"You what?" Xander yelled as he stared at Gibbons in shock and dismay.

            "I already had her body shipped to the mortuary to be prepared for burial. Samine wanted a quick mourning and a quick burial. I'm only honoring her wishes," Gibbons said as he glanced over at Shelly who was in the same room at NSA headquarters with them.

            "What about the wishes of her lover to see her before you commit her to the cold ground?" Xander lashed out and instantly regretted it. "I'm sorry about that Gibbs, I didn't mean that."

            Gibbons looked at the agent in front of him with sorrow etched in his features. The past two days had been hectic and filled with problems that all seemed to emerge together. Combine that with the fact that Xander was about to have a mental breakdown and it would give anyone a headache. For the first day, Xander had been numb and unresponsive to anyone except Shelly and Gibbons. Gibbons knew that it was hard on Xander but he also knew that he would get through it and come out on top. He sighed and looked at Shelly for her help with what he was about to say next.

            "Look Xander, I think it would be best if you took a small vacation for a few months to grieve and take everything that's happened into account. After that time we'll bring you back in and see how you're doing," Gibbons said and almost flinched when Xander's head snapped towards him.

            "Don't even think that Gibbs. I do not need any time to grieve or recuperate. Just give me another case to start on and I'll be fine," he said sternly as Shelly came up to stand beside him.

            "Xander you need to grieve for Samine and get past this. You'll drive yourself into the ground if you keep up like this. You can't handle all this in the mental sense and it's going to slowly eat away at you," Shelly argued trying to get through to Xander.

            "And what about you Shelly? I haven't seen you grieve any for Samine! Did her death even affect you? Do you even care for her like a friend should?" he asked angrily at Shelly and saw the emotion of pain dance across her face.

            "Of course I grieve for her Xander but I grieve in my own way and in private. She was one of my closest friends and I miss her terribly but I have to tie up loose ends before I can grieve for her," Shelly said as she tried to keep her emotions in check and not lash out at Xander.

            "I can't believe you. She died while you ran like a coward. I can't believe she died trying to save someone like you."

            A loud slap rang through the room and Xander's head was jerked to the side. A smoldering fire burned in Shelly's eyes as she stared at him and he raised his hand to his stinging cheek. Shelly's eyes narrowed as she stared at him with barely concealed anger.

            "You had better watch what you say to me you little son-of-a-bitch. You may have been her lover but I was her best friend for far longer than you ever knew her. She and I would have done anything for the other and you have no right to assume that you know everything about Samine. You have no clue what you're talking about," Shelly snapped and for an instant Xander saw the same kind of fire in her eyes that burned in Samine's eyes.

            He tore his gaze away from Shelly's and let it drop to the ground as he resisted the onslaught of emotion that threatened to engulf him. He looked to the chair a few feet away from him and slowly moved to sit down in it. He rested his elbows on his knees and cradled his head in his hands with a heavy sigh.

            "I'm sorry Shelly. I just don't know what I'm doing anymore. Every time I close my eyes, I see Samine glaring at me with that cold look. I can't believe that she's actually…dead."

            Shelly moved to kneel in front of him and rested her hand against his bald head. She bowed her head slightly and gently touched his head with her head and sighed softly.

            "I know that you're hurting Xander. You feel as if it won't ever go away and it'll haunt you around every corner you turn. But time does heal the pain that you have and make it more tolerable. You have to focus on the good times with Samine and not the bad times. She'll live on in here," she said and reached out to gently tap his chest just above his heart.

            Xander took a deep breath and leaned back a bit to look at Shelly. "You're right Shell. But I don't think that I can handle not working for a few months. Give me a few weeks and I'll be fine."

            Shelly looked over at Gibbons who had been silent through the whole exchange and saw him nod slightly. "Fine, three weeks Xander for you to get your act together."

            Shelly left the room as Gibbons and Xander talked over a few more things and headed towards Samine's office. She rubbed her forehead tiredly as she felt a headache start to form with a vengeance. Her mother always warned her of the side affects of lying her ass off like she was doing at the moment. But she had orders from higher up and she was planning on following them. Her cell phone rang just as she opened the door and she pulled it out from her back pocket before flipping it open.

            "Shelly here…you shouldn't be calling me on this number…why? Why do you think?...no don't give me that bullshit…what do you want…how do you think he reacted…no, he wasn't mildly angry, more like severely pissed off…I'll try, that's all that I can promise you…always…yeah, bye."

            Shelly looked at the cell phone in her hand and tightened her grip on the small electronic device. She always wondered how she managed to get herself into these situations. Tossing her phone onto the chair she picked up an empty box and slowly started to pack up Samine's personal things.


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