Scene 12

(Crais stands in a room, looking out. Teeg enters)


Captain, our scouts report the ship hath past

the last of our own worlds. See them flee now

to space beyond. I have readied alerts

to spread. And soon, these knaves will know justice

for true.


(Crais turns to the man, and studies him)

Thou readied 'lerts? Without such promp'? Without



Ah... but. Sir. I...


Thou what? Soldier? Thy made a choice in my

own stead?

(Crais approaches as Teeg backs away)

Thy commands here now in my place? Well? Speak,

you fool.


We must return to worlds we know, my captain.

Order must be met and kept by us. We have

our dut-


(Crais grabs the man by the throat)

(Shouting) Our duty lies with men they've slain! Thou base

coward! Thou commands Crais to flee as mine

own flesh is hunted and so burned 'live?

Thou tells me "no"?

(Crais releases the man, who stumbles and falls away, panting)

Retract thy warnings. Turn our ship rimward.

We do not turn and leave these savage minds

to flee. We hunt, dear Teeg. We chase and kill.

Now turn us! Let me know when they've been found.

(Crais sits as Teeg scampers from the room)

They're close. Their taste still hangs in air. Their blood.

Their fear. They cannot outrun me. They can-

not withstand me. They'll stumble then fall. Mis-

ery and then death will follow. So run. I give

thee chase.