some manners.

Somehow in his rage, Harry managed to pull a smirk "I said to fuck off and do your own chores around the house, God knows you need some exercise, filth!"

It's the first time that he said what he really thought to these people and somehow it felt liberating.

"How dare you invoke the name of God, you freak of nature?! How dare you speak to me like that, your good gracious uncle who took you in from the goodness of his heart? Boy, after I'm done with you, you will wish you never opened your mouth today and obeyed like a little, worthless freak that you are!"

Vernon took a threatening step forward but before he could do anything, Harry brandished his wand that he was hiding in his overly large pants. He had a good mind to keep his wand with him at all times as Dursleys were afraid that he might do anything.

"You wouldn't like anything to happen, would you, uncle Vernon?" Harry asked with narrowed eyes.

Vernon stopped and looked at the wand that was pointed at him and, surprisingly, Harry was satisfied to see a flash of fear in the fat man's eyes. "You can't use... freakiness outside that school of yours, you will be expelled!"

"How many times have I heard it, hm? Wanna try me?"

And try Vernon did. With a speed seemingly impossible for such a fat man, Vernon was next to Harry in a heartbeat and hit the offending piece of wood and Harry's arm with such force that with a sickening crunch the wand flew out of the hand and smashed against the wall and broke in half.

Harry's wand was broken in half and he could hear Dudley cheering somewhere in the background.

Harry was too shocked to register the stinging in his hand from the hit and too shocked to notice the incoming punch into his face. His head exploded in pain. Harry staggered back and fell on the floor, screaming in pain as blood started to flow from his nose and busted lip.

He was in too much shock, sadness and pain to do anything. He never saw the incoming kick. But it never connected with him.

Just as Vernon swung his leg for a kick, Harry's blood dropped on the living room's floor. The fallen teen flashed red and a crimson barrier sprung around him just in time to intercept Vernon's feet. As the feet connected with it the barrier exploded into a powerful crimson shockwave aimed at Vernon that sent everything in its path -bookshelves, pictures, couches, carpet, as well as the three occupants of the room- flying. The Dursleys hit the wall and fell unconscious.

Harry barely registered what happened but he felt so drained - emotionally, physically, and magically. The only thing he could do was helplessly lay there and cry. Starvation did that to people.

A musical voice whispered into his ear "Sleep..." and that's what he did – he fell into a blissful and restful sleep, for once feeling safe, protected and most importantly, loved.