I was never completely honest with the Cullen's about my past, but I never really trusted them enough and when they left without even a goodbye which was a real dick move as far as I was concerned, making my decisions for me and I have never allowed anyone to decide anything for me.

They had no right to think that they could decide what they believed what was best for me when I am quite capable of doing that myself and should of stayed around long enough for me to show them my true colors as I was not as innocent as they had believed.

I grew up knowing what lurks in the dark and trained to hunt these things down and saving lives with my best friend, Carson Singer, the daughter of Bobby Singer who was like a uncle to me and who I stayed with right after my father, a former hunter tried to kill me until my Uncle Charlie, who was a skilled researcher on the supernatural, came and got me.

I was never Bella Swan, it was just a cover story while living with Uncle Charlie in a small town of Forks, Washington so my abusive father wouldn't find me, and made a few enemies in my past with some hunters, especially since I never could shut my mouth and they are not against hitting woman, but I can hold myself in a fight and with a best friend like Carson Singer who talks with her fist more than her mouth, you kind of have to as Cara has gotten me into more trouble than I can count.

Charlie may be my uncle, but he was always been like a father to me and it is because of Uncle Charlie that I met the Winchesters and became inseparable, especially with Dean as he was very much like a protective big brother to me and with being the youngest child of three to an abusive former hunter father, I very much looked up to him and wanted to be just like him, and because of Dean and his father's strict training growing up, I had excellent hunting skills and Uncle Charlie wasn't so worried about me not being able to defend myself and I knew I could.

Bella was not even my actual name, but refuse to tell anyone what my name actually is as it was a way to keep my father off my trail, knowing that he was still hunting for me and Uncle Charlie had me use the name Isabella, that way if he ever did come looking for me, he wouldn't know how to track me as he is going to be looking for me under my real name, but I have been Isabella for so many years now, I sometimes forget that it isn't my true name, like Charlie isn't my real uncle.

After the Winchester's father died when I was around fourteen, I went hunting on the road with Dean and his brother, Sammy with Carson, doing online schooling and grew much closer with Dean than I already was as I was the only one that he would ever actually open up to.

He has been there for me in more ways than I can imagine, especially when I was nine and my father beat me bloody before killing my older brother and passing out and had to hitch a ride four states over to get to him with nothing but the clothes on my back and a stuffed rabbit, and I stayed with the Winchester's until I was twelve and his father wanted me to learn more about research and had me stay with my Uncle Charlie for a while.

I don't like talking about what happened that night with my father and only Dean really knows the whole story about what happened with the exception of not knowing my real name though knows Isabella isn't my true name, but doesn't ask questions and the only thing stopping him from killing him that night, was me as had I needed him more than he needed revenge.

I haven't told anyone else about that night, not even Uncle Charlie though Sam has tried to push me to tell him what happened, it only caused me to lash out at him physically and shut down emotionally which pissed Dean off when his brother wouldn't back off about not knowing what happened, saying I will talk when I was ready and to shut up about it.

Dean had wanted to stay with me when his father left me at Uncle Charlie's, saying he needed to look after me even if I had my Uncle Charlie though he wasn't the best with kids, but his father refused, needing his help on jobs and had to leave me behind and didn't see him until after his father died and he came and got me.

It was always the four of us hunting and didn't know any different until after I was forced to take break after Dean died and went to Hell and Sammy took off, leaving Carson and me behind, and just needed time to deal with the fact that he was gone and was not just on a job somewhere with Sammy which is what I made myself believe as it hurt too much to admit the truth.

Carson was too devastated with watching Dean die before her eyes and Sammy leaving her behind like nothing, claiming it was what was best for her to be any help to me and went to take a break from hunting and go to school for the first time since I was nine after Sammy ditched me in Forks, having been home schooled for half my life.

When I first met the Cullen's, I was in a vulnerable place so allowed Edward and Alice make all the decisions for me as my mind was still on Dean going to Hell and having to watch Hellhounds tear him to shreds while he screamed that still gives me nightmares and wasn't in my right mind to really stand up for myself.

If Edward and his family hadn't gotten in the way that night at the ballet studio, I wouldn't have gotten injured and could have finished James off myself, but of course Edward had gotten in my way and I got bit, sucking the venom out of my body and landing me in the hospital and if I was aware, I would never have allowed them to bring me to the hospital, rather having Uncle Charlie or Bobby fix me up.

After the accident, I couldn't get rid of Edward or Alice and was ready to take off and hit the road again and the real reason that idiot couldn't read my mind was most likely because of my Anti-demon protection tattoo that I got when I was fifth teen after Sammy had gotten himself possessed and as I was starting to become myself again, I realized just how controlling they were.

It wasn't until after his family was gone for a few months that I learned of Dean's resurrection from Hell from Carson and it didn't take us long to hit the road and get back into hunting again, but not until after we took care of Victoria as the Cullen's didn't even bother to clean up their mess and reuniting with brothers.