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Chapter 2: Lightning Shock Therapy

Two days, neither water nor food had been given to me. I was feeling dehydrated, my throat was burning as if white hot coals had been forced down them. I was in a state of delirium and could hardly even see where the door was. Furthermore my wrists had bruises and my skin was covered in red hot rashes from hanging so long which hurt whenever I moved. The moon hadn't been out, or at least I hadn't seen it or felt it. I felt cold, distant and alone. I could still smell the sea so I knew we were somewhere but I couldn't feel the moon or the ocean spirits. Perhaps it was just my delirium causing my senses to ignore it, perhaps it was something else entirely.

I managed to raise my head when I heard the door open. There she stood illuminated by the light behind her. She had something in her hand which looked like a tray of food and a cup of water. Her eyes bore into my own with such cruelty that I hardly even registered. "Evening peasant, I thought you might be hungry so I brought you some food. Guards unchain her, the chains have done their job," she said.

Two guards approached me and then silently released me from the chains where I felt to the floor no doubt hurting myself but I didn't even feel the pain due to the haze I was currently in. They walked out the door and closed it behind them, immediately torches that lined the room lit up in blue flames. I hadn't noticed the places where the torches were before. The tray was placed on the floor in front of me, slowly I managed to drink the water then eat the food. The rice was cold and so was the soup, whoever cooked this is obviously terrible at cooking. It tasted horrid, the princess seemed to think so as well. "I apologise for not being attentive to you for the past two days, I've had war meetings with my father that distracted me from attending to you," she said, I could hear her footsteps circling me.

She waited for me to finish eating, I sat up and sighed in relief feeling slightly better than before. I had left a small amount of water in the cup which I used to heal my wounds as best as I could. It didn't fully work but it allowed me to at least move my arms, and the food allowed me to move my legs again. "I wouldn't stand if I were you peasant. Now be a good girl and answer my questions and perhaps I'll take good care of you," she stopped in front of me.

"What question would that be?" I found myself asking. She sighed and seemed to ponder what she wanted to ask. She paced back and forth a few times before apparently coming up with a question. She stopped pacing and turned to me in thought, I held my breath just waiting for her to ask. "How about you tell me the location of the rebellion?" She said.

I burst out laughing, I couldn't help it. The last message I got from Sokka arrived the day before I got captured, of course I read it and I knew where they were but I had chores, then sentry duty and now I'm here. "I don't see why you should be laughing peasant," she snapped at me causing me to shut up.

"The last message I got from any of the men in the tribe I never got to read because you took me prisoner. And judging by the temperature we're nowhere near the southern water tribe," I lied. She again thought to herself before grinning at me she shook her head before speaking.

"I really don't like being lied to. Besides I knew you would say that, so I poisoned your food with a sleeping agent which should be kicking in within the next few minutes. I have to say I'm impressed you didn't fall unconscious when you were eating, things are going to be interesting," huh? I felt my eye lids get heavy then I passed out.

When I came to my senses I was in a different room than before. There were lanterns along the wall, illuminating the room. A cool breeze hit me as the door opened, I then noticed my state of dress. While I had been passed out Azula had stripped me of my clothes except my underwear and she had cuffed me to a chair by my arms and ankles. "Ah good, you've finally woken up," Azula smirked at me.

"What the hell is this?" I asked looking down at my nakedness and the locks. She didn't answer but instead stuck white pads with wires connected to them on various places of my body. The patches felt cold against my skin. When she was done she walked over to a machine that was on a table that I hadn't noticed before.

"This is the beginning of your interrogation, and your training. You see this device was made especially for fire benders like me by an inventor who works for us stationed at the eastern air temple. We channel lightning into it and through the machine we can then safely administer it to our victims without risk of them dying instantly. Congratulations peasant, you're going to receive lightning shock treatment from me," She seemed overly happy with it. As if demonstrating what it did she did just that. I watched mesmerised as she created lightning out of thin air and then shocked the machine. She then turned a dial and pressed a button and I was assaulted with an electric charge cause my muscles to spasm and me to cry out. When she turned it off I was relieved but I spat up blood and coughed. The pain was excruciating and I'm sure if it went to my head directly I'd be dead..

"Works like a charm, now peasant are you going to give me the information I asked for?" She said. It took a few moments for me to get my bearings again but I managed to clear my mind properly. I wouldn't betray my family or the rest of the men in my tribe, so I would keep my mouth shut even if it killed me. There weren't any pads connected to my head, probably for safety reasons.

"Do your worse," I spat at her. She smirked seeming to anticipate my answer. Did I play right into her hand? Reader, looking back now. I did, I played into her hand like a fool. She turned the dial and pressed the button and I felt an even more painful shock that lasted for what seemed like forever, my whole body resonated with main. The tension in my muscles caused them to cramp up and I curled in on myself as best I could with my ankles and wrists being cuffed. I couldn't hold back my scream the pain that was sent through my body was unbearable. But I endured it, I allowed myself to take the pain knowing that I couldn't tell her that the fleet was currently near Whale Tail Island.

"Interesting, you took the shocking well. I'll have quite a lot of fun breaking you," Azula said. She then opened the door and spoke to someone who I assumed was a guard. "Send a message to my father. I'll be temporarily leaving the front lines due to this project involving the machine as well as starting work on Operation Blood Bath," Azula said then closed the door.

"Feel like talking now peasant?" she asked me. I was about to say no again but was assaulted by the electric current again. When she turned it off I spat out more blood onto the ground, I coughed and wheezed. "I'm not going to kill you, no, I have much... darker plans," she said. I ignored her and tried to settle my breathing, Hama always said that if I was in danger just to stop and calm myself before acting.

Another push of the button caused another scream and more blood. At some point I could no longer scream, I just let out a pained groan. By the end of the day I had no sense of time orientation. I could not feel anything but the burning in my body. At some point I was released from the cuffs that held my ankles and wrists and I lay on the floor in my underwear surrounded by a pool of the blood I had spat out from the torture the princess had given me.

The next day was a repeat although it had some extra punishment; I was shocked constantly while Azula asked questions or talked about the state of the war. I still refused to give up the location of my brother and father and their fleet. "It doesn't matter what you say now, when you're broken you'll give me everything I want," she would reply with a predatory look in her cold eyes. Then she would hit me, a punch to the gut, a kick to my head. It hurt; it was so painful that I passed out during the session. Only to wake up to her sitting there drinking some hot tea, she offered me some. I was thirsty so I accepted.

She stood up and threw the scolding tea at me, I had to cover my face but the hot water burnt my hands instead. Bend, I needed to bend the water. But I was too weak to, my arms failed to help me as did my body. I just sobbed on the ground. She then got up and left the room, bored I assumed.

I was fortunate enough to be fed on the third day and cold water given to me. Monitored of course but all I did was heal my burns and a few of the bruises before drinking the water. The food I ate was cold, and tasteless but I didn't complain. My mind was fractured and I could barely think straight. But I still refused to give up any information that I had. "Three days, not bad peasant. You'll prove to be a lot more fun than my previous test subject who submitted after one day. Though she was weak willed, you're stronger and I admire that," Azula said while I ate silently.

She left me alone that day, I was able to rest. My lack of clothes no longer bothered me too much. At least I wasn't fully naked. By night time I felt like a human again. Then reality came crashing back the next day. When she walked in she wasn't alone, there was a punch in my gut which winded me, following that my head was brought into her knee which caused the world to spin around me. My wrists and ankles were chained and I was sitting on the chair again.

"So, this is the southern tribe water bender?" a gruff male voice said. I looked up once again allowing my vision to clear itself. In front of me was a large man the size of a bison. He had dark hair and wore a crown that was more defined. He must've been the Fire Lord. "Yes father," Azula said.

"I see, she is quite a jewel you've found despite her current state of undress. Water benders are quite durable; I see you've given her water to heal herself. Has she given us any of the information about the rebellion?" he asked. I laughed at that, immediately Azula paled. He looked displeased with my laugh and decided to address me personally.

"I do not see why you are laughing girl. Your friends in the rebellion can't hide forever, it'll only be a matter of time. If you give it to us I can assure you there will be minimum casualties," he said. The look he gave me said he was lying so I knew he wasn't going to do as he said. It took me a few moments to formulate an appropriate and cocky answer.

"If you think I'd give up my father and brother for you. You're sorely mistaking. I will not give up my family and friends no matter what you do to me," I said and then spat at him. When I was satisfied with my answer I sat back and waited to see what he did. He looked to Azula then looked back to me and chuckled... wait what?

"You are right, she is strong willed. I look forward to seeing her once you've broken her. Take away her virtue; a jewel like her must have some worth in their minority of a tribe. I expect Operation Blood Bath to be fully functioning by spring? She will be an asset, already I can tell she is a fully realised water bender. You will certainly be ready for the throne if you break her," and with that he walked out.

"Consider yourself lucky peasant. If it weren't for the fact that my father has a personal investment in Operation Blood Bath you would be a pile of ashes by now." Azula then walked over to the machine, charged it up with that mesmerising form and shocked me. She turned it off after a few minutes, my muscles were sore and I was unable to do anything except control my breathing. I was aware of her walking over to me, the bindings were unlocked and then I took a fist to my face which caused me to fall to the floor my cheek throbbing. "You disrespected my father and I cannot forgive you for that," Azula said then kicked me in my stomach causing me to cough and wheeze. More punches and kicks came after that, I was a human punching bag. I doubt that I would be able to heal all the bruises I was being given. "I should hope you consider giving us what we want because it's only going to get worse for you. More fun for me," she slammed the door and left me there in the lantern light.

Azula POV ~

The nerve of that filthy peasant to talk like that to my father infuriated me. I was lucky I didn't get punished myself, clearly because he needed to for Operation Blood Bath. I had to punish her in more in order to appease my father. I admit that he was right about her being a jewel. Her breasts under that bit of clothing look perfectly formed, I could grab one in each hand an feel her softness, I know I would love them. And her shapely behind was definitely well developed to a point where I would love to just take her. I'm not like most females, or even princesses. I was born with a medical anomaly where I had a male organ where I should have a female one. When I was younger my parents thought I was male until I grew more, and developed breasts. That being said I was a prodigal fire bender so my father always taught me and helped me hone my abilities by sending me to the best teachers in the land, unlike my brother who is a complete failure. My anomaly was overlooked mainly but it did mean I could provide an heir for the throne, besides I was attracted to females anyway.

When father instructed me to take away here virtue I was excited, the last person I broke had become a complete whore. My methods were very cruel and I enjoyed the pain I inflicted until the breaking point where I took them. The poor girl lasted one day of torture before submitting. This water tribe peasant has lasted longer and I was growing restless with her body chained for me to take but having to restrain myself. Stupid hormones always making me horny.

"Welcome back mistress, I've prepared your usual dinner," the brown haired girl said on her knees when I entered my cabin. The chefs were so terrible on this ship, I needed some real food, soon. The girl pulled my coat off of my shoulders and hung it up she then dropped to her knees in front of me and worked on my pants, I laughed at her eagerness she got them off and saw the tent in my briefs. Unconsciously she licked her lips and looked up at me with pleading eyes.

"Go ahead," I said. She smiled and pulled my briefs down and helping me step out of them. Then she worked my top off of me and kissed my breasts causing me to moan. She kissed her way down until she reached my erection. It was 9 inches long, she licked her lips as her hand gently grasped it. She looked up once more before she attached her mouth eagerly and began to bob up and down sucking my cock.

I groaned at how good it felt, but my mind imagined it was the tanned skinned water bender sucking it instead. I moaned to that image, her tongue licked up and down and she sucked on each of my testicles. Her free hand with between her legs, I could hear the sounds of her fingers fervently thrusting in and out of her loose hole. It used to be virgin tight but that changed once she was broken. I wondered how tight the water bender would feel impaled on my hardness. Imagining the water tribe peasant caused me to cum sooner than I'd liked. I shot my seed into the brown haired girls mouth and she immediately swallowed it all.

I moved to sit down and eat, as I ate she continued to suck on my cock under the table. Keeping it hard while I ate. The food tasted bland; if it weren't for the hungry crew I'd have killed the chefs myself. But then it would be troublesome to find a replacement. Once I finished eating I laid down on my bed, the girl of course followed and crept up to my lap where her dripping cunt was positioned above my cock.

She impaled herself fervently and moaned out load. I grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed them roughly, she had decent sized tits but they didn't compare to the peasant I had chained up in my torture room. I relished in the feeling of her bouncing on top of me, feeling her warm juices and slippery walls around my length. I pushed her off then grabbed her and shoved her face into the bed, she moaned into the blankets and I lined myself up with her loose asshole. She groaned in pleasure when I shoved my entire length into her butthole and started thrusting.

"Give me your cum mistress," she groaned over and over as I pounded her asshole. In, out, in, out I went as I felt my orgasm building. Underneath me she convulsed with a load moan as her walls tightened around my cock in orgasm. This pushed me over the edge, I buried myself in her tight asshole and shot my load of semen into her anus. Shot after shot of my white cum filled her up. When I had released it all I pulled out with a relieved sigh. "Good pet as always Suki."