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The Pharaoh of Egypt sat regally in his throne, listening to the story of the soldiers' blunder. Though he appeared to be calm on the outside, on the inside, he was groaning.

'Why do my soldiers have to be so *stupid*?' He sighed as the commander came to a conclusion. He spoke in a cold, emotionless voice.

"I am well aware that your soldiers had not eaten in a day Commander Izaec, but tell me this Commander; do you believe it was necisary to take the extreme measures that you took?" The commander flinched at his Pharaoh's tone, and took a deep breath.

"Yes, my Pharaoh. I do." The Pharaoh sighed inaudibly.

"So, you think it was nesicary to massacure an entire village because they didn't have enough food to suffice your incompatent soldiers' wants?" Izaec grimased as his leader's voice slowly got more and more deadly.

"But, my Pharoah! They had more food! I know they did!" The Pharaoh shook his head.

"No. You knew they didn't. That was a poor village you raided. You took all of their food, and wanted to cure your bloodlust by killing them off. Who am I going to rule if you kill off my population? I do not accept this type of behavior in my army. This shows weakness!" Izaec opened his mouth to defend himself, but the Pharaoh pounded his fist on the arm of his throne.

"Silence! Pharaoh speaks!" Izaec fell on his knees and kissed the ground.

"Forgive me my Pharaoh! I was not thinking," The Pharaoh closed his eyes.

'Well, that was obvious. You never think...' He cleared his mind.

"This shows even more weakness. How do I know that your bloodlust will not overcome you in the midst of battle, when strict orders are needed to be followed? How do I know that your ignorance and disrespect for your leader will not happen again? Can I have any reasurance?" Izaec began to babble many ways that he could be a better servent, and the Pharaoh began to be annoyed.

"Guards!" Izaec stopped immediately, and his eyes grew wide as his leader's guards came up beside him, on either side. "Cut his tounge out. That way, his babbling will bother me no more. Then, give him a 'few' whippings to teach him discipline." Izaec began to cry out.


Pharaoh Yami waved them away. Not once did he flinch as Izaec's shrill screams reached his ears, and he remained in that posistion until the sound faded into nothing...

Two years later

The crowd was getting restless. They had waited a long wait in a crowded street for the young angel that was said to have a voice like none other. All of this, the man saw. He stuck his head back into the make-shift tent, wiping his sweat with a dirty cloth, his tiny eyes bloodshot. He glared at the "young angel" so many had heard of.


The said boy flinched, but stood anyway. He wore a hooded cloak, for his master allowed no one but himself to see the boy's beauty.

"Come on Hikari. We can't keep the crowd waiting, can we?" He smirked. 'Besides, afterwards, we'll get to have a little...fun...' The man came all the way out of the tent an turned to the crowd. One scrawny man approached him.

"Rafael, where's the boy? I want my entertainment. I paid good money for this," Rafael smiled greasily.

"Don't worry, Tamein. He is on his way out right-" he was cut off as the crowd became silent. He turned around and smiled. There he was. The crowd backed up a bit, and the boy stood on a small platform, like he was taught to. He stood up straight and took a deep breath, closing his eyes. He could feel the calmness flood through him, and for just that moment, he cleared his mind of all the troubles that plauged him, and he let out one steady note. That one note alone made the people in that crowd close their eyes, and forget their troubles too. All that mattered was that one note. The boy knew not of any of these miraculous effects his singing had on these people, and he continued.

"Though the darkness is all around
And even though my star seems far off
I know that hope can still be found
Even if the starry night
Somehow turns cold and dim
I know my star is coming
So I'll just wait until then

I know that my star is out there
And that it will come someday
Hope is still there
So, until my star comes my way
I shall not despair
While hope is there"

As the song ended, the crowd was still hushed from the amount of emotion that this small boy carried in his song. The rumors were true. This boy was like no other. The silence was broken by thunderous applause. Everyone in the crowd was whooping or clapping. All but one. That one smiled and walked away, thinking how pleased his lord would be when he heard of this. The boy, oblivious to this, bowed, and collected what money was thrown forth. Little did he know that that one man was going to change his life forever...


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