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Chapter 25: The Answer to The Question On Your Mind

The world isn't black and white and not everything is sunshine, there is always grey and miseries in life, wither that be from actions outside your control or from expectations put on you, answering questions is easy, but what if the question is to choose a favourite girl out of 5. Easy you say, hard you say, well I'm in that realm of the latter with two, Fire vs Ice, Yumiko Miura vs Yukino Yukinoshita.

The days were long and hard from then on as the two competed for Hachiman's number one spot, though on the side on Yumiko it was still confusion for her, she didn't know how she still felt entirely, on one hand she still had feelings for Hayato Hayama and one the other feelings for Hachiman Hikigaya who even then her feelings were still unclear as she felt, she did feel something for the young man but was it love or was it deep friendship, opening up to him was the first step in understanding her own feelings, technically she had been on dates with him and they were fun so but it never answered her internal question of did she like Hachiman as friend or lover.

Sitting at her house alone it was a tiring time for her, when she needed support for her love she didn't have it, it was sad for her a parent is meant to be there for their child even if it was only for an hour, but she hadn't seen them now for three days as they were at work getting out her phone she called up people that would listen, her best friend Hina and her rival Yukino.

Waiting for the arrival of her friends she sat in thought about this decision, it scared her oh what was happing, a change in her life that was different, she had relied on shallow relationships that only was present so that she could have attention, it was the same with her fashion wearing what was in season but she did enjoy what was fashionable so that was plus for her she really did like fashion.

She thought about her friends she was kind of in the same boat as Hayato as she was talking with a façade on her face taking the appearance of the rich girl that was the queen bee just so she could garnish in the attention that she never had growing up, and now she had genuine friends, that word genuine had come up a lot in the history of the club, she had heard it from Yui and Yukino a lot when she asked them about their relationships with each other.

Hearing a knock on the door she opened it to see the two girls standing there.

"hello Hina, Yukino" she said as she opened the door for them as they came in.

"Yumiko what's this about, your text sounded urgent" Hina said as she looked at her best friend.

"mmm indeed, Yumiko what is going on" Yukino said as she looked around at the empty and quiet house a stark contrast to Hahiman's or Yui, it was much like her own except the large size that made the house feel gloomier as the most of the lights were off except the hallway/ staircase light, her own room's and the living room that she was in.

Walking through the empty house was a reminder to Yukino as she had seen these room and had walked this floor, the cold empty house that was standing as a reminder of use to be, and not what is was as they climbed the stairs to Yumiko's room which was a contrast to the other parts of the house as it was full of things that made the room lively from a computer and sound system to stacks of light novels that made it look like someone lived in the room compared to the rest of the house.

"so what's this about Yumiko" Hina said.

"well it's about Hachiman" she says as they too look at her.

"what do you mean?" Hina says.

"well I mean I'm not exactly sure how I feel about him, I know I like him but…" she was cut off by Yukino.

"you're not sure if its love or friendship" Yukino said making Yumiko nod "I see but it's been a while since he confessed to us, what did you feel at the beginning?" she asked.

"well I thought he was an interesting man, I wasn't even originally meant to be in that room when he confessed it was just that Yui felt nervous alone, a friend she normally sees never do anything suddenly runs off and she got scared something happened and asked me to come with her, though I watched him run out the room it wasn't my problem what he was doing but she was considered he was doing something dangerous, so went along with her and that's where I heard his confessional songs I was going to leave but I was interested in what he was going toing to you guys so I stayed to hear what he said and then it came to me and I was confused at first on why he said my name but then I heard his song and it was strange I didn't know how to feel at first but over the whole song as you remember I started to cry I wasn't sure at first but I thought about it and I think It was from the fact that no one had said to me so it was something that was moving, someone that liked me, sure by that time I had admires that wanted to but I had that facade up so that weren't seeing the real me" she said as she explained the situation but it wasn't enough for her to just explain it she had tried that many times with herself and came up with no answer that was good only false reasons liked he was interesting but she didn't really know much about him other than he was cynical personal that only went to the extreme for others.

"your façade, you mean that rich pompous attitude?" Yukino said mockingly when she describe the attitude making Yumiko angry but she was right she kept up a shallow fashionable rich girl facade who kept up with fashion and with the new tends, but she didn't like it she was more like Hina without the glasses and Yoai (boys love) obsession, she was a reader though she did like trends but having to be pompous shallow person is a saddening thing, she couldn't express reading LN's(light novels) as she thought she would get teased for it, so she kept it secret and never had anyone over so they wouldn't find out.

"one thing I don't understand is why you and Hina are friends, the attitude you have, or you describe you had, doesn't seem like it would mesh well with Hina's kind, no offence" Yukino said to Hina as she waved it off.

"well it was me who approached her, I was the one who started this friendship with Hina and she looks cute so the other girls didn't mind her as long as she didn't talk about LN's or Manga so it was good but she was with me the whole time throughout junior high so It was nice but I still had to wear the facade at school for everyone else but her who like me for who" Yumiko said as she looked at Hina apologetically as she felt bad for relying on Hina throughout the years.

"it's ok Yumiko, I had fun with you" Hina said as she saw her best friend feel crack the lock on her heart "Yumiko you're a nice girl that facade you ware wasn't really a facade at all you did enjoy those actives you were just leaving part of yourself out, lock away were only a select few could reach, that is why I was here for, and you've let more people in, Yukino, Yui, Iroha, Sakisaki, Saika, Yoshiteru, even Hayato has gone through this himself and Kakeru" Hina said making Yumiko giggle out "I know funny I say his first name, but look at you, you bring light novels to school, and you can talk to people other than me about them, even your sort of stuck up attitude that you had has deceased, only time I ever see you all snarky is when you and Yukino are talking and that's only because your competitive towards each other but you have to put you back together again, show the world you're not just some shallow girl only that likes clothes and makeup, not that you wear hardly any anyway, but show that you like the nerdy side of yourself in conjunction with those things" Hina said to Yumiko.

"I know but it's hard I don't want to be mocked again" Yumiko said as the two giggled out.

"Yumiko Miura Mocked that would be a shocking development" Yukino said sarcastically as she smiled at her rival who glared at her "Yumiko there all always jealous people in the world, people who hate you for just being you, it's a fact of life, but taking a page out of Yui's book, there are plenty of people in the world who are there for you at the same time" Yukino said trying to quote Yui with full comprehension instead of the broken mess that Yui creates with language.

"your right, though Yui is too optimistic at times" Yumiko said as they all nodded.

"indeed but sometimes that excessive optimism and optimist view are necessary" Yukino said as smiled thinking of their peach hair coloured friend "though we still haven't answered your question yet, I believe Hachiman sees you for who you are, he can see past the facades and lies people put up, though when he first met you he probably disliked you just like the rest of your once clique because all of you guys, were hiding behind masks and walls creating shallow and meaningless relationships, but I think he's seen you and judged you to be good enough for his friendship, though he does have a soft spot for women obviously as symptom of his romantic thoughts as a child" Yukino said as Hina nodded in agreeance.

"yeah you got him hook line and sinker, he even said at club remember your part of the top two against Yukino, so he obviously likes something, though you do have the edge in appearances so maybe you'll win" Hina said as Yukino had a frown on her face as she knew that Yumiko was better looking than her and she had better proportions then herself and like the same things as him but she knew him longer and they had a better repour.

"you know we still haven't answered my question" Yumiko said as Hina giggled out.

"well we just did you know, by what you said, you guys have some connection, weather or no you want to take it further is up to you, you two look cute together but that's just me and if you don't you can still be friends, but the biggest question is do you feel that that attrition to him, does he look sexy to you" Hina said as hugged her best friend who just shook her head and smiled.

"he kind of does, when we went on our friend date he looks very good, despite the dead fish eye, he does look sexy" Yumiko said as Yukino just sat there listen to the conversation between friends.

"how about you Yukino, you find him sexy don't you" Hina said to Yukino.

"he is very handsome, despite the dead fish eyes" Yukino said as the other two giggled at her statement.

"well Hina what about you how is you and Kakeru going" Yumiko said to her best friend.

"Yumiko don't were here for you" Hina said as didn't want to talk about her own love life.

"aw why not he is into you, why don't you take it" Yumiko said as Yukino said nothing picking up one of the manga's stack around as she saw the cover and it was a bit jarring as it depicted a busty redhead with zombies around her and started to read it seeing what it was about.

"I can't" Hina said to her.

"can't or won't" Yumiko said sternly as she looked at her best friend before she relaxed and hugged her "I care about You" Yumiko said as Hina smiled at her.

"I know but I just need some time, he nice and sweet towards me but I'm not sure if I can I'm nervous Yumiko, what if he doesn't like me when we start dating" Hina said.

"well its fine, then you move on but you got to start somewhere, you can't just hide behind BL forever" Yumiko said as Hina looked down in thought before they heard a noise from Yukino who was annoyed at the Manga she had in her hands.

"this makes no sense the plot is flimsy and not much makes sense the reader doesn't even get an adequate explanation on why everything suddenly broke down and the illustrations is way to unrealistic and ridiculous, its insulting" she said as she put down the Manga tome, looking at the tome Yumiko saw it was HOTD (high school of the dead) and tried to explain to Yukino about it as they enjoyed there afternoon helping Yukino understand the appeal of Manga and LN's in comparison to classic literary works until the sun went down and they left Yumiko's house.

Exiting the house Hina turned around to Yumiko "think about it Yumiko, he's good for you" Hina said as Yumiko laughed.

"yeah and you as well, Kakeru is waiting, just go now and confess" she joked as they all separate ways as Yumiko went inside to read some manga and get ready for the next day where she would try to understand her felling for the man a little more.

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