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Chapter 5: Christmas, Red Stones, and Pushy Mothers

It was barely a day old before the British wizarding news blew up with the story of Harry's amazing flying ability at Hogwarts. Not only that, but the stories also told how the whole Gryffindor quidditch team was amazing in their first match. Rumors were that Oliver was being looked at by three professional teams, while another was that the whole team should be allowed to play in the under 17 teams for their amazing performance.

Harry was really excited because he could leave soon for the holidays and he desperately wanted to leave Hogwarts. He was slowly going insane with the amount of homework that was assigned for Christmas break, but with that and Ron's snoring he was going to break something soon if he didn't get away. Not only that, but something about the current situation at Hogwarts gave Harry the heebie jeebies.

While all this was going on, Sinistra and Lily were making plans on how to get Harry to find out that his mother had a portrait, but not only that she wanted to know about his current love life. Lily never wanted Harry to have a bad girlfriend, but she didn't want to be related to a girl who was a gold digging whore. Some days she cursed Dumbledore and his fidelus charm bullshit.

Sinistra had a plan to shrink Lily's portrait and mail it to Harry, but it was instantly shot down by Lily who said that she wasn't something you just gift. Sinistra said that Lily was a portrait and all she had to do was write a letter saying she was left this by Harry's mother and though he would like it. If Lily was real, she would have given a death glare to Sinistra and murdered her three times by now.

(Christmas Day - 2 weeks later)

It was finally Christmas. After spending an extra week at Hogwarts, but without Ron's snoring was a godsend. Harry was able to sleep, plus it helped when Cassie told Harry to research silencing charms for the bed. While silencing charms are normally fifth year material, there were low level silencing charms that a first year could learn. Once Harry was done learning it and able to use it with no problem, the rest of the first years boys offered everything from money to letting Harry have their first born child named after him, if he helped them.

While Harry had his own problems, Angelina was facing her own problems. She wanted to tell Harry how she felt, but lately her feelings were spiraling out of control. Every time she went to tell Harry how she felt, she clammed up and couldn't say a word. Alicia and Katie tried to help, but they were in the same boat. None of them could say anything to Harry, it was weird because they were older, but yet asking him was like a nightmare to them.

Angelina shook her head as she finished drying her hair. She got dressed and went downstairs and saw Harry and her mother waiting at the table drinking morning tea. Cassie just smiled at her daughter before grabbing the pot off the stove and poured some tea for Angelina.

"Good morning Angie." Harry said brightly, while Angelina just nodded at his words.

"Good morning to you as well Harry. Merry Christmas." Angelina said right before their house elf, Flopsy handed them their stockings.

Cassie laughed at once again the little house elf managed to scare her children once more. Flopsy was a recent addition to the family, Dorea gave Cassie him because he didn't feel like he was important to Dorea anymore. Her children soon calmed down and began to open their presents.

Angelina opened one of hers first, it was a present from Katie. She had gotten Angelina a book that was titled '100 Ways to Kiss Your Wizard', which made her blush. Following that was Harry who also opened one from Katie, but his was a book on female quidditch players in the wizarding world version of Playboy. When Cassie saw the book, she laughed her ass off as James had received that at school from his dad during breakfast one morning.

Harry opened his second present which was from Alicia. Her present was more unique as it was pictures of the group from school, but also pictures before they went to Hogwarts as well. Looking through the book, Harry saw a few pictures that made him smile, but one page was Alicia and Katie in bikinis and Harry closed the book right away.

Angelina who knew what the book had, was upset that they hadn't waited on the book. She wanted them to hold off on it and give it to him as a birthday present. Grabbing her present from Alicia, Angelina blushed as she opened it. Alicia had gotten her a photo book, this one was on quidditch players, well male players and it was nothing but nude pictures of them with Harry's face on them. Cassie laughed even harder at the face her daughter made when she lit up like a lightbulb from blushing so hard.

Cassie had laughed so hard, that she began crying. Wiping the tears away, she opened the present that her kids had gotten her. Harry's present to her was a new cookbook which she was ecstatic about due to the fact that it was a muggle-born witch who had written it so it was normal wizarding dishes and mundane/muggle dishes. The present from Angelina was just as important to her: it was a set of new cookware as it was the ones that were used in the cookbook. Cassie had even received a present from Dorea, it was a blanket with the Potter family crest meaning that Dorea saw her as an honorary Potter.

When Harry opened his next present, it was different. It was wrapped in plain paper with string on it. A simple card that read 'This was your father's, he left in my possession. Use it well.', making Harry wonder what it was he opened it up. In the package was cloak of some kind, on it were stars and moon. The color was dark, but not black though, it was more like a gray that disappearing and reappearing. Putting it on, Harry's body disappeared and only his head was left.

Cassie and Angelina watched as Harry put on the cloak, what they saw next shocked them. Harry lost his body, he was just a floating head in the air. Angelina knew that if Fred or George heard that Harry had this, they would take it to perform pranks like crazy. Cassie on the other hand knew what it was.

"Well, it looks like you Harry are going to continue your father's legacy after all. That's his invisibility cloak that his father, your grandfather, had gifted to him. I thought it lost after his death, but seeing it now only raises questions. I know it wasn't returned to your grandmother as she probably would have told you about it nor was it returned to Minerva as she was his godmother and if Albus was the one to find your parents dead that night, she would have taken it. Something here stinks about this Harry, let's let your grandmother look at this she might be able to find something if there is anything wrong with it." Cassie said while Harry just looked sad at losing the invisibility cloak.

After all was said and done with the opening of presents it stood at Cassie having the most presents, 17 in total, followed by Harry with 14 and Angelina with 13, but Angelina had one that was a double present so it made it even with Harry. As they were picking up the paper from the presents, Hedwig swooped in with a parcel and dropped it in Harry's lap before landing on Angelina's shoulders. Harry opened it up and was kinda dumbfounded at what he saw.

The present was a shrunk down portrait, well more like an empty portrait. Cassie who knew how to reverse the charm did so. The portrait grew to full size and it showed a scene of a chair with an owl. Soon a woman walked into it, a redheaded woman which made Cassie smirk as she knew who it was.

"Well I'll be damned. If it ain't Lily Potter as a portrait. I always knew that you were a worrywort, but to create pictures of yourself to make sure that you're always with Harry is a little excessive. Though I thought you would have created one to hang at Hogwarts to watch over him as you were always very pushy and clingy to some people." Cassie said teasing the portrait, who just glared at her.

" Ha ha. You and Aurora have the same humor. I have two portraits jerk, one at Hogwarts and the other at Potter manor. This is Harry's personal portrait that he can use in case he needs some motherly advice." Lily said acting like it was normal for a kid to keep a magical portrait of their dead mother.

Meanwhile while the two mothers were arguing Harry and Angelina were quietly sneaking out of the room. As they were about to escape, they were grabbed by Flopsy who returned them to their seats. Lily and Cassie stopped arguing over things like how Harry was doing in school to what they should eat for dinner.

Lily soon turned her attention toward Angelina, who shifted uncomfortably under the dead woman's gaze. It soon became awkward as Lily made notes and made noises like 'hmm' and 'hah'. When Lily finally spoke it scared everyone, no one more than Angelina.

"Okay, you can date my son. Now I want lots of grandbabies, so you must be willing to give me at least a dozen or more." Lily said while everyone in the room froze.

Lily Potter had just given Angelina permission for her to marry Harry as long as she gave her dead mother-in-law a dozen grandbabies. Everyone's mind had shut down at that moment while Lily was off in la la land. Harry fainted from the words his mother had said. Cassie was giggling with glee as she heard those words, but Angelina had it worst. She had began to envision what life would be like and she was afraid of that life, not because she didn't want it. Oh no she was more worried about having kids like Fred and George who would then pass it on to the others and her whole family would be pranksters.

"Thank you Mrs. Potter, but I don't really want a dozen kids though. I was thinking more along the lines of two or three. Plus the rumor around Harry is that he has ties to the head of the Black family so he will have to take a second wife. Then there's talk from some of the older students that you and Harry's father put him into marriage contracts so he is engaged to two other women as well, not counting the fact that due to him being a national hero most of the country wants Harry to have over six wives. Though I know for a fact he would be happy with just the three of us who he currently has a crush on." Angelina says firmly to Lily who was surprised at her attitude.

After saying her what was on her mind, Angelina nervously bit her fingernails off. It seemed like an eternity until Lily began laughing. Everyone thought she had gone crazy but when she stopped and began to explain things no one spoke. Lily wanted to see if Angelina would stand up for Harry or would she be a pacifist and let her future mother-in-law push her around.

Lily reveals that due to her and James being dead, Harry is technically the new Lord Potter and as such he is required to go to Gringotts on his twelfth birthday to claim his heir ring, he can also ask to see if there were any outstanding documents that his father left him to finish or carry out when he is made Lord Potter, but some he could do as heir if they are alliance contracts which were not finalized.

Clapping her hands to break everyone's attention away from Lily, Cassie told her children to finish opening presents before worrying about summer. Lily being the lady she was stuck her tongue out at her, before Cassie threw a blanket over her. Angelina decided that she wasn't going to argue with her mother and opened up a present from Fred and George. Ripping the paper off the box, Angelina was shocked what was inside: the twins actually made food or at least helped prepare it. Apparently since the twins were very good for the first half of school made cookies that the twins always brought near the end of the school year. Harry opened up his present from the twins and found a book on pranking which was immediately taken from him by Angelina who threw it in the fireplace.

By the end of the morning, all the presents were opened and now the family of three with one painting were sitting down, talking, and preparing to eat Christmas dinner. Cassie had floo messaged Minerva and Dorea but the two were busy dealing with some dumb party with the minister of magic and his cronies. Lily was barking orders out of what to cook for dinner but she was later placed in another room where she would remain until she calmed down. Harry and Angelina took their presents and placed them in their rooms. Dinner would be the best time for the family as they managed to relax and enjoy talking about things other than school.

As everyone went to bed, Cassie smiled as she saw her two children sleeping in front of the fire. It was times like this she wished that the two of them could remain children forever. Sighing, Cassie moved the two kids to the couch and placed a blanket on them as they slept peacefully through the night. It was times like this that made Cassie happy, as the two could just be children and not worrying about school or grades.

(Valentine's Day)

School had returned back to normal after Christmas, though some things were still the same. Oliver pushed the Gryffindor quidditch team hard in training as usual, though the training did help them prevail in their game against Hufflepuff. So far in the running for the quidditch cup was Gryffindor by ten points, Ravenclaw was behind them then Hufflepuff and finally Slytherin in last place. McGonagall was so happy to finally be in the lead for the quidditch cup as the Gryffindor team hadn't won the trophy in 20 years.

Angelina had finally worked up enough courage to ask Harry to come with her to Hogsmeade for the weekend, so that way she wouldn't be hit on boys looking for Valentine's Day dates. Since Harry was young, he could only go if he had parent permission or was asked to go with an older student. Alicia and Katie were telling Angelina to make out with Harry all the way there to mark him as hers, but then again they were also telling her to make Harry eat her out as a way of marking her territory. Angelina immediately stunned the two of them and drew on their faces, the drawings were things from squiggly lines to a penis on their faces.

The carriage ride down to Hogsmeade was pleasant as the two talked about things other than school. Harry asked Angelina who she thought might make it to the Quidditch World Cup in a few years, who immediately answered with Puddlemere. Harry said that he thought Ireland had a shot, if they could work together as a team. Angelina then asked Harry what he thought of his mother's portrait from Christmas as she never asked him about it. Harry said he didn't mind the portrait, but he hoped that his mom really wasn't like that when she was alive, because she is really pushy as a portrait.

When the carriage reached Hogsmeade, the two went toward the local tea shop instead of the normal places as they knew it would be crowded. The two were seated rather quickly as the place wasn't crowded though there was a decent amount of people. Since it was Valentine's Day, the shop gave them free complimentary candy. The candy was chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, licorice wands, and even blood pops.

The two sat there in silence for a little bit, unsure and uneasy of what to do. Harry being the kid he was opened up a chocolate frog and handed it to Angelina who graciously accepted it before eating it. Setting the card from the package aside, Harry grabbed another chocolate frog for himself before eating it. The two chuckled as the chocolate left mears on their face, before they wiped it off of their face.

After sitting there and eating sweets for ten minutes, their order of tea and sandwiches finally arrived. They ate them while joking about the fact that people were trying to get a date for a single day than trying to hold on and find someone for that they really like and care for. Angelina really enjoyed the time she had with Harry, but her feelings were starting to well up in her and she had to tell him soon. Finishing their lunch, Harry gathered up the chocolate frog cards and the candy to eat on the trip back as the carriages are really slow, but were a lot better than walking. As the two settled into the carriage, Angelina took the time tell Harry how she felt.

"Harry, I've been having these feelings that have been bothering me for a while now. Listen, before you say anything just please listen to me. 'Deep breath.' We may have grown up together as siblings, but we're not siblings so it wouldn't be looked down upon. I thought maybe it was me feeling like an older sister trying to protect you from other girls, but it has just gotten stronger as time has passed. I know that Katie and Alicia are having schoolgirl crushes on you, though the feelings might get stronger. Now while I'm up to sharing with them, I don't want you to have as many girls as some people probably want you to have a harem of twenty girls or more. No I think that you deserve only the three of us with maybe 2-3 mistresses as you will need to make sure that your family line stays strong Harry." Angelina said while blushing at Harry whose jaw had literally dropped and couldn't believe what she said.

"Angie, I've been having these feelings about you as well. I see you and my heart skips a beat, I asked mom, my mom, and she said that's how you know you're in love. While I wouldn't exactly call it love, I do believe that it is a mutual attraction we have with each other. I do care for you Angie, but I agree with you though. I'll give Alicia and Katie a shot to join us, but I don't want a big family. I want a family where we all love each other and can grow old together. I'll only agree with what you say, not what the others want of me." Harry said to Angelina who was glad that Harry would give Alicia and Katie a chance.

Angelina being the bolder of the two, moved in closer before pressing her lips to Harry's. Harry was surprised at first but soon closed his eyes and enjoyed it. Angelina then grabbed Harry and moved him down, where she was looking down on him before kissing him again. While Harry wasn't used to kissing yet, he knew that he would learn to get used to it. Angelina who wanted to make sure that all the girls knew that he wasn't taken, began to suck on Harry's neck. Harry who had to stifle a small laugh from Angelina's lips tickling him was shocked that she was doing something so bold right away. When she removed her lips from his neck, she grinned as she noticed the mark on his neck. She had left her mark on Harry and now he was hers and hers alone for now.

As Angelina was grinning, Harry was stunned that he actually like that. While he didn't want her to do anything like that in public, it did mean that he wanted her to do that again though. The two rode back to Hogwarts in the carriage holding each other's hand, while Angelina placed her head on Harry's shoulder content. She knew that Alicia and Katie would bug her with details but they would just have to get that later.

Harry began looking at the chocolate frog cards and the first one he had was Dumbledore. Reading the back Harry saw how people viewed him, but it was the last part that made him realize what was going on. A few days ago Harry overheard Neville talking to Hermione about some guy named Nicholas Flamel, and what was on Dumbledore's card? He and Flamel worked together with dragon's blood.

Shouting in joy as he finally found who Neville and Hermione had been trying to find for the past month. Angelina who was enjoying her new pillow, smacked harry on the head and told him to shut up. Harry told her that he finally found out who Neville was bugging everyone about, hearing this Angelina was glad as Hermione kept bugging all the older girls who the famous Nicholas Flamel was and now she could hold it over the girl.

Taking the card from Harry, Angelina smack her forehead as it was so simple. Almost everyone who collects chocolate frog cards know about Dumbledore's past with dragon's blood. Realizing her stupidity, Angelina smacked her forehead as she remembered that for potions they had to research the properties of unique ingredients. She went to talk to Harry when he began to talk to her in Katie's voice.

"Angie wake up. Wake up Angie, we're going to be late for class." Harry said as Angelina slowly started to fade from reality.

Blinking as she woke up, Angelina groaned as she realized everything that she did was a dream. Grabbing her pillow, she wrapped it around her head and groaned into the mattress. Katie who was tired of Angelina taking so long, grabbed her feet and pulled her off the bed. Angelina let out a small squeak as she hit the floor, before glaring at Katie. Alicia who left to brush her teeth, threw a towel at Angelina to make her go grab a shower.

Alicia and Katie giggled as Angelina went to grab her shower. They listened to her sleep and she began to moan Harry's name while she slept. While Angelina dreamt that she had marked Harry as her man, she drolled on her pillow and moaned his name like crazy. Alicia who was a leep when this was going on, went and grabbed Katie who giggled at her antics. When Angelina came back she asked her friends if they had solved who Hermione and Neville were looking for.

"Yes we did. We solved it on your date with Harry on Valentine's Day, well it was more like I was playing with dolls as you two were so scared you didn't talk or kiss at all. It was embarrassing, I mean you fainted when Harry went to kiss your cheek. Though that could have been the fact that Fred and George dosed the chocolate with sleeping drought though. If it wasn't t for them you wouldn't have eaten your chocolate frogs, kept the cards and have found Dumbledore's card and solved the mystery of the who the hell is Nicholas Flamel." Alicia said, while Angelina breathed a sigh of relief because she had hoped that part was real.

Alicia told them that she looked up Flamel and how he created the infamous Sorcerer's Stone or Philosopher's Stone. The other two blinked in confusion and waited for Alicia to continue who groaned at how those two were so dumb. She told them that it was a powerful object which created of eternal life and could create gold from from metals . Katie who remembered the break in at Gringotts wondered if that had to deal with the stone. Alicia just assumed that it had to be, but she then asked the question that they needed the answer for.

"Why is this stone here at school? You would think that Flamel himself could take care of the stone as he had before. I think this is a lure to draw someone out, someone who is working for the dumb lord." Alicia said mocking the infamous dark lord who really was an idiot with a stupid name meaning fear of death.

As Katie was about to say something, Hermione and Ron were arguing again. Katie and Alicia left to hear the argument, Alicia forgot that she was currently holding Angelina's panties she threw at her and Katie. Listening in on the conversation, everyone felt bad for Neville and Harry who were in the middle of the argument.

"If you would learn to do your homework ahead of time, you wouldn't have to worry about it being late Ronald. You know that Snape hates your work, but apparently all you can think of is playing your stupid chess matches or your quidditch team." Hermione said angrily while Rona fired back at her.

"Oh look at you professor's pet. You think that you know everything don't you? I wish you would shut up you filthy mudblood!" Ron said yelling at Hermione, while everyone in the room gasped.

Tears streamed down Hermione's face, while she may have been new to the wizarding world, she knew what that word meant. Hermione ran up the stairs to her bed, while everyone in the room glared at Ron. Ron grinned as he had finally told off Hermione, but it was short lived as Fred and George grabbed him and pinned him on the wall.

"You are a bloody idiot little brother. You just had to ruin your friendship with the only girl who was willing to talk to you. Now you will get all that you deserve." Fred said dangerously while his wand was pointed at Ron's face.

"Oh don't think just because you're our brother you will not be pranked. Now prepare to suffer our latest prank little brother." George said before releasing spiders on Ron's face.

Fred used a spell that made Ron see nothing but spiders everywhere, while George used another to shut Ron up. The two then lifted Ron up and pinned him face first to the wall. Grabbing the dartboard from the floor, they placed it on his ass and began throwing darts at the board. All of the darts missed and hit Ron in the ass, but since he couldn't make a sound no one heard his screams.

Angelina who had finished her shower saw the end of the show, before she looked at Alicia and what was in her hand. Her eyes widened before grabbing Alicia to grab her underwear and hoping that no one saw them. Fred and George looked over and saw the panties in Alicia's hand and got on their hands and knees before her.

"Dear Alicia"

"Sweet Alicia"

"Please, oh please"

"May we have those"

"That which is in your hand?" The twins said in their twin speak while Alicia had the decency to blush and head up the stairs to place them in the dirty laundry.

Fred and George began to laugh at Alicia's misfortune, until Angelina sent them a glare. The two immediately shut up and begin whistling a tune of innocence. Angelina huffed before grabbing her books and headed to her Ancient Runes class, while Katie had to go to Herbology. Alicia ran after Angelina while Fred and George were dragged by Percy out of the common room while Harry and Neville looked at one another before laughing like loons at what happened. Hermione who had been told by Parvati and Lavender what happened to Ron came down to see it for herself, but instead of enjoying the scene she threw a dart at Ron which hit him straight in the ass and not even close to the board.

Percy who had sent his twin brothers to class, canceled the spell on Ron. Ron groaned as he was let down, he groaned in pain as he rubbed his ass from where Hermione hit him with the dart. Percy just glared at Ron who shrunk under his look before grabbing his stuff and heading to class. Sometimes Percy really hated looking after Ron as his big mouth got him in trouble. Sighing, Percy told Harry and Neville to get a move on or else he would begin docking points for tardiness.

Later that night, Neville dragged Harry to Hagrid's hut to witness something amazing. Hagrid had gotten permission to show a group of students the birth of a baby dragon. Neville knew that Harry would want to see this as seeing a dragon being born outside of a dragon reserve were rare. In Hagrid's hut were the heads of the four houses, Dumbledore, and some of the students ranging from first years to seventh. Hagrid wore a leather apron along with pot holder gloves. The egg was in a pot where Hagrid had create an environment where it simulated a mother dragon's warmth. Hagrid heard the pot rattling and grabbed the egg which was very hot and almost dropped it due to the heat.

As Hagrid set the egg down, everyone waited with bated breath as they waited for it to hatch. Soon the egg began shaking and cracking, Hagrid had a happy look on his face as it did. Before anyone could say a word, a baby dragon hatched and everyone was looking at the baby with happiness. Hagrid wiped a tear from his eyes as he finally had a dragon, placing one of his fingers underneath the head he tickled it. The dragon made a small laughing sound, but it was really it coughing and spit out a small fireball which hit Hagrid's beard.

Neville was curious at what the dragon was and asked Hagrid what breed it was. Hagrid replied that it was a Norwegian Ridgeback, very rare outside of the dragon pens. Hagrid then called the little dragon Norbert which everyone looked confused as to why he did that, but he said that everyone has to have a name.

After an hour had passed, McGonagall ordered all students to bed as it was 11 and they all had class in the morning. Most grumbled about the unfairness of that, while some were glad to go to bed. As the students marched toward their respective houses, were nearly ran over by Malfoy who ran toward McGonagall to tattle on Ron and Hermione. McGonagall had grabbed both of them by their ears and dragged them to her office. The two were not invited due to their squabble in the common room and the fact both of them were hiding outside the house meant they were in trouble.

The two of them were deducted 75 house points each and were given a night's detention with Snape. Malfoy who smirked at that was then outraged at how McGonagall took 100 points away for Malfoy who was out of bed and was sneaking around outside. He was sentenced to detention with Quirrell to help him prep his class for the next day. When their respective houses heard the news, shit hit the fan. Malfoy was beaten up and forced to sleep outside the dorms for the next month while Ron was pranked by his brothers. Hermione had her books taken from her by the girls and told her that for someone who followed the rules, she doesn't know when to stop when she is not invited to an event.

A few weeks after Norbert's hatching, Hagrid was distraught when he had to give him to a dragon reserve. After a tearful goodbye, Hagrid went to the Forbidden Forest to find what was attacking unicorns, when he found the creature it was drinking the blood of one. When Hagrid was attacked Dumbledore went with Hagrid to go to where he had encountered it.

Harry and Neville who were with McGonagall who took the boys to Hagrid's hut as the two wanted to say goodbye to Norbert. As they reached it, a unicorn came running out of the forest and was attacked by a creature. Drinking the blood, the creature then locked eyes with Harry and began heading towards him. McGonagall began sending defensive spells at it, but the creature swatted them away like nothing.

As it neared Harry, he began to scream in pain as his scar was burning. Before the creature could grab him, a centaur came out of the forest and scared the creature away. Hagrid and Dumbledore saw the centaur and called him Firenze. He revealed that the creature was Voldemort who was using unicorn blood to gain strength. Neville who remembered the stone that Hermione told him about, knew that was what he was after. Deciding that Ron and Hermione needed to work together to save the stone from Voldemort and whoever was helping him, though Ron and Hermione believed it was Snape.

Harry knew that he would have to face Voldemort and stop him, he knew that Neville would try to do it himself. Summoning his courage, Harry began to plan to face Voldemort and stop him. Realizing he couldn't do it alone, Harry would ask Angelina to help him, but if not he would do it himself, even if it was stupid to do so. Sometimes he really hated his luck and being cursed to face such a monster like Voldemort.

A/N: And that was chapter five. I hoped you like this chapter and in the next I'm going to try and wrap up book I know that this different take on the Forbidden Forest doesn't seem as scary as it normally is, but with this Harry being one to stay out of trouble I knew that it would have to be different. Oh lordy is this going to take forever. Looks like I'm going to have to start cutting things out, but damn I feel like I can't do that in some cases. Anyway I always wondered who sends first years to the forbidden forest at night for detention. Not only that why didn't Malfoy lose points as well, talk about bias there. I personally feel that out of the whole original books, Draco was a character who needed to die along with Ginny. Well guys, I'm going to tackling a few of my other projects as well. Until next time guys and remember: "Wax on, wax off." (Mr. Miyagi, Karate Kid 1984)