I felt like writing about Harley after watching the Suicide Squad trailer. So have deranged poetry. I'll write one from the Joker's POV if I get reviews :)

Diamonds are my favorite thing (I also quite like nerve gas). That's why they decorate my arms, I think they give me class.

I swung a bat through the window of that fine jewelry store. Cleaned it out, decked me out, with diamonds I adore.

When I checked into Arkham, they took my jewels away. I promise that I'll get them back when I'm saved by Mr. J.

Mr. J's my love, I help and cheer him on. He replies in turn by nearly killing me with bombs.

Of course he doesn't escape with that, I always have my revenge. A touch of acid, a good sharp knife, and then we're sweethearts again!

Arkham isn't nice, it's quite dismal, dank, and dark. But I make so many new friends here- oh, it's such a lark.

I used to be a doctor here, now that's a horrid bore. Life became so interesting when Mr. J kicked down my door.

He doesn't give me diamonds, but I think that's fine. I can get them by myself and then they're all be mine.