Hey guys! This is my new story, All's Fair.

Some things to note: It's a Mortal AU, so there are no gods or anything in this- they're just regular mortals.

It is a Percabeth story, but Percy may seem slightly OOC in the beginning. That's part of the story. There is a reason why I've made him like that, and it will progress with the plot.

I'm excited for this story, and I hope you enjoy it. As ever, read, enjoy, and review!

PS. It will change in POV, but the character who's narrating will be in the title for that segment.


Right now, I wasn't sure how I felt.

My head was a terrifying mix of nervousness and excitement, and with it, the over-riding horror that always comes at the prospect of a first day at a new school.

It's ok, I told myself, you know people there. Stop worrying, and now get ready.

By the I had taken a shower and gotten dressed, Helen had started calling me.

"There you are," Helen said, packing Bobby's lunch box. "You're going to be late. Here, eat your cereal quickly."

I shovelled a spoon of Weetabix in my mouth, swallowing it down. "Where's Dad?"

"He's already set off, and he's taken Malcolm too, to look for a work experience placement," Helen explained, as Bobby and Matthew rushed into the kitchen.

I watched as my stepmother helped her sons into their seats, and gave them their breakfast. At first, soon after my father married her when I was eight, and Malcolm was ten, I had intensely disliked the woman. I didn't like the fact that she seemed to be replacing my mother after the divorce. But after some time, I came to accept it, even started liking her. What had started off as a rocky relationship at best had settled down into something bearable, even amicable.

"I better be going," I told her, as I said goodbye to Helen and her younger brothers. Helen wished me luck, before I set off.

The walk wasn't too long, around ten minutes. It was weird to be back in New York. Sure, I'd visited in the last few years, to see my mom and some of my friends, but I was used to living in San Francisco. New York was busy, but I liked that. I liked this city, buzzing and alive, even on a cold winter morning.

I was so caught up in thinking, I was distracted from my mixed emotions- and the time. School was about to begin.

I nearly had to run, but I was still late. Homeroom would nearly have started, and I had to visit the school secretary first. I entered through the school gates, into the courtyard. A few late students were ambling in. I saw some people giving me looks, including a girl who was dressed in a tight scarlet dress. She sneered at me, as the girl next to her chattered.

"And so Zoe told him that- Drew, are you even listening?"

The girl gave one last glare to me, before turning round. "Yes, I'm listening to you," she sighed, "so what did Zoe say to Michael?" I didn't understand what her problem was, and why she seemed to dislike me, but I ignored her. I was used to girls like her, and I tended to ignore them.

Shaking all such thoughts from my mind, I took a deep breath, and ascended the steps into Goode High.


I slammed shut my locker, as I slung my backpack over my shoulder. First day of a new week of school was never great, but today particularly sucked.

Jason nudged me. "Look who's here," he smirked, nodding his head in the other direction.

Walking down the hallway was Drew Tanaka, dressed in a red dress, lipstick smeared over mouth. She was one of the 'popular girls' and a cheerleader, feared by a significant proportion of the school.

Oh, and my current girlfriend.

"Hey, Percy," she smiled. "So, listen, are you free today?"

I silently thanked Grover in his head for inviting me round. "Actually, no. I'm going over to Grover's house."

Drew pouted. "Shame. Some time next week, then."

I nodded unenthusiastically. "Yeah, sure."

I glared at Jason as Drew walked away. "Don't even think about laughing."

Don't get me wrong, I liked Drew, and boy was she good looking. But I had only started going out with her last week, and she was starting to get annoying.

"If he doesn't, I will." I spun round to see Thalia, Jason's twin sister. "Why Drew anyway? Even Olivia was better than her." Olivia was my last girlfriend, and Thalia hadn't exactly got on well with her. I'd gone out with her for a couple of months, which was actually pretty long considering my track record.

As I looked at Thalia, I realised she was dressed in sleek black clothes.

"Did you happen to take a walk through Nico's closet?" Jason asked, but she just stuck her tongue out in reply.

"Speaking of Nico, has he asked you out yet? I notice you're wearing a bracelet. Perhaps a gift from a lover?" I asked, smirking.

Thalia gagged. "Shut it, Kelp Head." I should explain the nicknames. I was captain of the swim team, and pretty much loved being in the water all round. Cue all my friends to come up with cringe worthy nicknames. "The bracelet was one my friend gave me, years ago," Thalia continued. "I figured I'd wear it, you know, since she's coming here today!"

"Wait, what?" I asked.

"Yup, she messaged me last week. We used to go to school together, before she moved to San Francisco. Turns out her father's moving them back to New York, and she's coming here!"

Jason looked at her. "Wait, which friend is this?"

"Don't you remember? Her name's Annabeth Chase."


I looked at the piece of paper in my hand, my timetable, as I walked out of the secretary's office.

I had homeroom now, but I had no idea where that was. Suddenly, I saw a boy running through the hallway. He looked like he was a senior too, and he had curly brown hair. He ran with a slight limp.

I knew him.

"Grover!" I said excitedly.

Grover turned around, and his eyes widened when he saw me. "Annabeth?" He rushed forward to hug me. "What on earth are you doing here?"

"I transferred here." I smiled at my friend. We had gone to school together back when we were ten, when my dad had decided to move his job, and all of us with it, to 'Frisco.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Grover asked.

"I wanted it to be a surprise. Though I cracked, and told Thalia."

Grover shook his head in awe. "I can't wait for you to meet everyone. What d'you have now?"

I checked my timetable. "Homeroom with Mr. Blofis."

Grover's eyes lit up. "Me too. C'mon, we're late." He took me by the arm and half dragged me through the halls. Soon we were entering an English classroom.

"Sorry we're late, Mr. Blofis. Traffic."

"That's ok, Grover, you can sit down. And who's this?" The teacher was tall, with thick salt and pepper hair.

"Annabeth Chase. I just transferred here." I scanned the room while I spoke. My eyes went past Grover, who had sat down next to a black haired guy, with sea green eyes. He was looking at me intently. For some weird reason, I wanted to stare right back, as if he was challenging me. I didn't like to back down from a challenge, but my eyes moved past him, when I saw Jason, smiling at me, and next to him, my best friend. Thalia was grinning, waving at me. I saw she was wearing the bracelet I had given her back when we were younger. The sadness of losing mine during the move hit me again.

"Ah, yes, Annabeth. Welcome to Goode. You can take the spare seat- well, there's one next to Grover. You can sit there."

I sat down, and put my bag on the floor.

It was official. I was now a student at Goode High. Ten minutes into my first day, and so far it wasn't going too badly.

I just hoped it would stay that way- but knowing my luck, it probably wouldn't.

I only wish I'd prepared myself for what was coming.

Hope you enjoyed that :) That was mainly an introductory chapter, so we were switching POV's round a bit. In the next chapter, Annabeth and Percy will properly meet.

As you can see, Percy's character is different. Don't try and call me out for writing him like that, that's part of the story. We will see his character develop like any as the story moves on.

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