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I knocked on the door. I could hear rustling behind the door but there was no answer. I knocked again and this time a shrill voice replied, I cringed. Why was she here? I didn't have the energy to face her right then. You might ask me who she was. Well she, as I shall call her because I refuse to speak her name, was the spawn of the devil, the embodiment of evil. Others might have a different opinion, they might call her sweet or even innocent but to me she is a Fury sent straight from Hell. I don't see what is so sweet about her, those bright chocolate eyes always gleam at me as if she were to devour her prey, her pink and soft -ahem- I mean her crooked and cracked lips are always smirking with arrogance and the rat's nest she calls hair are always twisting and hissing around her head, ready to suffocate me if I ever get too near. Not that I would willingly go near her. No, I haven't always wanted to run my fingers through them. Why would you even suggest that? So what if I'm always staring at her? The only reason I would ever be doing that is because I'm imagining all the ways I could kill her. What do you mean 'it's surely other things that I'm imagining'? No, I'm not blushing! Malfoys don't blush, I'm incapable of blushing. Why are my cheeks red? Because I'm cold! How does it matter if it's summer? I'm still cold. Are you trying to insinuate something? Love! H-how preposterous! You know my black shrivelled Malfoy heart is incapable of love, yes just like the blushing. It's a hereditary Malfoy trait. Love is below me. Would you just shut up Blaise? I'm not in denial! And I do not look like a fish out of the water! You've had too much to drink today. Anyways, as I was saying I heard a shrill voice and she answered the door...

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