Chapter 1: Arrival

Once upon a time, maybe 20 years ago, a simple village girl named Belle (yes, that Belle), married Prince "formerly known as the Beast" Adam and finally got their happily ever after. Sounds like an ending, doesn't it? Well, hate to break it to ya, but this story is only just beginning…

Ya see, after their wedding, the happy couple opted out of a honeymoon in favor of uniting the kingdoms together to form the "United States of Auradon", with Belle and Adam elected as the ruling monarchs of the land. First order of business, once the politics were out of the way, they rounded up all the villains and henchmen - pretty much everyone that had ever been bad - and sent them all to live on a island off the coast of Charmington, right across the Strait of Ursula.

This became the Isle of the Lost. Surrounded by a magical barrier, this island cut off all the baddie-baddies from magic, wi-fi, and pretty much the rest of civilization. Which most people in Auradon were totally ok with. Best part, with the barrier in place, it cut off the rest of the bridge off the island, as well as blocking any water exits, so none of them could ever escape.

Fast-forward twenty years.

Prince Benjamin (Ben for short), son of Belle and Adam, has just turned 16, and is getting ready to be crowned the next king of Auradon. And he's already got his first proclamation ready to go.

About a month into the school year, he called a mandatory assembly for all the students here at Auradon Prep (or AP) - although Sleepy's son, Sam, was busy snoring in the cafeteria. He decreed that, as of then, that the children of the villains on the island deserved a chance to live in Auradon and choose for themselves to be either bad or good - how he got his parents to agree, we're not sure.

That was two weeks ago, and between getting ready to welcome the first four kids from the Isle here at AP and trying to find out who's been hiding secret cameras all over the cafeteria and recording everyone's secrets, no one's been very happy around here. On the one hand, some of the kids here have started petitions to repeal the proclamation, begun protesting, and some have even asked to be homeschooled so as to stay as far away from these kids as possible. And then there are the "School of Secrets" videos.

My friend's been pretty good about hiding her identity in those videos so far (I mean, I've known from the start it was her - I'd know her voice anywhere... What, you think I'd tell you who it is? As if!), but some kids are catching on. And Ben's super stressed about the negative feedback he's gotten from just about everyone about his idea. Not to mention Audrey's been extremely irritating as of late - meaning clingier than usual, and constantly complaining about, well, everything. Even Doug's been kinda put out by all the craziness.

And me? I've really been just trying to avoid any drama. To be honest, I'm just as on board with this idea as Ben is - but then again, I usually agree with him, he is my best friend, after all. And besides, I'm more likely to fit in with the villain kids than anyone else here anyways.

Oh, that's right, you don't know who I am yet. I'm Sunnie Fitz, daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert, and things around here about to get very interesting…

"Sunnie!" I glanced back quickly at my roommate before turning back to my laptop. Quickly, I published my first blog entry online before shutting down. I got up from the desk and grabbed my bag, turning back to see her pouting at me, arms crossed. I smirked.

"What? I'm ready, let's go," I said, brushing past her and over to the door, not bothering to change out of my usual paint-splattered ensemble. She grabbed my shoulder and turned me around, forcing me to stare down at her pitiful attempt at a glare.

"You most certainly aren't ready!" she nearly shrieked, placing her hands on her hips in an attempt to look at least mildly threatening. But I'm afraid it would be a cold day in Hades when any daughter of Snow White's could look menacing, especially the eldest daughter Autumn.

At only four-foot-ten (two inches shorter than myself, actually), she was officially the shortest person at Auradon prep, and with her big brown eyes, pouty, round face, and high-pitched, tittering voice (all of which she inherited from her mother), even a kitten would seem more frightening than she did.

"Fairy Godmother said that we were all supposed to dress nicely for the villain kids' arrival," she continued, completely oblivious of my inner monologue's criticism of her benign nature, "You cannot go out there in-in overalls and boots, all covered in paint!" I rolled my eyes at her.

"Autumn, really, do you think we have the time to get me fixed up?" I reasoned, checking the clock. It was already 11:48. "We're already going to be late as it is, and the paint isn't just on my clothes." I gestured to my hair, which lay in a long braid on my shoulder down to my hips; there were flecks of paint stuck in all different places throughout the braid, clumping different sections together in a rainbow of colors. Autumn stared at me for a second, then sighed defeatedly.

"You're right," she admitted, turning and walking out the door with me following closely behind. We rushed out of the dorm wing and down the stairs leading out the side of the school, over by the rose maze. Glancing behind us to make sure we weren't followed, we started climbing up the ladder we had cleverly hidden behind the ivy growing up the wall.

We climbed up to the lowest level of the roof, carefully watching our step as we moved toward the flattest section to set up. There was a meteor shower later that night, and neither one of us wanted to miss it. We set up our fluffy blanket with a few throw pillows that we had managed to stuff into our bags, as well as a small camera set up to film the astronomical event.

Looking over the edge, I could see everyone standing out front waiting for the new students to show up. The marching band was warming up, and Ben, Audrey, and Fairy Godmother stood front and center, already smiling in anticipation. Glancing up to see the limo on the horizon, I smirked.

"It's time," I whispered, causing Autumn to stop and look at me.

"What? Already?!" she hissed, looking past me to confirm. Seeing the limo herself, she grimaced and threw the rest of the pillows down on the blanket. "We'd better hurry up and get down there before we're spotted." She began walking over to the ladder.

"I'll catch up with you," I replied, adjusting the blanket a bit, "Just let me finish up here, kay?" She waved me off as she started descending the ladder again.

"Just hurry, okay? And don't throw me under the bus if you get caught!" With that, she disappeared from view. I then grabbed my bag and dumped everything else out onto the blanket: my sketchbook, some paint brushes and acrylic paints, and a wooden slingshot with a bag of assorted pellets attached.

I could hear the band begin to play, and carefully set myself up as close to the edge as possible. I watched Audrey smooth her dress as the limo slowed to a stop in front of the school; I lined up my shot, aiming right between the princess' feet.

"Welcome to Auradon Prep, new kids," I whispered as the limo driver got out to open the door. Hope this makes you feel welcome...

A/N: I've finally gotten around to writing this fanfiction and getting it posted - I've been obsessed with Descendants since before I even saw it. It's now 2:32 am EST, and I am exhausted, so I will see you all again soon! I designed the outfits for both Sunnie and Autumn on Polyvore, so here are the links:

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Autumn: www. polyvore autumn_daughter_snow_white/set?id=173086071

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