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Chapter one!

''It seems like yesterday that we have won Nationals.'' West stated as he praised the magnificent glory of the large golden trophy on the table in Ms. Kate's office. The other nine dancers and Ms. Kate and the head choreographer praised the glory of the trophy as well. They all had proud smiles on their faces by winning the Nationals previous week.

''Yeah, I still can't realize that we actually won Nationals.'' Michelle added as she pictured back the moment by beating Life of Dance in the finals.

''Me neither. It is like a life-long dream has finally become reality.'' Emily replied without looking proudly away from the trophy. Currently Emily was still walking with crutches to support her weakened knee, coughed up at the semi-finals at Nationals. However she slowly recovers from her injury everyday and since yesterday she slowly started practicing by putting a bit pressure on the by standing and walking without her crutches. All the dancers of A-troupe try to help Emily as much as possible. Because they think that everybody deserves to dance no matter what. And they all consider like a family.

''Well believe it or not guys. Because we have really won Nationals!'' Ms. Kate exclaimed excited as the dancer respond cheering excited and with a lot of enthusiasm. As the cheer stopped, Chloe was about to say something

'''However, I think the trophy should be stalled some were else instead of Ms. Kate's office, no offence Ms. Kate.'' Chloe said as she turned to the studio owner and pardoned herself. Ms. Kate gives a smile and a nod in return.

''I think that's not a bad idea, Chloe.'' Ms. Kate reacts as she scanned the group of dancers while waiting for their reactions. After a while there were a couple of nods and 'good idea's' and finally they whole A-troupe agrees.

''Yeah, we need to show the people how big we actually are!'' Eldon added with a smile on his face.

''Totally agree with Eldon.'' Hunter said as he fist bumped Eldon who was standing next to him on his left.

''Okay! What are we waiting for? Let's go!'' James said with much energy while he was about to pick up the trophy and probably would have put it into a random spot.

''Ho, ho, ho! James, not so fast! We first have to find a vital location to place this beautiful trophy on!'' Ms. Kate quickly said as she hoped that James wouldn't grab the trophy and would ran out of the office with it. To her luck James stepped back and started to think with the rest of the dancers who were also his friends. After a while, Riley stuck her hand in the air.

''Yes, Riley?'' Michelle signed, that meant that Riley had the opportunity to share her ideas with the rest.

''Do you know that empty showcase we have at the entrance of our studio?'' Riley asked, in return she got a couple of nods. ''Well the showcase is totally made of glass and has locks and cameras as well. The people who are walking past by the studio can see our proud.'' Riley said hopefully. Hoping that people would agree with her idea.

''I think it is a great idea!'' James replied excited as he shoved his arm around Riley's shoulder.

''Do you say that because you think it is a great idea, or because Riley is your girlfriend?'' Thalia asked as she crossed her arms as she gave James a glare.

''Both.'' James grinned his teeth out followed by a few chuckles from his teammates. Riley just rolled her eyes.

''So what do you think?'' Riley asked. Instead of responds to her suggestion, Emily suggest something else.

''What if we vote about? Please raise your hands up if you all agree with Riley's idea.'' The co-captain said as she herself raised her hand, immediately followed by all the other A-troupe dancers, Ms. Kate and the head choreographer Phoebe. Riley smiled as clearly everyone agreed with her plan. ''It sounds like a good plan to all of us I guess. Congrats Riley!'' Emily congrats while still being supported by her crutches.

''Great that we were able to finish this quickly. Phoebe and I will make sure that the trophy will be in the showcase by the end of the day. Now further with more important cases.'' Ms. Kate said as she sat down behind her bureau and typed some things on the keyboard of her laptop.

''What do you mean with important cases, Ms. Kate.?'' Giselle asked curious.

Ms. Kate looked up at the group. ''The auditions for A-troupe of course.'' She said.

''What!'' The dancers shouted in disbelieve. Some of them were sharing panicked and confused looks and some of the dancers complained like 'We don't want this group apart!' 'We won Nationals wit this group' and 'Why didn't you tell us earlier Ms. Kate?'. The whole group panicked. It was like zoo. People were going like crazy. Some of the female dancers became so emotional that they almost wanted to start crying. Ms. Kate gave everyone a strange look. ''Everybody, silence!'' Ms. Kate shouted, everyone froze and had their attention to the female studio owner. ''I do not know where you guys are talking about, none of us gets to leave the A-troupe.'' There were a lot of relieved looks but also confused.

''Then what do you mean with Auditions for A-troupe?'' Amanda asked.

''Well you see, were about to go to Internationals. And there is a rule that your allowed to go to Internationals with 12 dancers including 2 alternatives. Currently A-troupe has 10 dancers and we don't want to have the same issue that happened on Nationals , do we? So we are holding auditions for the two alternatives spots of A-troupe. It could be a kid from J-troupe, someone from B-troupe and even someone from another studio. Secretly Phoebe and I hold pre-auditions while you had your free day. From that we have selected the best ten and today only two people will survive and get into A-troupe for Internationals.'' Ms. Kate informed as you got a few understanding nods and understanding looks as responds. A moment later Giselle raised her hand up.

''Why haven't you told us earlier? We could at least do something to help you and Phoebe.'' Giselle asked.

Ms. Kate gave a smile to Giselle. ''I understand you Giselle. But all of you had made a fabulous prestation at Nationals. I thought it would be fine if all of you had some rest after a difficult year. So you guys had this previous week free.'' Ms. Kate answered Giselle's question. Giselle gives an understanding nod in return.

''But is there something we could do, since we are here right now?'' Michelle asked.

''Well there is something. All of you could help making a choreography for the final auditions that will be hold later this afternoon. '' Phoebe suggested with usual soft and relaxed voice. Michelle turned around the face the whole A-troupe. Everyone gives nods to Michelle and she got the message clear.

'''For the whole group I speak that we'd love to help you with the choreography.'' Michelle said to Michelle and Ms. Kate with a smile.

'''That's great! Please listen and do what Phoebe says. Make sure that the dance choreography for the auditions is ready by the end of the afternoon! I wish you all good luck!'' Ms. Kate with a lot of confident. ''Phoebe, the group is yours.'' Ms. Kate finally said as Phoebe now took charge of the A-troupe.

''Thank you sister. A-troupe, follow me!'' Phoebe commanded in her usual voice. She made her way to the exit of Ms. Kate's office followed by the dancers.

''Hey wait a second!'' Emily halted and everyone stopped immediately and turned around to face Emily. ''What about me? I can barely dance with these stupid things.'' Emily said sadly as she mentioned the crutches.

The whole group was silent. They all felt really sad for Emily and didn't know how the help her at the current moment. Until Ms. Kate suggest something. ''You are the co-captain of A-troupe, so you have the right to decide with Michelle, Phoebe and I who are the two future dancers of A-troupe.''

''Yeah, Ms. Kate is right. Since you can't dance at the moment you probably have the best eyes to focus on the dancers who audition. So you can tell who are the best based on technique or what ever. '' West added as walked towards Emily to rub her arms comfortingly. Emily gave a small to West and the rest of the group.

''Thanks for your support. But I just miss dancing so much. I just want to get rid of this stupid injury and dance with all of you again.'' Emily said. Riley stepped towards her sister and embraced her with an hug.

''Don't worry Ems. I am sure you will dance as soon as possible. And not only I will help you with it, but everyone of A-troupe will help and support you, no mather what. We will help you.'' Riley said comfortingly to her older sister. Emily responded with a chuckle.

''Let's not get emotional. Please go rehearse.'' Emily laughed as everyone except herself and Ms. Kate left to office to go rehearse at Studio A. Emily saw threw the window of the office whole Studio A. Everyone gathered around Phoebe to listen to the choreographer's plan for the dance routine for the auditions. As Emily was focused watching the A-troupe her phone vibrated. She has received a text message. She pulled her phone out of her pocket of her pants. She read the message on her phone screen and quickly putted pack in her pocket. ''Ms. Kate?'' Emily asked. Ms. Kate immediately looked of her laptop and has her attention to Emily.

''Is there something I can help you with Emily?'' The owner of the studio asked.

''My mother had sent me a message to tell that she is waiting for me in the car outside to bring me to the physical therapist. So could I go and return as soon as I finish to the studio?'' Emily asked.

''Sure, Emily. Make sure that you're back 30 minutes before the auditions. Good luck.'' Ms. Kate said as she gave a smile to Emily and wished her good luck.

''Thank you Ms. Kate.'' Emily said as you walked with her crutches towards the exit to the studio.

Studio A

The nine A-troupe dancers were busy with the choreography for the auditions. The dancers stood in 3 rows; West, Amanda, Chloe and Hunter were behind at the last row. James, Riley and Thalia were in the centre. Michelle and Eldon took the lead in the front row along with Phoebe who danced a few dance steps followed by the rest of the group. ''One, two, three, four!'' Phoebe shouted and danced with the belonged dance moves. '' Five, six, seven, eight! Again! One, two, three, turn! Five, six, seven, pose!'' She commanded as she took a final pose with the rest of the dancers. ''Great job everyone! Take five!'' Phoebe commanded and went to the office to grab a bottle of water. The rest of the troupe separated from each other and took a chat with each other or they grabbed a bottle of water from their bags. Riley and James sat on a free bench.

''I am so excited about this routine! I can't wait to see who our possible two teammates will be. Will it be someone from B-troupe, or someone from another studio, or maybe it will be someone we already know. I really can't wait!'' Riley exclaimed excited about being curious their future teammates.

James chuckled at Riley's crazy and bubbly behavior. ''Relax, Riley. You will find out in just a few hours okay.'' James said as he pulled an arm around Riley's shoulder.

''Aren't you curious?'' Riley asked to her boyfriend.

''Me? Nah. If there are both good dancers it doesn't matter to me.'' James said. Riley chuckled and looked up to James who is a bit taller than her.

''So it doesn't matter if they aren't nice and they don't have a good personality?'' Riley asked waiting for James's answer.

James laughed a bit. ''Why should I? Everyone likes me.'' James said confidently. Riley rolled her eyes.

''I shouldn't be so sure about that…'' Riley said as you stood up from the bench and walked away. James left behind somehow confused. He know he isn't everybody's friend but he is sure that everybody likes him. He ran up to Riley.

''Riley, wait!'' What do you mean with; that I shouldn't be sure about that everyone likes me.'' James repeated the same thing Riley said.

''What I mean is that your lying. I can name up a people who don't like you.'' Riley betted. James chuckled, he was so sure that everyone liked him, the thing Riley said, sounded like a joke.

''Alright, name three people.'' James said as he crossed his arms and waited for Riley's respond.

''Okay let's see… Oh, right! Your driving instructor. The really funny yet scary one. He doesn't seem to like you.'' Riley stated. James grinned at Riley. The driving instructor did like him at the end.

''He does like me. It doesn't seem so in the beginning. But we actually sang songs in the car together. He is an awfully singer by the way. And do you remember when I finished driving we pulled this prank toward my mom and you? I think that is evidence enough.''

''Oh really? What songs did you sang with him?'' Riley asked.

''You know, I don't really know the titles of the songs, but I know there is this part in the songs that goes like; no YOLO!'' James said as he sang the two words that came in the song. Riley laughed at James's terrible singing. It were only two words but it was still awful.

''Okay, I believe you. And what about that medical guy?''

''Oh, were not each others bff's or something but we are okay since I finally got my first aid certificate. He even called me a vital student… I really don't know what that means… However, two for moi and zero for you!'' James cheered as Riley just rolled her eyes while she thought about a person who didn't like James at all.

''Don't cheer too early! I know the person who probably doesn't like you.'' Riley said. James just kept smiling.

''Oh yeah? Who?'''

''Beth.'' Riley said as she crossed her arms. James jaw immediately dropped as he heard the name of his ex-girlfriend.

''Well, we still are like each other's friends…'' James said somehow not completely honest.

''Oh, yeah?'What was the last thing you did together with Beth? And when?'' Riley asked. James started to get slightly nervous. He barely gets nervous! He thought quickly for what to answer to Riley.

''Uhmm, we lately chilled at Culture Shock together…'' James lied.

''Sure, when was lately?'' Riley asked while definitely not believing any word that James is saying. James thought quickly.

''Three weeks ago…'' James said not so confident.

''Was that before or after the break-up? Riley asked. James sighed.

''Before…'' He said disappointed. Riley laughed in a kind of victorious way.

''James, let me teach you a short lesson about girls. You see, most girls don't like it whenever a guy breaks up her or if a guy cheats on her during a relationship. The girl will probably hate or at least don't like the guy anymore if he has done one of those two things.'' Riley said as she putted an emphasis at the cheating part. James scratched himself behind his ears.

''Okay, I get your point. Not everyone likes me. But not for long.'' James quoted meanwhile he was stretching himself.

''What do you mean?'' Riley asked confused at her boyfriend.

''It means that I am going to talk this out with Beth. As soon as possible.'' James said as he currently stretched his legs.

''Okay, you should probably do that…'' Riley said kind of slightly unsure. James looked confused at Riley.

''Is there something wrong?'' James asked. Riley kept silence, you could see her struggle do tell something. But after a moment she spoke.

''I am just a bit afraid and a bit unsure about you and Beth… hanging around… It's just that I don't want to lose again and-'' Riley blurt until she got interrupted by James.

''Riley, just relax. Nothing is going to happen between me and Beth. I would never let you down and you know that. You know I love you right?'' James said comfortingly those lovely words to his girlfriend. Riley just had a huge smile on her face. Every time she heard those words rolling of James's mouth, she feels so happy and knows that James always will be on her sight. No matter what.

''I love you too.'' Riley said softly as James pulled her in a warm, comforting hug. After a while they both pulled away from each other.

''What about a smoothie after today's dancing?'' James suggest his girlfriend. Riley shook her head.

''Sorry James, I really can't. Today an old friend of Emily and I come visit us today. He will be in Toronto for the whole week.'' Riley apologized to James. James face looked somehow disappointed, but his disappointed look changed into a confused one.

''Wait, wait, wait… He? As in a boy?'' James asked a bit stunned. Riley has gotten confused as well. Wasn't James thrusting Riley? Or was he jealous?

''Uhm, yeah.. That's what a he means. A boy, Do you have a problem with it?'' Riley asked. James shook his head immediately.

''No, no. No problems at all… But could you tell me more about… he?'' James asked curiously. Riley had this confused look in her face again.

''Sure, his name is Wyatt, he is my age, he currently leaves in Boston, United States. Uhmm, he was my best friend at fifth and sixth grade until he moved to America. He plays soccer I think and he street danced a lot.'' Riley informed. James just nodded.

''He sounds okay to me.'' James said.

''Well there is something more… Promise you won't get mad.'' Riley said. James just nodded. ''Well… Wyatt is my ex-boyfriend…''

''What?!'' James exclaimed loudly. Everyone in studio heard James voice and everyone has their attention to the couple.

''Is there something wrong James?'' West asked slightly worried. James just laughed awkwardly.

''No problems bro, don't worry. Riley had just told me a stunning fact about cola…. And bananas!'' James exclaimed. Everyone at the Studio A looked confused towards the couple. Except West.

''Okay, bro! Sounds all logic to me!'' He said as he went back to what he was doing, so did the rest of the A-troupe. Then Riley continued their conversation.

''You seem a bit tense. Are you okay?'' Riley asked worriedly.

''Yeah, I am all good. I was just a bit surprised. Because I didn't know you had a boyfriend before.'' James stated.

''I am sorry I haven't told you earlier. But you have to know that there is nothing playing between me and Wyatt.'' Riley blurred. James grinned.

''No problem, Riles. I completely trust you.'' James said. Riley just smiled and gave James a peck on his cheeks.

''Thanks, James.''

A moment later Phoebe walks into the studio. ''A-troupe, take starting positions! We have 90 minutes to finalize this routine!'' Phoebe shouted and the dancers listen to her and took their positions. So did Riley and James. As they took their positions , Riley slap James's arm out of nowhere.

''Auw! What the heck was that for?'' James asked while rubbing his painful spot on his arm. Riley crossed her arms.

''Cola and bananas? Come on James! That doesn't sound logic at all.'' Riley said.

''West said it does…'' James chuckled, a second later Riley hits him again. ''Auw!''


After two hours the A-troupe has finally finished their choreography. A few dancers sat exhausted on the floor with a bottle of water while other dancers took a quick chat with each other. A short moment later Ms. Kate walked the studio in.

''Everyone, gather around please!'' Ms. Kate commanded. Within seconds everyone gathered around Ms. Kate and Phoebe. ''First of all, my compliments for setting this choreography up in such a short time and I want to thank you all for today's effort. Secondly, I want to tell you all how the auditions will work out. Firstly, we show the candidates the choreography we set up. After we finished they will have thirty minutes to learn the whole dance. They are allowed to ask help from all you. As the time limit has passed, the candidates will dance for the two final spots in A-group. After they danced, Phoebe, Emily, Michelle and I will decide who will be the two best dancers who will go with us to Internationals, Miami. Is this all clear?'' Ms. Kate explained and asked. Everyone nodded. ''Good, just wait here. I will get the dancers.'' Ms. Kate finally said as she walked out of the studio to.

''So, I don't really know what to expect from those dancers.'' Giselle said as she started a new talking subject.

Other A-troupe members started talking about it as well. ''I know right! I definitely do not know what to expect. I hope it isn't such a selfish dancer, like… What is his name again…? Oh yeah! Daniel.'' Hunter stated .

''I totally agree with you Hunter.'' Eldon said as he fist bumped Hunter. ''I think this dancer has to be someone who is committed immediately to the team. On and off the dance floor. Like a team player.'' Eldon added. Giselle didn't agree with Eldon and Hunter and decided to start a discussion with both boys.

''How could you say that about Daniel! Okay, he left the studio because he didn't get the solo right before the Nationals, but that doesn't make him selfish. He worked very hard for it and he just went to Super Star because they had something to offer Daniel that we couldn't gave him. I know a lot of you guys don't agree with me, but a still respect Daniel as a good dancer and friend.'' Giselle said as she grabbed everyone's attention. Everyone was silent. Until Phoebe broke it.

''Giselle, I think you made your point. But can we please stop yelling at each other? It gives such a negative energy.'' Phoebe said with her soft and relaxed voice. Everyone kept silence and just waited for Ms. Kate to return with the group of dancers. Two minutes later Ms. Kate finally arrives followed by the 10 dancers. The dancers came the studio in, one by one. The first faces were kind of unknown for everyone. Then there was this young boy from J-troupe called Noah, he is considered one of the best younger dancers at The Next Step. After Noah came there was another familiar face for the most of A-troupe. James ex-girlfriend Beth from B-troupe walked the studio in. Both James and Riley looked Beth after with these big eyes. They couldn't believe they saw Beth. Beth looked in James's direction and gave him a small smile and wave. The last person who walked behind Beth was surely the surprise of the day. Daniel walked the studio in. The whole team was surprised and confused at the same time. What the heck did he do here?

''A-troupe, here are the ten final dancers.'' Ms. Kate announced. Whole A-troupe was silent and still, until Giselle runs up to Daniel and embraced him with a hug. She couldn't believe she saw him right in front of her in the studio she danced at. Daniel firstly was surprised by Giselle's attack, but after a while he slowly puts his arms around Giselle's body.

''Oh my gosh, Daniel! What are you doing here? I thought you went to that highly rated dance school.'' Giselle asked Daniel while she still couldn't believe he just stood in front of her.

Daniel smiled at Giselle. ''I am here do dance with you guys again. I really missed all of you.'' Daniel said softly to his red-headed best friend. Giselle looked slightly confused.

''But wasn't it your dream to go to that school.'' Giselle asked.

''It is. But I decided I had to take it easy. I am still young and I surely have a lot to learn. And there isn't a better place to make this step than the place where it all started. And winning Internationals with The Next Step is definitely more worth it.'' He said with a smile. Giselle laughed.

''Well I am glad you're here!'' Giselle said.''

''A-Troupe take your positions! We are about to start!'' Phoebe commanded as almost everyone took their positions immediately.

''Well, I have to go. Good luck Daniel! And do your best!'' Giselle said as she headed to take her position.

''Thanks Giselle!'' He replied.

As the music starts A-Troupe without Emily who was watching at the sides, danced their routine.

One hour later ( Huge time skip, I know, I am sorry)

The candidates had danced the routine made by A-Troupe. Currently Emily, Michelle, Phoebe and Ms. Kate discussed who should be the two next A-Dancers . The eight A-troupe dancers waited in Studio A for the results. As the ten candidates waited in Studio B for their results. After a few nerve-racking minutes the two co-captains, the head choreographer and the studio owner walked Studio A in. Ms. Kate finally decide to say something.

''Can I have a big applause for our new A-Troupe dancers?'' Ms. Kate announced. Everyone started clapping and cheering as Beth and Daniel walked in the studio.

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