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"Kate! Oh, look at you! You're glowing." Her mother exclaimed as Kate got out of the car.

"Hi mom." Kate hugged her.

"Mrs. Todd, good to see you again."

"I told you last time it's Theresa not Mrs. Todd."

"Theresa." Gibbs nodded.

"You two must be exhausted - it's nearly midnight. Steph tried waiting up for you, but the sweetheart fell asleep. You might want to go see her and Caleb before you go to bed. Your old room's all ready for you."

"And Gibbs?" Kate asked.

"Guest room. Oh it's so good to see you." Theresa hugged Kate again.

Kate yawned and went to get her bag.

"I've got it, Katie."

"Okay. Well let's get our things upstairs then I'm going to see Steph and Caleb, shower, and go to bed. I'm exhausted."

"Lead the way"

Gibbs put Kate's bag on the bed and looked around deep purple bedroom with a couple posters in the wall. The desk in the corner had quite a few trophies and awards on it.


"Yeah...gymnastics, track, and a few for swimming."


"That's what they all tell me," Kate smirked before continuing, "Guest room's just a couple doors down. Bathroom is across the hall."

Kate showed him to the guest room. It was smaller than her room but homily and cozy.

Kate tiptoed into Jason's old bedroom, no doubt where his kids were sleeping. Sure enough Stephanie was on the bottom bunk and Caleb on the top. Kate put her hand on the girl's shoulder and gently shook. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked confused for a moment before her eyes lit up and threw her arms around her aunt.

"Hey, sleepy head."

"Kate! I missed you! Is that the baby?" She poked Kate's bulging belly.

"Ssh, your brother is sleeping. Yeah, the baby's there. She's sleeping now."

"How do you know the baby's sleeping?"

"Because she's not kicking. Now, we can talk more in the morning. You need to sleep and so do I."

"Okay. You tuck me in?"

Kate pulled up the blankets and tucked them around the child and kissed her forehead. Kate gave her nephew a light pat on the arm before tip toeing out of the room.

"Someone sounded happy to see you."

"She's going to love you. You'll be wrapped around her finger in seconds."

"Guess she takes after her aunt."

"You're sweet. I need to shower. I'll see you in the morning." He gave her a peck on the lips and went to his room.

She dried off her hair and hung the towel on the chair at the desk like she did so many times when she was younger. She smiled as she saw an old picture of her and her siblings at her college graduation. She didn't realize quite how much she missed them and her eyes watered. Clearly, it was late and she needed to sleep. Climbing into her old bed, she fell asleep with the image of her baby spending the night in that very room.

"It has been some time, Caitlin." Ari grinned.

"What do you want?"

"You know what I want."


"That is my child. Gibbs can pretend that the child is, but we all know I'm the child's real father."

"Get away from my family."

"The baby is mine, Caitlin. You're mine." He put his hand on her thigh. "You'll enjoy this." He threw her on the bed and she screamed.

"No!" Kate woke up breathing heavily and sweaty. It had been a while since she'd had a nightmare. Gibbs made her feel safe. Kate got out of bed and slipped into the guest room, where Gibbs appeared to be waiting for her.

"Heard your footsteps." He answered before she could ask. "You okay?"

"Fine." Kate replied as she climbed under the covers.

"Liar." He gently accused as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"I had a nightmare. He wanted the baby and...me."

"Been a while since you've had a nightmare."

"Probably because I usually sleep with you."

"So, I what? Keep the nightmares away?"

"My therapist says you make me feel safe."

"And what do you say?"

"I'm neither confirming or denying."


"I'm going back to sleep."

"Night Katie." He kissed the crook of her neck and felt her squirm then press up against his body.

Kate woke up to her niece and nephew's voices echoing throughout the house. Hopefully one day that would be her house with children laughing and talking when she woke up.

"Mornin', Beautiful."

"My mom likes you, but I can't guarantee she or my dad won't kill you for being in the same bed as me."

"You were the one who got into my bed."

"You think that'll matter?" Kate smirked.

"Then go to your own bed, get dressed, and introduce me to the kids I hear running around."

"Fine." Kate kissed him and slipped out of bed and the room.

"Auntie Kate!" Kate turned around to see a little brunette girl running towards her as fast as she could and finally crashing into her and hugging her.

"You're acting like you haven't seen me in forever. I saw you last night." Kate teased her niece.

"That's not fair cause I was sleepy and you woke me up and I don't remember what you said." Stephanie pouted.

"I'm just teasing you." Kate ruffled the girl's hair, "Where's your brother?"

"Watching TV. Grandma says you brought a boy. Are you gonna get married?"

"Whoa. Slow down there."

"Is that a no to getting married then?" Kate heard Gibbs ask. She spun around and glared at him.

"You must be Stephanie." Gibbs crouched down the girl's level. "I'm Gibbs."

"That's a funny name." Stephanie told him and looked back up at her aunt.

"That's because it's his last name." Kate informed her.

"Why doesn't he use his first name?"

"Because his first name's even funnier."

"Okay." She giggled. "Are you gonna build a snowman with us?" She asked Gibbs.

"I don't see why not. Is Auntie Kate building a snowman too?"

"Yes. She promised me on the phone that when she comes to see us she's gonna build a snowman and decorate cookies." She informed Gibbs.

"Sounds like fun."

"Aunt Kate's having a baby. The baby's in her tummy so it can grow, because it's very small she says."

"That's right. The baby needs to grow for four more months before she's ready to come out." Kate told her.

"How does the baby get out?"

"That's a great question for your mom and dad."


"Because they want to tell you."

Gibbs chuckled and Stephanie looked at him quizzically, but then seemed to accept what her aunt told her.

Kate approached her nephew who was very focused on the cartoon he was watching and yelled, "Boo!" He jumped.

"Aunt Kate! Did you come in my room last night?" Caleb asked.

"I did. You were so cute and sleepy." Caleb scowled at her.

"I'm 8 now. I'm not cute. Stephanie is little and cute. I'm a man." Kate laughed. He was being so cute and serious.

"Get up. Breakfast is ready and I want you to meet my friend." Kate told him.

Caleb followed her into the kitchen where Stephanie was enthusiastically talking to Gibbs and her parents were putting breakfast on the table.

"Kate, it's so good to see you, sweetie." Her dad hugged her.

"I missed you too, daddy. I see you've met Gibbs."

"I have. He taking good care of you?"

"Of course." Kate spotted a grainy black and white picture hanging on the fridge. "Is that my ultrasound?"

"Of course. All the grandchildren get their first pictures on the fridge. Your mom says you'll have another one in a couple weeks."

"Yeah. 20 weeks is coming up. We'll get to find out if Jellybean's a girl like I think."

"Gibbs mentioned your adamant that you're having a little girl."

"The baby's a girl?!" Stephanie asked with a mouthful of pancake.

"Your aunt thinks the baby's a girl. She'll find out in two weeks." Theresa told Stephanie. "Tom, let Kate eat. She's growing our grandchild."

"I want the baby to be a girl." Stephanie stated.

"Aunt Kate, it has to be a boy to make it even." Caleb added.

"I will let you know if the baby's a boy or girl when we find out. But I think she's a she." Kate told them.

"But the doctor could say you're wrong?" Caleb asked hopefully.

"That's right. You'll just have to wait and see."

"Hey mom, dad! Is Kate here yet?" Kate heard her oldest brother, Jason yell as he entered the house.

"Jason, come in here. Don't yell across the house." Teresa scolded him. Kate could hear her sister-in-law, Julie tell Jason something like "I told you so."

"The Prodigal Daughter returns...and pregnant." Jason smirked as he saw her, but also held his arms out for a hug.

"Shut up. Rachel lives in Florida - she's not visiting every weekend." Kate shot back as she hugged her brother.

"Daddy, what's 'prodigal' mean?" Stephanie asked.

"Daddy's messing with Aunt Kate. Did you save some pancakes for me?" Julie told her daughter.

"You look good, Kate. Oh hey, you brought your boyfriend." He spotted Gibbs and Kate groaned.

"Be nice." She warned.

"Jason Todd. Father to these two monsters you've already met and protective big brother to Kate." Jason held his hand out.

Gibbs shook his hand, "Jethro Gibbs. Heard good things about you."

"Really? Kate talks about us?"

"Well actually she only talks about your kids."

"I like him, Kate. We'll still have to put him to the test though." Jason turned back to Gibbs, "She just uses me to see my kids and who can blame her they're adorable. When she was like three she had a stuffed bear that she took care of like it was a baby doll. Took it everywhere. Unfortunately she was horrible with names and named her bear Cupcake, so don't let her pick that kid's name alone." Jason laughed. Kate hit him and he groaned dramatically.

"Cupcake and Katie?" Gibbs grinned.

"Shush. I was three!"

"Jason, leave Kate alone at least until she's done eating, since I know you two will be right back at it." Teresa scolded her son.

"Of course, Mom."

"So, Gibbs, you like my sister?" Jason asked as they made the bottom snowballs for the snowmen the kids wanted.

"I love her." He told him honestly.

"That's what everyone's saying. She's pregnant. You gonna stay with her when the baby's born? Because if you're leading her on and then gonna leave her, I will hurt you."

"Kate and I are in this together. Like I said, I love her."

"And what exactly are your intentions with my baby sister? Yeah yeah she protected the president of the United States, but I'm still her big brother and it's my job to make sure no one screws with her."

"Jason, I want to marry your sister." Jason seemed to be caught off guard by Gibbs's statement. "Not now, she's not ready yet. A proposal would freak her out, but say six months from now? We'll see." Gibbs looked up and smiled at Kate who was helping her niece roll a snowball.

"Good. You make her happy. She's not a big ring kind of girl. Something small will make her happy. Not the big wedding type of girl either, but not a courthouse wedding either. When she was little she wanted to get married in a field of flowers. Don't tell her I told you that unless you want her to know you're gonna propose. Does she know you're serious?"

"Trust me, she knows." Just then he felt something cold hit his face and he looked up to see Kate covering her mouth and Stephanie and Caleb laughing.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hit you right in the face." Kate apologized through her laughter.

"You better run, Kate." He picked up a snowball and threw it, hitting her in the back.

"Steph, Caleb get them!" Kate yelled.

"You're going down, dad!" Caleb yelled as he picked up a snowball and launched it.

"Yeah right! You better runs kids, Kate!" Jason warned.

"I'm not scared of you, Jay!" Kate threw another snowball that hit him in the chest.

"Who's having more fun the kids or the adults?" Rachel yelled out as she and her fiancé got out of the car.

"Watch out, Rachel. Kate's ruthless!" Jason warned.

"Uh huh!" Rachel bent down and rolled up a snowball and threw it at her brother, but missed.

"Aunt Rachel's here!" Jason announced to his kids and as they headed towards Rachel, he and Gibbs each grabbed a kid.

"Kate, we've got your team as hostages." Gibbs smirked.

"You're next!" Jason yelled as Caleb tried to get free.

"Run, Aunt Kate!" Stephanie yelled laughing.

"Free my niece and nephew and let them say hi!" Kate yelled at the two men.

"What do we get in return for the hostages?" Jason asked.

Kate walked over to Gibbs and kissed him. "Let my niece go Or that's the last kiss you're getting."

"We surrender!" Gibbs announced and freed Stephanie who hugged Kate and then went off to her other aunt.

"Aww, Gibbs. You let the enemy trick you." Jason whined, but released his son.

"Our baby sister's the enemy now?" Rachel asked.

"Hey Rach." Kate greeted her big sister.

"Look at our little Kate, all grown up and having a baby." She hugged Kate. "How are you doing?"


"As your big and only sister it's my job to make sure you're okay."

"And be my shrink." Kate muttered.

"We'll talk later. Is Nana here yet? Mom says she's thrilled about being a great-grandmother again."

"Mom said she's going to get Nana after you arrived. Where did your fiancé go?" Kate asked noticing her future brother-in-law had disappeared.

"He probably took our stuff in. Our wedding's coming up, Kate. February. Are you bringing Gibbs?"

"Can we go inside and discuss this? It's a little cold out here."

"Oh...of course."

"Gibbs, are you and my brother going to play outside...without the kids or are you coming in?" Kate yelled.

"Coming!" He jogged towards her.

Rachel nudged Kate, "Wow. He's smitten."

"I don't remember if I told you, but Rachel is getting married in February and she wants to know if we're coming."

"What exactly are you asking me, Kate?" He grinned.

"I'm asking you if you'll be my date to my sister's wedding."

"I'd love to...work permitting." He kissed her cheek.

"I'll be huge by then - 6 and a half months pregnant. How am I going to fit into a dress? I'm the maid of honor!"

"Breathe. You'll be gorgeous and I think your sister knows you're pregnant." Gibbs told her.

"Oh really? You think she's noticed that I'm pregnant?" Kate asked sarcastically.

"Well she is a shrink, so I'm gonna say yes, but everyone else? No one has noticed...at all. Jason asked me if you're pregnant 'cause he noticed you looked...different." He teased right back.

"Yeah, watch your wording, Jethro."

Rachel had overheard their conversation.

"Kate, you're pregnant? You didn't tell me? Gee, now I have to find you a dress that'll fit." Kate glared at her sister.

"Stop eavesdropping."

"Sorry. I've already talked to the seamstress who's making your dress more...stretch, so you can fit even at what 26 weeks."


"Yes! What did you think I'd get a new maid of honor?" Rachel asked almost teasingly, but to her surprise Kate started crying and hugged her.

"She gets emotional." Gibbs whispered.

Rachel hugged her emotional, pregnant little sister tightly. "Sorry. It's the hormones." Kate hiccuped.

"This will be fun- seeing the emotional side of badass little Katie." Rachel teased.

"Auntie Kate, why are you crying?!" Stephanie jumped onto the couch, very concerned about her aunt.

"Because I'm happy, Stephy."

"You can cry when you're happy?"

"Yes, you can." Kate laughed.

"And she's pregnant, Steph. Pregnancy makes Aunt Kate cry a lot." Rachel told her.

"Does she still need a hug?"

"Yes." Gibbs added and Stephanie hugged her aunt. Gibbs smiled at Kate and Stephanie. The love between them was evident and he couldn't wait to see Kate with their baby. He had no doubt she'd be a phenomenal mom.

"What are you staring at?" Kate's question snapped him out of his thoughts. He just smiled and she knew the answer must have been her.