(a.k.a. thoughts that run through my head and I mannaged to write them down and they
have absoloutely no bearing on my other stuff...most of the time...)

Random Musings: Tenchi Muyo!

By Rosy the Cat

I've noticed several hidden details in the series. Here they are!

-In Washu's memories of her marriage, sppecifically her son, I noticed that both the
baby and the face-in-shadow husband had pale blond hair that was very wavy, so the
son obviously took after his dad.

-Kagato has pale hair that is very wavy.. Could he be Washu's old husband who was
stolen from her? My brain went into overdrive with that idea; one in particular
where Kagato uses genetic material from himself and Washu to make, after tons of
tinkering with her genes, a super-genius daughter!

-And yet, before you get too far on thatt track...didn't Kagato make some remark
that he was "no longer your student" to Washu during the episode where we meet her?
Washu and her husband were students together! That means it's most likely that
he's her son.

-Another point: Mihoshi's grandfather aalso has wavy blond hair, though not as
wavy or as light as Kagato or Washu's missing family. Mihoshi herself is the same.
Plus, Mihoshi's grandpa is the head hancho at the Galaxy Police, and Washu's husband
came from and upper-class family, who could probably buy high-ranking positions for
family members. And Mihoshi was supposedly one of the top detectives int the GP,
yet you would expect them to demote her more than giving her a boring beat; maybe
lowering her rank or something. And, Kagato seemed to derive an unusual amount of
pleasure in taunting her about her demotion. I say that her grandpa is Kagato's half
brother from a later marriage of Washu's husband! As such, Kagato would probably have
some major issues with his brother and his brother's family. So that explains why he
bashed Mihoshi's skills and seemed so happy to beat the crud out of the Galaxy Police's

-Hey! Going by my observations, Ryoko wwould be Kagato's half sister! So why would
he do such mean things to her? My brothers do mean things to me, but they would never
brainwash me or do a lot of the mean stuff Kagato does to Ryoko. Which brings me to
the conclusion that, if my above observations are correct, than the only explanation
is that Kagato didn't know that Washu was/is his mom. Which kinda makes sense. His
dad's family wouldn't want him running away to live with his "comon" mother as soon
as he could. Either that, or he didn't know that Washu used her ovum to make Ryoko,
which explains his taunts that he could have made her in the form of a stone. Or he's
an egotistical jerk who likes taking other people's credit.

-It's implied that Kagato was doing all the bad stuff he did on orders from Lady
Tokimi. LT wants her agents (namely Dr. Clay) to capture Washu and bring her back to
LT. Kagato had Washu locked up in that stasis chrystal for who knows how long, and
she was his prisoner for about 5000 years. If he was working for LT, why didn't he
turn Washu over to her as soon as they were done creating Ryo-oki? Did he know that
Washu was his mom? Or maybe he overheard LT talking about just what she wanted Washu
for, and what little honor he had left prompted him to make sure that LT never got her
hands on Washu. Or some combination of both?

-Or maybe Kagato is a half brother of Waashu's kid... =O.o= ...dang, I devote way too
much time to this stuff...