This is a series of 30 drabbles featuring different characters and couples from the 90210 franchise!

Matt & Gina

He found her sitting at the back of the empty church. She was slumped over, looking completely miserable. Her normally brilliant brown eyes were dull and glassy and her pretty face was pale and drawn.

He moved to her and slowly pressed a hand to her shoulder. She didn't respond and he wasn't sure at first that she even knew that he was there. "Gina? Gina, are you okay? Wait, of course you're not… I'm sorry." He dropped into the chair beside her. "About your dad. You've got to be devastated."

Gina finally looked at him. She shrugged. "He's not my dad. I mean, yeah we share some DNA but that's about it."


"It's true," she said. "He didn't claim me; he didn't want me, Matt. He let me and everyone else believe that I was his niece all of these years because he was too ashamed to admit what he'd done. Too ashamed of me."

"Gina, you know that's not true."

"It is true, Matt. Look, don't worry about me. I'm not sad and I don't need your damn sympathy." She struggled to her feet and started to push past him.

"Gina," he said, reaching for the sleeve of her black sweater. "Gina, come on."

"Matt, let go," she shouted at him. "Please – please let go."

"I can't, Gina. You're my friend – best one I've got, in fact – and I'm not letting you go through this alone."

"It doesn't matter. He's dead, Matt. He didn't want me. End of story."

"Then he was a coward because from where I'm sitting, you're pretty fantastic. Hemissed out."

"Doc Martin, a coward? No one actually believes that."

"Hey, he is if he can make you feel this way. If he let you grow up without him."

Gina sniffled. "I hate him for this," she cried. "I hate him!" She collapsed then and Matt was there to catch her. He hauled her tightly against him and she sunk into his lap, sobbing quietly.

His hand found the hollow of her back and he lightly massaged her there.

"This is embarrassing," Gina said. "I shouldn't be so worked up over a dead guy…."

"You're entitled to your feelings."

"I keep thinking how different things would have been if he had claimed me. Maybe I would be a better person. Maybe I wouldn't have been stuck with a mom who saw me as a meal ticket instead of a daughter… I'm so angry, so freaking angry!"

"I can only imagine."

"What is it about me that no one can love me? That everyone finds it so easy to walk away from me? Am I so fundamentally fucked up?" She sputtered. "I mean I just cussed in a church and I don't care!"

Matt touched her cheek. "You're not messed up, Gina. You're strong, brave, smart… Don't give up okay? The people that matter already see you for the worthy person you are."

Gina dashed at her tears. "That's seriously the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me."

"It's true… Would I tell a lie?"

Gina smiled a little. "Well you are a lawyer. It's in your blood."

"Well in this case, I meant every word."

Gina's bottom lip trembled. "Thanks, Matt."

"Anytime, Kincaid, anytime."