It's been two years since Sunnydale went BOOM!

As for the Halliwells, Chris is born and Leo's a whitelighter. You figure out the specifics.

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The house towered before the road, a giant welcoming home teetering on the edge of the hill. Willow was tempted to run away before she even drove into San Francisco. Now, she was ready to evaporate on the spot. It was one thing to be a witch. It was another thing altogether to digitally track down the home address of the rumored "Charmed Ones." They'll probably vaporize me before I walk through the door, she thought against her will.

"Happy thoughts, happy thoughts," she murmured to herself as she climbed the front steps. Why, oh why, didn't she let Buffy or Xander come with her? Or even Giles?

Ever since Willow went white-haired goddess-y and Sunnydale was blown to hell two-ish years ago, she had searched high and low for a local coven. The one in England helped her immensely after Tara died and she went black-eyed evil for revenge. She wasn't evil after the battle against the First, but she was just as lost. Who could help her more than the Charmed Ones?

The young woman hesitantly climbed the hill, step by terrifying stone step. As she stood before the ancient-looking stained-glass door, a spiteful voice slipped into her mind. What if this isn't even their house, Willow? Or what if they aren't real witches? What then? How does an insane asylum sound, Will?

No. You can do this. Deep breath in, deep breath out. You came this far—you've got to at least try! Swallowing back her fear, she raised a heavy hand and rang the doorbell.

Willow expected all manner of things. She expected an ordinary person to answer the door. She expected to hear an incantation from behind the door and dissolve. Hell—she expected anything except what actually happened.

The elegant door flew open, someone screamed "DUCK!" from within, and Willow got a glimpse of a figure flying towards her. The next thing she knew, she was on the ground, staring at the fireball flying over her head and into the house.

Craning her neck, she saw a dark-clad man with a malicious smile standing a few feet behind her. He reminded Willow of Angelus. She didn't get to register what exactly he was doing before her tackler hoisted her up and dragged her inside the house, yelling something along the lines of "Quick! Get inside!"

She didn't get a chance to absorb her surroundings as she was ushered through the threshold. In fact, Willow barely had any idea what was going on. However, she was sure of one thing; she had the right house.

The woman who had tackled her quickly regrouped with another, "Where's Piper?"

"She's still working on the potion," the second woman, who had a pixie cut, glanced nervously at the stairs.

"But you got the spell, right?" Willow's savior glanced nervously back her. Willow was certain she had her mouth open and looked like a fish.

"Should do the trick!" the short-haired woman beamed and waved around a strip of paper.

"Piper!" the first woman shouted up the stairs.

"Paige! Did you get the innocent?" came the reply.

"Yeah," the woman with the spell shouted back, "but we could really use that potion!"

As if to prove her point, the man from outside appeared in the middle of the entry way. Willow yelped in surprise, against her better judgment. But, to be fair, he did just appear in a heat-wave-like shimmer of air. So far as Willow knew, nothing did that.

"Phoebe," Willow's savior, Paige, muttered, "I'm getting Piper; you protect the innocent."

Phoebe swiftly inserted herself between Willow and the man as Paige disappeared in a shimmer of blue light. Phoebe glanced back at her, "Just stay down, ok? Everything is going to be fine."

The man cackled, like an honest-to-goodness crone-like cackle. It was painful to hear. "Nothing is going to be fine, witch. Not for you or your sisters!"

"Oh really? Like we've never heard that before. You may be an upper level demon, but we've faced far worse!"

The demon opened his mouth to respond, but before he did, Paige reappeared in her blue lights, along with a third woman—Piper, Willow assumed. Piper was holding a small vial with bright red liquid in it. As soon as she solidified, she shouted "NOW!" and threw the potion into the man's chest. In an instant, Phoebe had inserted herself between her sisters, the paper held so they could all see it.

As one, the women spoke, "Demon standing in our sight; May you melt into the light. We sisters three call to thee: Your final death we now decree!"

Willow stared in awe as the man erupted in flames and vanished with a scream. The three women—no, they were definitely sisters—breathed a sigh of relief and clapped each other on the back. For a moment, Willow stood in her little corner, completely forgotten. Should I say something?

Before Willow could open her mouth and embarrass herself, a new voice called from the other end of the house, "Piper? Did you get him yet?"

"Yes, Leo, in here!"

A man came around the corner, a child on each hip, a smile on his face—until he looked up, eyes immediately landing on Willow, "Uh—"

Piper glanced over her shoulder. "Innocent!" she hissed.

Paige whirled around, "Ah, um, so—this must be frightening for you." She elbowed Phoebe.

"Ah—Yes! So, if you'd just like to forget all about it—"

Piper narrowed her eyes, "Wait…. Why aren't you freaking out?"

Realization dawned on the other two sisters and their eyes widened.

"Who are you?" Phoebe asked.

At the same time, Paige asked, "What are you?"

"Well, I'm Willow Rosenberg and I'm a witch," Willow said slowly, "And as for freaking out, I've never seen anything like that, but—" Willow paused, then raced off at ten miles per hour, "My best friend is the Slayer, well now she's one of a whole bunch of Slayers because of this spell I did, but I spend a lot of time chasing down vampires and fighting incorporeal evils from the dawn of time, and mayors that turn into giant snake-monsters, and well, I thought I'd seen it all, but you guys must have a whole other world to fight, cause I haven't seen anything like that, and I knew you were witches, but I—"

"Wait," Paige stopped her, "You knew we were witches?"

Willow felt herself turn crimson, but nodded. "I'm kinda a tech genius too; I may have illegally tracked down your address. You're the Charmed Ones… the Halliwell sisters."

"Uh-huh, right," Piper interrupted, "But let's take two steps back. Slayer?"

To Willow's surprise, Leo answered for her, "They're a line of girls that magically inherit super-strength and such to fight demons—mostly vampires. It was a one-at-a-time thing until about two years ago." He turned his attention to Willow, "That was you?"

Willow gave a sheepish smile, "Yeah, but to be fair, we kinda blew up Sunnydale at the same time."

Phoebe frowned, "I read about that. Freak explosion."

Willow let out a breathy laugh, "Yeah, if by freak you mean an exploding sun amulet. It took all the Turok-Han vamps, the Hellmouth, a friend, and most of the town with it."

"Hellmouth?" Paige inquired.

Before she could answer, Leo interrupted, "It's weird you don't have a whitelighter."

"Whitelighter?" Willow echoed Paige's tone.

"They're like guardian angels for good witches. You should have been identified when born into a magical family. Leo here is ours'," Phoebe beamed.

"My family isn't magical—at least not as far as I know. My parents would freak."

"How's that possible," Paige turned to Leo.

Leo looked a bit awed—which was hard holding two squirming boys. "You must be an origin witch."

"Origin witch?" Piper echoed as she relieved him of the smaller boy.

"Like Melinda Warren." Willow had no idea who that was, but apparently it made sense to the sisters.

Leo let the older boy down and turned to Willow, "But—the Elders should have sensed you, regardless, and assigned a whitelighter."

"Well, you did say good witches, right?" they looked at her in confusion. Willow took a deep breath and prepared to summarize her entire dark history. "I discovered magic on my own, but I, uh, 'came into my powers' with a dark coven—at the time I didn't know there was a different type of magic. I got…. addicted. And, then I gave up magic completely. And then my girlfriend got killed, and I went like super evil, and my friend Xander saved me by talking about kindergarten, and then Buffy's Watcher Giles took me to a light coven in England and I got better, and then I came back and fought the First Evil with the gang and ended up using some serious light magic to change the rules of the Slayer line, and then everything was ok, but I wanted to learn more light magic but couldn't find any covens, so I decided to track down the Charmed Ones and now I'm here." She paused taking in the faces of the Charmed Ones and their whitelighter. Either they were confused, on overload, impressed, or angry. Maybe all four. Willow swallowed hard, "And it's all really complicated and I hope that made sense, and please don't vaporize me."

Willow expected all sorts of things to happen. She expected death by potion. She expected rejection, and a kick out the door. She even hoped for cautious approval. In no universe, however, did Willow expect the four individuals to burst out laughing.

They weren't chuckling, either. They were laughing hard.

"Vaporize you?" Paige gasped out. Phoebe was wiping away tears, and the little boy in Piper's arms was looking at her like she'd lost her mind.

"I think you're going to fit in just fine," Leo smiled at Willow.

Piper clapped her on the shoulder, "We could use an extra hand around here."

"You came to the right place to learn to be both a witch and a force for good," Phoebe agreed.

Paige grinned, "I could ask the Elders if I can take you as my charge!"

Willow was dumbstruck. "Really?" was all she could manage. "Even though I… tried to destroy the world?"

Phoebe made a face, "We've all had a taste of evil, in some way or another."

"Remember that time when Prue was kidnapped and we all got turned evil?" Piper asked.

Leo scowled, "You froze me, then shattered me into a million pieces."

"Or the time that Paige's evil past life literally tried to kill us?" Phoebe added.

Paige grimaced. "That was fun," she said sarcastically.

"The point is," Leo interjected, "You want to learn good magic. That makes you a good witch."

"And we help good witches!" Paige beamed.

Piper held out her free hand, "Welcome to the Halliwell family, Willow."

Phoebe winked, "We're gonna have a lot of fun."