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Shironue's mind was racing through the list of spells she'd learned, trying to see if there was one that she could use to deal with all the Suzaku's at once. So far she hadn't found any, and neither her nor Kuronue really had any specialties like Hiei or Kurama or Suzaku, or any number of yokai. While she was trying to remember any spell that would help them out, Suzaku was preparing another Ankoku Raiko Ha.

He had seemingly fully recovered, while the two of them were worn out. Shironue's magic wasn't in too bad a shape, really, but any of the spells she knew of would drain it fully enough to land her in a short coma for magical exhaustion, while her youki was sadly not recovered still.

She hadn't managed to come up with a plan before Suzaku moved, calling out his attack's name needlessly. Yusuke stood in front of her, and for a short while it looked like he'd be able to block the attack, but then it broke through and they both got hit with a blast of electricity. She couldn't help but notice, though, that it was not nearly as fatal as Suzaku had claimed. Yusuke asked her if Suzaku was just toying with them some more, but she caught the look of almost-surprise on the youkai's face and sent a little magic and youki to her ears to strengthen them enough to make out what Suzaku was saying.

'So, those red bangs are more than a fashion statement?' A decidedly evil smirk flitted across her face as an idea formed. The smile was one that would have alerted any fellow Hogwarts resident and sent them running for the hills like the hounds of hell were biting at their heels. The look was one that had the Weasley twins worshiping the ground she walked on (despite her being a Slytherin) for the look promised a massive prank of some kind or something devious at least. Shironue flicked her wrist in a way that had her wand slipping into her hand once more and she carefully directed her magic with a quick intonation of "Sectumsempra" which sped from her wand invisibly and quickly reached the target; Suzaku's left bang.

Yusuke had managed to damage the red bang earlier, which weakened it enough that the Sectumsempra was able to chop the thing off. She followed the first spell off with a second instantly. This one aimed at Suzaku's other one. He dodged this one sadly, but it had been enough of an opening for Yusuke to fire off another round of 'Shotgun' and hitting all Suzaku copies in luckily fatal locations.

"Is it over?" Shironue was so needing to do some intensive training if this small-fry gave her this much of a hassle. Her and Kuro both needed to up their game and shed their more human weaknesses. "Please tell me it's over." She could also use a good long bath right about now. And some sleep. That was like, number two on her list of things to do right now. If only so she wouldn't be sleeping while sweaty and gross from the fight.

"I think so..." Yusuke was sounding even more tired than her. Sweet Merlin, they both needed to get stronger soon if this trend of tough opponents were going to continue. Since her reincarnation, she had experienced a number of situations in which the saying 'if it can go wrong it will' applied in most if not all adventures her and her brother faced regularly. They had the good fortune to survive those adventures, but the fact they even landed in those kind of situations was a good indicator of the likelihood of another adventure like this happening sooner or later.

Not to mention how Yusuke was Spirit Detective for Koenma now, so adventures like this would likely be frequent unless the youkai decided to play nice for once. Plus, she wasn't entirely sure since she had a rather great dislike for such things, wasn't there that Tournament thing coming soon ish? The one where teams of Youkai competed for some prize? Like getting whatever you wished for... She knew there was something like that happening, and her 'spidey senses' were tingling at the mere thought of such a thing. Wouldn't it be just her luck for them to be forced to participate in it when they were definitely not really ready for such a thing?

Yusuke seemed to have a similar luck to her and Kuro, so he was likely also going to be roped into it. Hmm, would they be the 'guest' team? That was usually a group of humans with Spirit Powers who generally all ended up dead every time, save for one year way back when... She only vaguely heard of it as she had never really put much interest into the Ningenkai. Well, they would be able to train some until then at least. So long as nothing else cropped up in the meantime. If Yusuke got a mission from Spirit World, then their training would be interrupted, but oh well, couldn't turn down the Spirit Brat's missions after all.

She might opt out of the next one though, in favor of getting herself closer to the level of her previous self. That shouldn't have been half as difficult for her as it had been. Also, wizarding magic was one thing with unpredictable and inconsistent results against demons of any kind... Maybe she should visit Genkai again, or at least the forest full of youkai that surrounded the old human's home. The arrival of Kurama and Hiei soon drew her attention and the four made their way out of the castle and back to the portal that would take them back to the human world. She felt only a small twinge of regret that they couldn't remain in this cut off section of Makai, but only mild since it was so cut off from the rest of the Demon Realm as to be just as difficult to get through to places she was more familiar with as it would be from the Human Realm.

All in all, not such a loss. But the proximity to Makai was fairly distracting. Her and Kuro had tried for years to find a route into Makai from in England, both before and after finding out about Hogwarts and magic, to no success. So to be so close, yet so far at the same time.. Well. Yeah, time to get back to Japan and Kuro and pretending like this wasn't drawing her Shironue personality closer to the surface than it had been in many years.

Their return to Ningenkai was met with little fanfare, and no one (not even Keiko) remembered, since Sirius had decided to cast a mild obliviate on the girl of this whole ordeal so as to not traumatize her or something, plus she had seen them using magic so it was also for the statute of secrecy. Life went back to normal for a little while. Shiro managing to persuade Yusuke to get stronger since they never knew when Koenma would have another job which would likely be even tougher than this last one.

One memorable thing that happened was Kuro and Kurama's reunion. Since Kurama remembered her and she had mentioned her brother within his hearing, he decided to follow her home, where Kuro had apparently decided to return to once the makaichu issue was dealt with. It hadn't taken long for the lovebirds to notice each other. They'd been bordering on sickeningly lovey-dovey since, though it was only obvious to about three or four of them (namely her, Yusuke, Hiei, and Sirius). The only other person that seemed to notice was that orange-haired loud mouth Kuwabara, self-proclaimed greatest rival to Yusuke.

He had good senses, if nothing else, when it came to spirit energy and spirits. So that he could sense the two's spirit energy being all... entwined around each other, was not nearly as surprising as it could have been. The reason for their energy doing what it was doing was because they had been mates before, and that was something that was very permanent and not something they could really hide so soon after being reunited after the supposed death of one of them. She still hated being too close to them for too long. Hopefully it was mellow out sooner rather than later. Still, she was definitely happy for her brother.

Sirius was torn between amusement and horror at his 'precious godson' his 'prongslet' being with anyone, let alone a male youkai. He'd been bad enough when it was her, but to have Harry as well with a guy, well Sirius was damn near intolerably annoying. They had to repeatedly explain things before he calmed down about it. Yeah, add on needing to train more and their 'down-time' was not nearly as relaxing as it could have been.

Then Koenma had another job for Yusuke... Which was to be kept from Hiei since it apparently involved the sister he'd been willing to steal from Reikai in his search for. Well, likely the whole keeping it from him was doomed to failure, since Hiei was the one to deliver it. Yeah, she was not getting involved in this, if only because she didn't trust her own restraint in not killing the man that was apparently holding a Koorime prisoner for her special tears. She watched the video with Yusuke, so she knew the details of the job. Yeah, she was more likely to side with Hiei over killing the man rather painfully rather than any peaceful solution. Hence her opting out.


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