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Nothing Left For Me To Do - Chapter One

It was the nausea that had woken Maureen. The burning sensation from the stomach acid that was currently rising through her chest prompted her lithe body to course into action. She pushed the thick blanket away quickly; she didn't notice the body next to her stir into movement.

The figure of Maureen hurtled towards the bedroom door and hastily pulled it aside. She barely had chance to fall to her knees as an intense wave of nausea hit her. Maureen placed her hands around the toilet as her stomach proceeded to empty its contents into the white ceramic bowl.

A presence emerged behind her but all attention was focused as her vision swam and she battled to stay consciousness.

A hand pulled her fine black hair away from her face and she could feel cool, strong fingers brush along her back.

'You okay?' Jim's deep voice questioned as he ran his free along the length of her back. Maureen's only reply was to lower her head closer to the bowl and close her eyes.

Maureen shivered inwardly, the iciness of the ceramic tiles her knees rested upon made her frozen form shake. Jim was now kneeling behind her, one strong arm around her weak shoulders. He knew what it had been like when Maureen had suffered from bulimia; he was almost afraid to leave her alone. This time it was different. This time it wasn't the bulimia making her ill, this time it was due to her pregnancy.

The timid and drained Maureen raised her self back onto her knees and into Jim's embrace.

'You okay?' Jim repeated, whispering the question to her left ear. Maureen offered him a weak smile and small nod, its all she had the energy to do. Jim tightened his arm around Maureen' s shoulders as he rubbed her round stomach gently.

Six months ago she found out she was pregnant, a concept that had been completely alien to her 5 years ago. It hard been to accept at first, she had never gained weight like this before and if she was honest with herself, it was more then a little scary.

Five long years had passed since that fateful assessment performance at ABA. Maureen had lost count of the number of times she envisaged herself on that stage, listening to the sound of the audience holding its breath. She knew it was the right thing to do, she had been miserable there, incrassated in a living hell on earth always trying to seek praise from those around her.

'So you coming back to bed'? Jim's voice shattered her thoughts. Maureen nodded again as Jim proceeded to lift her to her feet. She turned while the toilet gushed loudly as her husband guided her gently along the dark hallway.

The warm softness of the mattress was a welcome change from the cold hardness of the bathroom tiles. The thick blankets still held a remainder of the warmth she had left before her dash to the toilet.

Maureen sank down into the depths of the softness around her and tried to find a comfortable position to sleep; no mean feat when you are six months pregnant, Maureen thought to herself quietly. She moved down into Jim's chest and breathed I that aroma he always seemed to have. This prompted her husband to once again place his arm around her and hug her body closer to him.

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