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Author's Note: This takes place pretty much right after the end of story mode of Mortal Kombat X. I thought I would have some fun and try to get back into the swing of writing, so I decided to have a little fun with the parody website Friendships featured on Cassie's fatality. It'll be serious but will feature MK elements and story mode merged with the up keeping of modern technology of the 21st century. Hope you guys like it.


General Sonya Blade ran into the Sky Temple with backup. "This way! In here!" she told the team. Slightly turning to them, she gave out her orders. "Isolate Shinnok and D'Vorah. And get the medic." She quickly observed the situation at hand; Shaolin Kung Jin tended to Raiden's near-fatal wounds as her daughter Sergeant Cassandra 'Cassie' Cage spoke to her father, Johnny Cage. Johnny was in pretty bad shape having been the subject of D'Vorah's nasty bug cocoon. Running over to Johnny and Cassie, Sonya took a better look at the situation she was faced with. She stood on the other side of her ex-husband, a pang of guilt (and possibly dread) hitting her in the chest. "We'll fix you up. Help is on the way," she informed him, her voice softening a bit.

Despite his pain and discomfort, Johnny smiled at his daughter. "You should've seen Cass," he began, his voice strained but filled with pride, "wiped the floor with Shinnok." Cassie beamed modestly, still waiting on the approval of her superior officer (and mother).

"I believe it," Sonya complimented. It was only then Cassie allowed herself to relax. "And you. You did a great job with your team, Johnny." Realizing how close she came to losing him, Sonya tried to fight off the weird nagging feeling of nostalgia even though her mouth hadn't gotten the memo yet.

Johnny seemed to notice this first, followed by Cassie's internal epiphany. Johnny let out a small chuckle. "You hear that Cass? She called me 'Johnny'," he gloated his daughter.

"I thought she might," Cassie responded to him as Sonya stared in adoration.

The last time Sonya referred to him as Johnny was right before their divorce was finalized. All of the memories they shared together came flooding back as the family of three awaited further assistance. She took his hand tenderly and gave it a gentle squeeze, asking a silent question. He reacted in kind, squeezing her hand back and giving her his prized movie star smile with a hint of something else only former lovers could read on one another. Maybe there was a chance for reconciliation yet.

Two weeks later

Cassie's glad to be back at home in her room after saving Earthrealm from the threat of Shinnok. As a reward for their valiant efforts, General Blade gave Cassie and her team a month off from service. They were allowed to return home and relax as they saw fit. In a short amount of time, Sonya has tried to reduce her workload so she can spend more time with her daughter while Johnny was able to go back into training after having his injuries healed.

Browsing the web in the sanctuary of her loft styled room, Cassie pops her bubble gum as she hears a ping on her computer coming from yet another tab she has opened. Switching to the tab, she looks at her profile on Friendships, her favorite social networking website. There's another ping. Upon closer observation, Cassie notices her best friend Specialist Jacqueline Briggs has started a new conversation with her. Jacqui sent her a picture of her and her beau Takeda Takahashi on Venice beach. Both were enjoying a drink inside of a giant coconut. When she realizes the type of straw inside, Cassie laughs as she chews her gum noisily. Jacqui writes, "This is amazing. I really do wish you were here."

Cassie Cage: I'm surprised you two aren't poolside right about now. Lol

SassyJacqui: Nah, there is a pool, but there is a beautiful breeze out here. We do have umbrella drinks as promised :)

Cassie Cage: I see that. How is "Keeda" by the way?

SassyJacqui: He's good. We're great but we do miss home. We'll be back sooner than you think, Sergeant ;)

Cassie Cage: No rush here. I'll find a way to occupy my time… been meaning to download new music on my phone. Go on, enjoy your vacation.

SassyJacqui: Will do. Miss you girlfriend. Later!

SassyJacqui has logged off

Cassie smiles to herself. She's extremely happy her best friend found happiness with Takeda. Given her past situations, Jacqui deserves her love life and vacation. Cassie then sighs. Putting on her headphones, Cassie leans back and re-opens a tab to listen to her new music without a care in the world. Unbeknownst to her, trouble begins to brew.

Sonya's in her office finishing last-minute paperwork pertaining to the events at the Sky Temple. She vows to get the longest body rub she could find in the state of California, even if it means getting one from one Johnny Cage. Johnny, she thinks to herself with a smile. She and Johnny are in the process of reconciling their marriage. There was never any love lost between her and Johnny even though some may beg to differ. She couldn't take back the years she spent confined to either her office or out on the field, but she could repair what was lost by starting over. Starting over meant not taking her job too seriously and paying more attention to her family. Starting over also meant not taking on as many assignments.

Sonya's in a good place in her career; she made it all the way to General of the Special Forces, something her father Herman would've been proud of her for. In chasing her career, her family suffered as a result and she vowed to do her best to make it up to them. She started by giving Cassie and her team a month off from duties. She almost thought about giving the members honorable discharges, but both Cassie and her goddaughter Jacqui protested, so this was the best she could do for them. Shaking herself out of her reverie, she continues to look over the documents of completed assignment.

After a few minutes, Sonya reaches the end of the document where she signs her initials and gives her stamp of satisfactory completion. With a content sigh, Sonya writes SB on the bottom of the page. Now all she has to do is stamp it. She looks for her stamping tool but it's nowhere to be found. Sonya frowns, thinking she's supposed to have it on her desk. "That's weird…" she mutters to herself as she ducks under her desk.

"What's weird?" a voice says, startling her enough to bang the top of her head against the underside of her desk.

"Ow, goddammit," Sonya grunts as she pops back up while rubbing her head. She looks up to see the man of her thoughts as of late wearing a plain fitted white t-shirt and loose jeans. "Shit, you scared me, Cage," she says, looking through her drawers.

With a cocky grin on his face, Johnny folds his arms as he stands by the threshold of her office. "Aww, are we back on a last name basis, baby?" he coos flirtatiously.

Sonya glares at him and then turns her attention back to her desk, fighting the blush creeping up on her face. "What did I tell you about calling me baby?" she questions him. She finally finds her stamp and turns back to the last page of her 30-page document.

Johnny sits on the edge of her desk. "You said not to call you that," he answers her obediently. She does a double take when she sees him sitting in such close proximity of her. "But, once upon a time, you said not to say it in public. Last time I checked, we're in your office and no one is allowed past your secretary."

Stamping her document with the official Army Special Forces seal, she stacks some papers on her desk and sighs at his antics. God, she missed this, but God, he's irritating her at the moment. It doesn't help her case when she reminisces on the better times when he used to surprise her in her office. "So, what pathetically charming excuse did you use to get past Blake?"

He dramatically slams a hand on his chest. "Ooh, you wound me, Sonya. I just used the charming excuse of wanting to take my darling wife out to dinner," he tells her. She stops her movements and gives him a long hard stare.

"Ex-wife," she clarifies before kicking herself mentally. Shaking her head, she busies herself some more by searching for something (anything) aimlessly in her desk. She couldn't bear to see his reaction to her correction. If they're supposed to be working things out, shouldn't he be allowed to refer to her as his wife now? But they aren't officially back together, they're just in reconciliation. Confused and frustrated, she looks up and sees Johnny stroking his chin thoughtfully.

"Didn't we agree to indulge each other, Sonya?" he asks her. Sonya puts her head on her desk in response. "So indulge me. Let me take my soon-to-not-be-ex-wife out for lunch or at least a walk. You've been in here since when, 0600 hours?" Before she could retort with the real answer (4:30 am), he continues, "That's not the point. You've been here for hours and I'm sure you could use a break." Standing back up, he walks around her desk and holds out his hand. "Care to join me, General?"

Sonya looks at his outstretched hand, traveling her gaze further upwards to see a grin gracing his features. It occurs to her then he had a few crow's feet and some wrinkles across his face. Despite this, she still views him as one of the most devilishly handsome men she's ever laid her eyes on. Plus, he's the one who introduced the idea of reconciliation even if the divorce was his idea. She smiles back at him, takes his hand, and allows him to pull her to her feet. "Okay, we'll go get lunch," she tells him. "But don't call me baby in public, John."

"Can't guarantee I won't, honey," he teases in a sugary voice. She shakes her head at him. He holds the door open for her as they both leave her office.

In her room, Cassie is asleep on her chair listening to her music with her feet kicked up on her computer desk. A loud ping jolts her awake, making her instantly go into a defensive position. When her heartbeat slows down a bit, she calms down and jiggles her mouse to wake her computer up from its hibernation state. The ping comes from a chat notification on Friendships.

KanO's: Hello there blondie.

Cassie's heart rate speeds up again, this time in anger. Suppressing the urge to curse him out and vomit, Cassie takes a deep breath and starts to type out a response.

Cassie Cage: What do you want, scumbag?

KanO's: Oi! You ought to be a little nicer to me, hey? Was just passing down and saying hello. I didn't know yer ma n' pa decided to get back together. How sweet that is.

Cassie Cage: You leave my mother alone!

KanO's: I ain't got to bothering yer mum now, blondie.

Just then, her phone rings. She looks at the caller I.D and sees that it's a blocked number. Great, she thinks. Not wanting to entertain Kano's antics anymore, she closes his chat window and answers the phone with a curt, "Sergeant Cage."

"Turn around," the male voice tells her in an Australian accent.

Cassie narrows her eyes dangerously. "Excuse me?"

The voice repeats itself, sounding much closer to her than over the phone, "Turn around."

"I don't know how you got my number, but I am not in the mood for your games!" she tells him just as she turns around. She gets a straight jab to her nose for her efforts. Temporarily stunned, Cassie has no time to prepare herself for the kick to her ribs which knocks her down and her phone out of her reach. Her mini bookshelf crashes to the floor, spilling books all over. Coughing in pain, she rolls over to see Kano in all of his glory towering over with a menacing smile on his face.

Kano takes out a dagger from his back pocket and points it to her forehead. "You do look so much like yer mum. Such a pretty thing you both are. Too bad Miss Sonya Blade doesn't know how to follow instructions, incompetent Americans you lot," he tells her. She kicks the dagger out of his hands and stands back up, ready for a fight.

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, but you leave my mom out of this!" She gives him a roundhouse kick to the jaw and tries to follow up with a right hook, which is parried with his hand and followed with a punch to the gut. She doubles over as Kano seizes the opportunity to elbow her in the back. Before she can fully fall to the floor again, he grabs her and backhands her extremely hard, sending her to the other side of her room. Cassie isn't going down with a fight though. She stands back up and charges at him assaulting him with a barrage of jabs and hooks. Most of them hit her intended target, but a few misses are costly to her. Kano grabs her by the neck and begins to squeeze the sides of her windpipe. Unable to escape her chokehold, Cassie gasps for air. "Let… me… go!"

Kano responds with another squeeze. "Too bad," he tells her as he brings her closer to his face, "I'm just getting' started." He drops her and she falls unceremoniously to the floor. Kano then covers her mouth with a cloth soaked in chloroform and she instantly passes out. Just then a green portal is waiting for him on the other side of her room. He grabs her by the legs and drags her towards the portal before they both disappear. Kano returns to drop a calling card on the floor for Sonya to find on her own time. Smirking evilly to himself, he leaves again, the portal closing behind him once again.

Sonya and Johnny return to Johnny's house after spending a few hours with each other. "Hey, Punkin!" Johnny calls out, "your mom and I are home. We brought leftovers!" After not receiving an answer for a few moments, he tried again. "Cass? We brought leftover Thai pad noodles, cooked the way you like?" He finds it strange Cassie isn't answering him; she loves Thai food. "Cassie?"

"Cassie!" Sonya tries this time. "Are you home?" No answer. Call it a mother's instincts, but something doesn't feel right to Sonya. Running upstairs to Cassie's room, she expects to see either a note from her daughter addressed to Johnny or her daughter in her room taking a cat nap. What she sees instead is Cassie's room door ajar and her books all over the floor. "Cassie?" Even though she doesn't like it, she hopes her daughter would jump from a corner and scare the shit out of her. Crossing the threshold of Cassie's room, Sonya notes her daughter's phone on the floor and her earbuds abandoned in a corner. "JOHNNY!"

Hearing his name being called out, Johnny runs upstairs to see Sonya staring at the calling card Kano left in shock. He sees his daughter's room in disarray before taking note of what Sonya's pointing to. By Cassie's phone, there's a note pinned on the floor by Kano's favorite weapon. The note reads, "She screams just like you, too."

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