It was late in the night or rather very early in the morning. Kate had just arrived home and was exhausted. She changed into an oversized t-short from college and collapsed onto her bed. The past few weeks had been chaotic. First, Ari's return into her life and then it seemed to be murder season. They had three active cases that they were working on. She'd hardly been home, the only reason she'd come home tonight was because they'd just closed a case.

Kate threw the blanket over herself and began to drift off. Thump...thump...Kate's eyes flew opened, she reached underneath her pillow for her gun and jumped out of bed. Someone was in her apartment.

"Caitlin, there is no need for a gun." The all too familiar voice appeared before her. Ari.

"What the hell do you want?" Kate demanded spotting the gun in his hand.

"You know what I want, Caitlin. Lower the gun."

"No." Her heart was pounding and she launched herself at him, knocking them both onto the floor. She grabbed his weapon and held it against his chest. He didn't move for a few moments before grabbing her hand and forcing her to point the weapon at herself.

"I will not hesitate to shoot you. Just think of the pain it would cause Special Agent Gibbs if you were to die, because you refused to listen." His voice was laced with dark humor.

"What do you want?" She demanded once again.

"Lay on the bed." He told her. Kate didn't move until she felt the cold muzzle of the gun pressing against her throat.

He climbed on top of her and removed her shirt, the gun still pointing at her. Ari glanced over her body before removing the last piece of clothing she had covering her. Kate felt the muzzle press deeper into her skin as she attempted to fight him off. He grabbed her face and forced his lips onto hers. His knees pried her bare legs apart and he smirked at her, sensing the fear in her. Kate knew what was about to happen he was going to rape her and she cried out. He put his hand over her mouth as he roughly entered her most intimate part of her. She whimpered as he looked down on her with a sense of accomplishment. Her eyes began to water as she felt him in her.

"Gibbs will kill you." Kate regained her voice.

"Oh Caitlin, he has tried and he has failed. He will fail again." He smirked at her.

His body pressed hard against hers as he continued to violate her. He brushed his against her breast and pressed his lips against her neck. Kate closed her eyes praying that this was all a nightmare.

"Open your eyes. I want you to watch so you can tell Agent Gibbs all about it," He demanded, "The female body is quite beautiful especially yours, Caitlin." Ari groped her backside.

Kate opened her eyes and it wasn't a nightmare, he was on top of her raping her. A muffled cry escaped her lips and he laughed. He wasn't going to stop, he wanted her to suffer. He wanted Gibbs to suffer and she couldn't do anything to stop it. Kate gave up fighting hoping that he might leave her alone if she gave him more power over her. He took his time in watching her suffer.

He finally got off of her and put his pants on. Kate wasn't sure how much time had passed, she no longer could feel anything she was numb, frozen. She didn't even noticed him return her gun.

"Tell Gibbs I say hello and good luck. Goodbye again Caitlin." He turned his back and headed for the door.

Kate's body shook violently but somehow she was able to hold her gun. She pointed it at Ari her hands were shaking so bad, she knew she wouldn't be able,to get a kill shot. Every fiber was telling her to shoot him just shoot him. Her hands shook and she pulled the trigger.


He hissed a bunch of words in another language, Hebrew Kate assumed. She'd shot his shoulder and grazed his neck. The terrorist's blood dripped onto her floor and she felt nothing. No satisfaction, no anger, no anything. Somehow in the second Kate had looked away he was gone.

She sat staring at the doorway numb. So many thoughts rushed through her head that she couldn't think of a single thing. Eventually she went on autopilot and picked up her phone and dialed 911, calmly and professionally explaining what had just happened. Then she waited.

Gibbs had gotten a call from dispatch, one he never expected to get. It wasn't a dead sailor or marine nor was it a terrorist attack or an abduction, but rather a rape. A rape of an NCIS agent. Dispatch didn't even need to tell him the name of the agent when he heard the address he knew. He knew it was Kate, his Kate.

He never followed speed limits and tonight was no different, he rushed to this crime scene as fast as he could without getting into an accident. He needed to be there for Kate and he needed to get there before the rest of his team though he had sent them to get the truck. He rushed into Kate's apartment building. There was blood on the floor and wall along with two bullet holes. Please don't let that be Kate's blood he thought. As he entered her bedroom, her personal space he saw her. A thick blanket from an ambulance covering her. Two EMTs stood next to her taking her vitals. She hadn't been shot. She'd shot the bastard. There was an imprint of a muzzle of a gun against her throat. Bruises were forming on her face and Gibbs could only guess as to where else bruises were.

"Hey Kate." He greeted her his tone soft and full of worry.

"Gibbs." Kate stared at the ground.

"Are you ready to go the hospital?" An EMT asked Kate and she nodded.

As Kate got into the ambulance Tony and McGee had showed up.

"BAG AND TAG EVERYTHING!" Gibbs ordered them before he climbed into the ambulance with Kate.

"You don't have to come." Kate told him.

"I know."

"Then why are you?"

"Because one of my agents was just attacked." And I care about you more than I should, he thought.

Kate didn't say a word and turned away from him.

"Kate," He put his hand on her shoulder and he knew it was a mistake the moment he did. She tensed up and turned around with a terrified look in her eyes, "Didn't mean 't frighten you."

Kate stayed silent she didn't speak a word when they got to the hospital. She didn't answer any questions with her voice only a nod or shake of her head.

She was embarrassed that Gibbs was seeing her like this, hurt and weak. She was a federal agent and a former member of the secret service and she'd let him getthe upperhand...again.

"What happened, Kate? What should Tony and McGee look for?" Gibbs snapped her out of her thoughts.

"He...he raped me, Gibbs. He raped me." Her voice shook.

"Do you know the guy," She nodded, "Who?"

"It was him. The terrorist, Ari Haswari."

She saw Gibbs's look change from concerned to ready to kill. She should have fought harder, should've been more alert. This was her fault. He excused himself from the room. Kate looked down at the floor she had caused Gibbs pain, he probably hated her.

"Agent Todd, I'm Lieutenant Amy Parker" The nurse told her and she nodded, "We're ready to do the rape kit."

"Okay. Just get it over with." Kate told the nurse.

Gibbs returned to the room and sat down, "Put out an APB and BOLO. We'll get him, Kate."

Ari's words repeated in her head he tried and he failed he will fail again.

"Do you want him in the room during the exam?" The nurse asked.

"Yes." Kate quickly replied not wanting to be left alone.

"Before I start the exam I have to ask a few questions. Are you on any medications or have you taken any in the past ?"


"Any health conditions or allergies?"


"Are you sexually active?"

"Haven't been for over a year."

"So, no consensual intercourse in the past 72 hours?"


"Okay. Did you come in with any clothing?"

"No...he took them off during the...r- attack. They're still at my apartment."

"I'm going to comb through your hair to look for any evidence." The nurse told her.

"Kate, what happened?" Gibbs asked.

She closed her eyes and began to relay the events of the night, "I got home at 02:00, changed out of my work clothes, and went to bed. I drifted off so 02:30 I woke up because I heard footsteps. I grabbed my gun and then I saw him in the hall. He told me I didn't need my gun and I asked him what he wanted. He told me I knew what he wanted and to lower my gun, I refused," She stared down at the thin hospital blanket covering her and took a sharp intake of air, "I tackled him to the ground and got his gun. It happened so fast the next thing I knew he had me pointing the gun to my chest. He told me he would kill me and he wanted me to think of how much pain that would cause you, Gibbs if I was killed because I didn't listen. I asked him what he wanted and he told me to...lay on the bed." She paused how could she tell him how she was raped? All the details of Ari violating her. She couldn't do it.

"Agent Todd?" The nurse called out her name.

"Huh?" She asked.

"I'm going to comb through your pubic hair now for the same purpose. I'm going to need you to lift the blanket." Kate was told.

"I'll go-" Gibbs began to say when she grabbed his hand.

"NO! I mean please stay, Gibbs," She said weakly and Gibbs sat back down and moved the chair so he could only see the upper half of her, "Thank you."

"What happened after he told you to get on the bed?" He asked.

"I froze, Gibbs. I froze and he out the gun against my throat. I didn't want to move, but I did. I got on the bed and...and he got on top of me and took of my clothes. I fought, Gibbs I really did, but he pressed the gun harder against me. He kissed me a-and then," Tears filled her eyes with a few escaping down her cheek, "He forced my legs apart and he was in me, inside of me. I told him you'd kill him and he reminded me that we-you haven't caught him yet. He was smirking I wanted to be a nightmare so, I closed my eyes. Ari he kissed my neck and touched me. He made me open my eyes so, I could...tell you what he did to me. I don't know how long it was it seemed like forever. He told me to tell you hello and good luck and then he said goodbye to me. At some point he returned my gun. My hands were shaking to bad to get a kill shot so, I took what I had. Got him in the shoulder and grazed his neck. He still got away."

Gibbs was surprised how composed Kate still was. Yes, tears were streaming down her face and she wouldn't look at him, but she wasn't letting any emotions show. It pained him to hear her tell him how Ari wanted her to pass along those messages. Kate was hurt and it was his fault. He hated how she was justifying herself to him by telling him she really did try to fight. He watched as she stared off into space as the nurse scrapped and cut her fingernails. She looked so vulnerable it broke his heart to see her like that.

Another woman entered the room and Kate barely looked up.

"Did he penetrate you anywhere else," The nurse asked her and she shook her head, "Do you know if he used a condom?"

"Did he use," Kate repeated remembering the attack. He hadn't used a condom he had ejaculated in her. She couldn't feel anything, " me...oh my god...he was in" She muttered.

"Kate?" He asked worried as she began to hyperventilate.

"She's having a panic attack," The nurse told Gibbs, "Agent Todd, breathe. You're alright. Take some deep breathes."

Kate couldn't see anyone but Ari on top of her, raping her. She could hear Gibbs's worried voice and someone telling her to breathe. She took some deep breathes and she slowly came back to reality. She glanced around a little disoriented. Gibbs was looking at her and she could tell he'd been scared, but he looked relieved now.

The woman, not the nurse gave her a cup of water. She sipped at the cup of water taking her time as he heartbeat returned to normal.

"Better?" The same woman asked.

Kate nodded, "Yes."

"And you are?" Gibbs asked.

"Jane, crisis counselor and advocate." The woman introduced herself.

"Do you want to continue?" The nurse asked Kate.

"Yes." Kate wanted the bastard to be put away for a long time.

"I'm going to preform a pelvic exam and take some swabs."

"Kate, I'm gonna call Abby in now. Have her bring you some clothes." Gibbs told her.


"It'll be alright." Gibbs kissed her temple and left the room leaving Kate shocked at the affection he had just shown her.

"Boyfriend?" The woman, Jane asked her.

"He's my boss."

Kate kind of wished he hadn't left, but she did want to be alone. She never liked pelvic exams and this one was definitely going to be the worse.

Gibbs didn't want to leave Kate alone after she had just been raped, but he had to. He needed to give her some space and he did need to call Abby. How was he going to tell Abby that her best friend had been attacked?

"Got some new evidence for me, Gibbs?" Abby answered.

"No. Need you to get Kate some clothes and meet me at Bethesda." Gibbs told her.

"Like a t-shirt and jeans or a complete set of clothes?"

"Complete. Abs, Kate was hurt."

"What?! Is she okay?! What happened? Is everyone else okay?"

"Everyone else is fine. I think Kate would prefer that I let her tell you. She needs ya, Abby."

"Okay I'll be there in 10 minutes."

Gibbs hung up and waited for Abby. How could this happen to Kate? She didn't deserve this. He shouldn't have let her go home, he should've insisted that they keep working on their cases. He should have let her go home sooner then maybe she would've been stronger, able to fight off the bastard. Kate should hate him, but she didn't. She had let him stay with her. She looked so broken there was pain in her beautiful brown eyes.

"GIBBS! Where is she? Is she OKAY?" Abby ran towards him demanding answers.

He motioned for Abby to follow him. He lead her to the room Kate was in. Yhe curtain was drawn so, he and Abby waited in silence. He watched as Abby paced back and forth impatiently. Eventually the nurse came out.

"Go on in. She's waiting for you." Gibbs was told.

Gibbs and Abby entered the room and behind the curtain was Kate. She looked so much more tired than when he had left her.

"Kate?" Abby asked.

"Abby." Kate looked up at her friend.

"What happened?"

"Gibbs didn't tell you?"

"No, he said you'd want to tell me yourself."

"Ari happened. Forced himself on me." She couldn't bear to look Abby in the eyes.

"Oh my god. Are you okay? Of course you're not okay." Abby hugged her tightly and she began crying on her friend.