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2. A New Beginning

Darren's POV (first person)

Drakath. The person who should have been dead for a hundred years. The person who was revived by the Queen of Monsters. Now, a Champion of Chaos. Nothing can get worse than this. And now, he's waging war on Lore.

I…I've never felt so…so…weak, so…helpless, so scared in my life before. I was frozen. I saw Alteon almost get killed, Sepulture, the Undead, being killed right in front of me. It can't be. I hope it's all just a dream, that I'll soon wake up. But…no. This is real. I've never been scared of death before, but now…

Robina came and sat beside me. "You look down…and scared." She said.

"Who would'nt be scared?" everyone now knew about Drakath and his plans for Lore.

"Not as scared as you are now."

"Would be scared to death if you would've seen what Drakath did right in front of you!" I snapped.

Robina looked hurt, and I felt guilty I'd ever snapped at her. "I'm sorry Robi… it-it's just that…it's just that it all too much to take in." I sighed.

Robina put an arm around me and pulled me closer. She's like an overprotective younger sister to me. "You don't have to be afraid. We're all here. We're all with you." She said softly.

"Thanks…I guess" I smiled which made her grin.

"Hey, Allan's waiting for you at the Inn. You'd better hurry."

I gave her a huge hug and headed towards the Inn. What I didn't know was how much worse this could get.

Two weeks later

At Greenguard West, 9:33 pm

The moon was bright in the sky, stars twinkling beautifully. I laid under a huge tree gazing at the sky trying to form random constellations.

In front of me, a small hologram appeared. It was Maggie, the Clerik. "Lady Gravelyn summons you."

"Alright, take me there." I was surprised that the Fortress had survived that attack.

The hologram disappeared and a moment later I was standing at the head of the Fortress. The Fortress was made of Dragon bones and the head was a Dragon skull. The Fortress was really damaged. There were two guards guarding the entrance. I walked up to them. "Umm… Lady Gravelyn summons me." I said.

They motioned for me to follow them inside and turned to walk away.

The inside was mostly designed with bones (bony, much?). There were so many twists and turns that I'd be lost if I'd have been alone.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime of twists and turns, we reached the Doom Throne Room (I have no idea why they all that). The room was dark, huge and decorated with bones and gold, which kinda reminded me of Hades, for some reason. The Throne itself was huge. It was set on top of a pile of bones. Sitting on the Throne was Gravelyn.

"You summoned me, Gravelyn?" I asked politely.

"I want you to join the legion." She said.


"You heard what Drakath said. The war between Good and Evil is over. Chaos will rule over Lore. My father's last remains will be destroyed if Drakath unleashes Chaos." I could desperation growing in her voice. "Good and Evil must work together if we are to defeat him. I'm sure King Alteon would also agree."

"But… but why me? There are tons of other people out there who could help you." I was stunned. I didn't expect this. And what she said next surprised me even more.

"Because…" she took a deep breath, "you are the strongest among most warriors. I've seen your progress for years," Stalker! , I thought, "You're the most dependable and…loyal. The legion needs you. …I…need you."

I could see that she was so desperate now. So desperate to save her father's, Sepulture's, remains.

"I…I don't know, Gravelyn. All this… seems too big. I mean, I don't even know if I'm even strong enough to fight his army." I said unsteadily.

"We'll let you train in the legion. We'll train you in ancient magic to make you stronger. Just please, please, help me save my father's kingdom." I could hear the desperation growing in her voice. She was grasping for anything, anything, to save her father's kingdom.

"Alright. But give me some time." I said.

"Thank you." Gravelyn looked like the world had been lifted off her shoulders.

"You owe me one, Gravelyn."

"I know"

I looked around the Throne Room once. The skulls on the walls seemed to be staring at me through their hollow eyes, which really creeped me out. And I was really glad to get out of that place.

One month later

At the legion training arena

I was surrounded. Hundreds of undead surrounded me. I concentrated. The ground shook. I focused my powers to a single point. With a yell of defiance, I released the energy and a dark energy exploded around me cracking the ground and destroying all the undead within a 20 meter radius near me.

The rest of the undead formed ranks in front of me and charged. "Fire Dragon's: …" I sucked in a lot of breath, "ROAR!" and let out torrents of huge golden flames from my mouth. Most of them burnt to dust on contact. Only two of them remained and I destroyed them using basic magic.

"Wow! I'm impressed." Gravelyn said, with Dage standing next to her.

"Taking out so many opponents at such short time…that's what I call power." Dage said.

"You know, he's already stronger than you, Dage." Gravelyn said.

"Hell, he's even stronger than Nulgath himself." Dage chuckled.

"Um…thanks?" it came out more like a question.

"Just a few more months of training and you should be stronger than Drakath himself." He said.

"That's a really big wish." I murmured.

Right then, Maggie the Clerik appeared (holographic) in the middle of the training room. "I have news" she said.

"Show me" Gravelyn ordered.

Maggie created a holographic image of Drakath standing on a huge, flat, broken piece of rock floating in the sky in the middle of who-knows-where. The sky was dark. There was a huge magic stone portal. It was currently deactivated so I could see through the other side. The stones that made the border of the portal was engraved with ancient Greek letters a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l ,m.

"Soon," Drakath said darkly, "the Queen of Monsters shall rise again. All my Chaos Lords and Beasts shall help in her awakening." And then, horrifyingly, turned in our direction. "Keep watching, Darren Scarlet," my eyes widened, "soon, all my Chaos Beasts and Lords shall take over Lore. And you cannot prevent it. Hahahahahahaha!" Then he dissipated the hologram itself.

All of us were staring at the spot where Drakath's hologram was. I was sweating. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gravelyn trembling.

"Th-The Chaos Stone," Dage stammered, "Looks like Drakath's already found his first Chaos Lord."

"How'd you know that?" I asked him.

"The first of the ancient symbols, a, was glowing, which means it was activated. It only activates when a Chaos Lord is connected to the Chaos Stone."

"Maggie," Gravelyn said dryly, "try finding the Chaos Lord's identity and location, fast."

"As you wish, my Lady." Maggie bowed and flashed away.

"Well, Darren," Dage suddenly sounded more cheerful, "it looks like you've got a hell lot of a training to do."

I sighed. I caught Gravelyn looking at me. She looked…worried.

"Go on ahead with your training." She said and went out of the training room.

I sighed again. "Well, lets get started." I said as a thousand Undeads approached to kill me.

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