Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna were sister islands known throughout the word as the haven for dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that look like how people want them to look like, not what they actually look like, that is.

Scientists had discovered ways to resurrect dinosaurs using blood found inside insects trapped for millions of years inside ambers. By combining the DNA in the blood samples with those of present day animals, they managed to clone several dinosaurs, and there was the intention to create a theme park based on this, calling it Jurassic Park.

Isla Sorna was where research and the cloning processes took place, and then they were transported to Isla Nublar.

Unfortunately, the dinosaurs were too difficult to contain, so they ended up breaking loose from their confinements and took the lives of several people on those islands. In the end, both islands were abandoned and soon became ruled entirely by dinosaurs.

Isla Sorna would soon become a battlefield for the Smashers and the evil organization Negativities, and that was when it was proven that no matter how powerful or dangerous dinosaurs were, they were ultimately no match for the powerful and even crazy people the world had to offer.

After some time had passed since that incident, people became aware of those islands and had plans for them again. Work began once again to create a dinosaur theme park, and thanks to better technology and the help of people strong enough to keep dinosaurs under control, the theme park was finally completed, this time called Jurassic World.




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Chapter 1
Welcome to Jurassic World

There was a large crowd at Jurassic World. It had been a week since the park became available to the public, and in just a short amount of time, it managed to attract a large amount of people and made headlines all over the world. It was already considered a huge success.

Countries located close to Isla Nublar had ports that sold tickets for ferries taking people to the island, so if one lived in a country far from that place, they would have to go to countries close by first.

Even though Eagleland wasn't close to Isla Nublar, some of the Smashers still wanted to go to the theme park. Thanks to the Final Destination, they were able to get to a country with such ferries for free in a short amount of time.

Bowser and his eight children stepped down from the ferry. Accompanying them were Ness, Lucas, Toon Link, Young Link, Yoshi, Lucario, Greninja, Gunner, Duck, and Hunt. Wario and Waluigi also stepped down from the ferry. They happened to want to visit this place, and when they heard that the Smashers were going there, they asked to tag along in order to save money for buying plane tickets.

When Ness told Lucas about this through Skype, the latter thought it would be fun to tag along, so on the day they were setting off, the Final Destination went over to Nowhere Island first to pick him up before heading over to where they were going to ride the ferry.

"We're finally here, kids!" Bowser happily said to his children. "Let's enjoy to the fullest and then boast about it to those who didn't come!"

"Yay! I can't wait to see real dinosaurs!" said Larry.

"You guys go ahead and have your fun, while we go and have our own," said Wario, and then he left with Waluigi.

"So… how about we start touring the place now?" Bowser asked the Smashers.

"Yeah! I can't wait to get started!" said Bowser Jr. with enthusiasm.

"So… where do we start?" asked Young Link.

"According to this tourist brochure," said Ludwig while looking at one he got from a nearby stand, "the first main attraction is the museum. From there, it leads to various other attractions."

"Then let's head over there, kids!" suggested Bowser.

The Smashers headed over to the museum Ludwig pointed out and saw skeletons of various kinds of dinosaurs. There were even animated holograms of dinosaurs.

Ness and Lucas went to a hologram of a small dinosaur, which was "walking in place." It then turned in their direction, as if it noticed them, and then let out a hiss while making a large frill appear around its neck. Lucas was freaked out by it and jumped back.

Ness jumped as well, but wasn't as shocked as Lucas. He looked at the sign next to the hologram and read some parts of it, "Dilophosaurus… Has a frill around its neck used for intimidating enemies and can also spit venom…"

"Hmmm… That's strange… This book shows an entirely different-looking dilophosaurus," said Iggy as he came over with a thick book about dinosaurs. He showed them the page he was looking at, which contained the picture of a tall dinosaur with a crest on its head.

"It says nothing about frills and spitting venom?" asked Ness.

"Nope, not at all," replied the turtle. "Something tells me that this is one of the changes they made when resurrecting dinosaurs. They do that in order to make dinosaurs look like the way people want them to look like. None of the dinosaurs we're looking at here so far has feathers."

"How about we ask one of the staff members here to see if he will give us an answer?" asked Ness.

A tour guide led some people over to the hologram of the dilophosaurus and explained to them this dinosaur. Seeing the opportunity, Iggy asked her, "Excuse me, miss, but why is it that this book shows a different looking dilophosaurus than the one seen in the hologram?"

The tour guide thought for a while and then replied, "Our scientists do not have adequate amount of dinosaur DNA to resurrect them, so they used DNAs of other animals to fill up the missing pieces. As a result, the end products may look a bit different from what they originally look like, but I'm sure our scientists tried their best to make them look as much as possible like the original."

"Yeah right…" Iggy said in his head while looking at the dilosphosaurus on his book.

"Question!" said Ness, raising his hand. "Why do none of the dinosaurs here have feathers?"

"Dinosaurs are reptiles, so of course they don't have feathers," replied the tour guide.

"Well, this book states otherwise," said Iggy while showing her his book, which showed feathered dinosaurs.

After looking at the pictures, the guide nervously said, "Like… Like I said earlier… Scientists didn't have adequate amount of dinosaur DNA, so they had to use DNAs of other animals, that's why some of the dinosaurs here look a bit different from how they originally look like… Not all dinosaurs have feathers… Only a few of them have… Anyway, let's continue the tour. Here, we see a hologram of a velociraptor behaving like when it is in its natural habitat."

"Actually, that's a deinonychus," pointed out Iggy. "Velociraptors are only up to the size of an adult's knee and are covered in feathers. They aren't actually dangerous either. Plus, they're covered in feathers, unlike this hologram."

"Oh, thank you for the information!" said the tour guide with a frustrated face, though she still maintained her smile.

They then went over to the hologram of a pteranodon. Shortly after the guide said something about it, Iggy interrupted her. "Do you know that scientifically speaking, pteranodons are not dinosaurs?"

Having reached her limit, the guide angrily shouted at him, "CAN YOU PLEASE LEAVE OUR TOUR ALONE AND BE A NERD SOMEWHERE ELSE?!"

Her shouting attracted the attention of one of the higher ups. The Smasher ran off somewhere to avoid getting in further trouble.

Duck and Hunt were looking at the skeleton of a spinosaurus, and the latter was panting happily at the sight of it. Gunner walked up to them and told Hunt, "No, that bone is not for you to eat! You'll get into trouble for it!"

Hearing this made the dog lower his head while whimpering in disappointment.

Wario and Waluigi were looking at a 3D documentary of triceratops in their natural habitat elsewhere in the museum. It eventually showed how triceratops defended themselves by having one face off against a carnotaur.

"It would be fun to test my strength against these dinosaurs!" said Wario. "They think they're so strong with their size? I'll show them that it's the muscle that matters!"

"Yeah! Nobody can be compared to you when it comes to muscles!" said Waluigi.

"I know some people who have bigger muscles than you," said a voice coming from behind, "and it's not just muscles that determine how good of a fighter you are. Without actual fighting skills, muscles won't get you very far in a serious fight."

The two turned around to see a man wearing a martial arts clothing and a red bandana around his head.

"If it's fighting skills you're worried about, I have it too!" Wario told him, "so don't go around underestimating somebody else when you don't know anything about them, wise guy!"

"I apologize if I offended you, and you are right in saying that we shouldn't judge people by their looks," said the person. "Think of what I said as offering some tips if you want to."

"Don't worry about me; I got pitted against some dinosaurs before and won against them with no effort," said Wario, referring to the time he helped battle the Negativities on Isla Sorna. "If you want to, I'll go and see if I can get the permission to beat some up for you to see and be amazed!"

"Beating up animals for a reason like that isn't ethical, though admittedly, it would be interesting to fight dinosaurs and see how strong they are," said the person.

"If we do get the opportunity, let's see who's better at beating up dinosaurs, then!" said Wario with a smile.

Just then, everyone in the museum heard a broadcast saying, "It is almost time for the mosasaurus's feeding session. All those are who are interested in seeing this please head over to the lagoon of the park. Please consult the map in your tourist brochure or signs found anywhere here if you do not know where it is. Thank you!"

Hearing this, Bowser Jr. excitedly said to Bowser, "Dad! I want to see it!"

"Sure! Why not?" said Bowser, and then he turned to his other children to tell them to come along, as well as the other Smashers.

"How is a feeding session going to be interesting?" asked Toon Link.

"I'm sure we'll find out when we go there," Young Link told him.

Many people went to the lagoon when they heard the announcement. There were several seats placed in front of the lagoon, with a glass fence separating the former from the latter. All the seats were filled with enthusiastic people.

"Look!" said Lemmy as he pointed at the sight of a shark, dead, being moved down a wire made of steel hanging over the water.

"They're going to feed the dinosaur that thing?" asked Wendy.

"It is now time to feed the mosasaurus," said the announcer through broadcasting. "Everyone please give her a round of applause to encourage her to come out, because she is a bit shy!"

Everyone waited enthusiastically and looked at the shark, and a few seconds later, a giant dinosaur vaguely resembling an alligator with flippers for feet leaped out of the water and, with a single bite, caught the shark entirely in its mouth. When the dinosaur fell back into the water with its food in its mouth, a large amount of water was splashed in the direction of the audiences, but thankfully for them, the glass fence managed to block most of the water drops.

Such a sight made everyone cheer in excitement and clap hands nonstop. "Wow! That was awesome!" exclaimed Larry.

"Haha! I like it! Encore!" said Roy.

"We will now go underwater to get a closer look at things!" said the announcer. The audience seats then moved downwards until it was underground, where there was a glass wall in front for people to see the mosasaurus swimming around underwater, finishing up its meal.

After the feeding session was over, the Smashers left the lagoon, and then Bowser's children wanted to go to separated places.

"I want to go to the petting and riding area!" said Wendy.

"I wanna ride the gyrosphere!" said Iggy.

"I wanna see the raptors!" said Roy.

"Calm down, kids!" said Bowser. "I was thinking of letting you all go separately, since you are all grown up and don't need me watching you. Just be sure to stay out of trouble and meet together here again afterwards, okay? Pay attention to your phones as well!"

After that, the Smashers split into groups to go to different locations.

"And you feed her with that?" asked a man with dark-brown hair—Owen Grady—as he watched a crane lower a meat into a jungle-like environment through a glass wall of a building.

"Is there a problem?" asked a woman in lab clothing with reddish short hair—Claire Dearing.

"Animals raised in captivity tend to be not fully functional," replied the former. "They won't be able to get along well with others."

"Says the person who takes care of raptors that are raised in captivity…" said the latter.

"They have siblings and therefore learn social skills," claimed Owen, "and I imprint on them when they are born, so they are capable of cooperating and behaving." He then turned back to the meat. "At least she knows that that is food… Still, I don't think it's a good idea…"

The two continued to look at the meat hanging from the crane, waiting for a particular dinosaur to show up. When it never showed up, Claire found it strange. "Where is she? She should be here by now…"

She turned to the guard who was keeping watch of the dinosaur and told him to scan for it. The guard did so, and all the screens on the wall failed to detect heat signature, something that shouldn't happen if there was something in that jungle.

"This shouldn't be happening…" said the guard. "I'm sure there isn't anything wrong with the heat detector…"

Claire began to become nervous when there was no heat signature detected, and then she heard Owen calling out to her, "Are those claw marks always there?"

She went over to him to see what he was talking about, and he pointed to white claw marks that were visible on the wall surrounding the jungle. The claw marks went close to the top of the wall, as if something had crawled to the top of it.

"Oh no…" said Claire in horror. Her fear might just have been confirmed…


This story will follow the plot of Jurassic World, though obviously with differences here and there. Hope you look forward to it!