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"Thanks for breakfast, Mon." Phoebe said, waving and shutting her friends' apartment door behind her.

Monica smiled, pulling on her rubber gloves to start the dishes.

"I'm gonna go too," Joey said to her, "I have a commercial audition and then I'm gonna come home and check on Chandler."

Monica stopped and turned to him, "What's wrong with Chandler?" She'd wondered why he wasn't at breakfast, but assumed that he was waiting until everybody left for some alone time, which was just fine with her.

She'd successfully avoided Rachel and Phoebe's questions when they started on where she'd disappeared to during the party. She explained that her date had to leave because he had a family emergency, not because she told him that she couldn't get Chandler off of her mind.

Joey shrugged a shoulder, "flu, I think. He was up all night coughing and sneezing. Really kept me from my beauty sleep," he pulled on his jacket, "he didn't want to get out of bed this morning."

Monica tried to hide her worried face, "oh, well I hope he feels better soon."

Her friend nodded in response, "yeah, me too. I'll see you later."

She waited all of two minutes so that she was sure Joey had made it out of the building before quickly crossing the hall and entering the boys apartment.

Opening his door, she walked in quietly, walking around his bed to the side he slept on. Her heart sank a little when she got a closer look at his pale face.

He opened his eyes just before she reached for him and smiled at her, "hey."

She sat down next to him on the edge of his bed, "hi," she cupped his face, "are you okay?"

Chandler lifted a corner of his mouth, "I'm better now."

She lifted her hand to his forehead, "you're burning up."

He smiled again, "I didn't know you think I'm hot." His hand came from under his covers to rest across her legs.

Monica smiled at him, sliding her hand down to his chest, her hand resting on his t-shirt, "do you want anything to eat?"

She waited until he finished with another coughing fit, "no thank you." She watched him as he groaned a little, leaning over to get his water off of the nightstand.

"That's not going to help your throat."

He turned his head to cough and then turned back so he could look at her, "I'll be alright," he swallowed, trying to pretend his whole body didn't ache, "you should go. I don't want you to get sick."

She nodded slowly, "I guess I can't kiss you goodbye, then."

He grinned at her, "I don't think that would be wise, but it would definitely make me feel better."

"I'll owe you one," she raised her hand to cup his cheek again, "I'm sorry you don't feel good."

He moved his hand up in the air, holding up two fingers, "you now owe me two."

Monica chuckled softly and leaned up to him, placing her lips on the side of his face, "get some rest." She stood from the bed and pulled the covers further up his body. She turned and looked at him right before she left the room.

She returned a couple of hours later, waking him again when she placed several supplies on the table next to him. "What's all this?"

She winced at his scratchy voice, "here, take these." He took the two pills from her and the glass of water, swallowing them.

"You're not trying to kill me are you?"

She chuckled again, "you're no use to me if you're dead."

He laughed, "that's good to know."

"I made you some soup," he watched her as she uncovered it and held it in front of him with both hands, "it's your favorite."


"With rice."

His smile grew and she took the spoon, holding it to his mouth for him to eat. He closed his eyes, wondering if his churning stomach would actually appreciate the substance before opening his mouth and letting the hot soup run down his sore throat. When he opened his eyes again, her eyes were directly on his, "how is it?"

HIs hand returned to rest on her legs, "it's delicious." He carefully took the bowl and spoon from her, taking a few more bites. He pressed his lips together, "thank you so much. This is just what I needed."

She smiled at him again, "you're welcome. Now if you're done, sit up and take off your shirt."

His confused look made her chuckle, "Monica I don't think we should..."

"Chandler, no. I'm going to rub you down with the vapor rub to clear the congestion."

He smiled and sat up further on his bed, leaning up to remove his shirt, "you take such good care of me." Her eyes met his, a smile forming on her lips.

She dipped her hand into the jar of medicine, moving her hand onto his chest, smiling when he jumped, "sorry, is it cold?"

He chuckled a little, "yes." He watched her carefully as she rubbed his skin back and forth, her eyes watching her own hand intently. He didn't know if it was the menthol that made him feel instantly better, or if it was because she was sitting next to him, touching his skin. He let his mind fast forward to the time when he could feel her skin like he wanted.

When she thought she had enough on him, she stopped rubbing him and put the lid back on the jar. She watched as he took a deep, satisfying breath, "better?"

He nodded, "oh yeah. Thank you so much."

Chandler reached over and picked up the jar, "can I rub you up for a little while?" She laughed and he shrugged a shoulder, "can't blame me for trying." He put the jar back on the table and placed his hand on her knee.

"You need a fresh shirt," she said to him, standing from his bed and pulling open a dresser drawer. She grabbed a Knicks t-shirt and walked back over to him, slipping it over his head when he sat up. She pulled his blankets up over his chest again, cupping his face, his skin warm with fever under her fingertips, "get some rest. I'll come by and check on you later."

He smiled at her and turned his head, kissing her palm.

Monica tried ignore her skin as it erupted in goose bumps. She'd never thought about him in this way before. Now every little touch excited her, and she let her mind fast forward to when she could kiss him again.

She stood and began to leave the room silently, turning to watch as he sunk down in his bed.

Four Days Later…

Monica waited not-so-patiently for her brother to leave after breakfast. He finally told her goodbye and headed off to his first class, prompting Monica to head across the hall shortly after. Chandler had been over for breakfast, touching her any chance he had without making it obvious, causing her to shiver with anticipation.

She opened the door and ran right into him, his briefcase squished in between their bodies, "hey Mon."

She pulled the square bag from between them, throwing it on the foosball table next to them. She pushed him backwards until his butt hit the counter, attacking his lips, pleased when he groaned from her body crashing into his.

He wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her even closer, wanting more of her. He finally pulled back, out of breath as he leaned his forehead on hers. "What was that for?"

She ran her hands down her chest, "for making me wait for you to get better and then teasing at me during breakfast."

He laughed, locking his hands behind her back, "I wouldn't call it teasing," he said softly, "more like inviting."

She leaned up to kiss him again, "so you're all better from your sickness, right?"

He laughed again, "well, I hope so," he ran his hands down her sides, "because if not, after that kiss, you're going to get sick in a couple of days."

She turned her head, the concern that she'd get sick the last of her worries, "it might be worth it."

His eyebrows went up in surprise as he smiled, "oh really?"

She nodded a little, "yeah. I've been really thinking about you and me."

His smiled widened, "you have?"

"Yeah, well I couldn't do much else while you were sick, so I thought about it, and I think you and me could be pretty good together." She smiled too, leaning closer to him.

He leaned down, kissing her slowly, his hands moving up to hold her head in place. Her hands moved up and down his chest, eventually grabbing his necktie to keep his mouth against hers.

They pulled back at the same time, oxygen becoming an issue as it so often did when they became lost in each other's kisses. They were silent, taking deep breaths to try and regulate their breathing. He ran his hands down her sides again, "I have to go to work," he said softly, "I haven't been in a week."

She leaned over and kissed his jawline, his mouth, his nose, "maybe you should quit." He groaned, pulling her to him for another kiss. Oh, how he wished he could quit, and spend every minute of every hour of every day with her. He didn't think he'd ever get tired of this. He backed up a little, their lips coming apart. She sighed, finally moving back from him just a little, "you should go."

He nodded, pressed his swollen lips together and moved to collect his briefcase. He turned at the door, "I'll see you later?"

She smiled at him and nodded, watching as the door shut between them. She didn't know what kind of spell Chandler had over her all of a sudden, but she couldn't get enough of him.

This feeling was something she could get used to.