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Hell Welcomes You Preview

Doubt. A truly ugly emotion that went hand in hand with jealousy. Both ate away at a person until there was nothing left. Until everything you may have liked or loved about yourself was long gone and the cold acid of fear was all you knew.

Serena shivered as she tasted that bitter bile again and tried to force back. The room she lived in constantly was beautiful. Every aspect of it built to her own view of perfection. Her mate hadn't really seemed to care about the furnishings. Their suite took up the entire top floor of the tower. Rounded, it had a distinct architectual style.

She'd had a lot of time to notice the interesting things around her cage. Most of the room was walled in windows that stared down at the territory her demon had claimed long before anyone with the last name Walton had existed. The floor below contained her studio, as well as a large library. Both were at her disposal. She hadn't stepped a foot inside it in days. There was no image in her mind to be committed to paper or canvas. No colors vied for attention and demanded to be set down.

There was only the gnawing doubt in her gut, eating away at her.

'He always said that he wouldn't share me, but he is. He can't lie to me. He likes Ciel being here as well. But, why? Why is it now so easy? Is it because Ciel is a demon too. Because he'll be an Elder someday as well? Is he forming some kind of sick alliance through sharing his mate with another powerful demon? Haagenti said that he was storing power so that we would have more time together. Why is he always gone then? Meeting after meeting. And he takes Corrine.'

Jealousy reared fast and hard. Her nails cut into her arms as she curled around herself, huddled into herself, trying to push the anger and pain away.

'Why? Why does he take her with him? If there really is some all-important Elder meeting, why doesn't he take Ciel? I know he said that Ciel is my guard, but surely he's a better choice for business than Corrine. Why does he always leave me here alone?'

'Lost. Why am I always lost? I can't be lost, everyone looks to me to know what I'm doing, what we're doing, where we're going. And yet, I'm always alone.' Aelius walked the darkened streets of London, steering clear of the streetlights and people that roamed the business districts. People watched him as he passed but most looked away as he met their eyes. He didn't fear the dark, nor those who dwelt in it.

'But they fear me. They know I'm not one of them. They know their frail, human bodies cannot harm me.' He cringed as the thought registered through the haze of his mind. 'No, I am human. At least somewhat. Human blood runs in my veins. I will not harm them just because I can. I'm not like him.'

A part of him wanted to plead to those that shivered when he passed. He was one of them. No matter how many centuries he lived, no matter how physically strong he was. 'My heart is human...and it aches.'

There was a girl sitting in Lucifer's throne. Girl being the word. She should have been gossiping at the mall over the car her parents were going to buy her for her birthday, not surrounded by demons and Fallen. Honey blonde hair fell over her shoulder in loose waves and shined against the violet gown she wore.

Lucifer leaned against the side speaking to the girl in his throne. But there was another silver head that caught her attention. She finally let go of Malphas' hand as a smile spread over her face.


Lizzy stared at the piece of parchment in her hands. Her fingers drifted over her name again, written in Ciel's elegant script. She had seen it several times, but never on a letter meant for her. It was the first thing he had written for her specifically and she was only to receive it after his death.

She admitted that there was a part of her that wanted to rip the letter to pieces. Violence seemed to be her regular response to anything that had to do with Ciel after he left her a widow the night before her wedding. She turned the paper over and saw the wax seal, the Phantomhive coat of arms. It would disappear now. Just another failed family.

Choosing quickly, she broke the seal.

'Lizzy, I'm sure that you are quite angry with me right at this moment. Perhaps you're looking for someone to blame. There is no one but myself. I've spent hours writing this letter, most attempts ended up on the fire, but I know that there will be one that makes it to the solicitor's possession.

I also know you've always wanted me to talk to you, but I couldn't. I couldn't tell you what really happens in my life, in my mind. I never wanted you to have to know. I can admit now that it is cowerdice. For some reason, as I wait for our wedding, I find the urge to tell you everything. Just not face to face.

This is the truth. My truth. A part of me is still screaming to burn this. To leave this to the past, but my past is never far away. I only ask that you read it in its entirety if you decide to. You cannot stop in the middle. You cannot decide that I've lost my mind and this is all nonsense and you won't read another word of it. If you can't, burn it right now. I admit it sounds insane but I have nothing to hide now. Every word of it is true. I leave it to you if you wish to share it with your family. I have a feeling that Aunt Frances won't be that surprised.

Have you made your decision Lizzy?'

Undertaker walked easily down the front steps of the local police station. He knew that they were looking, but there was nothing to find. Serena's family should have given up by now, it'd been almost a year for them. The door behind him burst open and the reaper sighed as he heard a voice.

"Wait, please."

Samuel Walton stopped in front of the strange man, unsure of what to say.

"Major, go home."


"Go home. There is nothing for you to find here."

"I won't abandon my daughter."

"But you'll abandon the rest of your family?"

He stopped.

Undertaker looked over the street. "With all due respect, I've been in this business a long time. It's been months since Serena disappeared. There are no leads, not even a whisper of a clue to go forward on. You're grasping at anything you get a hold of. If you haven't found anything by now, you're not going to."

He started to walk away.

"You love her."

Undertaker turned slightly and nodded. "But, it doesn't matter. She still choose someone else."