Welcome to Dreaming of Sunshine Switch: What Plot?

The idea came from Lady Hallen through the forum We're all Dreaming of Sunshine. This is fanfiction for the fanfiction Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen. This is a collaboration project.

The General idea is what would happen if Canon characters came in contact with DOS characters. The general chapters for this fic will only have Shikako and Sasuke arriving at Canon World and Chibi-Sasuke arriving at DOS World.

This means Omakes are accepted. They don't have to exist within the head-canons of the general fic.

If you would like to write something for Switch or have an idea please review or contact Lady Hallen or Fragile Dreams. Switch will be set as chapters centered on characters interacting. The plot is lose (no whining).

Hope you enjoy,

-Lady Hallen & Fragile Dreams

Credits: (Also known as: How it happened)

Canon meets DOS and inspirations: Recursive fanfiction Forum. Excerpts. Sorry guys. Didn't realize how much this filtered through until I started going through the forum. This is sorted by date.

Yorozuya: "I actually really like DoS meeting Canon"

Juno-nine: "…meeting canon, too. There are a couple of characters that are on their way to being very different from their canon counterparts"

Fell's Apprentice: "if 16 year old Sasuke from Dos meets 16 year old him from canon, his biggest reaction might be horror"

ByeByeBriar: "Imagining Sasuke getting switched with DoS!Sasuke just after the Chunin Exams"

13LuckyWishes: "Root! Shikako AU" Flashbang effect. This is where Crossworlds came from.

Donahermurphy: "DoS meeting Root! Shikako"

Toma02: "there is no reason why Shikako couldn't be a canon character that was killed off as a baby" & "I still prefer the idea of canon shikako dying from the nine-tails attack, rather than a still birth"

Lady Hallen then wrote the big fanfiction excerpt that started Switch: What Plot? She posed at the beginning too but then this was the important part. Neh? T

Then Fragile Wishes posted ficlets that continued it.

General Chapter List: (Will be updated regularly)

1. Sasuke arriving in the canon world.
2. In which everything is classified information (Or Shikako just doesn't want to say anything with Danzo in the room)
3. Sasuke has problems
Kakashi has orders (or Shikaku enjoys dropping bombs on her sensei)
6. Kakashi and Naruto talk about their guests
7. Shikako's method to awesome
8. The news finally reached the Border Outpost
9. Canon!Sasuke arriving in D.O.S.
10. Canon!Shikamaru investigating (or in which he is too curious and finds a sister instead)
11. ANBU interrogations are scary
12. A moment with Sasuke and Shikako
13. A surprise visit for the otherworldly guests.
14. Shikamaru finds out where his sister went for vacation
15. Canon!Sasuke finally getting out of T & I.
16. Canon! Shikamaru talks to Naruto and Team 10 gathers for a group hug
17. DOS! Kakashi feels his nightmares coming true.
18. DOS! Shikaku gets the news and is just majorly scary.
19. Gaara wants to talk to Shikako and Tsunade has a headache.
20. Gaara talks to Shikako and Shogi the Fun Way is introduced to the world.
21. Canon! Sasuke gets a tour of his alternate self's bedroom and Hound finds the Jounin Commander scary
22. DOS! Sasuke has a lot of problems and it usually starts with Shikako.
23. Jiraiya proves he's a lot more badass than people usually think and Shikako has a sealing headache.
24. Canon! Shikaku does serious angst when he meets the should-have daughter he never got to teach.
26. DOS!Yoshino is the last to find out her daughters missing and she explodes accordingly.
27. Canon!Sasuke is struggling to change his world view and ROOT takes advantage.
28. Canon!Yoshino does some angsty reminiscing.
29. Ninjas are masters of the unsaid words and more angst. Serious angst.

Omake Chapter List:

4. Edo Tensei: In which DOS!Shikamaru and DOS!Sasuke went on their first joint mission as chuunin together, and did not expect to end up in a different Konoha
25. Songbird: In which Sasuke and Shikamaru are stuck in a future Konoha. Everything is fine until it's really, really not.

Head canons for the D.O.S. switch with canon

1. Shikako and Sasuke are in ANBU
2. Team 7 are all sixteen. This is during Shippuden for D.O.S.
3. The switch happens during the Sound Four for canon.
4. Team 7 are all Jounins.
5. Akatsuki fighting has started in little bits for D.O.S. but not that seriously.
6. Shikako in the canon world died when the Kyuubi attacked.

More will be added later.