I can't believe I finally updated this but look – I did! I hope you enjoy this one about Kelly Taylor and Ryan Matthews. I thought they had great chemistry on the spin-off!

Ryan & Kelly

"Tonight, seven thirty," Ryan said. "You, me, that big empty bed of yours. What do you say?"

Kelly smirked as he moved over to her and placed his hands on her lean hips. "I say, how can you be so sure it's empty?" Before Ryan could think of a smart reply to that, she rushed on. "Okay it is because we both know I don't have time for sex."

"You need to make time. A woman as beautiful as you, she needs sex. She needs my sex."

Kelly swiveled in his arms and poked him in the chest. "You didn't just say that."

"Crazy enough, I think I did… So seven thirty?"

"Wish I could," Kelly lamented, "but Sammy's school concert is tonight."

"Okay then," Ryan said with a sigh. He reached for his day planner and flipped it open. "How about tomorrow? Parent-teacher conferences tend to run long but I should be done by six or so."

"Mmm, I wish that would work, but Sammy and I having dinner with Silver and her family."

"I feel very small right now," Ryan said half-jokingly. "My girlfriend is too busy for me."

"Oh stop pouting," Kelly said, moving her hands up to touch his chest. "I want to be with you, I really do, I just feel so-"


"Yes. You can relate I am sure."

"Of course I can, but I also know the wisdom of shirking my duties to have some fun once in awhile."

Kelly chuckled. "I have fun… Wait, what is fun again?"

"Fun is you and me playing hooky on Friday. Let some other poor saps take on our jobs for the day."

"We can't. Everyone would be suspicious if the two of us called in sick on the same day."

"Who cares? Therein lies the fun, wondering if we will be caught or not."

"I don't know…"

"Kelly, come on. You told me you were quite the wild child in high school and college. Conjure up some of that feeling of youthful abandon and spend the day with me."

Kelly slid her hands up to wrap around his shoulders. "Okay, okay, you've tempted me."

"That's me. Tempting."

He looked at his watch over her shoulder. "Five minutes until classes start for the day … Do we have time for a quickie?"

Kelly laughed. "It will be a time cruncher."

"Oh I'll crunch you alright," he said. "Right up against your desk."

"Shut up," she said with a chuckle as he tugged her close for a kiss. Just as he was bunching up the hem of her skirt, the door flew open. A pock-marked freshman stood there gawking at them.

"I can come back later," the boy immediately offered.

"Could you?" Ryan said, earning himself an elbow in the stomach from Kelly. "I mean, don't bother. I'm off to teach brilliant young minds such as yours. Homeroom awaits!"

Kelly just shook her head at him as she discreetly slid her skirt back into place.