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Chapter Fourteen: The Calm

Hana sighed upon seeing her younger brother draped across Sasuke's shoulders, in a drunken stupor, muttering to himself all the different types ninja dog breeds by heart.

"I found this in town." Sasuke told her. "I think it belongs to you."

"Unfortunately." Hana breathed, stepping aside and sliding the door to her home open further, to allow them to enter.

"Oneesan!" Kiba cried happily upon seeing her. "Did you hear!? I'm engaged!"

"Yes, I can see that." she told him, taking his other arm to help Sasuke bring him to the sofa in the parlor. "I'll wait to scold you when you'll actually be able to remember it."

"I love you, Oneesan!" he told her happily, before curling up against the pillow, ironically like a cat. "You're the best sister in the whole wide world."

"Kami…" the tired woman muttered in reply, rubbing his temples.

It wasn't long before he was fast asleep.

"Thank you, Sasuke." Hana told the Uchiha. "Mother would have been livid to find him like this."

She cast a glance to his concubine, who liked more like a village girl today, wearing such a simple dress and not a stitch of makeup on her face. "Please, join me for tea." she offered, motioning toward the table.

Sasuke nodded, moving to sit down, glancing back at Sakura to encourage her to follow him, but she remained in the archway.

Slaves were not meant to be served as guests by nobles.

"You as well, Sakura-san." Hana surprised her, motioning for her to come sit.

"...Thank you, my lady." Sakura murmured softly at her kind invitation, she knew that she made the woman uncomfortable.

"It's quiet here." Sasuke noted, taking his seat. "Where's Kaizen?"

"Out in the garden." she informed him, pouring three glasses of oolong tea. "My mother's dog just had pups, and he was given one as a gift."

"Well, that's probably just made his whole world." Sasuke replied.

"Oh, yes, he loves it to pieces." Hana nodded with a small smile. "It also helps keep his mind off of other things."

Off of his father. Sasuke couldn't help but correct silently.

"...Have you... heard anything from Itachi?" Hana asked carefully, taking a seat across from her guests.

Sasuke shook his head, pitying his sister-in-law. "No… but I wasn't expecting to."

"Neither was I." she spoke sadly, taking a long sip of her tea. "I just hope he is well."

"Uncle Sasuke!" Kaizen cried excitedly from the garden. "Come see my new dog!"

"Shhh… Kaizen," his mother scolded. "Your Uncle Kiba is trying to rest."

"What's wrong with him?" the boy asked. "Is he sick?"

"Something like that." Sasuke told him, standing up. "Come on then, show us this new friend of yours."

The boy laughed excitedly before taking his uncle by the hand and pulling him outside where the sounds of a happy bark could be heard. "Come on, Mama! You too, lady!" Kaizen called over his shoulder.

Sakura and Hana followed after the nearly identical pair to see a white, fuzzy, brown-eared dog yipping excitedly in the grass as he greeted the small crowd.

"Well," Sasuke said, crouching down beside his nephew to scratch the animal behind the ears. "He'll make a fine ninja dog for you, Kaizen."

"It's a she, Uncle Sasuke." his nephew told him, ruffling up his new pet.

"Sorry." Sasuke apologized with a roll of his eyes.

The dark-haired boy lifted up the pup, with a little bit of a struggle as the animal was half his size, proudly for Sakura to see. The girl smiled, reaching down to stroke the adorable creature's soft and shaggy head. "She's beautiful, what's her name?"

"Aya." Kaizen said proudly.

"Ah, it seems you are also good at naming things, unlike your uncle." Sakura turned her smile to Sasuke, who gave her a sideways glance.

"I thought it was a good name." Kaizen told her. "...I wish Papa could see her."

The sad silence omitted from Sasuke and Hana prompted her to speak some words of encouragement toward the boy.

"...Well, I'm sure he'll be home soon enough… then you can surprise him with her!"

The boy seemed to like that idea as a smile crept over his features. "Yeah, I guess so."

Sakura offered him a smile, one of her rare, genuine ones.

"Sasuke, may I speak with you alone for a moment?" Hana asked him. "If you don't mind watching Kaizen, Sakura-san."

"Of course." Sakura bowed her head, exchanging a glance with the Uchiha, who looked a little concerned. Surely, Hana knew that he had spoken the truth about Itachi… and that he could not share anymore in

The Inuzuka woman nodded before leading her brother-in-law back into the house, sliding the door behind her, leaving Sakura alone with the boy.

"Do you know where he is?" Hana asked Sasuke as soon as they were shut away in the study. "Truly?"

Sasuke sighed, looking skyward; he didn't want to lie to her as well. "If I did, you know I couldn't tell you, Hana."

"If I am to be left completely in the dark, then I know he must be doing something terrible." she breathed, bringing a hand to her brow. "If my son's life is to be threatened, then I have the right to know, Sasuke."

"Believe me, the less you both are involved, the safer Kaizen is." Sasuke informed her. "We can only wait now… hope for the best."

The reserved woman blinked back tears as she walked past him, tiredly shaking her head. "The two of you are so very similar."


"Why me?" Kakashi asked Itachi, his arms crossed as he leaned against a tree, mulling over the Uchiha's motives. "Of all the serving Senju captains, why did you seek me out for this?"

"Many reasons," Itachi replied evenly. "I'll have you know, I spent days pouring over military intelligence, deciding who would be my link to Hashirama and you were the obvious choice. For one, you're not a Senju, you have no familial bond with either clans. You fight in the shadows, not on the battlefield, you are exceptionally powerful, but not powerful enough to be careless."

Kakashi tsked beneath his mask. "I don't care how intricately you've woven this plan of yours, kid… There have been countless attempts on Uchiha Madara's life, yet he's still alive."

"Anyone can be killed." Itachi told him. "Godlike as he is, he is still a man, he still bleeds… he just takes more effort in convincing the world he can't."

"And you know the consequences if you fail, right?" Kakashi asked him. "Everyone, everyone you have ever loved will be killed. I have to say, it's a rare thing to find something like that in a person… the willingness to sacrifice the people closest to you."

"My little life means very little in the grand scheme of things, Hatake." the Uchiha replied. "Though, you're right, I am one of the only few who seem to realize that. That's why another reason I chose you was because you had no family… no emotional attachments… though, I seem to have made an error on that part."

"You have." Kakashi told him squarely. "And if you cannot ensure me Sakura's safety and freedom in all this, I won't even consider granting you aid."

"You have my word." Itachi replied. "I will see to her liberation myself."

Kakashi nodded then. "Good… My squad is heading up North in the morning to a watch tower that overlooks the river. Meet us there by nightfall; by then I will have my answer."


"Why do you have pink hair?" Kaizen asked her, letting Aya down to run freely.

Sakura raised her brows at his forward question. "Well… my father used to tell me that we got our strange color hair from my great, great, great grandmother. According to the story, she was yosei, a fairy creature, who fell in love with a human."

"So, you're a fairy then!?" the boy gasped with revered awe, making Sakura laugh under her breath.

"Maybe a little." Sakura shrugged. "If the story is true."

"I think it is." Kaizen told her knowingly. "You're pretty like a fairy."

"Thank you." Sakura shook her head amusedly.

Aya barked for attention then, making Kaizen run after her, giggling all the while. Sakura watched after him… thinking that Sasuke must have been so similar to him when he was a child.

She turned to find Hana reappear beside her once more. "I came to inform you that Sasuke is preparing your horse to leave."

"Ah." Sakura rose from the stone steps she had been sitting upon. "Then I'll take my leave then, my lady."

"Hopefully Kaizen was not any trouble for you." Hana spoke softly.

"No, Hana-sama." the slave girl replied with a shake of her head. "He's a good, sweet boy."

Hana smiled, staring after her son. "The Uchiha blood is so strong, he looks so much like his father… I hardly see myself in him at all."

"I do, my lady." Sakura told her; while it was true that he greatly resembled his father and Sasuke, the boy had an essence to him that belonged completely to his mother and even Kiba. "He has your nose and your long lashes; his eyes aren't steely like an Uchiha, but dark gray like yours and your brother."

Hana's smile grew as she turned to the girl. "You are an observant woman, Sakura-san."

"I just see what's there, my lady." Sakura replied. "... And it's plain to see that your son and husband love you just as much as you love them."

"Perhaps," Hana mused, her eyes lingering to the sky above. "Though... I sometimes wonder if that love is enough."

It isn't.


Water drizzled from the stalagmite above him, slowly driving him insane; well, more than he already was. The faint echo of the falling water was the only sound in the deep silence of his prison… except for the fox of course.




"How does it feel…"




" be a monster…"




"... to be a killer…"




" have killed your own mother…"

YOU killed her!

He felt it; the anger bubbling; his control wavering.

"Naruto." a voice spoke, in the midst of the tortuous rythme.

"Go away." he spoke harshly.

Usually he would say nothing when he would receive visitors, as it made them leave sooner, but, he knew that voice, and he knew that this particular visitor tended to linger longer… to try harder.

With his fiery, chakra-infused rage about to surface, he would have to be a little more forward about his request to be left alone. The cage had done its job well enough thus far… but, then, there had been some exceptions for those who stood too close.

"It's been a while." Iruka told him. "Since last time... they hadn't permitted me to come back down here."

"I should have tore the head off that annoying welp when I had the chance."

Shut up.

The golden-haired Namikaze boy stayed crouched to the ground, staring at the wall, feeling his teeth sharpen as he gritted them painfulyl.

"But, Lord Hashirama and Lady Tsunade really need you now." his former childhood sensei explained.

"Kill him. He's close enough where you can reach…"

I said to shut up!

"They thought that perhaps I could… There's a man that we think can help you, his name is Yamato; they think he can fix the broken seal."

"Do it now!"

"Just go the fuck away, Sensei." the boy roared angrily. Couldn't he see that he was making it worse. "I've already told Tsunade-hime, that I am not interested." he said, turning slowly on the tall, brown-haired male, his eyes burning red. "Any of you dare open these doors, I won't withhold him, I'll give him free range."

"Look, I know you're scared of hurting someone else..." Iruka began.

The boy laughed then, a bitter, terrible laugh. "Stop acting like you still know me so well, I don't care if I kill every coward in this fucking mountain. I'm staying here because the kyuubi hates it."

"Wouldn't he hate it even more if the seal was fixed?" Iruka asked him. "If you could be free to live your life again, out of this cell?"

Naruto stared the young man down. "It won't work… you all will just end up letting him out."

"You won't even try it?"

"No." they kyuubi vessel replied finally. "I don't care about this war, and I don't care about any of you… you all let this mess happen in the first place, you couldn't fix it then, you can't fix it now. So, for the last time; Get. Out."

Iruka sighed sadly.

This demented youth really wasn't his energetic, little student anymore… there was nothing of the old Naruto at all.

With heavy steps he approached the cage, closer than he had been warned to venture.

The boy twitched, clenching up like an animal being cornered… His eyes bleed to a darker shade of red, his pupils dilating until there was nothing human about them at all.

The fear and bloodlust were evident, but still Iruka pressed on, reaching into the pocket of his flack jacket and pulling out a long strand of leather, with a long crystal hanging from it.

The sight of it made the boy falter.

"I spoke to Jiraiya before he died." he told him, sliding the necklace through the bars and toward the bemused blonde. "He wanted you to have this.


It was tempting to lean her head against his back as they rode home, she was weary from the day's events, and the training was starting to take it's toll on her. But, she kept herself upright, awake, aware.

"Will Hana-sama be alright?" she asked him concernedly, her eyes rising to the back of his head. He'd been quieter, even more so than usual since their departure from his brother's home… she wondered if it was in concern for his sister by marriage.

"I'm think so." Sasuke replied. "She's a strong woman… I just don't know how Itachi can leave them like he does."

"Because he has to." Sakura murmured. "It's because he loves them that he leaves them."

"I guess I don't understand that." the younger Uchiha sighed angrily. "I see the pain in Hana's eyes and I see the confusion in Kai's and I… I just could never do that. I could never abandon my family."

"You could." Sakura said simply, knowing he was not speaking just on Hana and Kaizen's account, but his own; for he also felt abandoned. "If it meant saving them, you would."

Anyone would.

"Is he saving them?" Sasuke asked her. "...Or is he condemning them?"

"That depends on if he can finish his mission." she whispered, wondering if Itachi had made it into the Senju territory; if he had… "Do you… think he found Kakashi?"

"I don't know." Sasuke replied. "Do you?"

"I still think he's gone…" she replied softly. "But, I wouldn't mind being proven wrong."

"...You really loved him, didn't you?" Sasuke asked, his voice quiet and strained, surprising her.

"He was my only friend" she replied sadly. "He looked after me."

"Ah." was her guarded reply.

Her brows furrowed… did he think that…?

"It wasn't like that." she spoke, feeling the need to clarify for him the true nature of her bond with Kakashi. The Uchiha did not reply, but the tensity in his shoulders relaxed a little at her words. "...he was like a brother to me… and like your brother, he also had no choice but to leave me."

What a difficult trial it truly was… to be left to wait


Sakura blinked her eyes open to the pale light of the morning. Madara's castle could be seen on the horizon, and their hellish journey was at last coming to an end. Taijo was sleeping upon her lap, like a kitten.

"Maemi?" she questioned, turning to the older woman who was holding Anarie close to her, like a infant.

"...She's gone." Maemi informed her, her gray eyes cast sadly upon the unfortunate child, who lay cold and motionless in her arms. "Slipped away sometime during the night."

Sakura blinked numbly, leaning in to inspect the girl herself. It was true. Anari's spirit had long been vacant from her body, leaving it pale and rigid.

Sakura had already become acquainted with death, but to see its sightless gaze in such a innocent, gentle girl made her turn her usually fearless gaze away and close her eyes in cold dread.

"Poor thing." Maemi whispered. "I don't even know where she came from… who her family was… if she had any at all."

Eventually the soldiers took notice and pried the body away from Maemi, who was too weak to put up much of a fight, casting it aside in the ditch to rot.

Sakura stared after the corpse, miles after they were out of sight.


Sasuke watched her in silent admiration as she helped lace his armguards securely around his forearm, his black gaze darkened with longing. She seemed… so distant as her vivid green eyes remained focused on the task at hand.

Did she feel nothing?

Was she so unaware of what she was doing to him? Of the painful strain that was pulling harder and harder at his heart?

The simple, quiet feelings he had felt for her since the beginning were growing stronger… deeper... with every passing hour, overwhelming him to the point of torment. It was not just her touch that he craved… he wanted her laugh, her tears, her voice, her thoughts, her dreams, her pain, her heart, her soul… anything that was hers he wanted… and he would give her anything she wished in return.


Licking his dry lips, unable to pry his eyes away from her to even spare himself some misery, he wondered how she managed to bury herself so deep within his soul without even trying to…

He wondered if anything had changed for her since their first meeting, when she resented him so… anything at all.

Finished with her tying, her emerald eyes lifted to his, the light of amber fire glowing behind them, piercing him through. "I almost wish I was going with you."

A smile played at his lips… he almost wished she was as well.

"It's such a shame to have learned so many new skills and never be able to put them to practice." she went on, tucking a stray curl of her hair behind her ear, before turning to fetch his travel cloak that lay out on the bed.

"Let's hope you never have to." Sasuke replied seriously, when she returned to his side.

"...When will you be back?" she asked him, as he wrapped the dark shelter around his shoulders, clipping the clasp over his chest.

"Not long… It usually takes a week to circle the entire border." he told her. "Two at the most."

She nodded in understanding, something akin to worry shadowing her features.

"What is it?" he asked her.

"I don't know… I just have a bad feeling." she told him, her gaze traveling to the fire. Living in darkness for long, she was always sharply attuned to approaching trouble. " careful." she whispered so quietly, he almost thought he imagined it.

"I will." he promised, not liking the slump in her shoulders, nor the uncertainty in her gaze. Moving to his weapons cabinet, he retrieved the bundle that he had purchased in the market and brought it to the bed to unfurl it. He was going to wait until he returned from his mission, when they could return to the training grounds, but perhaps his surprise would lift her spirits a little.

Sakura watched after him curiously, before he was beside her once more, a small, delicate white bow and a wooden box in his hands.

"Here," he held them out to her, flushing a little in embarrassment. "You should have weapons better suited to your size."

She stared at the gifts incredulously, before slowly accepting them. "For me?" she asked in disbelief, staring up at the long, wiry back of the yumi bow made from almost pure white pine… it was perfect.

He nodded, his ears burning red as he had to turn his dark gaze elsewhere. She hooked the bow over her shoulder to open the wooden box and found it filled with several kunais of different size and shape.

She was rendered speechless, overwhelmed by his generosity and thoughtfulness. "I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything." he murmured with a shrug of his shoulders. "We'll break them in when I get back."

She shook her head. "I have nothing to give you in return."

He sighed looking skyward. "That's the thing about gifts, you give them without expecting anything in return."

Color rose to her cheeks, before her gaze lowered shyly. "Thank you." she managed to whisper.

It was then that he noticed the sun peaking over the horizon. "I have to go."

She lifted her eyes to his, pursing her lips as she nodded.

His gaze traveling over her once more, committing her to memory. How he wanted to pull her in and kiss her before he left… to feel her lips against his once more... but, he knew that he wouldn't, not without knowing that was what she wanted.

Instead, he reached forward and brushed his middle and pointer finger against her forehead gently, a gesture that only he, Itachi, and Kaizen knew the secret behind, before drawing it down to tuck a stray lock of her hair behind her ear.

"I'll see you when I get back."

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And now a segment of Misplaced Quotes in the Naruto Universe:

Obito: *Uchiha bitching*

Kakashi: He says he wants to rip reality apart.

Naruto: Alright, again with the ripping...Listen, I get it you… ripping for you... you want to rip things, okay? And I think that's because someone ripped you a long time ago; in here *points to heart*


Naruto: Someone ripped little Obito right here *points to his heart*? They ripped something out, didn't they? They ripped love. They ripped love out of you didn't they? Little Obito, left alone to get crushed by rocks. Rin and Kakashi went on with their lives, going on missions… just doing their jobs. But, who was left watch when Kakashi had to chidori Rin through the heart?

Obito: *lips wobble*

Naruto: You.

Obito: *starts to cry and hugs Naruto*

Naruto: That's it, let it out. *starts singing 'We are Fighting Dreamers' soothingly* It's okay, It's okay...*looks over Obito's shoulder to see Sasuke*

Sasuke: …

Naruto: *points to him and whispers* You're next.

Sasuke: …?