Going, Going, Gone

Harry Potter stood in front of his desk at Potter Manor and looked at the many scattered notebooks around him. Currently he was double checking his Runic Equations and charms to make sure that this would work properly. You see Harry was attempting something very foolish, yet if it worked the possibilities would be amazing. He already had plans for everything he wanted to accomplish, for you see Harry Potter the Savior-Who-Conquered was attempting to travel back in time to a separate dimension. Life after the war had finally ended was almost meaningless. The numerous deaths caused by the manipulative bastard that was Albus Dumbledore and the rampant discrimination against all creatures were sickening. Harry had later found out that Dumbledore had deliberately not had him trained to avoid him becoming too powerful for dumbles to manipulate and control. Dumbledore had sabotaged to entire British community just so that he would be the only one people would look to for guidance. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville had been horrified by just how far he had gone to stay in power. Harry's lack of formal training had led to the deaths of everyone he cared for, well now it was time to change that. After 20 years of research he was finally ready.

Harry apparated to Diagon Alley and threw on a quick glamour to avoid being mobbed. He made his way to Gringotts and walked up to a teller.

"I would like to speak to Ragnok please, tell him Lord Potter wishes to see him." He said sure to keep his voice quiet and calm. The teller nodded and left his stand, as he did so Harry moved out of the way and to the side so as to let the Goblins continue the rest of the business without him being in the way. It was ten minutes later that the Goblin teller returned and motioned for him to follow. Harry followed without a word and as the goblin left him at the golden doors he bowed to the goblin in thanks. After the teller had left after returning the bow Harry opened the doors and smiled at the goblin on the throne. Ragnok was the Goblin King and also a very good friend of Harry's.

"Hello Harry, what brings you here today?' Ragnok asked and Harry could hear the curiosity in his voice.

Smirking Harry continued "Well not many people know this but I have been working on a project in secret for the last 20 years. You see the ministry will never change; it seems that no matter what I try Magical Creatures and Beings will always be discriminated against. So I have found a way to transport myself back in time to another dimension, where the discrimination will not be so ingrained in society just yet." Harry could not hide his grin as he saw the shocked look on the Goblin Kings face. An excited look overcame Ragnok's face as well.

"Why another Dimension? Also, how would you stop the discrimination without destroying the ministry?" Ragnok asked rapidly.

"The reason for going to another dimension is to avoid a paradox. If I were to only go backwards on the timeline I may stop myself from coming back at all, thus causing said paradox. However if I go backwards then sideways, I won't need to worry about a paradox because the timeline will split so to speak. Also because of the Phoenix Blood I carry because of Fawkes (said Phoenix had saved Harry's life when he was twelve after the basilisk venom had gone too far to stop, so the Phoenix had ignited itself into a burning day, carrying Harry along with it. It basically made Harry half human, half phoenix. Unfortunately this would also make it so that harry would live till he decided to end his own cycle.) I won't need to worry about going back a little too far. As to how to lessen and eventually get rid of the discrimination, simple I am going to start a school." Harry elaborated.

"How would starting a school stop the discrimination?" Ragnok asked puzzled.

"Simple, it is going to be a school that accepts all students, no matter what their species is. Also it is going to teach everything Dumbledore got rid of and more. He is going to be furious; I can't wait to see what he tries to do." Harry said laughing. Ragnok joined him a second later as he pictured how furious Dumbledore would be when his plans failed.

"So what I need is my money I'm going to have to take is with me in order to get the school going." Ragnok nodded and called in one of his soldiers. "Take Lord Potter down to his Vaults he is going to empty them." He commanded with a nod the soldier motioned for Harry to follow him. Harry had six vaults to empty; Potter, Black, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Potter, Black and Gryffindor were house that Harry had blood inherited; Ravenclaw was given to him after Hermione died, Hufflepuff after Neville's death and Slytherin as conquest after killing Tom Riddle. It took Harry four hours to empty the vaults; Money was in one mokeskin bag, objects in another. Harry was anxious to leave but there were a few more things to take care of first; He had to change his appearance and name, as well as figure out just where he wanted the school.

Ragnok was waiting for him when Harry returned.

"Alright Lord Potter first thing I am sure your aware of is that your name must be changed. Second we need to figure out an iron clad background for you and figure out where to build your school. Second you will need to change your appearance as well, so it can be blood anchored to your new identity." Harry and Ragnok tossed names around for a few minutes until they settled on Hadrian Angelus Asher, Pureblood born in France but raised all around the world. His parents would be Jasper Seraph Asher Pureblood from Greece and Adalynn Veritas Asher née Morgaine, Pureblood from Spain. Harry now Hadrian thought for a few minutes as to how he wanted to look. He changed his hair so that it hung down to his waist in long straight stands, before changing the color to a deep blue. He left his eyes the same piercing Avada Kedavra green but made it so that they had a light upwards tilt. He lightened his skin until it was a pale cream tone and made his height six foot even with a lithe build. His fingers were the long pianist kind of fingers, which combined with the rest of his new appearance made him almost other-worldly. He turned and gave Ragnok a soft smile and got an approving nod in return. Hadrian then preformed to Blood Right ceremony officially and magically changing his name, lineage and appearance, without the disadvantage of having to ever reapply a glamour charm. The biggest problem he had was figuring out where he wanted to build his school. It had to be in an area where Dumbledore had no jurisdiction, same with the ministry for magic.

After an hour or so of looking at the treaties and large areas they finally decided on northern New Zealand which was heavily forested and the trees that grew there were mallyrn's which were massive as they could reach up to 1500 feet in the air with another 300 feet were smaller boughs, the trees were 120-200 feet across at the base. And Hadrian decided to set up the school in the tree branches; it would most definitely make the school unique. As for the cost well the land itself would cost Hadrian 1.5 million gallons, Hadrian would build the school himself, he did after all have enough time, as for the warding Hadrian would do that himself as he went. Supplies would be about 500,000 gallons and the staff payroll equal to that. All together the price would be 2.5 million gallons, half of the money that Hadrian had pulled from the Black vault. With the technicalities decided Ragnok sealed the information in a box that would only open when the other goblin king unlocked it. It also contained a letter written by Ragnok to his counterpart, to smooth things along. With a fond goodbye Hadrian Asher left Gringotts and headed back to Potter Manor to set up the ritual circle. After he set up the ritual circle he emptied the manor of all books as he had already done to the other manors. He was about to activate the circle when a flash of white and gold fire interrupted him. He smiled upon seeing Fawkes and Hedwig. Fawkes was a fire phoenix and Hedwig an Ice Phoenix and boy had that been a surprise.

Harry-Mage what are you doing? You can't possibly leave without us! Hedwig screeched, Hadrian sighed sometimes it was more trouble than it was worth being able to speak to phoenix's.

I don't wish to rip you from your lives here. I am the one that is unsatisfied and infuriated with the way my life turned out. I don't want to drag you into my problems. I am going to a new world where who knows what will happen. Hadrian told them, Hadrian loved his familiar he really did but he did not want to be the cause of her death or Fawkes.

Then it is a good thing our choice is to go with you hatchling, I will not leave you to watch eternity alone until you find your mate. This world or a different one makes no difference to me as I will always go with you. Fawkes tone made it clear he would not be taking no for an answer. Hadrian sighed but nodded resigned at having the two phoenixes' accompany him. He couldn't help but smile softly at the slight feeling of gratitude towards them. With a phoenix on either shoulder he activated the runes and with a flash of light and magic Harry James Potter-Black vanished, leaving no trace of his presence behind.