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Upon opening the envelope, Jasmin found that she had won the first round. She surveyed the people around her, zeroing in on those that won and then glancing at those that lost. The difference in strength between the winners and the losers was obvious to her. All the papers must have started blank, and turned red depending on strength of your spiritual level. Some kind of spell? or just a special paper? Whatever it was was rather impressive really. Your power level decided whether you would 'win' or not.

Apparently she was the only one to clue in, as two of the 'losers' for the first selection round stormed up to Genkai and began bragging slash demanding she teach them. Jasmin scoffed. They would have hardly qualified as squibs had this been the magical world, and they think they had any right to demand a woman they wanted to learn from teach them? Jasmin could step in here, likely drawing attention to herself more than she already was being the only female trying for this position of student to Genkai (as far as anyone knew that was her goal), but she wanted to see Genkai's strength first-hand.

Genkai sure put the losers in their place, blasting them into the gate as easily as you would swat a fly or a pixie. Jasmin laughed out loud at the undignified position the two mountain men landed in. She stepped forward into the cleared path left behind by the men, deciding to taunt them some.

"Should have just gone home quietly, zako. How much time must you have wasted with your so-called training if you are as weak as you are? Why, Nii-san and I had more Reiki than the two of you combined in one finger by the time we were ten!" She was channeling Draco's personality there, using as superior a tone as she could muster. Jasmin even went so far as to add in Draco's pureblood, arrogant sneer before turning from the men dismissively. Snubbing the men that towered over her easily as no threat at all.

The group that remained were led to the second set of screening/tests. Video games this time. Jasmin raised a brow once more and then shrugged. Technology supposedly short-circuited when you add in magic, but it would be fine if she didn't use magic on the games, which she wouldn't need to as they calculated spiritual skills and not magical. Jasmin went over to the punching game first, where she finally noticed the two teens around her age that were arguing about scores. The first, whose pompador reminded her of a carrot due to the orange-red color (and he looked a lot like a Weasley with red hair like that), had a good score of one hundred and twenty-nine points. Next was a boy with black hair styled in a regent 'do that scored one hundred and fifty-five points.

Jasmin grinned and walked over while the boys were arguing.

"Not bad for a pair of ruffian delinquents. Mind if I try?" She didn't really wait for the boys to reply as they had their jaws on the ground at her interruption and appearance. She kept her green gaze on the black-haired boy as the other reminded her of Weasley a little too much, especially with the fact that he towered over her as easily as Weasley had. His voice also grated on her nerves in a way few could. Hence the wince/grimace when he finally spoke up as she got into position to punch the machine.

"What's a cutie like you doing here?" Ugh, he also seemed like he was stuck with the 'girls are weak and can't do anything' mentality. She didn't reply right away, instead sending a punch at the same time as another person did. The person scored one hundred and seventy-five, while her punch reached the all-time high-score of two hundred and seventy-nine points. She spun around to reply.

"Same as everyone else here, carrot-top!" Not really, but lets let them think that for now, ne? Silence met her declaration and she flushed shyly when she noticed how many eyes were on her. Being the center of attention was something she was not used to, despite having had five years of witches and wizards focusing on her and her brother on top of the infamy from her days as the Phantom Thief Shironue. "Err... heh heh... oops?" She tried to act cutesy and stuck out her tongue while gently bonking herself on the head.

"Uhm, anyway.. I'm Jasmin! Since it's Japan it would be 'Potter Jasmin' yes? Hajimemashita desu." She pulled the boys over to the Janken game where she and Kuwabara (once the boys got over the shock of a girl having such a high score they introduced themselves) gained 'clean sweep' scores. Kazuma went first and was the first to win at that game of the three of them, then Yusuke went and only barely passed. Finally of the three was her turn and she won with a clean sweep with her eyes closed.

Lastly was the karaoke. It was horrible and she never wanted to hear any of these guys sing again. Kazu-kun and Yu-kun were decent enough, their voices that is, and they passed the round easily enough. That ninja-guy, Kazemaru, though? Yeah she would shoot him with any silencing spell she could think of if he EVER tried to sing in her presence again. When she went up, majority of the people looked as resolved to a poor performance as anyone could look. She soon wowed the room with her angelic vocals. She was glad that there was a wide selection of songs and chose one that she was famiiiar with that was in English.

"The lights go out, all around me.

One last candle to keep out the night

And then the dark surrounds me

I know I'm alive but I feel like I've died!"

Suffice to say she scored a perfect score on this one as well. She received cheering from the crowd. She rejoined her new friends, Kazu-kun and Yu-kun (she asked permission to use first names/nicknames and got permission from both boys), and they were soon, along with the remaining hopefuls, led to the next area.

"Jasmin-chan, you should become a singer! You were so good!" Kazu-kun enthused. She chuckled slightly and shook her head 'no'.

"Thanks, but I have no interest in being famous. Fame sucks. People watching your every move, judging your every decision. No thank you. Plus I'm a thief at heart, living from the shadows suits me better than standing in the spotlight." She admitted. Nothing could get her to reveal that she was a witch and a youkai to the two men she saw as friends, her first friends in Japan, until she knew them better. She didn't want two potential friends to dislike her for what she is.

Her and Harry had experienced enough crap like that from the wizards in England. Before even Hogwarts they had been hated by their relatives for being 'abnormal'. Their relatives were unaware of just how unusual the twins were, only knowing about the magical side of things. In Hogwarts they were watched like prey eyed by hawks. Harry was placed in Gryffindor and she in Slytherin, so she was immediately thought a 'dark witch' and Harry praised. Ha, neither of them could be classed as 'light' anything save for her coloring that is. First year there was the teacher-possessed-by-Voldemort that they had to stand against to prevent him getting the philosopher's stone (which was a fake, as they stole it before it even left the bank and replaced it with a stone from their vault of similar size/shape/color.

Second year both of them were thought (for a time, until their friend Hermione was attacked) to be the Heirs of Slytherin once the attacks and petrifications began. Third year was back to being idolized (and 'protected' in stifling ways) because a supposed killer was after them. Fourth year they were back to hated because Harry was chosen as a fourth champion (while she was named the original Hogwarts Champion). That was a fiasco and a half. They almost died that year after reaching the Cup at the center of the maze and being transported to a graveyard via Cup-turned-portkey.

This year had been the last straw as the Wizards were calling them liars and what-have you for declaring Voldemort returned. Fortunately they weren't the only ones being slandered as Dumbledore was receiving a fair amount of the heat as well, with the Ministry declaring him senile. She honestly didn't care about the old manipulator or the wizarding public. Her, Harry, and Sirius (their godfather who was wrongly imprisoned that night their parents died) met up along the way and traveled to Japan together.

They stopped before a large ominous forest. Well, ominous if you were human and unused to this kind of thing. In truth the forest had little if anything on the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts or just about any location within Makai. A fair few sensible humans fled at this point and she scoffed at their retreating figures.

"Cowards. Oh well, means they get to live another day I suppose." She sounded bored, which she was. The forest was hardly a challenge for her considering the strongest thing there was stood before them in the form of Genkai and she was powerful in her own right as well.

"All right! No more warm ups. The screening from here on will be more harsh!" Genkai informed them seriously.

"Wh-what a creepy forest!" One man spoke up.

"It's like the whole forest is radiating youki..." This from the only other young-looking hopeful, Shori, Surin, or whatever his name was.

"This whole area is known as the Enchanted Forest. It is an undeveloped land in which compasses do not work. There are also dangerous creatures and natural traps. A normal person will certainly not leave it unharmed... if at all." The last was mumbled but still audible to those close enough. "Your goal is the tall tree you can see from here!" Here she pointed up and back to indicate a large tree likely on a hill of some kind that was visible over the tops of the trees. "Those that can reach the tree in two hours' time will pass."

"E-eeh? No way, I'm backing out of here!" One guy in a martial arts outfit of some kind spoke up, followed by another declaring that no matter how many lives you had it wouldn't be enough. 'chicken-shit pussies.' The female youkai sneered mentally.

"Ho ho, that might be for the best. Those with even the slightest spiritual sensitivity can well sense how fearsome this forest is." Genkai spoke up again. A large man spoke up this time, addressing the three teens.

"It's as Shihan says. Only those with legitimate training should challenge further." This was the wrong thing to say to these three, as they hated backing down from a challenge, though they were unaware of the shared trait they possessed just yet.

"Go back home, those of you that are not ready." Another voice spoke out, Jasmin thought it was that ninja guy Kaze-whatsit.. She grinned cheekily and spoke up before Yusuke or Kazuma could.

"You're right old man, you should go home now." Her words earned a laugh from Yusuke and a protest from both men and Yusuke piped up with a,

"I'm going! Having seen the move from Ba-san I can't just go home empty-handed!" and Kazuma speaking up about how if 'Urameshi was going so was he'. Genkai didn't like the name Yusuke gave her and told him to call her Shihan. He ignored her and walked up to the large man with green hair. "If you're saying some well-chosen words just to make it easier for you to steal her secrets, it's not gonna work!" He seemed to look them over for a minute. "Are you even human huh?" That was all that could be said as Genkai announced the start of the third round of screening.

Jasmin tagged along with Yusuke and Kazuma, though the boy diverted off the path about ten minutes in. Shortly it was only Yusuke and her there on the first path, Genkai had passed them by some time ago with speeds she could match if she felt like it. An hour passed seemingly in a blink as she and Yusuke continued along the straight path. They encountered many creatures, her favorite being the snakes which she convinced to let them pass while getting them to detain as many people they could after they left. They took a breather in a clearing.

"Damnit. Snakes and leeches are everywhere. There's no path either. Are we even going straight anymore?" Yusuke complained. She rolled her eyes with a smile on her face though. Jasmin straightened her posture and called out a 'Protego' just in time to stop a fast moving thing from hitting Yusuke. "Keh, a nest of bats next?" The teen declared once he saw all the bats hanging about the tree branches. Keeping the shield up, Jasmin moved to Yusuke's side and faced a different direction as their assailant tried attacking them again. He bounced off the golden-green shield she had conjured.

"Witchling childe! Kono Koumori-tsukai sama will deal with you first!" The voice came from a different direction than the figure had landed in and both teens turned to face the now revealed bat-like youkai. 'Ugh, so hideous. Shame on the name of all Bat youkai truly.' She thought to herself. She easily followed his movements despite him being so quick compared to a normal human's standard. A small, arrogant smirk she learned and perfected in First Year graced her soft, full lips as she hummed a soft note (a 'hmmm' ).

"Oh? 'Great Bat trainer' are you? Shall we test to see who is better?" She let out a high-pitched sound too high for human ears to register but which would hurt anything like a bat or a dog which had a better hearing range. The attack of sound was only to incapacitate for a second, her real attack was a "Ivy Whip." She called out. A seed she kept in her hair (rather like Kurama, whom she got the idea off of) was pulled out and grew instantly into a long vine of Ivy. Instead of moving in a whip-like way, the vine shot forward like a striking snake and wrapped around the bat-like youkai and squeezed.

It was a Makai Plant variation of the poison ivy plant found in the ningenkai which unlike the ningenkai version was deadly poisonous and which was sentient enough to ensnare its prey, kind of like Devils Snare of the Wizarding world actually. The youkai was quickly taken out of the picture. Yusuke looked almost disappointed, it was kind of cute really. She grinned at him and left the demon ensnared in the Ivy.

"Woah, what was that? That plant thing and the shield!" It seemed his irritation at not getting to fight the youkai was pushed aside easily in favor of the questions. Jasmin winced slightly, angry that she was ousted like that by a cheap youkai like that one. Yusuke had sounded curious, sure, and not judgmental, but also there was suspicion in his voice.

"Uh.. well you heard what he called me, right?" At Yusuke's confused nod she continued with a half-truth explanation. "Well he's right. I'm a witch. It means I can cast spells like the shield, which is 'Protego', and the whip is a magic plant that I can control to catch people. I call it a whip to confuse my opponents." She grinned a little, nervous about Yusuke's reaction to her being a witch. Yusuke, though, defied any expectations or fears she had by grinning and saying 'That's cool.'

Jasmin chose that moment to cast a tempus and cursed upon discovering they had about fifteen minutes left to get there before disqualification. She pulled out her broom and didn't give Yusuke time to decline when she yelled out "Get on! We are running out of time!" Muggle methods would take too long. Yusuke hesitated only for a second before hopping onto the broom in front of her and grabbing on to the broom at her encouragement. She shifted behind him for a moment and he felt two soft mounds pressed against him as she adjusted herself so that her arms came around him to grasp the broom. He didn't get a chance to feel embarrassed by the position as they were shooting forward so fast the scenery blurred past them.

The force of their forward momentum pressed him further into what could only be the girl's breasts and Yusuke fought a losing battle with a blush as his mind contemplated their softness. The flight was over too soon, as far as either of them were concerned, when Jasmin landed them and they ran the last little bit up the hill just in the nick of time.

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