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Nothing Left For Me To Do - Chapter Four

"A senior Internship!" Maureen screamed as she read the letter she held in her hands "Jim, this is fantastic!"

Jim stood transfixed, staring at his wife. It was true, the letter confirming his place as a Senior Intern at the hospital had arrived that morning. It was what he had wanted, what he had worked hard to get over the last 10 years. But for some reason, he couldn't help but feel a black cloud of doubt hovering over him.

Maureen threw her arms around her husband, holding him tightly. Jim however, didn't hug back.

"Whats wrong?" she asked, lowering the letter.

"Nothing" Jim's reply was meant to sound sincere but the look on his face spelt trouble.

Maureen dropped the letter to the counter top and took his face in her hands. Looking into his eyes, she smiled deeply and kissed him.

"What's wrong?" she repeated.

Jim pursed his lips and let his head roll backwards, a deep sigh escaping his lips. Jim bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes.

"I don't know if I can take it"

Maureen felt speechless, this is what her husband had wanted, what he had worked so hard to achieve.

"What do you mean you don't know if you can take it??"

"The hours are even longer then I do now, it would mean even more time away from you and the baby" with these words, Jim ran a hand down his wifes body, coming to rest on her large belly.

"I'd have to start next week, I wouldn't be here at all"

It was Maureen's turn to sigh as she looked up at her husband. She let one of her hands rest on top of his.

"You're taking it Jim"

Her words felt final although Jim knew that he would have to fight his stubbornness AND his wifes to win over this one.

Two weeks, that's all Maureen had left before she was due to give birth. Two weeks before their lives changed forever.