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A/N: This is set in some kind of medieval alternate universe where the world is the same as ours except there are two new countries somewhere: Seika and Miyabigaoka, which are both a tiny bit like medieval England, mixed with Japan and a bit of modern stuff.


"Don't kill me!"

The lady in the huge fuchsia ballgown backed away from me, into the corner of the large room.

I sighed and put my two knives back into my leather belt. Her terrified face relaxed ever so slightly. "I am here to relay a message from His Majesty the King," I told her calmly.

She nodded nervously. "O-okay. What is it that he wants to say?"

I took a deep breath. "He says that your debt hasn't been paid in the time that you agreed on, so you will pay him with your life."

Guilt fills my heart as her grey eyes widened and in a split second, my knives were back in my hands and slashed across her throat cleanly. She gasped and a cascade of crimson blood spilled out all over the elegant satin carpet. A quick and quiet death.

There was frantic banging on the door. Her servants? Relatives? Friends? It didn't matter, because I would be long gone before they got in. I ran towards the open window silently and slipped out into the night.

I woke up from the nightmare gasping. I tried consoling myself that it was just a dream, but I knew that it was real.

I've killed forty-one people. Twenty-eight men and thirteen women. I've never forgotten any of their names and I never will, not for the rest of my life. Killing is never justice, not even when the target is a criminal. I had considered committing suicide many times to end all that guilt, but then the same thought ran through my head: my mother, father and sister would be back begging on the street again, and I could never let that happen.

No matter how much injustice is in this profession, it is work. One has to work, because work makes money, and money keeps your family alive and healthy.

Working in this group of assassins wasn't as bad as working in other groups of assassins, if you wanted to be positive about it. The group that I worked in was called the Secret Assassin Association (SAA, in short) and we worked in secret for the king of Miyabigaoka. Whoever the king ordered to be killed was killed, whether it was a criminal or a nobleman that he was annoyed at. It was a corrupt system, but every time I killed a target, I was awarded a huge amount of cash. I always sent most of it to my parents, and kept just a little for myself.

This is the only profession that a peasant like me can do that earns so much money. I had been recruited on the street by a mysterious man one day when I was eleven and took the chance. I didn't tell my parents where I was leaving to because I was worried they wouldn't want the money if they knew where if came from. I only told my little sister Suzuna, who was sworn to absolute secrecy. I hadn't seen any of them since that day.

I was then whisked off to the quiet countryside of Miyabigaoka to be trained for the next four years of my life. When I turned fifteen, I started receiving missions.

I never failed a mission and I never gotten caught. Not once, in my thirty-seven missions in my two years. I slowly rose to be one of the top assassins in the Association. The missions started to get harder suddenly and it was becoming increasingly harder to not get caught. And my next mission was going to come any time now.

So that's how I found myself waiting alone in a tiny dark room in the missions base of an assassin group.

The door opened abruptly and bright hall light shone into the dark room suddenly. "Ayuzawa-san, report to the Mission Room," a deep voice said. I squinted in the direction of the light. A tall silhouetted figure stood in the arch of the door. "The chief wishes to talk to you."

I sat up in my bed and nodded. "Tell him that I'll be there in five minutes." He nodded back and left the room.

Yawning loudly, I heaved myself off my bed and groaned. My muscles ached from all the running I had to do when there was a lack of missions. I quickly got changed into my most formal outfit – a white button-down shirt under a black blazer and a black pencil skirt with black tights and black shoes. Most things I owned had to be black or dull earth tone colours, so that if something happened during whatever I was doing, I could get away without drawing too much attention to myself. I wasn't allowed any bright coloured clothes at all in my wardrobe. If I had any neon coloured clothing I would probably be kicked right out of the Association.

I speedily brushed my mid-length dark hair and washed my face. I had huge dark circles under my eyes, from the lack of sleep, which I ignored, and left the room, hoping I wasn't too slow. The Mission Room was downstairs and down a few maze-like corridors. I had been living in this underground settlement for two years now and still got mildly lost on some occasions.

The Mission Room was the most important room in the whole place and was heavily guarded by four gruff looking men dressed in dark purple and white, the national colours. Even with guards, there was a number code on the door. I showed my identity card to the guards who nodded, and I typed four numbers into the code bar: 8-6-3-5. It beeped and a green light flashed. With hard push, I opened the heavy door.

A shiver passed over me. The room was freezing as always from the constant air conditioning. Everything in the room was bare and white like a scientist's lab: the thick iron walls painted in white; the cold, white, tiled, hard floor; the dozens of white computers around the room; the pale white ceiling; the white, leather chair that a middle-aged man in a snowy white lab coat sat in, like a king. He had greying black hair and a serious face that was slightly wrinkled that held clear black eyes. Nobody except maybe the king, who the chief held in the greatest respect possible, knew his real name or age, or really much about him or his past. Nevertheless, he was hugely respected by everyone in the Association.

I bowed low to him. "Misaki Ayuzawa reporting for duty, Chief-sama."

He nodded, sending me polite acknowledgement. "I have your new mission. This time you will be going to another country."

I gaped at him. I was going overseas? To another country? I had never even thought of the possibility of being able to go overseas with this job. Hardly any peasants got to cross a border in their lifetime. "Are you serious?" I asked, getting excited.

The chief glared at me. "It won't be a holiday, it is work. Don't forget that." I remembered that the condition for being able to go overseas was to kill someone, and I bit my lip. He took an exaggerated breath and continued. "You will be going to the Kingdom of Seika. The journey is by carriage for five hours, until you reach Raven, the capital city of Seika. The target is the Royal Family."

I stared at him in utter disbelief and shock. How was I supposed to kill a royal family? Isn't that completely impossible? "W-what?" I managed to get out.

He ignored me and continued on. "You will kill King Richard VI, as your most important target. If you can, kill Prince Gerald as the second target and Prince Takumi as the third target. However, at least the King Richard must be killed or then the money will not come to you. The money that His Highness The King of Miyabigaoka offered is five million yen ($40000 or £25000)."

That was a hell of a lot of money for one death, I had to admit. "Why would choose me for this important mission, sir? I only have two years experience."

"Why?" he repeated and hesitated for a second's thought. "Simply because right now you are the highest ranked female in the Association. Girls your age are much less suspicious than, say, a thirty year old man. Also, you have the right abilities. You are a fast and silent killer. And you fight with a knife, no? I couldn't let a gun user do this operation, because the palace is surrounded by busy markets and streets on all sides. If they were going to shoot from outside through a window, everyone would see. If they shot from inside, everyone would hear, since even with a silencer the gun will make some noise. Those are the reasons. We have thought this out a lot and really believe that you are the only one in the whole Association who has a chance of succeeding in this mission."

I wasn't really quite sure if I should be pleased with that compliment. "How would I get into the palace, though?"

He smirked back at me. "You chose the ninja training course, didn't you? You are supposed to be able to infiltrate easily. Decide yourself." I almost groaned at myself. I there were a many types of assassin training courses I could have initially chosen from, but as an eleven year old, I chose the ninja one because it sounded the coolest.

He passed me a thick envelope that said on the front:





That was what was written on every mission pack. I anxiously teared open the envelope neatly and pulled out a huge wad of papers. On the first piece of paper, it said:

Mission: Kill the Seikan Royal Family

Infiltrate Raven Palace and kill King Richard VI, Prince Gerald, and Prince Takumi.

Then there was a large sketch of the palace, drawn in plan view. There were guards stationed in every edge of the fence surrounding the palace. Outside the walls was a whole network of roads and markets in every direction. That meant no climbing walls. There were no trees in the whole town, except inside the palace grounds, meaning no climbing trees. What was left…disguise?

My thoughts pondered on it for a few seconds before I turned the page. A sketch of an old, bearded, fierce-looking man was on the top left.

Profile: King Richard VI of Seika

Full name: Richard Walker

Age (estimated): 76

Gender: Male

-Paranoid about assassins, will not go out of the palace and when he does, he will go extremely incognito. It is probably easier to kill him inside the palace.

-Cruel to peasants. He orders the hangings of any peasant who did even just a petty crime.

Profile: First Prince Gerald of Seika

No picture found.

Full name: Gerald Walker

Age (estimated): 21

Gender: Male

-Very ill with an unknown disease, rumoured to be dead within three years.

-Rarely seen in public.

Profile: Second Prince Takumi of Seika

No picture found.

Full name: Takumi Walker.

Age (estimated): 17

Gender: Male

-Has never been seen in public.


-You will use your own money for this mission, as so much money is coming to you afterwards that you will not need it.

-You will pay for your own carriage to take yourself to the city of Raven.

-Clothes for you will be paid for. You will be given plenty of clothing to seem like a normal new person in Raven.

-The mission may take a little while to find the perfect time when you kill him, as he is guarded very well.

-Ayuzawa is permitted to use her own name – Misaki Ayuzawa – because it is a long-term mission where it requires to talk to several people and it would be easier and safer to use this name rather than a fake name.

-Two weapons will be provided: the knife she usually uses, to keep in a thigh knife holster, and a Swiss Army Pocket Knife.

I packed up the pages, put them neatly inside the envelope and handed it back to the chief, who motioned one of the servants to put it on the shelf.

"Good," he said with a slight smirk. "Your mission starts at dawn tomorrow."

"Market Street, miss," the driver's cheerful voice called from the front. I opened the door and struggled to yank my large bag out the door. When I had finally got it out, I stumbled to the front where I thanking the driver and handed him a handful of cash. He nodded in thanks and drove off.

I was slightly annoyed at the Association. They didn't give me one of their own carriages and made me pay for one, with the excuse that it would look more 'ordinary'. They didn't even give me any money, saying that I should use my own, since I would earn lots of money afterwards anyway.

However, they did give me plenty of new clothes and things. Most were earth tone long skirts or fashionable airy blouses. The long skirts were to cover my thigh knife holster – straps around the thigh with a long saggy pocket to hold a knife. It felt really uncomfortable and it was a tiny bit difficult to walk and run with it. The airy blouses were to hold the Swiss Army Pocket Knife. Both weapons were very lightweight. The knife was nine inches, had a steel blade and a black leather sheath. The pocket knife had a large blade, small blade, screwdriver, nail file, saw, ruler, scissors, pliers, mini torch, magnifying lens, can opener, corkscrew, multipurpose hook, glass breaker, tweezers, toothpick, ballpoint pen, and a digital clock.

I took a breath and started to walk through the street full of market stalls towards the palace which was perhaps a bit over one kilometre away. The market was bustling with people of all ages and genders and sizes, buying or selling in small stalls which sold everything, from necklaces to vegetables, from omelette rice to…apples.

You could say that I have a crazy obsession with apples. When I was really little, before we were dirt-poor, my mother used to always cut them in bunny shapes and my sister and I would get excited and happy every time. I hadn't had the luxury to have an apple for about three years now. After all, apples were extremely hard to find in the hot climate of Miyabigaoka.

There was only one small bowl of apples left. My feet began to take my to the stand, I could almost feel the apple's taste...

Someone's hand was on top of mine, which was on top of the apple. It was a strange sensation, the warmth of the person's hand and the coolness of the apples.

Wait, someone's hand was on top of mine? I squeaked and slapped the person's hand away.

"ACKK! WHAT – WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIT ON ME YOU ARE AREN'T YOU?" I yelled, raising my arms defensively and looking up at the person.

He was tall, with a lean build yet had some muscles in just the right places. He sported a brown peasant's travelling cloak but underneath the hood, a tuft of spiky honey-blonde hair popped out over some bright emerald eyes and a gorgeous face.

I took this change to ogle at him for a couple of seconds; I had never seen anyone on the earth as handsome as this guy.

"Actually I just felt like eating an apple…" he said in a monotone voice and turned towards the stall again. I felt either relieved or disappointed – I wasn't quite sure – and regained my voice.

"Oh, well…I want the apples too," I snarled, switching to my competitive mode. "I saw them first."

He shrugged and started to walk away in a not-very-bothered manner. "It's just apples. You can have it. I'll go somewhere else." He turned. I felt anger rising up and my face burning. I was so very obviously challenging him, why wouldn't he take them? Now I didn't feel like I had earned them.

"Well, now I don't feel like I want them. Thanks very much, idiot!" I yelled.

He turned and walked back, shrugging again. "Alright, then I'll take them."

My annoyance level had reached its limit. "No, I want them now."

The guy arched an eyebrow at me. "It's just apples...you can have them…"

I glared at him in utter irritation and turned to the girl managing the stand, who looked very flustered and uncomfortable. "Do you have any more? If I get the apples and this idiot doesn't, I'll be really irritated."

The girl shook her head. She had strangely unique dark pink hair that she wore in pigtails. "I'm sorry."

I sighed in annoyance. "Fine, he can have them."

He shook his head. "You seem like you are really craving them. Just take them."

"No! It's yours," I snapped, putting my hands on my hips.

"I'm walking away," said the guy.




"I'm confused…?" the fruit stand girl mumbled. "I've had people fighting over the last fruit before, but never fighting over not having it…"

I winced at my stupidity and turned to the girl. "I'm sorry about that. Sometimes I get a bit weird. Er...I'm Misaki Ayuzawa."

"I'm Takumi Usui," the voice behind me said. I spun around, feeling infuriated again.

"Did your pea sized brain not realise that I was not talking to you?" I retorted.

His face was completely blank. "Oops," he said in a flat voice. I realised that he was probably just trying to wind me up. I had never felt like punching someone as much as now. He smirked at me and walked away.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down and turned back to the girl. "I'm Misaki Ayuzawa. Nice meeting you."

I held out my hand, which the girl took with a smile. "I'm Sakura Hanazono. That's Shizuko." She pointed to the back of the shop where a girl with short hair and glasses was moving boxes of peaches. Shizuko gave a small wave at me and continued her work. "I'm kinda impressed with you. You had an argument with Usui-kun. He is a bit famous around this part of town." She leaned closer, over the display table. "They say he works in the castle as a footman. You know, since he's been seen coming out the castle through the servant entrance."

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. That rude guy? I almost snorted. "Well, I wouldn't know since I'm new here." I held up my big leather bag to show her. "Do you know where I might get a job? I'm a bit low on money." I made a sheepish grin, since I had not really brought enough money to get a place to stay and be able to get a carriage back to the base, since most of my earnings went to my family.

She thought for a second. "Well…there's a job audition today for the role of a parlour maid, at the palace. It's really difficult to get in, though." She fished around a bit and found a poster, handing it to me. In big letters it said:




I would get a bit of money, plus my mission would succeed. I smiled at Sakura who beamed back. "This is perfect!"

"Miss, before you enter the palace we have to pat you down in case you have explosives," said a blonde guard wearing the national colours, green and yellow.

I bit my lip in panic. I wasn't worried about the pocket knife, because I had shoved it down my bra earlier, but what if they found my other knife? They already started patting me down and a few seconds later found something bumpy on my leg: the thigh knife holster. "Miss, what is this?" I stood there for seconds thinking of what I could do, but there was no choice. He looked at me expectantly. Wincing, I bent down and put my arm up my skirt, pulling out the knife. The other girls and women in the line gasped and some squeaked. The guard arched an eyebrow at me and took the knife to inspect it. "…steel blade, leather sheath, nine inches? What's a nice lady like you got with this?"

"It's purely for self-defence, sir," I mumbled through my lies. "I have gotten mugged three times in my life."

He looked at me with pity. "You poor thing." He thought for a second and bent closer to me. "I'm supposed to confiscate this for good, but – just because you're super cute – if you get through the test and become a parlour maid, ask for Shiroyan. I'll give this back to you." He winked at me and I groaned at that idiot's utter stupidity.

There was a reason that he was supposed to confiscate this, and that's so terrorists and assassins don't do anything bad.

I gave him a (hopefully) cute smile of thanks and hid my triumphant smirk as I entered the dimly-lit room that was the palace hallway, ticking a box on the imaginary checklist in my mind.

Infiltration complete.

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