Help me....Please help me....

I am a prisoner in the dungeon of the castle. My name is Zelda.

The wizard, Agahnim, has the other missing

Girls. Now only I remain.

Agahnim has seized control of the castle and is now trying to open the

Seven Wise Men's Seal....

I am a prisoner in the castle....

Please help me....

Links eyes fluttered open, but he did not move from his bed. He had been asleep and dreaming. Or had he? He could've sworn he heard pleading, the sound of a young girl. She said her name was Zelda. But how could that be? Zelda was the name of the princess of this land, Hyrule. And Agahnim. Link knew of him also. He was not originally from Hyrule, but came many months ago during the horrendous drought that held Hyrule in its grips. He was a wizard and had used some strange form of magic to return the kingdom to order. Agahnim's accomplishment was revered by all. The whole kingdom showed their gratitude toward him. The King of Hyrule appointed Agahnim Chief Advisor as a reward. He was a hero to all. Surely he would not take control of the castle and kidnap innocent girls. Would he?

Link's thought moved on to the rumors he had been hearing lately. He had heard that ever since Agahnim's promotion that the palace guards had been under some sort of strange trance. It was true that they did seem different. Link had encountered one of the guards while out exploring the previous day. He had tried to attack him. Link had not thought twice about it. But now....

At this point Link's mind was racing with thoughts. All these questions. It would have been impossible to return to sleep.

Link rolled over in his bed and saw his uncle sitting at the table. Their eyes met.

"What is wrong Link? Can you not sleep?"

"I had a strange dream, Uncle," Link replied.

The look in his uncle's eyes showed the concern for his nephew.

Link now noticed that his uncle was fully dressed in armor and was holding the family sword and shield. Why would he be dressed this way, like he was preparing for battle? Link's uncle was very old. It was quite unusual to see him in war dressings again. This gave Link a new thought to ponder in his head.

The lad rolled back over in his bed and closed his eyes. He lay on his back listening to the steady drop of rain on the thatched roof. He heard a crack of thunder outside and saw a flash of lightening. A raindrop dripped on the floor next to his bed. He heard his uncle get up and go to get a pot. He placed it on the floor to catch the rain that continued to drip.

Link's mind was swirling. He had heard a voice in his head that he surely had thought was a dream. But he heard it so clearly.... The girl, Zelda she said she was, sounded very frightened. Link could hear the desperation in her voice as she pleaded to him.

And the rumors of the wizard Agahnim... Link never thought anything of them. He dismissed them as simple gossip, something that the inhabitants of Hyrule had a habit of talking about. But now he was beginning to trust the strange voice. His uncle was in full war dressings. He looked as if he was getting ready for battle. Surely this had to mean something. His uncle would not go out in a thunderstorm, in the middle of the night, in armor, for nothing. Especially at his age. It had to mean something. But what? It was all too confusing....

He rolled over in the other direction now, toward the window. He peered out of the rain-streaked glass to the inky blackness outside. Rain fell steadily beneath the sullen, starless sky. Another clap of thunder boomed in the distance. A bright flash of lightening split the sky. Link closed his eyes again.

"Link, I am going out for awhile. I will be back by morning. Stay here in the house."

Link turned back over and watched his uncle get up. He picked up his sword and shield from the table and walked toward the wooden door. Link gathered his blanket up around him as his uncle opened the door and the cold wind blew inside. He looked back once more at Link in his bed before he stepped through the door and was gone.

Link sat up in his bed. Now he definitely thought something was wrong. He knew it. This was very unlike his uncle. He never left him alone in the middle of the night. Never. Something was most definitely not right.

Link got up from his bed now and moved to the front window. He looked outside and saw his uncle moving up the east path. He looked to be heading towards the castle. Link sat down in the chair his uncle was occupying and rested his elbows on his knees. He buried his head in his hands. What should he do? He knew something was terribly wrong but he didn't know what he should do about it. Should he answer the calling, or should he obey his uncle and stay in the house? He struggled with the answers in his head.

Link went over the strange words again in his mind. A young girl named Zelda had called to him and said she was being held in the dungeon of the castle. Agahnim the wizard was kidnapping other girls and had taken control of the castle. What else had she said? Link knew there was something else....

Agahnim has seized control of the castle and is now trying to open the

Seven Wise Men's Seal....

Link sat straight up in his chair and looked around. It was the same voice. The same young girl. She had answered the thoughts in his head. She had said what he was searching for. Only this time he heard it.

The Seven Wise Men's Seal? Link thought about this. He had heard the name before, but wasn't quite sure what it was. He remembered something his uncle had told him when he was very young.

According to legend, long ago, when the Gods created the world, they departed to the heavens and left behind a magical, golden triangle as a symbol of their power. The hid it deep within the Golden Land, a kingdom parallel to Hyrule, but much greater in power. Eventually the Triforce came to be taken by the thief Ganondorf Dragmire, who, by using its power, drew all of the greedy and corrupt into the Golden Land to become members of his Evil Army.

Eventually, it was said, that the Evil Army marched on the Castle of Hyrule and attacked, attempting to overthrow the King. The Hylian Guards of the castle fought bravely however, and while the battle was going on, the Seven Wise Men, Hyrule's most gifted magicians, sealed the Golden Land from Hyrule. Ganondorf and his army were imprisoned within the Golden Land forever.

The great battle that was fought at the palace became known as the Imprisoning War. Hyrule mourned its brave, but fallen soldiers for years to come, but peace was eventually restored to Hyrule. No one ever mentioned the name Ganondorf again and from that moment on, they had no need to. He was not seen nor heard from again.

Link thought about the legend in his head. It had happened eons ago. Not nearly even close to Link's time. Therefore he didn't even know if it was true. It was merely a legend, something people tell to pass the time. A simple myth. But was it?

The voice had said that Agahnim was attempting to open the Seven Wise Men's Seal. Surely if the legend was true and the seal was broken, a great plague would corrupt the land. If evil had indeed endured in the Golden Land for all these years and was all of a sudden released into Hyrule, no one would be safe from it.

Link had to do something. Whether the voice was a dream of not, he needed desperately to find out. He couldn't let his kingdom, his home, be plunged into a second darkness and not try and stop it. He must do something.

Now sure that there was more to this night than merely a strange dream and his uncle's mysterious departure, Link vowed to do something about it. He quickly put on his favorite green tunic and hat, grabbed his trusty red lantern from the trunk by the door and made his way outside, braving the raging thunderstorm blowing around him.