Author's Note: Once upon a time, many years ago, I realized there was a ship called EvilCharming. So I decided to search it and realized that it was a fabulous ship. There was one particular author who stood out to me. I read her stuff over…and over…and over again. When she read my stuff I went into total fan girl mode as this fabulous author was reading my pathetic attempts at EvilCharming fiction. And then by some weird lapse in her judgement, she decided she wanted to be my real life friend!

So in honor of her birthday, here is a return to the world of Two Princes. Happy birthday Michebellaxo! You are my EC inspiration-and I am happy to say one of my best friends!

His life had not changed as much as he thought that it might. He still had a kingdom to run, and he still had to run it with the appropriate amount of fear. The majority of that came from the fact that he had a lunatic brother to provide for. It bothered him what he had to do, but James was his brother. His parents had trusted him. He did what he had to do. He had a reputation to uphold at all costs.

His black knights were constantly on the prow for David did everything in his power to think of them as something other than live women that he was sacrificing to keep his brother at ease.

He could never tell if it was working. He only knew that James never attempted escape. The thought both soothed and horrified him. There were two reasons why James would stay put.

One was simply that he wanted to enjoy the easy life. That made sense on one level to David. On another, it didn't.

James was clearly sick. Why would a man as twisted as he be content to sit in a cell all day and have another provide for him?

That brought up David's second thought, which chilled him.

James was simply biding his time until he could get out.

His biggest change was that he had a wife. It was a huge change, but it was not that big of an impact on his life. Regina was a good queen. He chuckled when he heard the stories of the villagers referring to her as the "Evil Queen." He supposed that it was only fitting given his reputation. He knew what the villagers must be saying about her to have married him.

Their sex life was incredible. David had never had it in such a fashion. Most of the women he took were whores, or had been drunk enough to not notice his actions. Sometimes they ended up being shoved away-others they would end up with James. It all depended on how things were going at that particular time.

David was fiercely protective of Regina. He reminded her regularly that she should stay away from the dungeons. Regina had expressed little interest in them. But he worried that it would come. Especially as he saw her becoming restless.

"You are bored." He made the statement one evening. They were drinking a nightcap in the parlor. It was late. They both kept such late hours, there was no point in attempting to do anything earlier in the day.

Regina glanced up at him. She'd been pacing before the windows, staring outside. This was one of the only times that they spent together each day. It usually resulted in the same fashions-Regina pacing and making a bit of small talk. Then they both gave up and retired to their chambers-before arousal got the better of them and they ended up fucking in one of their beds.

"I suppose that I am." Regina turned from the window, and swept across the room to sit down on one of the parlor chairs. "I'm not used to being contained so often."

David shrugged.

"So go out. You're welcome wherever you would like in the kingdom." Regina chuckled at that.

"You, your Majesty, are a bit out of touch with your kingdom."

"Do tell." David leaned forward towards her, placing his glass on the table. Regina twirled her own glass between her fingers, a faint smirk playing on her face.

"Your kingdom is quite afraid of you."

"That I know." David rolled his eyes.

"And by therein, me." Regina chuckled. "It is hard being your queen, your Majesty. I have a certain reputation to uphold."

He supposed that she did. Another thought was creeping into his mind. This one was darker. Perhaps he could use this to his advantage-or better yet, to James advantage.

"I'll tell you what," David reached across the small coffee table to take her hand, "tomorrow I will get you your own carriage and team, and you could go out riding whenever you like."

Now it was Regina's turn to shrug.

"I'm accustomed to doing my own riding-not sitting in a carriage."

"Then I will buy you the best stallion in the kingdom. Tomorrow." David countered.

"I am up for the challenge of taming such a beast." Regina nodded as she considered. "All right, I suppose that I'll take such things."

"Excellent." David resumed his wine. Regina finished hers, sweeping to her feet.

"I am retiring upstairs. Are you...coming?"

"Perhaps." He knew that he would be. He had been staring at her breast for far too long. Regina smirked, immediately knowing what he meant.

"Then I will be waiting." Her hand lingered for a moment on his shoulder as she passed.

"Oh, one thing," David turned back to her. "Could you send the butler in?"

"Of course." Regina closed the door behind her.

As soon as the door closed, David got up. He had a plan. He hoped that it would work. When the butler arrived, he penned a quick letter to Peter asking him to come in the morning.

"You want to what?" The advisor asked, staring at David.

"You heard me." David responded. Peter shook his head.

"Are you certain that this is wise?"

"Why not?" David shrugged. "What can it hurt?"

"What can it hurt?" Peter repeated, staring at him. "What if Regina realizes?"

"She won't." David waved him away. "She is bored, and she needs something to occupy her time. And James needs women. Let's use both of them to our advantage."

"So you're simply going to have Regina bring them here?"

"She needs something to do." David got up. "And I can use the assistance." Peter let out a deep breath.

"She is still an outsider. We cannot let her in."

"We aren't. She will never know. We will set her up on some sort of mission. I am certain that you can find something."

"What if she does not bite at the bait? What if she simply does not care?"

"There is potential for darkness in her." David leaned at the window. "Look at her mother. We can find something in her to awaken."

"And you are...okay with this?"

He was not. Deep inside, he was not. He did not want to bring Regina into this, or to try and create such thoughts in her head. This was not her problem.

He was about to manipulate his wife. David knew that he had never been a particularly great man, but he was about to make himself worse. He had done a lot of things in his life, but he was about to make them all worse by manipulating an innocent woman.

"As long as James lives, we do what we have to to protect him." David did not turn and face Peter. "We do for family here, Peter. We take care of them at all costs."

Peter did not respond. David had not answered his question, but Peter knew the answer.

"As you wish, your Majesty."

Two days later, Regina was returning from a ride. True to his word, David had bought her the best stallion in the kingdom. The horse was a gorgeous black beast who yearned to run. Regina was only too happy to take him out. She liked the feel of such power in an animal. She had always thought that her other horses were of fine quality, but they were nothing to this animal.

At the gate, she handed the reins to the stable hand before strolling towards the castle. Her maid was standing in the doorway.

"Your Majesty, the king is looking for you."

"Oh is he?" Regina unpinned her hat, handing it to the woman.

"He is in your chambers."

"Wonderful." Regina didn't hold back her smirk. That was another perk of this match up. The king was lovely in bed. She wouldn't mind an afternoon tryst.

David was in fact in her chambers. He was standing before the wall where a new picture had been hung. It still had the cover draped over it.

"What's all this?" Regina looked at him curiously.

"I brought you a gift."

"Artwork?" Regina raised her eyes. She was not terribly amused. Artwork was not high on her list of excitement. She greatly preferred it when the King brought her jewelry.

"It's more than artwork." David pulled the cover off of the picture. From what Regina could see, it was a mirror. Almost immediately, a face morphed into view.

"Hello, your Majesty," the voice spoke from within.

"What is this?" Regina looked at David once more.

"It's a magic mirror." David smiled proudly. "It will tell you everything you could want to know."

"Really." Regina stepped up to the mirror, studying the face which looked back at her.

"Ask it anything." David stepped up beside her. "Mirror, who is the most handsome king in the land?"

"That would only be you, your Majesty." The mirror responded. Regina was only mildly impressed. This was one of his less interesting gifts, for certain.

"Go on," David nudged her. "Mirror, tell me who is the fairest in all of the land?"

"That would be your queen, Majesty, at least for now."

"For now?" Regina snapped. That had her attention.

"I speak the truth, your Majesty." The Mirror smiled. "For now, you are the fairest in the land. But another maiden will come, and she will be more fair than you."

Regina hesitated. She stepped up to the mirror, frowning.

"When will this maiden come?"

"Soon." The Mirror nodded.

Regina looked at David. He bit back a smile. The look on Regina's face said everything that he had hoped that it would.

"You gave me the gift of suspicion?" She snapped.

"Well I couldn't have expected it to say that." David smiled. Regina gave him a dark look, turning to frown again at the mirror. Sighing, David slipped his arms around her waist. He pulled her back against his chest so that his lips could rest against her throat.

"Are you going to let such news drag you down?" He murmured, nipping lightly at her skin. Regina tightened her mouth into a hard line.

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Oh, I don't know." David dragged his hand along her side. "Perhaps you can do nothing, but I can."

"Oh can you?" Regina glanced back at him. David gave her a sly smile.

"Were we not just saying that you needed something to do?"

"I suppose." Regina grumbed.

"Then find this woman." David murmured. "Help your king keep up his appearance."

Regina opened her mouth. David sensed her hesitation.

"A woman more attractive than you might raise some concerns. I mean, you are beautiful, but what if I found her more attractive? And better in bed than I?"

Her jealousy began to peak. She did not love David, but she was the queen. And she wanted to remain so. Besides-.

"And just what would your mother say?" David mused. That did it. Regina's head snapped back to the mirror.

"We will find her."

David ducked his head into her shoulder to hide his smile. His plan would work out perfectly. Amusing his brother had just become easier.