A/N: Hey guys! Alice here with a new Azula x Katara story! I'd been pondering about what could have happened if Aang wasn't discovered in the southern water tribe. Also this story is rated M for violence, rape, Torture and Lemons. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IN ADVANCE!. Basically this story is based off Katara and Azula being 18 (because that's the official age of adults so there will be no underage lemons). Hama was never taken prisoner because she didn't reveal her bending abilities during the invasion days of the fire nation having been given a direct order by the council so she could train the new generation of water benders which Katara was the only one. Therefore Katara is a fully realised water bending master, while Azula is still the same prodigy with an extra 4 years of experience to boot. She is a fully realised fire bender and carries herself with the pride of the royal family. Additionally as viewed in this first chapter she is quite cold but her fight with Katara ignites something that could develop into something more. I'll be blunt. This is more of a dark Katara fic so don't hate me, also G!P warning for Azula. Don't like don't read, no hate please xx


104 years ago the Avatar disappeared. The fire nation has lay sieged to the entire world and my home was all but destroyed. Now the southern water tribe, my home, was but a small village. It used to be a magnificent ice city like our sister tribe but that all changed when the fire nation first attacked. My mentor Hama was best friends with my Gran Gran. The council ordered her not to fight with the other water benders in order to ensure that there would be a teacher for future generations to come. When I was born and showed signs of being able to bend she became my teacher. I've been studying and training for 14 years, now on my 18th birthday I had learnt all she could teach me and was now a fully realised water bender. The Avatar still hasn't appeared but I still haven't lost hope that he'll return to save the world.

Chapter 1: Imprisoned

It was a heavily snowing day. I had just received a letter from Sokka who had been away since he turned 18 with a lot of the other men, our father included. I'm 18 now and he's been gone for 2 years. They're with the rebellion comprised of the remaining three nations and a few deserters who are fighting against the fire nation.

"Katara can you give me a hand repairing the walls, a few of the young kids have been playing on it again," Hama asked me. I gave her a nod and we went to the section of the wall where there was fallen ice and snow. I concentrated and brought snow from the ground up and began to solidify it on the wall again while Hama worked it from the other side.

"Thanks for your help, now back to the chores," Hama smiled and I smiled back before going to help out Gran Gran and the other elders.

After I had finished, I had a few hours free time before it became opportune for fishing so I went out into the frozen tundra by myself and practiced my bending. I created spheres of ice and blasted them against mountains of snow, created water whips and attacked pre-created snowmen. I even practiced the octopus where I have a circle around me and create tentacles of water which I controlled with my bending.

I took one of our canoes out onto the water by myself and steered it using my water bending. Taking myself to one of the good fishing spots where the fish liked to congregate in relatively large groups. I got the net ready in the water and then silently sent a prayer to La and Tue; the ocean and moon spirits before I encircled a school of fish with my water bending and brought them into the net which I then closed and put at the front of the canoe.

When I got back all the families had gathered and my best friend, Miko helped me sort the fish into even batches for each family. "Good catch today Katara, as always," Miko grinned at me. She was a few years younger than me but we had practically grown up together, her mother was killed in the same fire bender raid that took my own. We had bonded over that and had essentially grown up independent to other girls who had their mothers.

"Maybe next time you should come with me, I could use a hand with the nets," I teased her. For someone who had grown up around water, Miko was terrified of it. She accidentally fell into a strong current and almost died when she was younger. If it hadn't of been for Hama she probably would have died. Now she's just embarrassed that she is paranoid of going near the water.

"Geez Katara, stop teasing me about that," Miko pouted and playfully hit my arm. "You know I don't like the ocean," she mumbled while we handed the fish out. A boy around Miko's age laughed and gave her a smile.

"Just ignore her Miko, Katara just likes to tease you and you know it. However if you need help, I'd be happy to lend a hand," he offered with a slight blush on his cheek towards Miko.

"Shiro! I know she is just teasing me," again another pout which caused me to laugh. Shiro was the son of Bato, one of my dad's best friends. Bato, like the rest of the men was away and left Shiro and his mother behind. My brother used to train the wolf warriors until he too joined the war, now Shiro's in charge of training them and being the responsible man around the village.

Shiro and Miko were probably my two closest friends, given that we're the three oldest in the tribe. The rest of the children are just young and there is too much of an age gap to be close friends, we're more like mentors to the other children. I know that when Shiro turns 18 he too will join the men fighting the war. While I'll remain behind to watch over the tribe and teach any water benders that are born.

In the past the southern water tribe was a mighty force now we've been reduced to but a handful of ships, we had even had our fair share of Avatars being born here. The Avatar, I wonder what became of him. I know he was the last air bender and there hasn't been a new water tribe avatar as far as I know. Then again perhaps there could have been just we wouldn't know about that here in the south. We've long lost contact with our sister tribe.

"Well looks like the sun is going down now, I've got night duty so I'll see you later," I said to them. "I'll meet you on the wall Katara," Shiro waved to me. I took my and Gran Gran's share of the catch to our igloo and told her I was heading out onto sentry duty. She gave me some blubbered seal jerky in a pouch and made me sit and have two bowls of rice, stewed sea prunes and pickled fish for dinner before I started.

"You need to keep your energy if you're going to stay alert Katara," Gran Gran reasoned with me. I knew she was correct but I was a grown woman, I had matured into my body and was perfectly capable of cooking my own food and taking care of myself. In truth I had my own igloo as well but I couldn't bring myself to leave Gran Gran by herself. So I have it just in case I want some quite time to myself.

"I know Gran Gran. Thank you for the food," I said waving to her as I went out the door. I used my water bending to leap into the air and land on the wall rolling to a stop.

"Always know how to make an entrance don't you?" Shiro was dressed in our traditional warriors outfit - minus the face paint. He had a spear in his hand and a club at his hip. Together we're usually on sentry duty till early morning where we head back to our homes and sleep until mid morning to early afternoon.

"There's a full moon tonight, that means that if any Fire Benders raid you'll be at full power," Shiro said. While that is true, I doubt the Fire Nation would raid us. There hasn't been a raid since the one that claimed Miko's mother and my own. That was because they were searching for Hama and I, somehow I feel as if it's my own fault that they were killed.

"What are the odds that a raid will happen at night anyways. Fire benders are better with the sun, so it makes no sense," I replied. Regardless we lived in fear of a possible raid, it had been months since our last message from the front lines of the rebellion. I hoped my brother and father were alright.

A few hours passed and I was getting hungry again, I remembered the blubbered seal jerky that Gran Gran gave me and opened the pouch. "Hey want some?" I asked Shiro who replied with affirmative so I shared some of my jerky with him.

"Thanks for the treat Katara," Shiro said and I told him not to worry about it. We continued to monitor the vast ocean looking for any signs of a possible attack but found none. So we called it a night, when I returned Gran Gran was asleep already. I got into bed myself and fell asleep soon after.

I awoke to a large bang and shot out of bed immediately. I ran outside to see a signal flare had gone off. "Oh no," I said and elevated myself to the wall to try and see where it came from. The source was the old fire navy ship, and I saw a small group of young water tribe kids running back into the village and immediately face-palmed. Those mischievous kids are going to get us killed.

"What did you do!" Shiro shouted at the small group when they came back in. They all were cowering from his rage. I shook my head and placed a restraining hand on his shoulder. He looked at me questioningly but backed off.

"It wasn't our fault!" One of the boys shouted. "We were exploring and then Kiba decided it'd be fun to explore the iced ship. Said if we were to join our fathers and brothers in the war we'd have to be brave! So we climbed aboard and accidentally triggered a trap," another answered.

"You've put us all in danger now," Hama said disapprovingly. In the distance, I saw it. Smoke from the engine of a fire navy ship. Shiro saw it as well and we nodded to each other. He left to gear up for battle.

"We'll punish you later. Right now get everyone gathered together. Hama can you create a safety wall for you all to hide behind?" I asked her and she said yes. Everyone did as I said and gathered together, Hama put up an ice wall to protect them but still make them visible. We extinguished all the fires that were around the village. Shiro came back and placed on his helmet. We stood on the wall and waiting for the smoke to come closer.

The ship was larger when it came into view, when the landing platform came it threatened to destroy the wall. Thinking quick I used my bending to move Shiro and I back into the main square. Soldiers came out in two lines, then fire benders and then their leader... Who was a girl around the same age as me. She wore the fire nation uniform but there was something different about her, she had a crown in her hair.

"Princess, the source of the signal was traced back to this village," one of the men said to her. Princess, She was taller than me with long hair. Her eyes were... Cold... She carried herself like royalty and I could feel the bodies of the soldiers shaking as she passed.

"So who was it that triggered the flare?" She asked looking directly at me. In her hand she created a ball of fire, but the ball was unusual as instead of being the orange flames that threatened us. Hers was blue, it was warm, I could feel the warmth of it from where I stood. It was captivating to look at. But then I remembered.

"We're deeply sorry about that. A few of the children were playing and accidentally triggered it. We mean no disrespect or even to summon you here, I hope you can look past this issue," I said.

"How dare you address Princess Azula with such disrespect," one of the soldiers snapped but the girl held up her hand. She looked at me with slight interest, before speaking.

"Children or not, they need to know their place. I could burn down your entire village and have every one of you taken prisoner for wasting my time. Bring this group out at once, I want to see the children who triggered the signal flare," the girl, Princess Azula ordered.

"Shiro bring the group out but keep them behind us," I said, he hesitated before doing as told. The small group of five boys were scared behind us, I could feel their shaking through the snow.

"Don't be so shy, come forward children. Don't test my patience, I have none," Azula said gesturing for them to step forward. I quickly intervened because the five of them were visibly shaking behind us.

"With all due respect... Princess, but this ordeal is quite frightening to them. With their safety in mind I cannot allow them to move closer to you."

"Again you disrespect our princess, you need to learn your place peasant," the older fire bender snapped and threw on orange flame at me. I thought quickly and brought up snow to protect me. Awww shit, I just revealed myself. I cursed for my mental mishap.

"Water bender!" The man shouted. The soldiers immediately surrounded me and the fire benders attacked. I created a water whip and flung it in the fire benders face while ducking under a spear. After it safely passed me I sent a torrent of water straight into the soldiers chest. Turning around I continued the blast around sending it into another soldier.

Azula watched while I ducked and weaved under their spears and swords sending water here and there and blasting them with it. I then created a sphere of hardened ice and used my foot to kick it at the older fire bending hitting him square in the chest and slamming him back into the boardwalk. I then held a defensive stance in front of the five boys and Shiro.

"I'm impressed, I haven't seen a female water bender as skilled as you... Ever. Perhaps you're even worth my time," Azula pulled up her hair and put it into a pony tail. I was surprised I found myself looking forward to fighting her, and wiping this frozen tundra with the princess of the fire nation.

Azula shot forward, fast, and sent a kick of blue flames aimed for my head. I ducked underneath and went for her other leg with a kick. She suddenly vanished and I looked up and saw her in the air, a spark was in her eye as she sent a fist of fire at me. I brought up a shield of water to block it. Both the flame and the water vanished and she landed on her feet. "I'm impressed peasant," she brushed non-existent dust off her shoulder.

I was sweating and breathing heavily. She stretched a bit before coming at me again with fire, I'm sure our battle looked like a beautiful dance. But it came to a swift conclusion. She dived onto the ground sliding, I propelled myself over her but that was the mistake I made. When I saw her she was prepared, she had a grin on her face that read 'I win' and before I knew it a fire blast slammed me through the air and into the heavy steel of the boardwalk.

"I enjoyed that fight peasant, I really did. But having a water bender in the southern water tribe is problematic for the fire nation. Guards restrain the bender and take her to the torture chamber. Make sure she is suspended from the ground and remove all the water from her reach. Her water will be monitored by me and me alone," Azula snapped. Soldiers grabbed my arms and began to pull me while the world was still spinning. I managed to catch Shiro's eyes, he looked like he wanted to charge in but his legs were shaking. I silently told him not to and to look after the village for me.

I was dragged aboard the ship in silence, the princess followed me the entire time. I looked at her, her body was that of a mature woman but she carried herself with the pride of a man. "Have the female guards remove her water tribe outfit and give her some spare rags. Can't have her burning to a crisp on our warm ship, and if any of the male guards do anything to the girl. I will have their heads," Azula almost growled before she turned off.

As she had ordered I want handed to some female guards. There was no water anywhere near me so I was forced to follow their instructions. In a segregated room I shed all of my clothes except for my mother's necklace. The guards gave me what appeared to be a red prison dress. I put that on then they took me to more male guards. I was then placed in chains and suspended from the ceiling. Above me I could see the sky, it was moving so that meant I was leaving my home in the southern water tribe, a prisoner of Princess Azula.