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Chapter three: Arrival! Bellona, the fierce goddess!

The bell rang as students of the Shinobi Academy filed out. Among them one Naruto Uzumaki was writing down ideas to do for dinner for his new guests. Rumors had spread that he was living with strange women ever since Goku had helped him with Sasuke.

The blonde froze in midstep outside the Academy when he heard this clopping sound… it could only have been… a horse running? He looked and saw an armored woman on a horse galloping towards the Academy "Incoming!" the blonde yelled, catching everyone's attention, then noticed the horse and it's rider. They quickly cleared a space, however one Iruka failed to catch on to what was happening and… (WHAM) was slammed in the back by the black horse sending him sliding across the ground.

The rider gazed out on to the students with cold and calculating eyes that showed an unparalleled ferocity that only battle hardened War Veterans can show. She dismounted from her horse, and clasped her hands behind her back as she paced. Her eyes scanning the students.

After a few moments she came to a halt with a stomp and spoke "Is this not the Shinobi Academy of Konoha?" Mizuki helped up Iruka, the former replying "Um, yes it is?" the silver haired Chunin found a sword pointed at him as she bellowed "AND THIS IS ALL YOU HAVE TO OFFER? I HAVE SEEN PUPPIES DRINKING FROM THEIR MOTHER'S TEATS WITH MORE FIGHT THAN THIS LOT OF BRATS!"

Iruka rubbed his back as it made several cracking noises with each step as he asked "These are Children! Who are you anyway?" she glared at the pair of Chunin and replied "I am Bellona! And I shall replace you! How dare you call yourselves trainers of warriors?! These 'children' mustn't be coddled! They must be hardened into true battle ready warriors that bathe and dance in the blood atop a mountain of their fallen enemies!"

A number of students paled at the image as Bellona approached them. She shoved her face in front of one Ino Yamanaka and spoke coldly "What… is your purpose here?" the blonde girl felt the urge to relieve herself but resisted as she replied "To… to… to be a Kunoichi and gain Sasuke-Kun's approval!" this was the wrong answer to give as Ino found and armored fist punch her in the gut, forcing out the contents of her stomach, which was very little due to her dieting.

Bellona stomped Ino's face into the vomit on the ground and grumbled "Pathetic. Worthless. A Fangirl eh? Dieting are you? At your level and mentality, it wouldn't take much for the enemy to kill you, and that's if you are fortunate. You are beautiful however, enemy males shall find you most pleasurable to rape and defile, till you die… or wish you were." With every single word Ino, couldn't help but cry out in terror. Not wanting to fall victim to such a fate.

Iruka put a hand on the armored woman's shoulder and spoke angrily "That's enough! This isn't necessary!" the black haired woman swatted his hand away and growled "But it is! These children need to realize that being a Shinobi does not mean Men or Women or Fortune and Glory. It is cruel, and vile. And I swear I shall train them to be true warriors! Not whimpering sacks of flesh!"

She shoved Iruka to the ground and then thrust her face into Hinata's the girl, already trying to hide away into her coat and vanish into oblivion "What is your purpose here?" the Hyuuga heiress' mouth opened and closed. Words refusing to leave her mouth.

Naruto then spoke up "Hey! Leave her alone!" the armored woman's head snapped to his direction. She then marched over to him as she spoke "You have a problem boy?" the blonde stared her down and nodded stiffly making Bellona's eyes narrow as she asked "Do you now? With what?"

The whiskered teen crossed his arms and replied "Your behavior. You're acting like a brute and a thug. I can respect wanting to teach us the harsh realities of being a Shinobi, but what you're doing is bullying. And a bully does not make an effective teacher."

All the students stared at the blonde boy, believing he was crazy for talking back to this woman. However, Bellona's response wasn't what they expected as she cracked a smile then let out a bellowing laughter "HAHAHA! FINALLY! I WAS LOOKING FOR AT LEAST ONE STUDENT THAT HAD THE BALLS TO STAND UP TO ME! YOU PASSED MY TEST! YOU BOY, ARE GOING TO BE A FINE SOLDIER!" she roughly patted him on the head then pointed at him.

"Look at this! This brat had the stones to backtalk me, amongst all you students… as such… he shall be your commanding officer!" she bellowed with a huge grin. Everyone's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates at that, and one Sasuke shouted "What the hell does that mean?!"

The armored woman merely answered "Simple, this is no longer a classroom where you sit on your asses. You are now a platoon of troops, and he is your commanding officer! If he says 'Jump' you must say 'How high?' if he says 'run' then you must say 'how far and how fast?'. Is that clear?!"

Sasuke snapped angrily "Hell no! If anyone here should be the leader it should be me!" Bellona marched up to the Uchiha and glared down at him as she spoke in a tone of authority "It would seem you hold no respect for higher authority. Others might bend to your will, but I shall not. Whatever backwards and washed out lineage you come from has no meaning here."

The Uchiha glared at her but it died down quickly under her intense gaze. At last he tched and looked to Iruka and Mizuki. The former Chunin cleared his throat and spoke "Bellona-san, I now see you were testing the students before, albeit brutally. But Naruto has the worst grades overall, so he won't be able to handle the responsibility. If anyone can handle it I believe Sasuke Uchiha can."

The black haired woman glanced at Sasuke and replied to the Chunin "Not happening. My choice is final. So the boy's name is Naruto eh? Good to know. Now, starting tomorrow you shall all arrive at six A.M sharp. Lateness shall be punished." The various students all groaned in complaint at not only having to listen to Naruto but also about having to arrive to school so early.

With that she dismissed them and got onto her horse and galloped away. Mizuki then whispered to Iruka "Should we… report to Hokage-sama?" the scarred Chunin look to his assistant and replied quickly "Yes we should."

Naruto went over to Ino and helped her off the ground. The mud caking her face and hair. "You okay Ino?" his fellow blonde shook her head replying "No. I…. I don't feel well. I… I need to go home." She then ran off sobbing in shame and anguish at what had recently occurred.

Naruto felt kind of bad for her, but knew that her fangirlism had to be stamped out and quickly.

Back at Naruto's apartment complex.

Goku was scrubbing graffiti off of the building happily humming away as she used her tail to hang onto a rope, she then heard someone sneaking up behind her and spoke in a bored tone "Go away Kape. Goku busy. Goku cleaning friend's building." The Ape Prince popped into existence with a frown "Aww. And here I was about to investigate your suspicious boobs."

The Monkey King frowned and was about to speak but then heard galloping. The two looked down and spotted one "BELLONA?!" the two screeched then scrambled about to hide. Goku got caught in the rope and hung upside down struggling to get free, and Kape bumped into several trash cans hoping to hide.

Bellona was known for her passion for battle and Warfare. What she lacked in temples and worshippers she made up for with raw ferocity. Goku loved testing her strength but she was no fool to take on a brute like Bellona.

The door to Naruto's apartment opened revealing Alex in her underwear brushing her teeth and muttered "Hell's going on out 'ere?" the Bogeyman nearly did a spit take when she saw the intimidating form of Bellona at the door.

"umm. Nice day, eh lass?" spoke Alex to which the War goddess nodded and replied "Indeed. Hmm. No clear Pantheon so a minor goddess. Thick accent is Irish. Form appears Semi solid. A Bogeyman perhaps?" the Irishwoman simply nodded at the quick assessment. She then asked while running a hand through her Mohawk "Aye. Something I can do for ye?"

"I wish to speak to the one in charge of this establishment." Bellona stated presenting a business card like which the other tenants presented, although this ones contact information was smudged and unreadable.

The Bogeyman simply nodded and ushered the goddess inside and muttered "If things were crazy before they are about to get even crazier."


Naruto was on his way home. Still surprised by recent events at the Academy. He then heard what sounded like… crunching. The blonde slowly turned and saw a hooded figure feasting on a human body, and this figure also had… what appeared to be a fanged mouth on it body.

"what's this? More to feast on?" the figure spoke as it's eyes focused on the blonde. Naruto let out a scream as he ran off, the figure chasing after the blonde "Come back here mortal! I'll kill you quickly if you stop running!" it yelled as it slowly caught up to Naruto "Hell no! Stay away! I'm not gonna be your lunch!" the blonde yelled as a dust cloud appeared behind him as he ran as fast as he could.

The creature was about to pounce but a series of arrows shot through his legs then another volley pinned his arms to the ground. He yowled angrily as he screamed "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!" a proud voice then answered him "Not sorcery. Skill."

Naruto looked and saw a woman carrying a bow. She turned to him and asked "Are you all right child?" he nodded then asked "What the hell was that thing?" she began hogtying the creature and answered "He is a demon called Bakasura. He has a ravenous appetite for human flesh. I have been tracking him for some weeks. A worthy hunt indeed."

Naruto stared at her for a moment and then asked hesitantly "Are… you… some kind of goddess?" she glanced at him then replied "How astute of you. How did you know?" the whiskered teen rubbed the back of his head and spoke "Kind of a vibe. You aren't the first one I have met. Earlier I met one called Bellona and…"

He was interrupted by the woman who yelled "BELLONA IS HERE?! WHERE IS SHE? WHERE DID SHE GO?!" she demanded as she violently shook the blonde for information. When she had finished shaking him he had passed out with swirls in his eyes.

With a sigh picked up her captured quarry then decided to use her tracking skills to find the blonde's home. After some time she had narrowed it down to an apartment complex where a pair of female primates were furiously cleaning off graffiti. From the looks of it, the paint was quite old. So it couldn't refer to Bakasura.

Was the boy some kind of demon offspring? Was there some other reason to this? She did not know as she approached the top floor. With her enhanced senses she caught the scent of, a feline, a rabbit, and… she caught the scent of "BELLONA!" the Huntress kicked in the door where said Goddess of war was sitting on a couch, calmly chatting with Bastet and Chang'e.

"ARTEMIS!" Shouted the Goddess of War as she brandished her blade and shield, while the now revealed Artemis aimed her bow at her rival. Chang'e and Bastet gaped in horror. It was well known that both Artemis and Bellona were quite alike. Both were fierce and prideful, which sparked a fierce rivalry between the two that nearly destroyed an entire island when they last did battle.

Suddenly the blonde shot up and shouted "OI! NO FIGHTING INSIDE MY HOTEL YOU JERKS!" they both angrily turned to him demanding in unison "And who the hell are you to get between us?!"

The blonde crossed his arms and spoke "Naruto Uzumaki. And I am the landlord of this place." The room stood silent. Both Artemis and Bellona staring at the blonde… then… they let out a rather girlish scream as they tackled him. "A REAL UZUMAKI! A REAL UZUMAKI!" shouted the two as they hugged him close.

"I hereby claim you as my Lord and master Uzumaki-sama! Your clan were fierce warriors and excellent Patrons to me! I shall smite your enemies with extreme prejudice!" shouted Bellona, her face rubbing against his.

"No! Accept me as your humble servant! Not this brutish woman! I shall hunt the rarest of animals and bring them to you as homage to your great clan!" screamed the Huntress. After a few moments the blonde got free and asked "The hell you talking about? I have a clan?"

The two nodded with the Roman goddess of War explaining "But of course my lord! The Uzumaki clan were a small but fierce clan with their own island nation that was on it's way to being the Sixth Shinobi nation! But they were betrayed and left for dead by Konoha!"

"Then, Kushina infiltrated Konoha of her own volition to destroy the village from within! She became so fierce a Huntress she was dubbed Kushina 'The Evil' Uzumaki! She took scalps from her fallen victims as trophies! She whispered prayers to both me… and this… thug." Explained Artemis.

"So ever since then we have been arguing over who should Patron the Uzumaki clan. Even after so few remain." Spoke the Armored goddess. Then the two bowed in unison "Please accept me as your servant!" they spoke in unison.

Naruto was barely processing what they had spoken about his clan. Then he remembered the Shinigami had mentioned he was of importance but she never specified why. The two goddesses noticed his silence then spoke "You are hesitating?!

The War goddess then shouted "I shall prove my worth to you and slay your enemies!" the Huntress growled "Blasphemy! I shall prove my worth by hunting a Boss summons and bring it's head as the young lord's trophy!" with that the two dashed out the door.

Alex then emerged from a dark corner of the room and asked "Uh… what in the hell just happened boyo?" Naruto could only reply "I don't even know. This is weird even for me."

Goku peeked through the doorway with her cousin and asked "Are scary ladies gone?" Bastet gave them a curt 'yep' which caused the two primates to relax. And enter. "Who's that?" Chang'e asked through her rabbit companion Pipkin using her ventriloquism.

Goku looked to her cousin "This Kape! She Ape prince! She Goku's cousin!" the ape woman nodded and replied "Yep! I usually drop in to investigate Goku's suspicious boobs!" they all raised an eyebrow at that then saw Goku pull a watermelon from between her breasts.

"SEE?! SEE?! THOSE BOOBS ARE WAY TOO SUSPICIOUS!" yelled Kape pointing at her cousin. They could only nod in agreement. Wondering how the Monkey King kept such things hidden in her breasts like that.

The blonde sighed as he sat, digesting the recent information he had received. Wondering how this might impact his life.

End chapter one.

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