The nude woman sighed and snuggled closer to the similarly clad man in the spacious bed as his arm tightened around the woman. Xander Cage sleepily kissed Samine Nalia on her head and smiled as her hand gently drifted across his chest. Her eyes slowly opened and looked up at him and sleepily smiled at him. With a smile she slowly kissed up his chest and neck before claiming his lips with a soft moan. She shifted and wrapped one leg around his as she moved closer to him.

            "So sexy, what do you have planned for us to do today?" she asked softly and kissed him.

            "Probably what we did yesterday."

            "Oh, stay in bed all day and have wild unrestrained sex except when we were too weak from lack of food so we had to climb out and get some food. That sounds exciting," she smiled propping her head on her hand and looked down at him.

            "Yeah well, just think of all the calories we're burning here," he smiled as she laughed and gently poked him in the ribs.

            Leaning over she kissed him as his hands ran down her sides and across her hips.

            "You…Mr. Xander Cage are a very bad influence on me."

            "Oh really? If anything you've corrupted me."

            "You really think so?"

            Samine pushed herself up and swung her body over Xander's to straddle him. She passionately kissed him and ran her tongue across his bottom lip. He groaned in response and tightened his grip on her waist before running his hands up her sides. Both became aware of a ringing somewhere in the room as Samine pulled away from the kiss.

            "Damn it. It's probably Gibbons," she muttered as Xander gently tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

            "Well don't answer it," he murmured leaning up and kissing her neck.

            "But I have to. I can't ignore the outside world anymore and neither can you," she said before moving to the side and leaned over the edge of the bed.

            Searching under all the clothes she finally found her cell phone and answered it as Xander went towards the bathroom.

            "Samine Nalia here," she said as she heard the shower start running.

            "Good to know you actually picked up this time Samine," Gibbons said grimly.

            "You called other times?" she asked confused not remembering talking to Gibbons lately.

            "Yes and obviously you didn't hear the phone ringing."

            "X and I have been…uh talking a lot," she said and looked towards the partially closed door to the bathroom.

            "I'm sure you have. How quickly can Xander and you be here?"

            "Probably by tomorrow evening. Why?"

            "I have a mission for you two and you're the only ones I trust with it. I'm on a secured line as it is now and still don't feel comfortable. Come and see me when you get in," he said and killed the connection.

            "Right oh, oh great powerful one," she muttered and tossed the cell phone over her shoulder onto the bed.

            Pausing for a second she leaned back and picked up the phone again. Calling the airport she made the arrangements for the flight and smiled once everything was fixed and ready. Tossing the phone onto the bed again she slowly crept towards the bathroom and let herself into the warm moist room. Slipping into the shower she watched Xander's backside before reaching up to him. With a gasp she suddenly found herself pinned against the shower wall with Xander holding her hands against the wall.

            "It's not good to sneak up on me like that," Xander said with a stern voice.

            "Oh so now you're going to get all rough with me little boy?" she taunted, egging him on.

            "I may just have to punish you."

            "Well you have the entire night until like seven tomorrow morning. Then we have to catch a flight at nine to go home," she murmured as Xander slowly kissed along her collar bone.

            "I think I might be done by then. I'll have to push it," he whispered as his hands released her hands and ran down her arms.

            "Push as hard as you want Xander, I'm all yours for the next few hours."

            Their plane landed at 5:30 and they were on the road towards NSA by six. Both were tired from the flight but eager and ready for this new mission that Gibbons had hinted at. Walking down the empty hallways Samine glanced around looking for other personnel and had to stop after passing another hallway. Taking a few steps back she looked again and shook her head before walking back to Xander who stopped when she did.

            "What was it babe?"

            "Nothing, thought I saw someone or something," she said as they walked towards the main room.

            Pushing through the set of double doors they walked in and looked at all the night staff people but didn't see Gibbons around. Gibbons' trainee Butters was there and he looked up when they walked up to him at one of the consoles.

            "Hey Butters where's Gibbs?" Samine asked still looking around.

            "I saw him go to his office about fifteen minutes ago. He's probably there."

            "I'll go and get him," she said looking at Xander and quickly kissed him before leaving the room.

            Samine was whistling some tune she heard on the radio on the way here when she slowed and her whistled dropped a few notes. Something didn't feel right to her. For one the lights were off at the end of the hallway where Gibbons' office was and it was way too quiet for this end of the building. Gibbons always had some music going from his computer. Every time she was in there, there was music playing somewhere. Reaching under her coat she pulled out her Sauer and took off the safety as she slowly moved down the wall. Reaching the door to Gibbons' office she reached out and easily pushed it open waiting for anything to emerge from the room. Moving into the darkened room she reached out and flipped on the lights and quickly scanned the room before focusing on the desk. With a cry she forgot about procedure and ran to the desk and felt for a pulse on Gibbons. Blood was pooled on the desk from a gun shot wound to his chest as she got blood all over her hands as she felt for a pulse on his wrist then moved to his neck. Before she could check a swat team flooded the room and had all their weapons pointed at her as she took a step back in shock and held up her hands.

            "Samine Nalia, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Augustus Gibbons."


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