A New Way of Life
Chapter 1

Early in the morning, before dawn, Vegeta awoke with his usual scowl framing his face as he put his armor on, preparing to leave Vegetasei.

"I HATE THIS!", he screamed. *This better go quickly. I have 'things' in mind for my father when I return.* Scowling, he walked out of his room to board the large spaceship waiting in front of the golden royal palace.


"Everything is ready, your majesty.", a tall, muscular soldier reported to King Vegeta.

"Good, good."

"We're prepared to leave as soon as his highness, Prince Vegeta, is ready." Both men turned to watch a certain approaching prince.

Vegeta walked into the ship, glaring at his father who had gotten him into this mess. The soldier boarded the ship after the Prince, took a quick glance around making sure everything was in tact, and walked to the control panels to the right of him.

"PREPARING FOR TAKE OFF IN 5... 4... 3... 2..." BOOM! The ship had taken off in the direction of the casual, medium-sized planet, Chikyuusei.

As Vegeta was walking through the ship, he was thinking up as many ways as he could on how to eliminate his father. It shouldn't be too hard since the time was nearing when Vegeta would take his place as King, anyway. *I would be a better ruler than he ever could. I'd show the universe the true meaning of power!* Although he thought of many ways, each one sounded too complicated or impossible.

"Ah well, I'll think of something. I will destroy that bastard and claim the throne as the ruler of all Vegetasei... and soon all the universe.", he said to himself as he laughed evilly. Upon reaching his quarters of the ship, he took out his identification card bearing the royal emblem; a red dragon holding a sword. He slid it into the slit in the wall beside his 8 foot door. He looked into the slit as it scanned his eyes for more verification.

"Hello, Prince Vegeta.", the intercom next to the slit greeted him monotonely. He walked into his room and immediately began cursing his father.

"That asshole only gave me two floors in my room!"

After frowning for a few minutes, he walked over to the window and stared out into the pitch-dark space, noting Vegetasei's gleam in the distance. Psychlon, a powerful soldier with spiky, blood red hair and a scar over his right eye, knocked on the Prince's door.

"Come in.", Vegeta replied, obviously annoyed at the being standing outside his door. Psychlon opened the door with a frightened look on his face when he saw Vegeta. He quickly bowed in respect.

"Prince Vegeta, we should be arriving on Chikyuusei within a week.", Psychlon reported.

"Fine, go away, baka. I'm busy."

"Yes, your highness. Will you be needing anything before I leave?"

"I SAID GO AWAY, YOU MORON!", the Prince raised his right hand, preparing to blast Psychlon into oblivion.

Psychlon stepped back in fear and hurried out of the room.

*Damn, and I was just about to blast him to hell.*, the Prince smirked.

~*~ A week later...

"Sire, we will land on Chikyuusei in approximately fifteen minutes. The gravity reported is two times that of Vegetasei's. Temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.", a soldier stated.

Vegeta nodded curtly before dismissing the soldier. After some time, he felt the ship shake violently then stop completely.

"Ah, finally we're here."

The Prince removed himself from his room and walked through the many mazes of the ship to the entrance. He looked out to see his 50 warriors lined up in two perfectly straight parallel lines on a large field.

"SOLDIERS OF VEGETASEI, GO AND GATHER ONE-HUNDRED WOMEN AND ONE-HUNDRED MEN. IF ANY RESIST, KILL THEM IMMEDIATELY. YOU MAY EACH KILL A FEW WEAKLINGS FOR FUN.", Prince Vegeta ordered. The soldiers turned around in unison and took flight to a nearby urban city. *This planet reaks of a terrible smell.*, Vegeta thought to himself.


"Goku! What's this I heard of aliens on Chikyuusei?!", Bulma asked, terrified.

"They just came out of nowhere it seems. I didn't even sense them.", Gohan stated matter-of-factly.

"Same here, bro." Krillin replied, noticing the look of fear mixed with curiosity on Goku's face.

"I don't know, but we better get going. We don't know if they're friend or foe.", Goku said as he got ready to take flight to meet the invading aliens.

"We're coming too.", Yamucha, Piccolo, and Tien said as they took flight after Goku, followed by Gohan and Krillin.

"GOHAN! GET BACK HERE!", ChiChi screamed. Gohan pretended not to hear her.

"ChiChi, come on! Let's go, too!", Bulma yelled as she dragged her friend by the arm. Bulma threw a red capsule onto the ground which exploded into an aircar. Bulma and ChiChi blasted off in the direction where the Z-Warriors were headed toward.


"HELP!", a lady screamed.

"Gotcha, whore!", a Saiyajin yelled as he claimed her.

"I got one too! Haha!"

"We currently have 78 women and 56 men."

The Z-Warriors landed in the city of Tarja and stared in horror as aliens with brown, furry tails were grabbing frightened citizens. The Saiyajins took notice of the new visitors and went to grab them as well. Goku, Piccolo, and the rest of the Z-Warriors got in a fighting stance ready to defend themselves from being snatched up by the invaders, obviously from another planet. *They have tails just like Gohan and I used to have... strange...*, Goku thought in disbelief. A few Saiyajins prepared to fight the Z-Warriors.

"WAIT!", a familiar, cold voice shouted. The Saiyajins turned to see who dared interrupt their soon-to-be battle; they immediately dropped to one knee when they realized it was Vegeta.

"We have collected two-hundred slaves. We don't need those weaklings.", Vegeta proclaimed, "However, you may kill them if it pleases you."

"Oh, goodie! I want that little bald one!", one soldier yelled proudly.

"I want that green freak!"

The Prince began to say something until he jerked his head up to the sky spotting a strange looking automobile.

"Well, well, well... we have some newcomers.", he murmured. He crossed his arms and waited patiently for the automobile to land.

As soon as Bulma landed the aircar, ChiChi immediately ran to Goku for protection. Bulma got out and stared at the Prince of the Saiyajins. *He must be their leader or whatever. He has a red cape flowing from his armor.*, she thought.

Vegeta's keen Saiyajin eyes ran over the blue-haired woman's form. She was wearing a tight, navy blue two-piece dress exposing her flat stomach. The top nicely shaped around her bust; the skirt was to her ankles with slits up to the sides of her thighs. Her just below-shoulder length, aquamarine-colored hair cascaded down her shoulders, and those eyes... oh, her eyes... any guy could drown in their icy-blue colored form.

"Psychlon!", the Prince yelled beckoning him to come near, "Grab that woman with the blue hair." Psychlon walked over to Bulma with the Saiyajin trademark smirk plastered on his face.

"Come here, wench. The Prince wants you."

"NO!", she screamed trying to jump in her aircar for safety. Yamucha jolted over in front of Bulma, spreading his arms out to protect her.

"You stay away from her, you freak!", Yamucha yelled.

Psychlon glanced at Yamucha, who was obviously weaker than himself and shot a ki blast right through him without even pausing.

"What a weakling. Haha.", he joked. Bulma stared down at the dead body of her former boyfriend, tears streaming down her eyes. "No... Yamucha..." She knelt down beside him and cried over his body.

"Women. Such crybabies.", Psychlon tormented. Tien started throwing kicks and punches at Psychlon who was easily dodging them.

"You, too?", he asked sarcastically, "Fine, you'll die just like your friend." Psychlon lifted his hand above his head as a small, but bright ki ball appeared in his hand. "TAKE THAT!", he yelled as he threw it at a shocked Tien. Tien fell to the ground surrounded in a pool of blood.

"YOU MONSTER!", Bulma screamed as she ran up to Psychlon, "I HOPE YOU DIE! YOU UGLY SON OF A BITCH!"

"Ooo, a fiesty one.", Vegeta said smirking. He walked over to Bulma who was blue in the face with fear. "Come with me, woman."

"N..n..no..!", her voice tried to scream, but it was caught in her throat. Even though he was just a few inches taller than her, she could feel that he must have had enormous power.

"Your majesty," Psychlon requested, "Couldn't I just kill her to shut her up?"

"No.", came the flat reply.

The Prince suddenly appeared right in front of Bulma, causing her to fall back. *What is he going to do to me?* He reached out to her arm and picked her up, throwing her over his broad shoulder.

"Let go of me!", she cried, pounding her little fists on his back.

"Leave her alone!", Goku spoke up as if just awakening to realize what was happening.

"Another one trying to defeat the all powerful... me?", Psychlon sneered, "Well, step on up, little man!"

Goku flew forward throwing punches and kicks at the red-haired Saiyajin. "Not too bad for a weakling."

"I'm just getting started.", Goku sneered back.

They continued battling it out not laying a hand on one another. Psychlon finally landed a punch on Goku's face sending him flying into a building. The Z-Warriors, standing in shock, began backing up. If Goku couldn't win, who could? Psychlon, seeing they posed no threat, turned around to board the large spaceship with Prince Vegeta still holding the screaming and kicking Bulma. Once inside the ship, Vegeta set the blue-haired Chikyuujin down and stared at her in curiosity.

"Why are you doing this to me?! He killed my boyfriend!", Bulma shrieked, pointing at Psychlon. Vegeta looked between Psychlon and Bulma.

"That weakling was your mate?" He couldn't help but laugh at the little female before him beginning to sob over everything that was happening. Bulma reached down in her pocket as an idea popped into her head. *Yes! I'm glad I decided to pack my capsules this morning!* Vegeta stared at her, wondering what she was up to. She pulled out a little white case opening it up to find about twenty small capsules of different colors. She threw one onto the ground which exploded into a gun. She picked it up and pointed it at the clueless prince.

"What is that, bitch? You can't do anything worth your while; just look, we're already out in space!", he said motioning towards a window for her to look out. She turned around and began to cry again. *Oh, no... how could this be happening to a beautiful girl like me?!* She turned back around in rage and fired the little handgun.

The shot sounded loudly and the bullet hit Vegeta's shoulder. It bounced right off. Bulma squealed and dropped the gun in fear.

"YOU BITCH! I almost felt that!", he screamed. He walked towards her and kicked her in the stomach. She fell to the ground in pain. *No one ever has the courage to try anything on me.*, he thought, surprisingly intrigued by this little female cowering before him.

Another fanfic that I've come across being hosted on a website. It's being rewritten slightly to be rated R. I'll post a chapter every few days. I hope it will be enjoyed even if it is my very first fanfic that I had written. ^^