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Time wise Sam is in Atlantis, Jack is the Head of Homeworld security and Hank is head of SGC.

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Jack stuck on a hilltop wondering who to call.

Watching the sunrise from the top of his favourite hilltop near his cabin in Minnesota, Jack wondered who to contact so he could get back down with all his sleeping gear etc. It hadn't seemed such a lot to carry or too far last night when he'd climbed the hill to see the stars and sunrise … Now it was a totally different matter..

A 911 call was too complicated, and he needed to keep this 'in house', under wraps and amongst friends...

He was the head of Homeworld Security so had the ear of the President, and technically in charge of a lot of service men and women … including those at SGC … as well as certain Aliens there. But, even with or without the time differences between them all, he knew he wouldn't get passed anyone answering the phones.

Sam was in Atlantis where he should be … an official trip with the IOA and a covert first anniversary celebration with her, that last bit was agreed by the President himself. So she was out of the question.

Daniel … no way … the man knew they had to get back from the Planet X etc.. before the Atlantis trip went out … Even promised the President it would happen … But both men ignored Jack's pleas that Planet X etc could wait, and Daniel never kept a time promise in his life... nope … make that any of his many lives.

Proved it, got the T-shirts... this last one included … even if it was too big for him.

Oh yeah, on the first busy signal back to SGC he'd told Daniel they had gone on without him. Of course, Daniel insisted they wouldn't, he was the 'Man at the Top' and a few minutes late wouldn't matter … Some hope …

It was an IOA trip and Woolsey is a stickler for timing For Heavens Sake...

The man left a note with Hank "You were late. Do the troop pep talk and routine inspection next time round." Yeah, two or three months time … way too late and another mountain of paperwork with lots of additional meetings to get through.

Jack sighed, doubting that would be on the cards, but if it was ... he would lock Daniel up, a long time before hand so he couldn't sweet talk the President again. Finding his very secure phone, he dialled the number of the only person who would understand, and get passed the SGC switchboard to Hank... Teal'c … one big space ship or Atlantis even. Not that Sam was going to be too pleased about this particular surprise … And the President was best kept out the loop for the moment.

The phone was answered with a sleepy confused exclamation. "Jack! Thought you were with Sam on Atlantis?"

Taking a breath Jack blurted out, "Nope. I'm on our mountain watching the sunrise and can't get down Jon." hating how it sounded.

"For crying out loud Jack! Have you been drinking!" Jon exclaimed knowing how hard his original had worked for this trip, and wondering why their favourite hill should become a mountain to him. They used to walk there and back in several hours, granted they would stay up there for hours in between … was Jack hurt, his voice was...

"Nope, and Thor was wrong, because I've been minimized to a five year old overnight. If it's not Daniel's fault for dragging me to that boring planet then refusing to leave on time, we are in big trouble." Jack butted in.

"Oh Crap!" Jon exclaimed as his mind started to zip through all the possible implications, including the hint it could be someone here of earth and discarded it.

"Ring Walter and Hank. Need clothes and a beam up. Now!" Jack squeaked in his five year old voice, while trying to put all the authority he could in it, sensing Jon's mind might be going walkabout.

"Providing I can be there when Sam deals with Daniel." Jon couldn't resist demanding; then remembering how he felt at the beginning of his own existence added. "Make sure you are safe and warm while I get help. And remember, no coffee just water and a ration bar."

"Yes Dad!" Jack flipped back, having already squashed his need for coffee since waking up and finding the world was a much bigger place than it used to be.

"Hey, none of that!" Jon exclaimed, knowing everyone was in for a rough time … him as a five year old was bad enough, but with his adult mind...

Jack's "Bring Teal'c with you." cut into his thoughts

"Of course. And I'll get Hank to shut Daniel in the brig so he can't run away and hide."

Over Jack's five year old giggles, Jon added wanting to reassure both of them. "We'll sort it out don't worry."

"Never doubted it. Keep Cassie with you and see you soon." Jack squeaked back and cut the call. He never had doubted it, once he got over the shock of it all. After all it was what they did, got into trouble, got together and got out of it, and imagined a very pissed off Sam, dealing with Daniel... that was after the man had faced Teal'c and himself, of course.

After making sure he was snug and safe, Jack went back to watching the morning unfold while tucking into the ration bar, and knew he would go to Atlantis to get this put right. … It and the hidden stasis chamber within, which he could visualize when he closed his eyes, were calling to him. And, if that was not enough, he thought he could feel that faint itch in his mind the Ancient knowledge used to give him. Or was it just an adult's brain in a child's head … he hoped so, and returned to his other thought.

He might be a little late for that covert anniversary and the wrong size but Sam would be there for him as he was for her, as they had promised now and for always.

The end. (this was the end of the original snapshot, then my muse decided to carry it on to the rest of the story in the following chapters.)

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