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"See, just barely made it Yu-kun!" Jasmin was hardly breathing heavy though Yusuke was panting slightly from the jog up. Yusuke straightened up to give her an almost-glare. It would have been more effective, probably, maybe, if she hadn't been exposed to Hogwarts' staff and student body disliking the 'Evil-Slytherin'/Daughter-of-Potter/Whatever-the-press-were-calling-her-this-time.. Or living as she had in the Demon Realm before this life.

"Could'a pulled out the flying broom sooner, rather than running straight through the forest." Yusuke still had a blush though and he was lucky that's all it was or there would be a lot of teasing involved. As it was Kazuma got in Yusuke's face about it. Kuwabara came up and interrupted any teasing she might have done anyway.

"Oi, Urameshi, are you cheating on Keiko-chan? Why's your face all red?" The screech was almost as bad as Aunt Petunia or . 'Ugh, volume down Kazu-kun... wait who's Keiko?' Jealousy over this unknown girl roared to life in Jasmin, due to Kazuma's word choice. Yusuke's face though was enough to calm it though.

"Wha? Eww, Keiko's just a childhood friend. She's like an annoying naggy sister! There's nothing between us and never will be!" He looked almost disturbed at the idea of romantic relations with this Keiko girl and a weight lifted from her shoulders that she hadn't noticed was even there. Mischief lit up her eyes and a grin found its way onto her face as she pounced on Yusuke from the side.

"Good, 'cuz Yu-kun is mine! I decided." She declared. Jasmin honestly had no idea where this possessiveness towards the dark-haired teen was coming from, but her instincts were practically singing happily and so she figured that he was the reason for her being drawn here. The moment seemed frozen as a chill traveled down her spine and she got a flash of a vision that was clear enough to warn her that Kazu-kun was in danger, and that she had to help Yusuke with something that was going down soon. She tightened her grip on Yusuke's arm for a moment before retreating.

Before the boys could question her or ask for clarification on her declaration, they were led into a large chamber where they were plunged into darkness as soon as the doors were closed.

"This round will be real matches. There is an uneven number of you, so we will have one person fight twice." The two male teens complained about how they were going to been unable to see their opponents and were told that they had to fight while searching for their opponent's reiki. The old woman blew a puff of cigarette smoke in the boys faces after telling them that part, sending the boys into small coughing fits. Yusuke, Kazuma, and Jasmin had a short conversation amongst themselves in the pause between Genkai's explanation. Kazuma had been sensing the hidden presence of a yokai, though unaware of the cause and Yusuke mentioned 'yokai Rando' but didn't explain further as Genkai was speaking again.

"Before we begin, I want each of you to introduce yourselves." Genkai looked to the person furthest from the trio of teens. He stepped forwards a little and spoke. He was an older man in a traditional Japanese men's kimono-thing and had an eye-patch.

"I am Musashi. A fourth degree master of the Shinbatto-ryu of Kendo. I slay yokai using my skills." Next was the short monk-dressed male that looked even younger than the three of them.

"Likewise, I am a spiritual practitioner named Shorin. I hold a Shodan rank in Kenpo and travel the land for training." Jasmin was instantly suspicious of this guy, since he hardly looked old enough to 'travel the land'. Next was a martial artist named Kibano, who was annoyingly boastful about his training and such. She didn't listen. Nor did she pay much attention to the other men, aside from learning their names. There was Kazemaru the ninja, Kuroda and assassin and Chinpo the Chinese martial artist.

"Kuwabara Kazuma, Sarayashiki middle school's number one delinquent." Kazuma introduced himself all confidant-like (despite him really being the weakest of the lot of them currently due only to lack of training with Reiki.

"Urameshi Yusuke. Sarayashiki middle school's special number one super-delinquent." The teen declared proudly. She mentally face-palmed at the boy's self-titling. Then it was her turn and she decided to follow the boy's pattern with her own:

"Potter, Jasmin (or Jasmin Potter in English). Sarayashiki's newest, number one female delinquent. Yoroshiku." At the last introduction, arrows fell down from the ceiling. 'Damn, that is one decent booby trap...' They were told to pick any arrow they liked and that would decide their match-ups, with the odd one out facing the winner of the first match once the other matches were done (giving the first match winner time to catch their breath). In the end it was Kuroda vs Kazemaru first, followed by Shorin vs Chinpo, Kazuma vs Musashi, and Yusuke vs Kibano and she would face off against the winner of the Assassin vs Ninja match.

When the first match was called, Kuroda paused to make sure that killing wouldn't prevent him from learning from Genkai, which was confirmed that, no, she didn't care what kind of a villain you were so long as you were the 'last man standing', she would train them in her special moves. Kazemaru made a snipe remark about the whole 'weak dogs bark loudest' thing and they both wandered into the dark to fight. The humans commented about not knowing what was happening and Kazuma mentioned that the assassin had the upper hand and she began a running commentary of the fight that she could see plain as day.

She cut off as Kazemaru made a large blast of spirit energy from his palm. Jasmin whistled in appreciation of the skill level required for that kind of move. Kazemaru returned and sat down against the pillar beside the group. 'Hmmm... he's good. But not a challenge for me.' She heard a voice from outside and followed Yusuke and Kazuma out to see a blue haired girl in a tree. The girl hopped down and introduced herself to Kazuma, not seeming to notice her yet. Jasmin blinked as the girl made an oar appear and sat on it.

"So that's why Yu-kun didn't react to seeing my broom. He's used to flight-capable objects." Jasmin spoke up and laughed at the surprised squeak from the Ferry Girl Botan. She knew of them, having heard of them while living in Makai, as well as rumors of them in England. "Ah sorry. Didn't mean to startle you. I'm Jasmin." The introductions done, Botan went into lecture mode about Kazemaru's attack.

"Yusuke, the principle is the same. Kazemaru can probably shoot reiki from his entire palm. The fact that he could spend that unusually large amount of reiki has to mean that the technique requires a lot of training. On top of that, he still has that much power left even after using that technique." Botan explained.

"So I have no chance of beating it with the Spirit Gun?" Yusuke asked.

"Right." Was Botan's reply. When Kazuma asked about Botan and why she was there, if Yusuke had Jasmin, the two explained about Yusuke being the Reikai Tantei, even if he disliked the idea of it (or at least seemed to dislike it). Jasmin had to fight back a negative reaction to the fact that he worked for Reikai. She didn't have anything against Reikai, per se... Just some of their laws and restrictions. Jr, the one that ran Reikai more than his dad seemed to, wasn't so bad even though she had never personally met the man even as a Thieving bat youkai.

Following the explanation of Yusuke being Reikai's Tantei, was Yusuke telling them about Youkai Rando, a demon that stole techniques and killed the people he learned them from, using humans as guinea pigs to test these new finishing moves.

After Kazuma tried his best (horrible though it was) attempt at flirting with Botan, Genkai interrupted by asking if they wanted to forfeit their matches. She had flicked a lit cigarette onto Kazuma's shoulder which startled a laugh from the white-haired witch. The group hustled back inside to watch the remaining matches. Chinpo vs Shorin was a quick fight, with Shorin winning. That was enough to draw her suspicions. Jasmin reached up and fingered the gem hanging from her neck, willing it to loosen its' hold on her omni-cognition/sight. She focused the trickle to look into Shorin's near future and saw him killing Kazuma after beating the teen horribly.

She gasped out a shuddering breath and clamped down on the ability, releasing her pendant and breathing heavily. Yusuke seemed to hear it, for he turned to her and asked if she was alright.

"Y-yeah... I'm fine. Just... it's nothing." She reassured the S.D. He didn't seem to buy it but then it was his turn to fight against the burly green-haired man that tried getting them to go home so rudely. Yusuke paused after a few steps and Kazuma asked what was wrong.

"Whats wrong? Did you lose your nerve?" Kibano asked.

"No, I'm just praying that you rest in peace." Was Yusuke's cocky reply. Genkai got angry and threw her cigarette at him, which he dodged. Jasmin laughed at the reply. Then Yusuke headed into the dark (which she could see through easily thanks to both her 'night-vision'/echo location from being a bat yokai, and from her animagus form of a large feline with superior night vision). He tossed her his jacket before he left.

"Kibano vs Yusuke, match begin!" Genkai declared.

Jasmin, thanks to her superior vision in the dark, could see Kibano put a helmet on his head which covered his ears, eyes, and nose. She blinked and tilted her head, wondering at what purpose there was for such a thing, then Yusuke stepped back and she heard (faintly, since her hearing wasn't enhanced at well as her brother's) Kibano explain how he could see Yusuke's position through Yusuke's fighting spirit.

"That's not good... neither of them are good at sensing reiki are they?" Jasmin mused aloud. As the battle progressed, she watched Yusuke get punched around by the larger male. Yusuke managed to land a few hits on Kibano, but they were ineffective as he couldn't see the man to aim them properly. Kibano then began gathering reiki in his arm, Jasmin ignored the three conversing beside her as she watched Kibano run towards Yusuke and give him a powered up version of a Lariat-like move, which he gave a horrible name to. The something-something Bomber.

That did a lot of damage when it hit Yusuke, and it seemed like he would lose right there. Jasmin again ignored the three that seemed to be rooting for Yusuke, instead silently calling out to him to get back up. 'You can do it, Yusuke! Get up! Counterattack!' She was unknowingly copying Koenma's words to Yusuke.

"It-it's not over yet." He stood up. and the fight resumed. Yusuke caught hold of Kibano's arm, but the man knew throwing techniques as well and Yusuke was sent flying. Jasmin noticed something and let out a small grin, though she was still worried that it would not be enough since Yusuke hit that column pretty damn hard. Yusuke got up again and traded some words with Kibano. As the man went to attack, Yusuke pointed his finger up and gathered reiki into the tip.

He turned to face the man and shot a Reigan (Spirit Gun) and knocked Kibano down, shattering the helmet. Yusuke then explained how he saw the man in the darkness and won when the man lost consciousness. Yusuke returned to the group and explained that he had a Spirit Energy Gun while Kazuma had his sword of Reiki.

Next was Jasmin against Kazemaru to avoid having five members for the next round.

Jasmin wandered into the darkness easily, not bothered at least by the lack of light. Kazemaru followed shortly after and told her that she was better off forfeiting the fight.

"Hah, as if ninja-san-yo... I gotta win this and get a chance to fight Yu-kun. So sorry if I accidentally kill you." The girl spoke in her Slytherin-approved superior tone. The arrogance and unconcerned attitude angered the ninja for he ran forward to attack. Jasmin dodged the attack easily with a laugh. "Too slow old man ninja." Jasmin dodged the following attack from that latest taunt.

The man then pulled out shuriken and threw them at her. She dodged them then had to keep dodging as they had locked onto her 'reiki'. She avoided them easily then got them to hit the back wall, which caused an explosion that barely scratched the wall luckily. Jasmin whistled all the same simply due to the surprise factor of exploding Shuriken. Which were still after her... Jasmin cursed in English and whipped out her wand.

"Imobulus! Bombarda." She managed to hit the items flying at her and turned back to the surprised Kazemaru. "Well, looks like the cat's out of the bag now. Hey Baa-san! You said anyone goes right? Including Witches?" She called out loudly, indicating the woman's words to Kuroda about no matter what kind of evil character they were she would still tell them her secrets. Genkai agreed verbally and the fourteen-almost-fifteen year old witch grinned in a rather frightening way. "Lets see you dodge these! Stupify! Bombarda. Tarantallegra! Avis Oppugno! Confringo!" The girl let lose a string of spells of varying degree, only barely remembering to avoid the Cantus spell as it would be more torturous for them rather than Kazemaru.

He dodged the easier-to-see spells that gave off visible light, but was hit with the colorless, lightless ones as those couldn't even be sensed as they gave off a different energy than reiki which none there were able to sense. This caused him to be open for the easier to dodge spells, and eventually she nailed him in the side of the head with a stupefy which would knock him out for around eight hours (as a muggle it affected him more, but the knowledge of reiki reduced the full time to eight hours instead of twelve).

"Winner, Jasmin!" Genkai declared. Jasmin grinned and returned to the group. She had used a lot of energy on those spells, as a few of the slightly Darker spells tended to be labeled such simply based on how much power they required of the caster and the effects of weaker magicals attempting to cast them. As such, her next fight would require her to use solely youki/reiki rather than magic.

The group of four remaining, and one spectator, were led to a new area for the next round of battles.

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