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The Next Day

As Naruto entered his office after doing his physical training he smiled as he noticed that he was just in time to see the sunrise from behind the Hokage Monument. Pouring himself a cup of tea he sighed as he decided to take a moment to enjoy it. He winced slightly as a clone of his popped to send him information. Examining the memory he smiled as he thought over the clone's observations about sealing matrixes. Inwardly he allowed himself to gloat. Normally a sealer wouldn't learn about matrixes until their second year of study yet with the shadow clone jutsu he had reached that point in seven months.

Turning from the window he pushed some of his chakra into a seal on his desk that Hisa-chan had shown him the day before when he came back from his stint in the training grounds. Ten seconds later Hisa opened his door. Her hair was up in a bun today and she was wearing a senbon pouch on her hip. Seeing his gaze she answered his unasked question, "Some people have been resistant to your orders to make an appointment. I needed an extra incentive to keep them in line and out of your office. May I ask what you need Godaime-sama?"

Naruto sighed. He had tried to get the woman to call him Naruto or at least Uzumaki, but so far she had proven to be stubborn. "Can you tell me my schedule for the day?"

"Your free for another hour. At seven a.m. you have an appointment with Hiashi Hyuuga. All he would say was that it dealt with his clan's seal. At eight you have a meeting with twelve Root nin who have recently come back from missions. At nine you have a group of civilians coming in about the village repairs. Your free from ten to twelve though your team mates came in yesterday and both mentioned visiting you today when your free so most likely you'll be entertaining them. I would suggest you do something about the Genin Haruno. She was quite disrespectful towards you and if she continues others might behave in a similar manner. At twelve you have a meeting with the Anbu commander so that you can formally be introduced to your Anbu. Then your only appointment is with Koharu at three," Finishing Hisa closed her appointment book and stood until she was dismissed.

Naruto nodded thanking her as she left. Frowning he wondered what the Hyuuga Clan Head wanted from him. Feeling his stomach growl Naruto decided to go to eat in one of the restaurants and get a good look at how the repairs were going. Yuki's Sushi was crowded, but Naruto eventually took a seat at the bar next to two ninja he recognized as Genma and Raidou. Thinking back to his memories from his clones; he knew that the two had just come back from an S-class mission from Hot Water Country. There had been some refugees hiding out there from the Bloodline Purge in Water Country. The group had asked to join their village and according to Sarutobi's notes they were going to be officially denied to avoid reprisal from the Mist village. Though one of his Root nin had informed him that Danzo had planned to kidnap the children there. Instead Naruto had sent these two to guard the bloodline users back here.

Seventeen people had been brought back and were currently being vetted by his top three specialist in the Intelligence division. If all went well Konoha would soon have eleven chunnin level nin and six children waiting to join the Academy. Honestly Naruto expected little trouble from Mist as the village had too much on its plate to test Konoha. He was also making it mandatory for them to receive a minor loyalty seal and a major silencing one. Basically the loyalty seal did nothing more than create a sense of happiness in being here and the silencing one was the same the Root organization used. Basically they would be unable to discuss village information with anyone that didn't already know the information or unless also would be unable to speak of the seals themselves.

He felt some guilt for putting these kind of seals on people, but like with Tsunade he put his personal feelings aside and thought about the village. Having a clan of people with the ability to use Storm Release would be a major asset to the village, but he couldn't take the chance of them being spies like Kabuto. So his clone had given them the choice of getting seals and staying or leaving. Shaking himself from his thoughts he ordered a huge plate and some milk from the gaping waitress.

"So, Hokage-sama, rumor has it that your preparing a lot of reforms. May I ask what they are?" Genma questioned softly from beside him. Genma's question seemed innocent. One that would expected from any citizen concerned of their future. In Reality it was anything but. This was a test- a challenge to see how capable he was. If he refused to answer then it would breed distrust from the ninja eavesdropping on their conversation. If he told them everything then he would be considered a liability. Many would wonder if he could keep information private and if he had the maturity not to brag. Genma's real question was if he could balance the art of hiding and giving information.

Smiling sharply Naruto nodded with apparent faked cheer, "Of course, Genma-san I would love to. I'm going to be changing patrol patterns and I intend to make a few improvements to the academy. Nothing much really."

He had said nothing not already rumored about as Koharu had not been too quiet about her monitoring the academy for future changes and he had announced patrol changes the day before. No one knew how extensive the changes at the academy would be. At most people were assuming that he would change the curriculum to a few more physical aspects. So far no one knew he was planning of creating a system were ninja could learn a few things from each other as a requirement to be promoted nor did they know he was implementing a mandatory therapy session to catch future Orochimaru's before they cracked.

"Here's your order, Hokage-sama," The waitress announced as she placed his order infront of him. He turned his attention to his food cutting off any other attempts to question him much to the approval of Genma and a few others.

Back in his office Naruto saw that he still had forty minutes until his meeting. Taking the secret passageway to Ibiki he knocked on the tall man's door. Entering he sat in the offered seat before speaking, "How's all of yours' status on vetting our new arrivals?"

Ibiki leaned back in his chair, "There's not much to say at the moment. their story is that they've been dodging hunter nin for the last ten years since the Purge began. The finally got out of the country a year ago and have been steadily heading towards fire country over the last six months to seek asylum. They became aware that the Hunter nin had caught up three weeks ago and they sent a plea for help. So far I've gotten nothing that disproves this and Inochi hasn't seen anything himself. Right now Anko is checking them out."

Nodding Naruto and Ibiki chatted for the next fifteen minutes until Naruto left to speak to Hiashi. Returning to his office Naruto had Hisa make some tea as he waited for the man to come. Just as Hisa set the formal tea set out. Naruto heard a knock on his door. Allowing the clan leader in Naruto stood and nodded his head as Hiashi bowed. Pointing to the chair before his own Naruto ordered Hiashi, "Sit"

Going through the formal art of making his guest tea; Naruto waited for Hiashi to speak. Naruto watched as the man dropped his formal mask and showed his worry. When he spoke his voice was filled with exhaustion, "Hokage-Sama, as you know my clan has used the Caged-Bird Seal for nearly two hundred years to protect our Doujutsu. Sadly this seal has the side-effect of causing slavery in our family. My brother, Hizashi, actually became close to your mother and had her look at the seal. So far we have not found an alternative to this."

Hiashi paused to take a sip of his tea, "My youngest child, Hanibi, has reached the age were she will be branded with this seal. I love my children, Hokage-Sama, and I do not wish for them to share my brother's fate. I have found only one loophole. If Hinate is married out of the clan then I can make Hanabi my heir and save them both from gaining the seal. I have always known my eldest harbors a deep affection for you. I beg you Hokage-Sama to marry my Hinata and make her happy."

Maybe in another world he would have married the Hyuuga, Naruto mused. Maybe he would have been straight or so desperate from love that he would have chosen her primarily because she had always liked him. Right now he felt no such compunction for several reasons. One he was gay and he refused to be in a marriage without mutual love and attraction. Two he was not interested in her obsessive love and he would not be encouraging it. Most importantly he knew that the man before him was lying. Oh Hinata loved him and Hiashi had genuine concern for his youngest's safety that was true. He may have very well have fallen for the man's excellent act if it wasn't for two things. He knew that the man did not give a damn about Hinata. Many in his class had seen Hiashi demean and even slap they Hyuuga heir for her gentle personality.

What's more was that Naruto could make out the calculative gleam in the man's gaze. That was how he knew the whole meeting was a sham to bid for control over him. Most likely if he had married Hinata; Hiashi would have faked another act about how his hands were tied and Hinata would have received the seal anyways. He wasn't an idiot. Hinata marrying outside of the clan would have done nothing in getting her out of the seal. She would have received it and then he would have been forced to choose between doing what was right for the village or doing the Hyuuga's bidding for his wife's safety.

He felt a cold rage sweep over him as he contemplated Hiashi's manipulation. A few months ago before Iruka bumped into him at the library and started helping him; he might have fallen for the man's trick. So desperate for people to care about him and not knowing his orientation then. He would have married the girl even with his fear of her past stalking. He would have entered an eventual loveless marriage and would have become a puppet. It was that last thought that sent his rage bubbling out of him. This ninja had just tried to trick him into becoming his clan's puppet. He had tried to trick a Hokage into performing his whims over the safety of the village. A day ago the man had pledged his clan's loyalty to him and already the man was trying to break that oath.

Remembering some things he had read about Konoha's founding and the laws of the village, Naruto allowed a sharp feral smile to stretch across his face. Hiashi froze knowing some part of his plan had gone wrong, "So, Hiashi-san do you understand that you just asked me as your Hokage to save your daughters from a seal your clan administers to themselves?"

"Yes," Hiashi replied uncertainly.

Naruto smirked, "According to the treaty the Shodaime and Hibashi Hyuuga signed in accordance to their joining this village. The Hokage nor its ninja can interfere with clan matters unless it endangers the village or even one lone citizen. Unless the matter involves treason or unless the Head of the Clan asks for help about a clan matter. You'll find the full description in Section 2, subsection 5, in paragraph four."

Hiashi paled and gasped out without thinking, "You've read the Treaty of Joining?"

"Yes, I have. As I said during the council meeting; I have clones reading everything in the Hokage Library. I'm not just having clones reading about jutsu or about Personnel files. They're researching everything from missions back in the Shodaime time to census reports made ten years ago. Don't think for a second Hyuuga that I'm ignorant nor too stupid to understand how to use what I've read. I also do not appreciate you trying to trick me, your Hokage, into marrying your daughter. I am not a fool. I know very well she would have received the seal even if she married me. So was your plan to force me to do your bidding at the cost of her life?" Naruto demanded furious.

Hiashi flinched. Naruto drew on the Killing Intent of the Kyuubi and focused it on the Clan Head making the man swallow and sway ever so slightly. His voice had a slight growl to it from Kyuubi as he spoke, "I know you've never treated Hinata well due to my time as her classmate, but even I didn't think you would sink this low. I've never liked the girl, I admit, but I would never hope for her to be used as some bargaining chip to commit near treason with, Hyuuga."

"Treason?" Hiashi questioned as he gained ahold of his fear.

The lines thickened on Naruto's face as he bared his teeth savagely, "Yes, Hyuuga I said treason. I thought I demonstrated how I felt about powerplays and treason enough; when I had Danzo executed before your lot. The only reason I haven't had my Anbu slice your damn head off is merely, because you given me too good of an opportunity to pass up. As an alive clan head you've given me permission to straighten your clan out without giving them the right to call a civil war. Barracuda, take Hiashi to Anko for his punishment. I may not be able to execute him, but I can damn sure make him regret trying to control my office and lying to my face about his reason for me to marry his daughter."

Naruto cutoff Kyuubi's chakra and watched as his Anbu dodged Hiashi's defensive thrust. The Anbu pulsed a stream of lightening into the man knocking him out. Hefting the Hyuuga o his shoulders he started heading towards the pathway leading to TI.

"Make sure he stays there until I need to head to his clan's compound to tell them the good news. Tell Anko to have fun!" Naruto called out to the disappearing nin as the portrait slammed shut behind him.

Sighing Naruto rubbed his temples. He knew that he was chosen as Hokage mainly, because many thought they could control him due to his age and inexperience. Though he didn't expect Hiashi Hyuuga to be willing to sacrifice his daughter so easily for it. Maybe the man wouldn't have gone as far as threatening to kill his daughter to gain control. But Naruto knew by the look on the man's face that he had planned to use Hinata against him in some way.

Pinching the bridge of his nose Naruto stood to look out his window. Silently he watched as people helped the construction workers move rubble. Hearing a slight knock at his door he glanced to see it was time for the Root members meeting.

a/N: Many probably think I jumped the gun with Hiashi, but my mindset is that Naruto is right now the weakest kage. Hell he has hundreds of ninja that could kill him easily. So he has to be seen as a hardass to win any respect from his subordinates and to make them learn he isn't going to allow any shit that can bite him in the ass. He has no reputation to rule from at the moment as people haven't been seeing him doing missions alongside them for years. Worst he has had the Kyuubi working against him for years so he has built up no longterm good will. All he has is what he did during the invasion.

Refugees. Im not going to be introducing them as dozens of OCs that take away from the story. At most you might get a brief name here and there during an event. Naruto is allowing them in to build up Konoha's power and because he genuinely wants to help people. Though he's safe about it by taking precautions.