A New Way of Life
Chapter 8

~*~ A few months later...

"WAHHHHHHHHHH!", the baby in Queen Bulma's arms screamed. Vegeta frowned next to her.

"Why is it so loud?!", he demanded of the doctor.

"W-Well, King Vegeta," the doctor stuttered, "It's a good sign that he is crying..."

Bulma smiled, "Lookie! He has purple hair!"

Vegeta rolled his eyes and shook his head. "The Prince of the Saiyajin... purple hair!", he said in disbelief.

Bulma smiled and handed her baby back to the doctor before taking a well-deserved rest.

Vegeta stared down at her. Over the past year, they had been through much together. There were still some people who were skeptical of an alien being their queen, but most of the population of Vegetasei had welcomed her with open arms. Afterall, if the King saw her fit to be queen, shouldn't they?

Their son, Trunks as Bulma had chosen to call him, would, of course, have to be trained by the best warriors on Vegetasei when the King, himself, wasn't training his son.

And maybe him, or their next child, would be the legendary.

Maybe, just maybe.

The End

Oh... my gosh. I went to the site which has this fic hosted and was going to copy the next chapter, so I could edit it, etc. The last two chapters are broken links! I was so mad. So, I don't remember how I ended this fic since it was almost two years ago. I'm sorry, so I just made it a short ending. I will be posting the sequel to this fic soon and I do have all of the chapters for it, so keep an eye out. Thanks for the nice reviews! ^_^