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Ryou woke to the afternoon light shining through the window behind the bed. He
blinked slightly, and tried to sit up, only to fall back down. There was an arm keeping
him back. Sighing, he snuggled back down into the warm body next to him, then he
froze. Wait. Arm...body...bed...*what*?!

He bolted up, this time knocking the arm off of him. Where was he? He looked around
the richly furnished room he was in. There was a table holding wine and goblets.
There were some assorted arm chairs placed randomly around the room, all looking
extremely comfortable. Then, his eyes fell upon the figure stirring beside him on the
bed. He looked almost identical to himself.

Then, the memories rushed back to him. They had been saved. He had a new owner.
And this owner seemed...different. He acted so kind towards him last night...Ryou
wasn't sure it had really happened. His new master stirred a little bit more, and rubbed
his eyes sleepily. Ryou smiled. That was too cute.

Ryou blushed. 'Don't think that about your master. You finally have a shot at a decent
life, and you don't need to blow it,' Little did the slave know that his friend had thought
the same thing.

Bakura began to open his eyes sleepily. He yawned, and stretched, looking up at his
new slave. What was he to do with him today?

'Well, you could always-' he immediately shut that voice up. He was *not* going to do
any such thing. Ryou didn't deserve that type of treatment

Bakura sat up and looked at Ryou, yet again taking in the boy's beauty. Bakura knew
this had to be a sign. I mean, how many white haired, brow eyed people were there in
Egypt? Not many. Not many at all. Bakura had never encountered one, besides
himself. And to find one that looked almost identical to himself was just...uncanny.

Bakura's thought were interrupted by a huge commotion. Bakura and Ryou shot up,
and Bakura motioned to Ryou to be silent. After further listening, Bakura could
distinguish the sound of metal clashing against metal, frantic yelps of surprise, and a
few gruff voices barking out orders. Bakura threw himself out of bed and rushed to
open his bedroom door. At once, his ears were bombarded with chaos. He came back
into his room and slammed the door quickly. He turned to Ryou with a grim face.

"Ryou, prepare yourself. We're under attack."


Seto Kaiba sat at his desk, aimlessly searching through a stack of papers. His mind was
occupied with thoughts of the past, and the confusion over his new slave, who was
presently dozing, didn't help. Seto's thoughts were on his little brother. Unanswered
questions raged through his veins, and they tore at his heart. It had been five years.
Five long years since it had happened. Seto felt the familiar lump forming in his throat
at the memory of his little loved one.



"I win again Big Brother!" A little boy yelled in delight. The boy was a bit short, had
long black hair that poked out in various places, and big, gray eyes, and he was about
ten years old . Seto smiled fondly, and put down his dice.

"Yep. I just can't seem to beat the almighty Mokuba. You're just too good for me!"
Mokuba giggled.

"You're so silly, Big Brother!" Seto's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"What did you say, Mokuba?" The boy giggled lightly and poked his brother in the side
of the stomach.

"I said you were silly!" Seto shook his head sorrowfully.

"You're in trouble now..." He drifted off and looked at Mokuba seriously, making his
brother frown in slight confusion. Then, Seto pounced, tickling the little boy nonstop.

"No! Big Brother, stop!" Mokuba gasped out between peals of laughter. "You *know*
I'm really ticklish!" And surprisingly, Seto stopped. Mokuba breathed a sigh of relief,
and was about to say something to Seto when the door opened. Seto jerked up and
growled slightly. He hated being interrupted during his time with Mokuba.

A soldier stepped into the room and sought Seto out, and was only mildly surprised to
see him on the floor. He cleared his throat and Seto looked up to him.

"Yes, soldier?" Seto asked, breathless after the little romp with Mokuba. Then, Seto
took in the appearance of the man. He was ragged, and looked as though he had
rushed to get here. The soldier bowed slightly, and then rushed on.

"Master Seto, there has been an attack on the palace. The forces have broken through,
and the pharaoh requests your assistance," Seto's eyes widened, and he nodded firmly.

""Tell him I will there as soon as possible," The soldier nodded, bowed, and left the
room. Seto stood and turned to Mokuba.

"Mokuba, stay here. I'll be back as soon as I can. I want you to *stay in here*.
Understand? Lock the door." He left,, not giving Mokuba a chance to protest.. Nor did
he hear Mokuba came up behind him until he yelled .

"Seto! Seto, wait for me! I'm coming with you!" The voice screamed over the racket
coming from outside the palace. Seto growled, and stopped running towards the
source of commotion.

"Mokuba! Go back to your room, NOW! You are too little to come fighting! You might
get hurt!" And without a second glance, Seto ran on to his destination. Without him
hearing, Mokuba followed.

When Seto reached the scene, it was chaos. Total chaos. The palace had obviously
been caught unawares. The troops were disorganized, and in total disarray. Seto
sought out Yami, and was relieved to find him unharmed, above the battle, trying to
command his troops. Seto made his way towards him, occasionally having to fend off
an opposing attacker. When, he finally made his way to the young Pharaoh, he had
quite a few scrapes and bruises. Yami looked relieved to see him.

"They just came upon us! No warning what so ever. What kind of army do I have?"
He yelped out in frustration. Seto held back a minuscule smile.

"Remind me to answer that later." He looked over the battle, which seemed to be going
nicely for being surprised. "What can I do, Yami?" The said sighed and wiped his head
of sweat, bringing attention to the sweltering heat.

"Make them all disappear," He groaned. Seto smirked slightly.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that." Yami rolled his eyes.

"Like I didn't know that."

"NO! GET OFF OF ME! SETO!!" Seto jumped and felt something tell him that
something bad was happening. He spun around and searched through the mass of
bodies. Then, he saw it. Mokuba.

"MOKUBA!" Seto screamed. He raced down, slashing at anything and anyone that got
in his way. The blood pounded in his veins, and he was filled with extreme fear and
anger. Whoever had Mokuba would pay.

His path broke to the fringes of the battle, and he finally saw Mokuba. He was
struggling against a large, burly man who seemed to not feel the pounding coming
from his captive. Seto felt panic come upon him.

"MOKUBA!" He yelled. The man Turned and saw Seto running after him, and began to
sprint. Seto felt rage sate him. Who was this man, and what the hell did he think he
was doing with his little brother?

"STOP!" He yelled, knowing it was futile. The man was so far ahead of him, and could
move impossibly fast for a man of his stature. But Seto kept on running. Even as the
distance between them grew greater and greater, he kept on going. He kept going
until he reached the center of the town, and he lost the man in the panicking crowds.
Then, he stopped, and fell on his knees, gasping for breath with wide eyes. The crowd
pushed and shoved around him, but he didn't feel them. He couldn't feel. Numb.
That's all there was. Mokuba was gone. His brother was gone. And it was all his fault.

.:.End Flashback.:.

"Master? Master! Seto snapped back to reality, and his eyes met with Jou's. He was
surprised to find Jou's filled with concern.

"Master?! Are you alright?" Seto nodded numbly, and Jou let out a breath that he
didn't even know he was holding. "OK, good. You had me a little wor-" he broke off,
realizing what e was about to say. He flushed slightly and turned away from Seto, who
smirked slightly.

"Had you a little what, Jou?" When he didn't get a response, he raised his eyebrows.
"I said, 'Had you a little what, Jou?'" Jou mumbled something inaudibly. Seto pushed
back his chair and came around in front of Jou. Why was he pushing this? Seto
secretly knew, but he wasn't about to let anyone know why.

"I'll ask you one more time," Seto said silkily in Jou's ear. At Jou's slight shiver, Seto
continued, "Had you a little what?" Jou swallowed and closed his eyes, letting his pride
fall momentarily.

"A little worried." The slave whispered. Seto felt his heart flutter at his response. He
put his hand under Jou's face and brought it up so he could look into the pools of

"Is that so?" He whispered. The two began to close in towards each other. They were
but a centimeter away when the door was shoved open and bounced off of the wall
from the force. The two boys jerked away from each other and their eyes were met
with a rumpled looking Bakura and Ryou. Seto's face contorted in confusion.

"What's going on, Bakura?" The white haired boy took a deep breath and coughed

"We're under attack." Seto's eyes narrowed and he turned to Jou, all business.

"Can you use a sword? Good. You'll use my extra one." With that, The four left the
room, and ran quickly to the awaiting battle.


The noise was deafening. Screams, the clang of swords against swords...it was
pandemonium. Seto took in the sight and looked to Jou.

"Keep close to me. Understand?" At Jou's nod, Seto turned to face the battle. "I'm
going after the leader. If we get him, they'll all fall back. The only reason they have an
advantage is their attack came a surprise..." He mused to himself, and then started off
on his mission, Jou following.

Bakura looked down at Ryou.

"Ryou...I want you to go back to our room," Ryou's eyes widened, and then hardened.

"No Bakura. I want to fight." Bakura nodded vigorously.

"Ryou, I want you to go get Yami!" Bakura said, and his tone allowed no objections.
Satisfied, he continued. "His room is in the same hall as ours. His door is golden and is
designed with symbols of the gods. You'll know it when you see it," He nodded at
Ryou, and turned to leave, but was stopped by a small voice.

"Bakura? Be careful." Bakura nodded and went off after Seto.

To be continued.

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