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In the Giglio Nero Main House in Marsala, Sicily, Italy there was a woman who was plotting deviously.

The setting was beautiful. There was a large mansion with many people bustling about, laughing and joking and living, with the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea lapping at the shore a short distance away.

On the highest balcony of the mansion, overlooking the well-maintained grounds and with a rather fetching view of the aforementioned Sea, resided Aria, the twenty-one year old Ninth Boss of the Giglio Nero Famiglia.

Hm. Yes, I believe that a November wedding shall do nicely. She thought happily, giggling contentedly to herself as she flicked through the wedding planning guide in front of her.

Gamma, her fiancé and bodyguard, stood off to the side and sportingly rolled his eyes as his fiancé plotted.

"Hm, Gamma." Aria said lightly, lowering her wedding planner and locking eyes with her intended, "Should I invite my little brother as a guest or should I make him a bridesmaid."

"I don't think that he'd appreciate the bridesmaid dresses, Aria darling." Gamma replied, amused.

Aria pouted. "But it would be so much fun to watch people's reactions! Think of the rumors it could inspire!"

"I think that is why he'd not appreciate them. From what you've seen, he marries a woman, if I'm recalling correctly."

"You're no fun, Gamma!" Aria whined playfully, sticking her tongue out at the blonde. "So that's how he ends up! That's no reason not to mess with everyone a little! Think of the fun!"

Gamma quirked a blonde brow. "Most men would not appreciate that sort of speculation."

"Bah!" Aria said dismissively. "Harry's special. He'll enjoy the mass confusion and misunderstandings!"

"Whatever you say, darling."


Harry stared at the letter blankly. "What?" He said bemusedly.

Reborn, who was reading the letter over his shoulder, chuckled lowly. "Looks like you'll have to cut back on the deserts if you want to looks good in that dress." He said.

"You're an asshole." Harry said offhandedly, shoving Reborn's head off his shoulder and ignoring the way the man laughed evilly.

"What's going on?" Verde asked from where he was seated in an armchair.

"Aria has invited her 'little brother' to her wedding. As a bridesmaid." Reborn informed everyone with a Cheshire grin.

Skull doubled over with laughter.

Harry turned his hair a florid pink color.

Skull squawked in offended outrage.

Harry ignored him.

"Why is Aria calling Harry her 'little brother'?" Lal asked as she entered the Living Room.

"The Pacifier blocked him from Aria's sight." Reborn explained as he sat on one of the couches. "Now that the Curse has been broken, she can see him- and us, for that matter. Since she feels grateful for Harry not only breaking the Curse, but for taking up the Sky Pacifier to begin with, she's decided that he's her 'little brother'."

"Oh." Lal broke in with amusement. "Well, far be it from me to interfere with sibling bonding." She said casually as she sauntered further into the room and seated herself in the loveseat.

Harry scowled at the female Rain. "You just want to tell Colonnello."

"Yep!" Lal agreed cheerfully.

"I'm surrounded by traitors." Harry wailed dramatically, dropping on top of Skull who was sprawled out on one of the couches.

"Oomph. Gerroff!" Skull complained. "And change the Great and Glorious Skull-sama's hair back!"

Harry pretended to think while he tried to make Skull as uncomfortable as possible. "Are you sorry for laughing at me?"

"Hell no!"

"Then I'm not changing your hair back." Harry said, bouncing a bit and ignoring Skull's whines of displeasure as he did so.

Ignoring the squabbling of Harry and Skull, Reborn continued. "Since our Harry has zero desire to be involved with the Mafia, Aria's designation of him as a sibling gives him an excuse to know us without being put under too much scrutiny."

"Ah." Verde responded in understanding. "She's providing him with protection without actually involving him directly, then."

"Indeed." Reborn replied, with an affirmative nod in Verde's direction. "Being affiliated with the Giglio Nero gives him a measure of protection without actually tying him down."

"'He' is right here." Harry pointed out dryly, rolling off of Skull and settling into a comfortable position on the floor. "And I'm not wearing a dress."

A bullet whizzed past Harry's head, causing the boy to yelp. "The hell, Lal!?"

Lal holstered her weapon with a smug grin. "You were saying?"

"I'm a guy! A guy who likes girls!"

"Your point?"

"Come on Harry, you'll look adorabl- ow, ow! Not the piercings, dammit!" Skull frantically batted Harry's hands away from his tender flesh.

"Besides." Reborn said serenely. "We have to make sure that you're too busy to plot anything."

Harry gave him a weird look, "Why?"

"Because your last plot involved breaking the Curse and going off to die alone." Skull mentioned dryly.

"You're not allowed to plot without someone responsible nearby." Reborn agreed seriously. "Ever."

"Amen." The rest of the former Arcobaleno chorused flatly.

Harry pouted. "It worked didn't it?" He grumbled, only to yelp as Skull twisted his ear sharply. "Owowowowow-"

"Repeat after me!" Skull said cheerfully. "I will not plot without someone responsible nearby."

"Neve-ow! Alright! Alright!" Harry squeaked in surrender as Skull twisted his ear more. "Iwillnotplotwithoutsomeoneresponsiblynearby! Sheesh. Happy now?"

"Ecstatic." Skull replied wryly.

"We should make him repeat that at least three times a day." Fon said as he entered the room and took a seat. "Just to make sure it doesn't slip his mind."

"Nah, better make it five times a day, kora!" Colonnello said as he bounced into the room, taking a seat by Lal, who huffed in faux-disgruntlement.

The blush on her cheeks rather ruined the expression, however.

"Alright, aright!" Harry said in exasperation, throwing his hands up in a dramatic gesture. "No plotting. I get it."

"No you don't." Skull responded cheerfully. "You're just trying to make us shut up about it!"

"Is it working?"



"So, about that dress…." Lal mentioned evilly.

Viper wandered into the room just as Lal said that. "Oh? This I have to hear."

Harry groaned miserably.


Harry tapped his pencil against the surface of his desk idly as he read over the equation again.

I think I'm stuck. He reluctantly decided after a few more minutes of useless glaring.

Harry was currently taking the Arithmancy mock-exam that Reborn had put together for him and he was reasonably certain that the Hitman had made the difficulty level ridiculous on purpose.

Jerk. Harry thought fondly as he laid down his pencil and stretched languidly.

It had been about six months since the Arcobaleno Curse had been broken, and five months to the day from the 'Battle of Hogwarts'. The former Arcobaleno had matured a little, but Verde postulated that they were aging more akin to magicals than normal Flame users, and they'd likely have an extended lifespan as an after-effect of the Curse, despite the number of years that they'd spent in their Cursed forms.

Harry shook his head ruefully and grinned a little as he thought about his family. Colonnello hadn't been joking when he'd mentioned 'enjoying his freedom' the night that they'd rescued Harry from Privet Drive. Skull was still crashing with Harry most nights and his FlamePhone received a text or a call from one of his family members at least every hour, it seemed.

The teen laughed a little as his gaze caught the picture of all of them standing on a glacier in Antarctica, bundled up in warm hats and scarves, and most importantly- near some penguins.

Reborn was glaring at Skull, who was sticking his tongue out at the other unrepentantly. While Lal was flushed from more than just the cold as Colonnello kissed her cheek. Viper had her hood down so he could see the smug expression on her face as she was holding out a palm expectantly towards Verde, who looked rather irked. Fon was smiling widely from where he was crouched down beside an excited Harry who was beaming brightly and gesturing towards the penguins. Sirius was crouched down on Harry's other side and had his head thrown back with his mouth open in obvious laughter with one hand on Harry's shoulder. Marius stood to Sirius' side and was shaking his head in amusement and had a small grin on his lips.

It was Harry's favorite picture from the trip. They were all stubborn, somewhat arrogant, independent individuals and they didn't always get along with each other- but they were still family.

In the two months that they'd all spent together in the aftermath of the Curse and the Battle they'd decided that they were first and foremost Arcobaleno, and even though the Curse had been broken they would always be bound by that designation.

They had taken a great deal of pleasure in informing Harry that he was still their Sky and that he would never be rid of them, and once he'd begun to heal he'd embraced his role wholeheartedly, unspeakably grateful for the opportunity to live a full life with his precious people.

Of course, he also wasn't supposed to plot without responsible supervision. Harry made a face. Someone reminded him about that rule at least once a day.

Pertaining to his health, Harry hadn't come out of the experience of being torn between three supernatural forces entirely unscathed. He still had bouts of sickness, but it was no longer a worsening condition- more akin to a chronic illness. He would also most likely always be somewhat petite as an after-effect of the strain his body was under, but he could wear the special contacts that Verde had made him instead of glasses, so that was a bonus.

Unfortunately, it seemed that Aria really was planning on making him wear a dress to her wedding.

Harry glanced down at the so-black-it-was-blue ring that decorated his left index finger and smiled softly. Bermuda, while feeling no particular kinship to the other Arcobaleno, had informed Harry that the Vindice were only ever a call away and had presented Harry with the ring as a means to contact them. The ring was a beautiful piece of jewelry, but still masculine enough to seem out of place on Harry's hand- you know, when he wasn't being forced into women's clothing. It held an obsidian stone that seemed to radiate power, but Bermuda had just shrugged and said that the stone had been a gift when Harry had inquired about it.

Uncle Kawahira had also given Harry a way to contact him, surprisingly. Harry was incredibly happy to have that option as he genuinely liked Uncle Kawahira and was glad that he could still speak with the man on occasion. Rings seemed to be a favored medium, and the beautifully carved silverish-blue ring rested on the middle finger of Harry's right hand.

Not that the rings helped with making people realize he was male. As a matter of fact, they served to make him seem more androgynous most of the time.

Stupid slender fingers.

"Harry!" Skull announced cheerfully as the Cloud bounced into the room and flopped onto one of the room's couches. "Are you done yet?"

"Pretty much." Harry admitted. "Reborn is a sadist."

Skull chuckled and cocked an eyebrow at the teen. "You're just now figuring that out?"

"No." Harry parried cheerfully as he got up from the desk and flopped on the couch adjacent to the one Skull was on. "But I felt like in needed to be noted again."

"No arguments here." Skull muttered. "Can you believe he's going to be the full-time tutor of some poor kid?"

Harry shook his head in amusement. "Nope. Poor kid."


"So, are you still thinking about taking a cooking course in Italy? You're planning on staying there for the fall so you can get to know Aria and help her with the wedding stuff, right?"

"Yeah, I am- for the second part." Harry replied. "I think that I might just find some Italian grannies who need some extra money to teach me, tough. I'm not really interested in high-level cuisine so much as home-cooked food."

"Makes sense." Skull said. "Any other major plans?"

"Not really." Harry told him as he gazed at the ceiling. "Sirius should be done in England by the New Year, so we're going to do some traveling. We're thinking about backpacking across Europe for a while. He's sort-of made up with Remus."

Skull scowled. "I still don't like that guy."

Harry snorted. "You can't be mad at him forever, Skull. He was only doing what he felt was necessary."

The purple-haired teen kept his mouth shut, but he and the rest of the Arcobaleno would always dislike Remus Lupin for giving Dumbledore the item that was used to make the tether that exacerbated Harry's condition. They'd almost lost their Sky thanks to that jackass!

"I can hear you thinking all the way over here." Harry said dryly.

"Yeah, yeah, shut up."


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