Hey everyone, deadman1000 here with my first Harry Potter story. Now first off no Harmony or Harry/Ginny. For those who are new or have never read Harry Potter fanfiction, Harmony is Harry/Hermione. In this story we have Harry who will be Harry Johnson, yes I know it's hillarious. Joking aside, I felt that Harry needed to be paired up with someone different for once, so I went with Angelina Johnson. In this story, Harry is the son of Cassie Johnson, who is Angelina's mother, but never officially adopts Harry in case those two fell in love. Those of you who have read 'Lucky Harry' by Pyrgus, that's where the idea came from. I forgot the list of books that was what JK Rowling put in her story, I created what I felt that the first years would have. Now I have it planned in my head of Harry/Angelina/Katie/Alicia as the pairing. I also wanted to throw in Susan, Hannah, Fleur, Tonks, and maybe even professor Sinistra. So I hope that you guys like it and I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. Wish I did so I could have killed Ron in the fith book, Ginny in the seventh, and made Harry keep the wand and destroy Dumbledore's painting.

Chapter 1: McGonagall Saves the Day

Minerva McGonagall was not a happy person today. First her godson, James Potter and his wife Lily are killed by the dark lord Voldemort. Then she hears that Sirius Black is charged with murder of Peter Pettigrew, but if she remembered correctly Sirius was going to be Harry's godfather. That meant that Sirius could not harm Harry or his family or else he would die due to the magic of the Godfather Oath. Now here she was standing on Privet Drive waiting for Albus Too-Many-Names Dumbledore.

Minerva always saw James as her son and now with Harry he was like her grandson. She wanted to pinch his little baby cheeks because he reminded her of a little baby James. When Dumbledore arrived he instantly took out the light using his deluminator and after a couple of minutes of waiting, Hagrid arrived on Sirius' flying motorbike with Harry. Dumbledore said Harry had to stay with his relatives to protect him from the dark lord's forces.

Now the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts was not as stupid as Dumbledore saw her as. She knew that Dumbledore was leaving Harry with his relatives so that when whoever came to teach Harry about magic would paint Dumbledore in a positive light, probably Hagrid. She was going to make sure that Harry was safe even if she had to raise Harry herself.

As she thought about it, she knew that Cassie Johnson had a baby girl a few years ago. If she could get in touch with her, she could take in Harry and raise him. Plus if she remember correctly, Cassie had a crush on James. Her first priority was to get Harry away from these people and safe.

After Dumbledore and Hagrid wrap up their little goodbye to Harry and leave. Minerva stay behind to wrap up Harry and leave without leaving a trace. She copies Harry's magical signature to be left in case Dumbledore had instruments watching and making sure Harry was there at the house.

Minerva arrives at her little summer cottage. She puts Harry down on the floor in his little basket and turns the fireplace on to help warm up the house. As Minerva leaves to go call Cassie, she notices something, when she grabbed Harry he didn't have his stuffed dog, but now it was there with him. Harry somehow summoned his stuffed animal from his house to him.

Minerva fire calls Cassie after a few minutes and finding her address. She startles Cassie who was putting her daughter to sleep and saw her in the fireplace.

"Cassie, sorry for bothering you, but I need you help. Earlier tonight, there was an attack. James and Lily Potter were killed. It was Voldemort who did it, but he had help from Pettigrew." Mcgonagall says to Cassie who was in shock from the news.

"J-J-James and L-L-Lily are both dead? How? Why? What about Harry?" Cassie says with tears and sadness in her eyes and fear for Harry showing on her face.

Minerva calms her down and manages to tell her that Harry was safe. She had him with her right now and was hoping if she could watch Harry for a few days while the news of the war and his parents death. She even tells Cassie that she will call Dorea and Charlus about their grandson.

Cassie tells Minerva that she would love to watch Harry. She even talks about how it will be like her daughter Angelina has a baby brother for a few days. Minerva smiled and said she would be by in the next couple of days. They said goodbye and Minerva went to her grandson in all but blood.

Minerva picked up Harry in his little basket and took him into her room. As she went to sleep, she placed Harry next to to her on the floor. She picked him up and placed him in the bed and let him sleep with her.

The next morning, Minerva woke up and Harry wasn't next to her. She started to panic and went around the room looking for him. As she started to look in other parts of the house, she found him. He was playing with his dog.

Minerva let out a sigh of relief and walked over to Harry who was giggling and having a good time. She picks up Harry and he begins babbling and giggling at Minerva who had a big smile on her face. She goes and grabs a bottle to feed Harry.

It took a few tries, but she managed to finally get Harry to drink some milk. Harry gets cranky after eating, but that might be because his diaper needed to be changed. This is the one thing, that Minerva was not looking forward to since James was a real tyrant when it came to his diaper change. There were times when she always wondered if the reason why he was such a troublemaker was because he knew she wouldn't do anything about it or at least not punish him to hard.

She dresses Harry in some warm clothes and prepares to take him to Cassie's house. She knows that with it being Saturday November 1st, she gets to spend today with Harry, but with NEWT courses review in her class she must be there. She will be spending her holidays with Harry, but with him having a family with Cassie. She knows that Harry will have an understanding of magic and will be able to shock everyone when he arrives.

Minerva aparates to Cassie's house where she was feeding her baby girl Angelina. She knocks on the door and waits a few moments before Cassie opens the door ushering Minerva in. When Minerva grabs Harry gently from his basket and shows him to Cassie, she immediately notices that Cassie already like him. Minerva hands Harry over to Cassie who begins smiling and talking gently to Harry. Minerva smiles hugs baby Harry close to her one last time, before leaving back to Hogwarts.

(10 years later-Hogwarts)

It was ten years since Minerva had taken Harry from his relatives and placed him with his family. She saw him grow up with his step sister Angelina and her friends Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet. Then the biggest shocker was when Cassie said she would adopt Harry, but would not officially adopt him just in case he and Angelina fell in love. Minerva was excited, because she was going to hand deliver Harry's Hogwarts letter. As she prepared to be off and deliver it, there was only one thing she did not count on: Rubeus Hagrid.

She knew that Albus would send someone to Harry's house, but by sending him, Harry would see Dumbledore as someone he could rely on for help and put his trust in him. She was glad that it wasn't Severus or else he would probably paint Dumbledore in the worst light as well as try to steal her Harry. You see because both Lily and Severus were raised in the Mundane world, they decided to have Severus as one of Harry's godfathers, but in the muggle world. This meant that Severus could take Harry in if he didn't want to study magic.

Minerva planned to intercept Hagrid and stop him from going to Harry. She loved Hagrid, but sometimes he was a complete idiot when it came to certain things. Hagrid was always good at simple charms, but he excelled at Transfiguration and Care for Magical Creatures. All she has to do is just get him to do Albus' work. Ah, now here comes her target now.

Minerva walks over to Hagrid with great haste to get his attention. "Hagrid, a moment please." Minerva says having startled the giant man.

"Oh sure professor McGonagall. What can I do fer yah?" Hagrid says with his traditional happy look on his face. Minerva sees this and wonders how he manages to remain happy every day.

"I know that Albus is having you go and get Harry from his relatives house and introduce him to the wizarding world, but I was wondering if I could do it. I was James' godmother so in a way that makes Harry my grandson. I was hoping that I could be the one to go and introduce Harry to our world. Plus he might have questions about his family and why he is famous. So I'm asking, please let me take the letter to Harry and let me take him to get his things. Plus since I'm easier to blend into a crowd, no one will notice us." Minerva says to Hagrid, who had a thinking look on his face.

"Yeh're right professor. Here's 'is key ma'am. I hope yeh have fun." Hagrid says while handing her Harry's vault key. Hagrid tells her that he is going to go and get started on what Dumbledore wanted him to do.

McGonagall smiles and says goodbye to Hagrid before heading to her office and prepares to floo to Cassie's house and grab Harry along with Angelina to take them shopping for their school supplies.

She grabs some floo powder and sends a call to let Cassie know that she is coming over now. She then double checks to make sure she has everything from the letter to the key. Once she is happy and satisfied, she grabs another handful of floor powder, throws it into the fire and heads to Cassie's home.

As Minerva steps out of the fireplace, she sees Cassie welcoming was wondering where Harry and Angelina were, but she then hears laughing and screaming.

"Harry get back here with that!" Angelina screams at Harry who was running with the diary he took from Angelina.

"Ha ha you can't catch me Angie. I wonder if Katie and Alicia would like to know what dirty secrets you have in this diary." Harry says while dodging the incoming socks from Angelina.

Minerva sighs and smiles that Harry was already bonding with his family. She was shocked because as soon as Harry saw her, he immediately dropped the diary and ran towards her. Angelina saw this and ran towards her too, forgetting her diary.

Cassie laughed as she saw the two children run towards the Transfiguration professor and hugged her tight. Seeing the diary on the floor, she picks it up and reads a few of the dirty secrets Harry talked about. She reads one and immediately her mind is blow. She couldn't believe that at 13 she was already thinking about making sure only she, Katie, and Alicia were the girls who could be close to him.

"So Aunt Minnie, what brings you here? You come to wish me a late happy birthday?" Harry says bouncing on his feet hoping that she brought him a cool present.

As Minerva hears Aunt Minnie, she remembers all the times James called her that. She couldn't help but smile at Harry. "Oh, I thought you might like this instead of a present Harry." Minerva says with a grin before pulling out the letter for Hogwarts.

As Harry sees the letter, he immediately screams yes as loud as he can, shocking everyone at how loud he was. Angelina giggles at this and makes Harry blush, but this is where Cassie had a sad smile on her face. Her babies were going to be gone for almost the whole year.

"Okay Harry, since Aunt Minnie is here with your letter, do you remember what to do?" Cassie says while Harry nods and quickly writes a response of yes as neat as he can and folds it to give to Minerva. She reads it and sends it back to Albus, with a note saying that Hagrid couldn't come.

"Okay Harry, Angelina, get your stuff together because we are leaving for the alley in 20 minutes okay." Cassie says making the kids run up the stairs and slam their door.

Now you see Angelina and Harry shared a room, not because the house was small, but because Angelina felt that it was her duty to teach Harry about women as he got older. She knew that one day when Harry was older she would teach him about sex, but until that day she was going to tease the ever loving crap out of Harry.

Once they were done getting dressed in casual clothes, they each take their turns to toss floo powder and head to Diagon Alley. Once the group had reached the alley, they headed towards Gringotts to get some money and for Harry to unlock his trust vault so that he could have spending money now.

After spending 30 minutes in the bank, Harry took out 10 galleons, 40 sickles, and 50 knuts. His mother took the same amount out of her vault so she can pay for Angelina's things, but some of her's as well. Minerva took out some cash out so she could buy a surprise birthday gift for Harry.

They headed to Madame Malkins' so Harry could get his robes and Angelina could get her new ones for her growth spurt. It also didn't help that since the the turn of the century that more modern clothes were arriving into the wizarding world.

As the group entered the shop, there was a family in front of them. They were dressed very nice. The mother of the group turned around and was surprised to see who it was.

"Oh my. Cassie Roberts, is that you? Oh Professor McGonagall what a surprise. So who are these two with you?" The woman says to the group.

"Natalie Burns, it's good to see you. It's Cassie Johnson now, these two with me are my children. This is Angelina, my oldest daughter, who is going on her third year. Next to Minnie, is my son James. He is going to be going to Hogwarts for the first time. We are doing his school shopping and thought that since robes take a while, get them out of the way. So who are these two lovely girls with you?" Cassie asks her old friend.

Natalie introduces the group to her two daughters Astoria and Daphne. She then tells Cassie that she married her old boyfriend from school, Donald Greengrass. After getting their fitting for their robes, they go to the various stores getting a trunk, their books and then Minerva says that she has to run an errand and leaves to go get it. The others head to Ollivander's shop to get Harry's wand.

As the door opens into the shop, Harry is amazed at the amount of wands that were in the shop. Then out of no where, a ladder slides to the front with an old man with a creepy vibe staring at them.

"Ah, Mr. Potter. I wondered when you would come into my shop. It seems like only yesterday that your mother and father were buying their first wands. Cassie Roberts, 9 and a half inches long, willow with a unicorn hair core. Great for charms work and transfiguration. Ah, Miss Angelina, 9 inches long, oak with a dragon heartstring. Great for defensive spells and charms." Ollivander says shocking Harry that he could remember what kind of wands they bought.

Ollivander blows dust off one box and takes the lid off. He grabs the wand inside and hands it to Harry. "This is ironwood. It is a very good wand for those who want to specialize in charms and defense. Well go on boy give it a wave." Ollivander says instantly regretting it as Harry blows up his lamp.

Ollivander grabs another wand and gives it to Harry, this time as he waved it a row of boxes shot across the room. Ollivander grabbed it back and and tried over six wands. After trial and error, Ollivander heads back and grabs one that he has been holding on to for a while. He brings it out and this time he lets Harry pull it out of the box.

As Harry grabs the wand, a bright light surrounds him and sparks fly out the end of it. Ollivander cries tears of joy now that he can clean up his shop and doesn't have to find a wand for him, until he needs a new one. Before Harry pays for his wand, Cassie orders a wand polishing kit and a wand holster for his arm so he doesn't set himself on fire or blow his butt off.

The group moves to the book shop and grabs both Harry's books and Angelina's books. The books consist of Standard Book of Spells- Year One, Beginning Potions Guide and Care, Transfiguration for Beginners, and of course The Dark Arts for First Years. Angelina who has her choice of classes has her ancient runes and arithmancy books.

It was then that Minerva showed up with two cages. One held a beautiful snowy owl, it was one of the more gorgeous owls ever. The other held a regal looking owl, one that looked dull flying but so amazing up close.

"Here's your birthday present Harry. The snowy owl is yours, she has no name yet. I figured that you could name her. Angelina, this one is yours. He is an Eagle Owl, I figured I would let you name him. So this way you can have an owl that can send letters no problem and that way you will always know when it's your owl." Minerva says while trying not to get crushed by the hugs from the two children.

Harry names his owl Hedwig after a famous witch in his history book, while Angelina names her Caesar after the famous Roman Emperor. Katie and Alicia wrote to both of them and the letters were from hope to see them soon to jealous of their owl and wanted one.

Harry and Hedwig were already the best of friends. He would pet her everyday and even brush some of her feathers. Hedwig enjoyed the attention, but she really loved the bacon Harry would give her for dinner. Hedwig would deliver a letter for an owl treat or if Harry had some, a piece of bacon or 2 if it was a reply.

On September 1st, Harry was excited. He finally got to go to Hogwarts with his big sister. Angelina told Harry that he was going to sit with her and the others until he made some friends to hang out with on the train. Most children would not want to hang out with their older sibling, but Harry enjoyed it.

Once they arrived at the train station, Angelina decided she would show Harry what to do. As Angelina went through the pillar, Harry was amazed, but still scared. Cassie sensing Harry's fear, helps Harry by holding on to the trolley with him and runs with him through the barrier. When they reach the other side, Harry was amazed at the Hogwarts Express, he sees Angelina waving at them.

Cassie was crying because her children were leaving for a while and was going to miss them. She made them promise to write her every day. Once they finished up their hug, Angelina wrapped her arm around Harry and walked him to a compartment where Katie and Alicia were waiting.

Katie, wearing her neon pink sweater that her grandmother made her stood outside the compartment watching for Angelina. When she spotted her, she waved and grabbed her attention. Alicia who was grumbling about the unfairness of not being the first one to see Harry.

The train ride went smoothly, no one bothered them. That was until halfway there a bushy haired girl walked in and rudely asked if they saw a toad. They said no, but they should find someone who has an understanding of the summoning charm from Fourth Year charms.

When the train was nearing the station, the girls decided to tease Harry. So Alicia who learned a few privacy spells from her mother, cast them on the door. They undressed and showed their underwear to Harry who was blushing. He was red a tomato and if he kept blushing he would almost look like a certain weasel.

The girls laugh at Harry, but they tell him they're sorry. Katie jokes about having Harry change for them since they did, but she is smacked by Angelina for suggesting it. When the train arrived, Harry hugged them goodbye and went to sit in a boat where Hagrid told them to. Harry sat in a boat with a slightly chunky girl named Susan, her best friend Hannah, and a girl named Pansy who did not want to sit next to the know it all or the gossip group. As the boats went across the water, Harry couldn't help but think one thing.

'Mum, Dad, I'm finally here. I hope I do you proud and make lots of friends.'

A/N: Well that's chapter one. Chapter two will do with the sorting and will see Harry go to Potions class and see the evil greasy bastard, Snape. I might do the flying lesson which will make Harry join his sister on the team. Now there is no Golden Trio in this story, more like the Four Musketeers. I have a plan in my head for the astronomy lesson, but I need to work out what will happen or if I do something like an Omake. Until next time folks, this is deadman1000 saying stay classy, stay cool, and remember: "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder. Thundercats, Ho!" (Thundercats-Do not own)