~ epilogue ~

"Scorpius?" Hermione looked at Draco as the baby kicked yet again. The exciting flutters of early pregnancy had given way to solid kicks that hurt. This kid had a will and he didn't like being crowded. She couldn't wait to be done.

"It's an excellent name," Draco said, a trifle defensively. "I have a constellation name, and - "

"Fine," she said as the kid kicked her again. She was really much too huge and tired to argue about this and, given their first real date had been to go look at the stars that summer at Hogwarts, she was secretly charmed by the naming plan. "But if it's a girl, I get to choose the name."

"Cassiopeia?" Draco asked.

She threw a pillow at him but made a mental note that Cassiopeia really was a lovely name.





. . . . . . . . . .

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